5 things I HATE about the Good Times Show!

Hmmm, while I’m a die hard fan of the show, there are times when I tune out whenever I can’t stand the show… It’s kind of a love/hate relationship with Good Times…

As people seem to enjoy reading lists, I’ve compiled a list of things I hate about the show…

  1. Commercials – ok, ok, I realize that the commercials pays the bills but 20 commercials in succession? Definitely not cool… But I guess that’s the price of success… Kinda makes me feel like I’m watching a Pacquiao fight!
  2. Whenever Mo’s out – I dearly love Mojo and Grace but with Mo out, the show sucks rotten tomatoes… and eggs…and socks…
  3. The CALLERS – in my previous post, about the 10 things I loved about the show, I said I loved the callers who enliven the show, but there are some callers who are really, really boring. Can you say Death by radio?
  4. The MUSIC – 3 Madonna songs in succession? Can you tell that Mo’s not coming in for work today?
  5. Categories GAME – this game is totally lame, nuff said…

I tried to think of 10 things I hate about the show but I could only come up with 5…

What about you?

Till my next rant, I’m out of here…

6 Responses to “5 things I HATE about the Good Times Show!”

  1. ok yung mga callers na kung ano ano pinagsasabi kasi nakakatawa talaga. dun ka magigising.

  2. I hate the comment “you’re doin the lord’s work” for something that really isnt, sometimes its funny, but it’s kinda getting old when Mo or Grace use it for something so trivial. Same goes for “baby jesus is smiling…”

  3. I have to agree on number 2 list, everytime that mo is out the show is getting a little bit boring because there are no good topics to talked about, not unlike when mo is around he always ready with his research.

    good times

  4. About the callers… I dunno. Some are really awful – those obviously making up stories. Good thing Mo’s a genius. He busted their asses most of the time.

  5. i HATE samantha at trafuhduhcom, can’t understand what the hell she’s talking about, her whole segment is a waste of airtime!!!

  6. jordan paul lagos Says:

    hate it when mo’s not there….RATINGS DEATH!!!

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