Good times with Mo (August 14, 2008 episode)

Today’s episode was freaking hilarious and I caught myself laughing out loud as I drove to work and getting weird looks from people in jeepneys and other drivers (my car is lightly tinted).

I’ll just try to encapsulate the funnier and thought provoking portions of the show…

There was a caller (I didn’t get the name) who worked as a seaman and was asking for advice about a problem he had regarding his girlfriend with whom he’d been together for six years. As a seaman, the caller was out of the country from 6 months to a year and his girl had intimated that she wanted to have a fling with a hot girl “just for the experience”.

My first reaction was “Hell yeah!”. Images of a menage a troi floating in my head as I drove through traffic. My man Mo had pretty much the same reaction and he said that their relationship was doomed. The guy was pretty serious about the girl and he wanted to marry her eventually. When asked if his girl was marriage material, he replied in the affirmative… For once, Mojo and Grace agreed with Mo on this one… Have fun with the girl but not to get too serious about her coz she was giving off danger signs…

I totally agree, but please, please, please! Arrange for the menage a troi first before breaking up with the girl… Lucky bastard!

A Fil-Am caller named Joe reacted to Mo’s advice by saying that Filipinos love to label people and to have stereotypes (paraphrasing here…) and that he knew people who have been branded as “damaged goods” successfully break the stereotype and engage in a longterm and meaningful relationship…

I would tend to agree with Joe on this one and say that people do deserve a second, even a third chance in life and love… ugghhh, I’m getting cheezy here…

Now for the hilarious part!

My man, Mo, in his typically brilliant fashion came up with a well researched countdown of punishments for the many “sins” Mojo Jojo had committed in his lifetime. The twist is that these punishments were culled from the justice system of other countries… I couldn’t get the complete list coz I was driving but I had a hell of a laugh and this stupid grin on my face whilst I was overtaking these hapless jeepneys and motorbikes…

So, on to the list:

  1. Possession of a single seed of marijuana – from Malaysia, 5 years in jail!
  2. Drug trafficking (Mo didn’t say that Mojo dealt drugs although he may have “passed” on a stick or two of bong) – Singapore, over 500 grams death penalty
  3. Public intoxication – Iran, death penalty
  4. Adultery – in Sudan, death by stoning
  5. Converting to a different religion – Afghanistan, death penalty!
  6. Homosexuality – in Yemen, death penalty!

Mo suggested that they should pull a prank on the loudest gays and put them on a plane to Yemen and leave them there… John Lapuz, I think was mentioned, hehe… It was a joke of course… 🙂

I’m sure I missed a couple, if anyone else was listening in and can help fill in the ones I’d missed, that’d be very much appreciated…

By the way, the hot girl who had a lame excuse for breaking up with her boyfriend? Her multiply site address is

She’s hot! Check her out…

Till next episode… 🙂

I’m out of here…

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