Playing with the boys (Download it now!)


Kenny Loggins - photo courtesy of

Speaking of Vaclair, my man Mo Twister, plays the theme song of Top Gun, “Playing with the boys” every time his “gaydar” detects someone pink on the other end of the phone line. 🙂

The song was sung by Kenny Loggins and is part of the Original Sound Track of the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun…

According to Mohan Gumatay, this is the gayest song on the planet… 🙂

I’ve posted some excerpts of the song which you can use as your phone’s ringtone…

By the way, it’s Mo’s celphone ringtone as well…

I’ve uploaded two options for Nokia and Sony Ericsson cellphone users. I’ve tested both and they work fine…

Have fun!

You can download it at the following links:

AAC version: Download Playing with the boys
MP3 version: Download Playing with the boys

Enjoy these ringtones!

I’m out of here…

Good times!

4 Responses to “Playing with the boys (Download it now!)”

  1. hey you thanks sa sa blog mo na dedicated sa show nila mo twister, im a hardcore fan myself and i heard nga kanina kay grace lee sept1 episode na mas maganda nga daw tong site mo kaysa sa kanila. im exploring it na. thanks!!!

  2. try mo din nga humanap ng gay rock song na pinapatugtog dati! haha!

  3. wow!!! this is kewl! as in K-e-w-L!!!

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