Vaclair Airlines Commercial

Actual photo of plane used by Chico and Mojo Jojo

Actual photo of plane used by Chico and Mojo Jojo

Above is the actual photo of the plane used in the Vaclair Commercial…

NOT, hehe… For those listeners who failed to catch it, my man Mo aired a commercial on the Good times show “purportedly” done by Chico and Delamar of RX93.1’s morning show. It was freaking hilarious! ROTFLMAO!

Background – Mo and Andi9 have a series of commercials for SM supermalls wherein they promote the usual 3 day sales in selected SM Supermalls… I’m sure you’ve heard this…

Being commercials, they would normally run in all the other radio stations cause that’s just the nature of the business. Mo and Andi here are commercial talents for the aforementioned commercials… Apparently, these commercials ran on the competing morning show of Chico and Delamar on RX93.1 and this allegedly pissed off Chico and he asked management to move the commercial spots on their show to the other shows of RX. Eventually, however, it was taken out from all the shows on RX…

This news eventually found their way to the omniscient Professor Mo and boy did he have his revenge… You know our Mo Twister with the twisted sense of humor? Well he brought out the big guns! hehehe

The “commercial” he “aired” yesterday on the Good Times show was too funny and it’s kinda hard to put into words…. I’ll see if it’s online and post it here…. You have to hear it to appreciate it… 🙂

Till next time!

Good times!

UPDATE: The Youtube video of the Vaclair commercial was taken down but the good news is that its up again! Please check it out here

10 Responses to “Vaclair Airlines Commercial”

  1. vaaaclair.. flying with the boys!! wahahaha this is so freaking funny!!

  2. i heard the actual airing of the “commercial” but i was driving along the SLEX so i didn’t get to hear the “SAUSEEGE” and the zipping…and the belt buckle…and the voice over…until last night. is the airline for real?
    and as the twister said, whoever wrote that is a genius…certified genius.

  3. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Ramon,

    Thanks for visiting my blog…

    Last I checked there is no “Vaclair” airlines… 🙂

    Hmmm, actually the genius being referred to by Mo is probably a DJ named Mohan Gumatay, hahaha…

  4. ase hastly Says:

    The Vaclair commercial was freakin’ funny!!!!
    I would wish that you could release an mp3 version of that “commercial” so that I could use it as a ringtone….

    Good Times!

  5. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi ase hastly,

    Thanks for visiting my site… I’ll try to accommodate your request… 🙂

    Good times!

  6. babyboy310 Says:

    i was having breakfast at home before leaving for work. i almost choked on my food sa katatawa!!!

  7. nice blog in here…

    nice video of vaclair..

    that one is the most hilarious thing ever..

    chico, chico.. flying with the boys..:D

  8. This commercial should air in all radio stations…


    good times!

  9. MO is such a genius to have thought of that “ad”. Grabe! It’s so hilarious!

  10. […] 28, 2008 – I post the Vaclair commercial and promote it on other sites… As a result, the site gets 315 views with the Vaclair airline […]

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