Vaclair commercial on YouTube

The Vaclair Airlines commercial has been re-uploaded!

Many thanks to user vaclaire!


5 Responses to “Vaclair commercial on YouTube”

  1. […] the Vaclair commercial was taken down but the good news is that its up again! Please check it out here… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)10 things I love about The Good Times […]

  2. what the other dj’s from other station ARE UNPROFESSIONAL. bakit nila ipa pull out for NO REASON at all. WHY? is it because THE LISTENERS on their morning show were offended?

    hey come on! Chico and Demalar! it is a simple plain advetisement yet you suddenly BECAME TOO UNPROFESSIONAL? prove to us that you were OFFENDED! i demand an explanation!

    o baka kasi talo kayo sa ratings at wala kayo magawa na…

  3. You don’t mess with the Mohan!

  4. […] that the 3 guys of Boys Night Out  almost came out of their closets like the Chico guy from the Vaclair commercial. Oh btw, if you have not heard it yet, it’s always on the best good times blog… […]

  5. DAMN!!!
    This is Freakin’ GREAT!!!
    Nice Work Mo!!!!
    Prof. Mo Twister is the most brilliant guy on radio today!!!!

    Good Times…

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