Rico Blanco Concert on Good Times!


Photo courtesy of http://manilatimes.net

Wow! I’m still at a loss for words after listening to today’s episode… I won’t go into the details of the other topics that were discussed on today’s edition of Good Times with Mo, it pales in comparison with Rico’s performance on the show… I’m sure my man Mo Twister will agree…

I’m not the biggest fan of Rico Blanco to be perfectly honest… I’m more of an Eheads fan… That changed after today’s show, I would consider myself a true Rico Blanco convert… I was blown away by his artistry on the show.  I wasn’t the only one either, our favorite trio was speechless most of the time after a performance or when Rico broke into song in the middle of their conversation…

Though visibly strained because he was under the weather and it was still relatively early in the morning and his vocal chords haven’t fully opened, his performance was without exaggeration, mesmerizing…

He sang several songs from his new album, Yugto, and he discoursed on a variety of topics, from his departure from Rivermaya, his philantrophic work, his early years and his dream band.

A true artist, he dabbles in photography and painting and he is a prodigious songwriter… According to him, during his hiatus from the musical scene, he wrote up to 5 songs a day! Now that’s talent…

What interested me particularly was his philantrophic work and his outlook on politics… When asked about his political views and which candidate he might support in the 2010 presidential elections, he mentioned BF (Bayani Fernando) whom the Good Times crew hosted a few weeks back… He said we needed a doer or a manager and I totally agree, but BF? Those BF posters I see everyday on my way to work and the “stupid” elevated U-Turn in C-5 just doesn’t sit very well with me… In any event, whomever we elect in 2010 can’t be worse than what we have right now… 😦

Finally, he rendered the carrier single of his new album, Yugto, acoustic version. Never before performed in acoustic, according to Rico, but that was no hindrance… He was mindblowingly good… You can dowload the file here… File courtesy of blog reader Zaren…

I arrived at the parking lot and listened… His performance resonated with me and he established a true connection with me, across the miles of static, his song touched me… A true artistic genius, Mr. Rico Blanco…

DAMN, I’m waxing poetic… 😛

I’m going to go out and buy his album, the guy was that good… I would suggest you guys do the same… Go and buy the original please… 🙂

Excellent episode as always…

I’m out of here…

Good times!

UPDATE: You can dowload the file here… File courtesy of blog reader Zaren… Thank, Zaren!

6 Responses to “Rico Blanco Concert on Good Times!”

  1. what’s the title of the cover he did (the first song he sang). I got interrupted when I reached the basement parking lot. I wasn’t able to finish the entire interview.

  2. i missed this one. been in the office around or before 9 am. how can i get a copy or listen to the special episode? thanks.

  3. Not a big fan of Rico Blanco also. After hearing the episode, am still not. Haha! But I’m just blown away how talented Rico was.

    About the U-turn in C-5, what’s up with that? I just really don’t get it.

  4. amiel from mindanao Says:

    i was listening the entire show when rico was there,,, please upload the rico concert,,,

  5. Hope you could upload the acoustic version of Yugto. Rico Blanco did sing the same song in acoustic at Boys Night Out but not as good as the morning show.

    I want to hear it again!!!

  6. I really love Rico. He is really an artist..so unique

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