Good times with Mo (Sept. 3, 2008)

The show was relatively quiet today, nothing too controversial… 🙂

Best battle speeches

Mo started off with a debate or poll on the topic of which movie had the best or most inspiring battle speeches. He narrowed the choices to:

  1. Gladiator
  2. 300
  3. Lord of the Rings
  4. Braveheart

Grace liked 300, Mojo liked Gladiator while my man Mo picked Braveheart. I thought for sure that Mojo would go for 300 just for the sheer number of ridiculously toned abs in that movie… 🙂 I’d have to concur with Mo though that Mel Gibson’s role as William Wallace is outstanding and his battle speech makes one want to pick up a sword and charge into battle. There’s something quite visceral and intensely personal about sword and shield battles which simply cannot be matched with today’s modern shoot-em-ups…

Rich girls dating poor guys

Another interesting topic thrown around by Mo is his theory that rich girls don’t date poor guys. He believes that the reverse is quite common, meaning, poor girls, particularly good looking ones, do date rich guys…Poor Grace served as the butt of Mo’s jokes this time around, with him implying that she was a high maintenance girlfriend… Grace’s boyfriend is a businessman (read – rich)… 🙂

Several listeners called in to disprove Mo’s theory, including a hot sounding girl, SAM, who claimed to be well off and had dated a couple of poor guys. She cited several problems which led to her breakups with the poor guys, including socializing problems, meaning the guys felt out of place in the girl’s circle of elitista friends… Another cause of dissent were the guys’ insecurity about money matters. I think realistically speaking these are issues which may crop up in a relationship of that sort…

Funny thing though was that the girl, SAM,  was very aloof and seemed indifferent to Mo’s questioning which really drove the Professor nuts… I mean, I was counting the seconds till he’d hang up on the girl and tell her off but for some reason he couldn’t do that… The girl was too interesting and she seemed totally honest about her experiences… Our Professor Mo being bested by a girl? No way in hell, but that’s what happened, hehe.. Kudos to SAM!

Voiceover king dies

You’ve heard his voice in hundreds of movie trailers but you probably never even knew who that “voice” was… His name is Don LaFontaine and his famous opening line “In a world where…” opened countless movie trailers from the hottest movies to piss poor flops. You can read the story here.

I got a good chuckle when Mohan Gumatay nominated “NONOY the MENGGOY” as a replacement for Don LaFontaine… Imagine the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince” movie trailer being intro’d by NONOY… Sheeshh… Good times!

Paul Potts interview

The show’s highlight would probably be Paul Potts’ interview done by Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo. The guy is amazingly talented and his story is truly inspirational. Let’s be honest, Paul Potts is not much to look at but once he sings, you’ll forget all about his looks. Now, I’m not the biggest opera fan, but watching and listening to Paul Potts singing transcends musical preferences and boundaries. As Simon Cowell said, he loves shows where an ordinary guy blessed with extraordinary talent does good…

I’ve posted a video of Paul’s audition above on the British reality show, Britain’s Got Talent and I’ll let you be the judge… Paul will be performing here in Manila at the PICC Plenary Hall, October 8, at 8 in the evening…

If you want to listen to Paul’s interview this morning on the Good Times show, I uploaded an excerpt which you can download here

Till next episode…

I’m out of here… Good times!

7 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 3, 2008)”

  1. Another great episode!

    Will Grace Lee be dating a poor guy anytime soon? Lemme know, I’ll apply. Haha!

    And about the guy from DLSU who’s been failing for 3 consecutive terms, it’s because of the absence of AGNO Brain Foods. Haha! Bring back AGNO!

    Keep it up guys. Love listening to your show every morning. ^_^

  2. I almost forgot, about the Bench billboards… I saw several times its billboard along EDSA. The one with Sam Milby posing on his side… IT IS GAY! I agree with Mo, collect all those photos, put it in a brochure, send it to someone across the globe and they’ll definitely say… IT’S A TEASER FOR SOME GAY CLUB HERE IN THE P.I.

    Great minds, good times.

  3. spydermanw Says:

    here’s another topic that i would like to suggest… “is it better to fall in love with a friend or just to anyone you’ve just met?” or maybe “is it ok to fall in love with a friend?”

    just a suggestion.

    good times!!!!! GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  4. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, spydermanw. I know that the Good times crew does read my blog now and then… Who knows? Maybe they might read your suggestion and talk about it on the show sometime…

    Good times! 🙂

  5. I am truly a fan of Paul Potts. I am not into opera but I have a lot of respect for opera singers. Paul is truly a unique find. You would understand people singing in the bath room with songs from the latest pop star on TV or radio but who would sing opera in the bathroom? or on your videoke machine for that matter? Would there be a minus one with the complete orchestral background music that you could buy somewhere? I mean…. how unique is that huh?!

    The guy has many many videos on youtube. But the one you posted here is my favorite. I get goosebumps every single time I view it. Great blog dude.

  6. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Thanks Khalesh! That was an awesome performance by Paul… Even the hard to please Simon Cowell was impressed!

    Good Times!

  7. Love listening to Mo, Grace Lee & Mojo! It perks up my day in driving for work mon to thurs. I just changed station when a caller becomes boring. So please all you listeners who wants or contemplating to call Mo, make sure that you will bring in or contribute interesting topics.

    Remember, it’s not only Mo who’s getting bored but the millions of fans and listeners glued in every morning to good times!

    I love it!

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