Of Forbidden Questions and Coldplay


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Let me just say that it is a singular honor for my blog and a milestone indeed that the great Mo Twister would choose this venue to give us the scoop on Wednesday’s much anticipated edition of Forbidden Questions.

Mo posted a comment on my blog about last Thursday’s show with Adel Tamano and I quote verbatim:

“just wanted to keep you guys updated on the happenings. today on the show, i announced that we might bring forbidden questions out of the grave one time just for ol’ time sake. so, im going to agree to do it this wed. however, this segment has gotten us into deep trouble in the past, and in the near future (likely the end of this month) i will begin serving the latter portion of a suspension i was given cuz of the variety of things that have been said during forbidden question. but no worries, i will take the time to go to italy and watch coldplay (this is your cue to get jealous).

i want to keep my promise so i contacted a celebrity to guest on forbidden questions this wed. il give you clues on who it is but i cant say it cuz i people found out they will try to contact that celeb an talk them out of it…thats how it used to be.

heres the clue: SHE was an ex of aga muhlach.


Whilst the Forbidden Questions segment of the Good Times show is such a favorite of mine and it may have been the reason why the Good times show became so famous or infamous (depending on whom you ask), if the price to pay for our indulgence is the suspension of Professor Mo then I’d rather we make do without it.

But as my man Mo says, he’s bringing it back for an encore… Just one last time for old times sake…


On the positive side, Mo gets to go on vacation in Italy to watch Coldplay in concert… Damn, we’re not jealous Mo, we’re envious, hahaha… Seriously, have fun in Italy and don’t forget to take pics of the beautiful Italian scenery and more importantly the bellissimas… 🙂

Now on to the Forbidden Questions… Who do you think is the guest on Wednesday’s edition of Forbidden Questions? Despite the clue, it’s still anybody’s guess… Aga’s been linked to so many women in the past… Hmmm, my guess is Janice de Belen… What about you? Please leave your guesses below… Let’s have a contest and the winner gets a prize consisting of two front row tickets to the Alicia Keys concert courtesy of Mo Twister… 🙂

Let the guessing game begin! 🙂

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

5 Responses to “Of Forbidden Questions and Coldplay”

  1. i started listening to Good Times few weeks before Sean Kingston guested, when he when to the country. i was really wondering why there are no more Forbidden Questions. this is one of the main reason why i really listen to the show. sana kahit minsan, meron Forbidden Questions man lang. kahit once a month. please… let this happen, KPB.

  2. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Rap Rap,

    Hmmmm, Mo has said that the forthcoming episode of Forbidden Questions will probably be the last one coz they get into such trouble for it… Of course, Mo doesn’t want to get suspended and we as fans certainly don’t want him out of the show either…

    It’s not Mo actually who causes the trouble but the guests, sometimes their answers are really out of line for radio and this gets Mo in trouble as he has responsibility for the show’s contents…

    Anyway, let’s just hope for the best and I’m sure Mo will come up with something new and interesting in the future!

    Good times!

  3. My guess is Ms. Lea Salonga.

  4. […] Wednesday, Mo promised to bring the Sport back for old time’s sake. One last time. So anyone who miss this very much awaited come back will […]

  5. i think it’s lea salonga

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