Good times without Mo (Sept. 8, 2008)


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My man Mo Twister was out today due to illness… I know that Mo’s the consummate professional so he must be sicker than a dog to miss the show, so it was only Mojo, Grace and Miguel doing the Good Times show… The show itself was relatively quiet… It was feel good Monday, from the callers to the hosts, everyone was a little too nice…

You know that Mo’s out when there’s less talk and more music, not to mention a ton of plugs and commercials… Although I know that Mojo and Grace were trying their best to keep the show entertaining, it just wasn’t quite there… Even the phone lines weren’t that busy, I guess it’s hard for the listeners to contribute if there’s no specific topic being discussed, mostly it was just hi’s and hellos… Sorry guys, just being honest here…The good thing about Mo is that he always comes to the show prepared, with research and notes on what topics are to be discussed for a specific day…

While the show was just okay, Miguel’s interview with “Avril Lavigne” in the playground was hilarious… I mean this guy has a serious future in broadcasting… Bright and articulate, he’ll definitely go places… Some more years of mentoring from Mo and he’ll be hosting his own show on Magic!

Other hightlights were two female callers from the US with weird accents (heavy Visayan?) and though they seemed genuine callers, a lot of the listeners thought they were pranksters out to make fun of the trio… Although I wouldn’t put it past Mo to have thought of the prank and have them call in, hehehe… Caller Khalesh suggested that they would make a perfect foil to Nonoy the Menggoy and they could do a recital of a Shakespearean play… MacBeth would be perfect or perhaps Romeo and Juliet? 🙂

Oh by the way, the new word that Mojo learned in Bacolod? It’s “agi” meaning gay! 🙂

On a more serious note, I “just happened” to switch to Showbiz  Central and heard the news that Mo’s daughter Moira with Bunny Paras is ill from a neurological disorder and has been having some problems walking… I felt sad when I heard the news and I hope that Mo’s daughter gets well soon… Our prayers are with you and your daughter, Mo…

Well I hope that Mo’s well enough to work tomorrow, our favorite radio show is not quite the same without him…

Get well soon Mohan!

Up next, the greatest moment on radio!

I’m out of here…

Good times!

5 Responses to “Good times without Mo (Sept. 8, 2008)”

  1. heyy.. can you post miguel’s interview of avril? I didn’t get to hear the show this morning =(

  2. I was on a public vehicle on my way to the office while listening to the Glendale Girls and God I was grinning the whole time. Other people who are also aboard the vehicle was looking at me thinking, “baliw ba toh?”. Haha!

    It’s not as good as when Mo is around but it’s still fun. Keep it up guys!

    Miguel = the next Mo? Can be…

    Good times, good times!

  3. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Haha, good story Chi… I get that a lot as well coz my car is very lightly tinted and I can be seen clearly from the outside. I get these strange looks from commuters and fellow drivers when I’m on the road and listening to the Good times show! 🙂

  4. I know what you mean when Mo’s not around. I called in today and was trying to think of a good laughable statement but I just couldn’t quite hack it. It’s different when Mo comes up with topics for us to react to. Although I still have to give it to the guys there – Mojo, Grace and Guile…. they did ok. I guess we’re just missing Mo a lot. I also hope he gets well soon and our prayers for his daughter Moira.

  5. thank God for their gifts coz they always make my day. i went to pick up my friend this morning and she was just staring at me maybe because she thought i was crazy. i was just laughing and almost peed my pants haha! as the other bloggers commented it just feels so different without Mo…..o well, times like these we have to accept anyways we have the other hosts that could still brighten up our day.

    Good job you guys!

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