Insult Poetry by Morris


Mo manning the Magic 89.9 booth - Photo courtesy of

Good times fan and insult poet laureate, Morris, who also happens to read my blog (ahem, ahem) heeded my request to post his insult poetry which he dished out this morning on the Good Times show…  Being the considerate guy that he is, he obligingly posted his ode to the three hosts of our favorite radio show, Good times!

I’ve quoted his poems below verbatim, so read and enjoy! Thanks Morris! Props!

(Mo Diss)
Ok mo, you know what the listeners said
You got a big ego, big mouth and big head
Shut up and suck that mic instead
If it’s hard mojo’s gonna teach you how to give head

Stop drinking BIG M, you’re never gonna get tall
Miguel’s 13, look at him, he’s taller after all
Kids, drink your milk always remember
Don’t be like mo, he’s got a small feet, and small member

Frodo, Dagul, ungga we call him names
These are the roles that made his rise to fame
Guys if i were you, i wouldn’t be like this fool
Coz Everytime he watches a concert, he needs to bring a stool

(Mojo Diss)
Eto na si bading na mahilig mananching
Mataba pa din ngayon, mukhang baboy pa din
Lahat sila nagtataka, lahat sila nakatingin
Pano nakapasok sa booth ang tulad mong matsing!

Hep! Tama na! Wag ka ng magsalita!
Walang nakikinig sayong malaking bunganga
Napupunta sa impyerno ang mga katulad mong halimaw
Kampon ni satanas ang bakla, baboy bakulaw

Ok i’m gonna switch so that you would really know
I can insult you, English or Filipino
If i were you, i wouldn’t know what to do
Mayor Lim just called, he wants you back at Manila Zoo

(Grace Lee Diss)
Now hush lil darling don’t you cry
Grace lee is up next and i’ll tell you why
I have it on my cellphone and i really can’t wait
The grace and chiz escudero sex tape

A bulgogi kick, a kimchi punch
Everytime grace talks, i can smell what she had for lunch
Now if the lil man Guile is a very good rapper
Miss China town here has terrible grammar

We all know you hate this guy named Willie
For all i know you’re riding his stick shift in his brand new ferrari
So put on your thongs, dance a lil, sing us a song
Ladies and gentlemen, Grace Lee, the new girl in Pera o Bayong!


Till next time…

I’m out of here…

Good times!

3 Responses to “Insult Poetry by Morris”

  1. oh!!.. what a poem!!! the rhymings are nice, i DISAGREE with the message of the poem though.. MOJO looks nice even he’s fat.. and gays are not monsters.. i do not promote homosexuality but most of them are fun to be with.. and let us not judge people.. MOJO dont feel bad about this.. hehe.. you are good-looking!! 🙂

  2. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Lyanne,

    Thanks for the comments… Morris’ insult poetry is all in good fun… Mo called him a creative genius when he called the show and recited the poems on air… 🙂

  3. that was fantastic yet out of class…i salute you guys..MO – MOJO- GRACE my day is incomplete not having all of you in my breakfast….how i wish it’ll be a daily show…24/

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