Tomorrow’s Forbidden Questions guest is…


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I stand corrected, tomorrow is NOT the last time that Mo’s bringing back Forbidden Questions… 🙂 Nevertheless, due to the extended time that this segment hasn’t been done, it has generated an elevated level of anticipation in the show’s regular listeners…Mo gave a clue last time he posted on my blog – an ex of Aga Muhlach… I guessed Janice de Belen, and guess what? I hit it right on the head!

Mo confirmed the identity of tomorrow’s guest by posting the following comment on my blog and I quote:

“i gave a clue that tomorrows forbidden questions guest is an ex-girlfriend of aga muhlach. i dont know every girl that aga has gone out with (theres janice, aiko, dayanarra, etc.) so…one of you guys were right, it is janice de belen for tomorrow. im pretty excited about it, shes a tough lady. i have a ton of questions for her and if you have some as well, please post it here so i can look it up and use it as research. thanks guys!

p.s. i dont think she goes 40…maybe mid-20’s. but i do believe he will have juicy john estrada and aga muhlach stories.


So post your questions in the comment section below and let Mo know what your questions are…

Thanks for the scoop, Mo!

Good times!

6 Responses to “Tomorrow’s Forbidden Questions guest is…”

  1. hehehe well, i dont want to go out and say that this is the last time we are going to have forbidden questions, i just wanted to bring one back for ol’ time sake. im sure we will have another one, its just we got in trouble so often plus week after week, it was the same questions over and over that it was kinda getting boring. so, upon the request of grace lee, we are bringing one back. and its a safe choice to go with janice cuz she is a nice lady, doesnt curse much, could be a fighter, and has alot of showbiz experience that we can pick out of her. again, it is likely she will only go mid-20’s, but that keeps it interesting and it will also keep the suspensions down. thanks bud!

  2. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Ooopss… I stand corrected and that’s good news, but as I stated previously, if the price to pay for listening to Forbidden Questions is that you guys get suspended then we’d rather do without it…

    But as you said, Janice is a good choice, a “safe” choice… But with enough possibilities of revealing information to make it exciting…

    Yeah, I’d say she goes high 20’s… We’ll see…

    Good times! 🙂

  3. master mo can you ask her if she’s willing to go one on one showdown with that brazilian slut Patricia? Sorry for the word but i really hate her. And please say i “bow” to her (Janice). Thanks

  4. […] Forbidden Question today, he said she’s Aga Muhlach’s ex, and she’s no other than Janice de Belen. That’s […]

  5. great blogs Pinoydiscus, really glad for ppl like you spending your precious time to create what listeners like us wouldn’t mind checking out everytime we’re online. Also wanted to comment on Janice’s photo, it’s a really bad shot of her, what’s wrong with her boobs, it’s uneven. LOL

  6. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Sharp eyes you have there Kai… I hadn’t noticed that but come to think of it her left’s lower than her right… 🙂

    Good times! 🙂

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