Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Janice De Belen)


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Today’s show was charged with electricity, I mean it could’ve been an aftermath of  last night’s thunder and lightning show, but it probably was because Mo’s brought back our favorite Forbidden Questions segment…

Anyway, before we get to Forbidden Questions, Mo did the 2nd round of the Hottest Celebrity Showdown with the top seed Marian Rivera taking on 8th seed Ehra Madrigal…

Marian Rivera vs. Ehra Madrigal [GMA bracket]

Mojo votes Ehra (they were classmates at UA&P), Grace votes Ehra, Callers, majority votes Ehra??? What’s going on here? Janice votes Marian (yes!) Mo argued for Marian saying that overall she’s the most popular star of GMA, she’s got a gorgeous face while not denying that Ehra has the hottest body in GMA… I mean Mo said that something trickles down his leg when he sees Ehra, what better endorsement can you get? But it was in vain… For some perverted reason Ehra wins this round, upsetting the top seeded Marian Rivera… 😦

She moves on to the 3rd round… (where she’ll get whupped)

Now, on to Forbidden Questions… Please note that the transcript below is not a word for word recording of what was said but a fairly close approximation… I paraphrased some parts for obvious reasons… But I think I’ve captured the essence of most of what was said…

I tried to record the show but unfortunately, my recorder went kaput at the worst possible time… and unless some kind soul uploads the recorded show, we’re out of luck! 🙂

Forbidden Questions Transcript with Janice de Belen

1. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a fan?
Ans. Fans always say that I’m chubby and once when I was in a bad mood, I said to a saleslady fan:
Don’t say that, or next time I won’t buy from you…

2. Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
Ans. Yes, a long time ago… Once…

3. Who’s the better actress, you or Gelli?

Ans. Me, the better actress but Gelli has the URIAN award…

4. Who do you have a lesbian crush on?
Ans. Lucy Torres, she’s flawless, she’s elegant and carries herself very well…She’s also one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met…

5. Which is the better station, ABS or GMA?
Ans. GMA hands down…they take care of their stars…

6. Have you ever had any cosmetic surgery?
Ans. Yes, liposuction… Where? Everywhere I needed it… 🙂

7. Who’s the better TV host, Joey or Willie?
Ans. Joey, I like him… He’s really nice…

8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

Ans. 1.  When I was having serious problems with my marriage, I didn’t eat anything for the whole day and went to a party and got drunk, I woke up in a hospital…
2.  One time, after I donated blood for my grandma, she and I have the same blood type, instead of replenishing my fluids with water or juice, I went to a party and replenished with alcohol, I was wasted for 3 days…

9. When’s the last time you viewed pornographic material?
Ans. 1. Sometimes during breaktimes at the show Sis, we get together and watch porn…
2. When we were younger, my father had a stash of porn in what we call the Forbidden Cabinet, my  sister and I would get a knife and open the cabinet then we’d check out Dad’s porn…

Ever been caught? Yes, but we’d always deny it… or blame it on Gelli…

10. Aside from the ones we know about, have you ever slept with anyone else famous?

Ans. 1. None, (she lied)… admitted later that she did sleep with someone else famous aside from the ones we know of…

11. Gets a free point due to her answer to the follow up question on No. 6…

12. Caller asks a question: Is it true that a few years back when MTB had a show in Ateneo, you trash talked Vanessa del Bianco?
Ans. No, what happened was that I watched the show with the audience and the people saw me and they started chanting “Janice, Janice”… This must have unnerved Vanessa who was practicing her number at that time and she fell, it all went downhill from there…

13. Two points… Mo liked her answer…

14. What’s the worst billboard on Edsa?
Ans. Anything that has a thin girl on it… I’m jealous…It’s a green-eyed monster answer…

15. Have you ever yelled at another celebrity due to their work ethic?

Ans. Not yelled, but I just told him off…

16. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Ans. 17

17. Have you ever tried any illegal drugs?
Ans. Yes, in my youth…

18. Is it true, that when you had a suspicion that Vanessa del Bianco was a 3rd party to your marriage, you tried to poison her food?

Ans. No, what happened was that I went to their taping and I brought food (two boxes of pastries) and said to her: “I heard it’s your birthday and I brought you these…” When she accepted the food, I shot back:
“Oh by the way it has poison in it…”

19. Two points…

20. Have you ever been intimate with something non-human?
Ans. Yuck! No…Never!

21. Is it true that John Estrada had a butt implant?
Ans. I guess so, he did an ad for it…

22. Showbiz rumors say that John Estrada is well endowed? Answer No, if it’s No but if you’re quiet, you’re quiet…

23. Did you ever have intimate relations with Gabby Concepcion?
Ans. [SILENCE] Wow! 10 points…

Taps out… Mojo will give her 3 honorary points if she answers the following question…

33. Put these names in any order, could be whatever order and no need to tell us the reason for the order: Gabby, Aga, John
Ans. I won’t change the order: Gabby, Aga, John

36. By my count she got 36 points… Although Mojo said she got 35 🙂

What’s a point between friends, eh?

Angel Locsin vs. Kristine Hermosa [ABS-CBN Bracket]

And to close the show, we had part two of today’s edition of the Hottest Celebrity showdown wherein fan favorite Angel Locsin took on the bottom seed, Kristine Hermosa.

Mojo went with Kristine, Grace went with Angel and Mo went with Angel… Callers went with Angel as well… You know, a couple of years back, I would’ve gone with Kristine on this but as Mo said, she’s not ageing well, I guess married life didn’t suit her… I also go with Angel on this one…

It’s a massacre, Angel wins this one by a landslide… 🙂

Till next time… I’m out of here…

Good times!

23 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Janice De Belen)”

  1. haha… that’s the way I liked it..
    I missed the segment..
    its good my man Mohan brought it back..
    I hope he will come out with several forbidden questions sooner..
    Maybe the winner of the Hottest Celebrity Showdown will do good.. Nahh.. just suggesting… lost..

  2. Oh man this is good… you really record the show and put it on your blog, what a nice move here. hope to read another great show from proffesor.

    good times!

  3. This is my first time to hear this segment and I cant stop from grinning while trying to hold from laughhing. I hope for more Forbidden Questions! Thanks for posting! Keep it up!

  4. I thought the segment today will be boring but I was wrong. Had a great time listening to the show, as always…

    Oh btw, nice job on your blog. Sipag!

    Good times…

  5. Jojo Marundan Says:

    Hi Guys, Always tuned in while driving on the way to work. Get upset when it’s time to park and it’s just halfway of show’s highlights. Looking forward for this kind of blogs to keep me fully updated.

  6. ei man your blog is great!don’t tire of making it!it helps us avid listeners to still somehow “listen” to the show even we are abroad!keep it up dude!

  7. Yup. Just as Marou Sarne mentioned in her site, you’re heaven sent dude! Great Blog for a Great Show! Those who have not experienced forbidden questions certainly enjoyed the segment in today’s show. I hope that the crew can keep it up (despite bad history that Mo is about to pay for).


  8. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Khalesh,

    Thanks for the props… Which site are you referring to? Is Marou Sarne, Tita Marou, Miguel’s Mom?

    Good times!

  9. I recorded the show but don’t know where to host it. 😀

    Btw, would you guys please check if I posted the Celebrity Showdown finalists correctly?

    sorry for the url…

  10. […] Thanks Janice de Belen for bringing entertainment to the show. UPDATE: Better details posted on goodtimeswithmo. […]

  11. mojackomojacko Says:

    i cannot believe Marian did not win.

    i was devastated yesterday!

    i guess it’s all about the boobs.. but still!! face value!

  12. thanks for this! It’s a great read esp everytime I missed GTWM!

  13. Good ol’ times!
    I like the part where Janice told Vanessa there’s poison in the food she gave to her.

  14. I heard marian dw is kind of an airhead..she went to la salle dasma and some say that she is suplada and conceited..i have nothing against marian she’s pretty though..

    good show..more power!!!!

  15. i really like their reactions when they hear some juicy scoops!

  16. show is fun today without mojo..surpricingly!! = D

  17. Thanks for this blog! I was very frustrated yesterday when i had to leave the car and missed those sensitive questions. Thank you also to Mo for mentioning this blog this morning.


  18. i was surprised with janice while i was listening to her! esp.the poison joke,..haha! she’s cool!

    anyway… do you happen to have any picture of miguel? i wonder what he looks like..?hehe!

  19. Hi Fao, thanks for dropping by my blog…

    Yeah, Janice is tough as Mo said…
    Miguel as in Little Man Guile? If yes, you can check out his multiply site at for pics and vids of Miguel…

    By the way, I added your site in my blogroll as Friends of Good times… I hope you don’t mind…

    Good times! 🙂

  20. edwin tangi Says:

    janice is entertaining.whew..thanks for bringing this back again.hoping more forbidden questions to come..more power


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  22. […] Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Janice De Belen … […]

  23. rose_topshelf Says:

    i just the love the show..these celebrities are a crazy joke in this world [haha]

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