Boy Abunda Billboard


Boy Abunda Billboard, Photo courtesy of

Blog reader Chi clued me in to a Boy Abunda billboard that’s now causing a lot of laughter along EDSA and probably some accidents as well…  Although I haven’t seen the billboard personally, I did some research and saw a picture of it on the net. It’s for Boy Abunda’s new perfume line and the tagline is a killer: “Kaibigan, nagpabango ka na ba?” ROTFLMAO

Mo asked me to post a picture here for tomorrow’s show and I can’t wait for the reaction from other Good times’ listeners when they see this piece of advertising brilliance, hehe…

Go check it out yourself when you pass by EDSA, according to blog reader Marie, there are some other versions of the same billboard with the same theme located along EDSA near Robinson’s Pioneer…

Definitely some serious competition for the notorious ELLEN billboards…

I can’t wait to shake the hand of the creative genius who thought up this monstrosity, hahaha… And you know what? It’s too early for Halloween!

Damn, tomorrow’s show should be hilarious!

Good times!

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44 Responses to “Boy Abunda Billboard”

  1. Good God.

    He is SCARY.
    And that billboard is for a perfume brand? OMG.

    That dude, whoever he is, will be the cause of a child’s nightmare.

    Is he gay? I wouldn’t want to think that a straight guy would dress up like that for a billboard.

  2. Hi Carolific,

    I see that you’re still up… 🙂

    Yeah, gayer than gay, he’s Boy Abunda… Try to catch tomorrow’s show… It’s going to be awesome…

    Great times!


  3. Was typing a paper about the effects of media to children. Perfect timing that I saw this post on my RSS. This is perfect. LOL

    ‘Til tomorrow then. 🙂


  4. It kinda reminds me of a character from Star Trek….. parang he’s a “Borg” that mated with Rainbow Brite…. BORG ABUNDA na rainbow edition… oh my!
    Atesh! I just don’t know where advertising is going to nowadays
    At least its “colorful” di b?

  5. Hi Mojo,

    Nice to see you here… 🙂
    Yeah, I’m sure Mo and the listeners are gonna kill Mr. Abunda on today’s show, hehe…

    Good times!

  6. OH MY GOD!!!

    Why did he even do that?

    No one is gonna buy that perfume!

  7. I think you have to make a statement and make a head turner billboard. Great marketing strategy for the product but bad photo. 🙂

  8. OMG! it’s like matrix kikay version

  9. lol! the first time i saw it the first person comes to my mind is morpheus of matrix…a gay version of matrix. bwahahaha.

  10. There’s a more hilarious tagline from a boy abunda ad I seen somewhere in EDSA. It says “Boy Abunda.. for all sexes.” Heheheh! It’s like advertising himself for a bisexual affair.

  11. Now who’s the genius who brought this up? Haha!

    It’s great that Mo brought this up on the show today. and even greater coz’ I had Mojo, Grace and the rest of the listeners laughing their asses off (some got traumatized, I guess).

    As always, good times!


  12. Wow!! Hideous! Alien!

  13. Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush Says:

    He looks like a sexual predator on the hunt for young men…Does Boy Abunda have a Michael Jackson-like i-want-to-be-artificially-white kind of sick fantasy?…The ad designer ought to be shot…It’s just tasteless in a bland, stupid, only-in-the-Philippines kind of way.

  14. it’s not that bad. it’s actually creative.

  15. oh my gosh!! what were they thinking.. i don’t think he’s product will sell…and its

    because of the billboard…just by looking at the billboard it smells “mabaho” na.. i

    won’t buy it myself…

  16. Oh my!

    It’s ridiculous! I haven’t seen the ad since I live miles away from the metro, shucks! Who’s the artist behind this effin` boy abunda’s billboard? I myself like Boy Abunda but why did he allow himself to be placed along edsa with those rainbow shutters on and with that powder looking make up (photoshop edited..) thingy on his face?

    I pity him and his product! This is really something! If the production staff behind this ad wants to make a name, well, I think they had it. But then again, Boy Abunda became one hell of a fashion victim! Couldn’t they think of something BETTER that wouldn’t place a showbiz figure in shame? Ohgahd!

  17. aww poor thing.. fashion victim here… i wouldn’t aprove having my face shown like that sad sad…

  18. oh my gosh…boy abunda is so scary…he looks like a monster…hehehe…sory but if want to buy a cologne/perfume & i see that billboard i dont want to buy it n what ever the smell is good….haay

  19. I heard this topic on the radio this morning on the way to the office and when I arrived, I immediately checked on it and voila!
    It’s hideous! LOL

  20. From the look of the billboard, the perfume or cologne or whatever it is, it looks cheap!

  21. I heard this topic on the radio this morning on the way to the office and when I arrived, I immediately checked on it and voila!
    It’s hideous! LOL

  22. Hello everyone! 🙂

    I just wanted to share some views about ‘outdoor’ advertising —
    for you to be able to catch your target markets attention (and for the awareness of each and everyone) is that you’ll going to do some exaggerated visuals of that particular product whether it’s going to be convincing or not. At least everybody would be aware of that thing. AYOS yun. And since it was Boy Abunda, it’s perfectly fine ’cause he’s a ‘celebrity’. Madaling ma-retain sa memory ng consumer (like MO always said). Kilalang tao. Plus Okray na itsura ng Billboard.
    Tsaran!! Makilala na ang product mo 🙂

    Good times!!

    Shara! Shara! Agua! hehe..

    Ps: it’s a first time long time here. YEY!

  23. what the?

    he looks like the queen of care bears! so colorful!

  24. WTF???

  25. Shop-A-Holic Says:

    I thought Boy Abunda was very careful about his image?…So why did he allow this #@$! to happen? The person who conceptualized this must be really angry with Boy Abunda! It reminds me so much of ABS-CBN’s Sarimanok campaign!

  26. Shock for shock value’s sake.

    I AM SHOCKED. hahaha!

    without the name I will not recognize.

  27. Oh My! The pink pill or the rainbow pill??? 🙂

  28. pipsqueak08 Says:

    What was the organizer of the photoshoot thinking? if he/she really is thinking! Sabi nga ng isang judge sa isang reality TV show in the US, “There is a difference between edgy and ugly. And this is ugly”. No offense pero ibang klaseng takaw atensyon ung billboard. Takaw atensyon sa mga aksidente. I am not against Boy Abunda as a showbiz personality pero sorry that’s what I think. Kung ganyan ang billboard ng nagbebenta ng pabango, malamang hindi ako bibili. The damage is done.

  29. Kaibigan, nagpowder ka na ba? Wow Hilarious….Very very very very GoodTimes

  30. nakakainis ‘yung nakaisip ng concept na ito… he looks like kokey in a rainbow suit… tsk! tsk! tsk! i like boy abunda because of his personality and I’m not against him (with this photo) but with the production people who made him hooorrriiiibbbbllleeeee…. but, in fairness it’ll be ‘eye-catching’ if you’ll take EDSA… hehehe ü

  31. Ang masasabi ko lang sa billboard na ito ay kailangan na I-Demolish….
    and sakit sa mata amf…

    bad times!

  32. HOLY S. This is much worse than the gay Calayan billboard sa tulay ng Guadalupe papuntang Ortigas from Makati.

  33. I don’t know what to say…

    This ad, and the comments here about it, are to say it plainly, hilarious! Good on you Chi for making us aware of this monstrosity they call an ad/billboard.

    😀 Marie

  34. I know somewhere, ellen is smiling… mas maganda na ngaun ang billboard ng ellen’s beauty products kaysa sa perfume ni boy abunda.

  35. Oh lol Paquito. I can agree to that. This billboard is just horrible! I’m sure no one will fall for this weird product.

  36. ONE word: CREEPYYYYYYY~ lol

  37. “Good on you Chi for making us aware of this monstrosity they call an ad/billboard. ”

    Hei Marie,

    I guess I just scared the sh*t out of everyone here. Haha!

    As always, good times!


  38. i think boy abunda is trying to say this:

    “Kaibigan, bading ka na rin ba?”

  39. I think the billboard is on time, anyway, holloween is just around the corner. i feel bad for boy, i mean, come on, were you not considered to decide regarding the ad? man, you were played big time!

    good times to the show and the one responsible for this site!

  40. it’s more like an ad for a tawas commercial

  41. when i heard this billboard stuff on the radio, i feel pity to boy abunda… tsaka ang sama naman nila mo to criticize Boy…

    but then if that huge billboard is really hanging somewhere in the road… OMG! thank God, i’m not driving along that way… or else tigok nako… naaksidente na ko sa kakatawa… tsk.. tsk…

    what a colorful gay concept… hindi na nga siya kagandahan, nag pa baboy pa siya…

    but i able to smell it in a tester on a aficionado’s stall… it’s mabango…

  42. I worked for a Perfume Company before – GUERLAIN … all I can say for this campaign is – Its Hideous !! Well maybe the target market is the C & D …

  43. Seriously I’m gonna buy it…

    And blog about how horrifying its smell is!

  44. Hi guys, thanks for dropping by my blog… The perfume may be fragrant but if the ad sucks like the one above, it’s not likely to sell much, methinks…

    Just my opinion, but then again, Boy Abunda’s been fairly successful in other fields so good luck to him, he’s going to need it!


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