Good times with Mo (Sept. 16, 2008)

Funny show today with Mo causing a traffic jam in front of Boy Abunda’s billboard along EDSA near Robinson’s Pioneer… But I’m getting ahead of myself, here’s the show’s recap in its natural order:

Young Love

Early in the show, most callers are students on their way to school and a very young caller phoned in to a ask Professor Mo’s advice on her love problem…

Her young beau apparently left abroad after their brief relationship (less than a month) and she was heartbroken…

As adults we tend to brush these things aside but when you’re young everything tends to get magnified and you feel like it’s the end of the world…:)

It’s good though that Mo does take the time to talk to these young callers and I’ll have to say, he gives very sensible advice… Props Professor Mo…

Of Cruel Intentions and lost innocence

The topic then shifted to Grace Lee and how she lost her virginity… Apparently she was moved by the movie Cruel Intentions and the beautifully shot “love making” scenes in the movie… End result, cherry popped… πŸ™‚

I’ll have to give it to girls though, they can weave the most imaginatively romantic stories around how they lost their virginities… For guys, it’s basically, wham bam thank you mam… I mean, being the horndogs that we are, we just can’t wait to lose it and I would say that the vast majority didn’t particularly care how they lost it, as long as they did it with a girl and not with their hands… πŸ™‚

Sex Education

Do you still remember how you learned about the birds and the bees? Well, according to Mojo, his dad sat him down with his brothers and gave them a lecture about using protection with their girlfriends (Mojo was straight then)… πŸ™‚

Both Grace and Mo studied in St. Paul and for Grace at least, the “evils” of pre-marital sex were taught in a rather gross manner with the showing of abortion videos… I mean that’s pretty gross with a video of the abortive procedure being shown to young and impressionable girls… I just can’t hang with that…

Mo showed a video to the two “girls” of a pretty graphic sex education video complete with an “insider” view of the act, and I do mean “inside”… πŸ™‚

Mo said he’ll upload it somewhere… We’ll see… Though I hardly think it’ll inspire your libidos… But then again, you never know…

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (ABS-CBN bracket)

We’re nearing the end of our search for the most prestigious award in all of radio, Good Times’Β  Hottest Celebrity Showdown… Today’s combatants for the ABS-CBN bracket were both highly touted and predictably, the contest went down the wire with Lobo’s Angel Locsin taking on the Diyosa, Anne Curtis…

Now, Mo’s never made a secret of the fact that he thinks Anne is uber hot but during the early goings, Angel looked headed for a stunning upset with caller after caller voting for Angel Locsin… But in the end with Mo putting his foot down, the win eventually went to Anne Curtis… If I recall correctly, Mojo was for Angel and Mo and Grace went for Anne…

A lot of callers were pissed that Anne won but hey, it’s his show and what my man Mo says goes… It was Pacquiao-Marquez II close… and so Anne moves on to face the winner of the KC Concepcion vs. Angelica Panganiban showdown…

Boy Abunda Billboard

On to the billboard… Mo asked me to post the picture on the blog’s front page so that the listeners can check it out while they talked about it…

A lot of words were thrown around during the show (none were flattering) including last night wherein blog reader Carol said that the billboard was scary and could cause serious psychological damage to a child, hehe…

A listener texted in and said that there was a traffic jam along EDSA in front of the billboard during the show, hehe… Blame Mo Twister if you were late coz of the traffic… πŸ™‚

A caller said the billboard reminded him of Pinhead of Hellraiser fame… But personally, I thought they were going for the Morpheus look as played by Laurence Fishburne in the Matrix trilogy… A gay version of him though… πŸ™‚

What do guys think?

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (GMA bracket)

And finally, to close the show we had the GMA bracket of the Hottest Celebrity Showdown with the classy Iza Calzado taking on the “whore hot” Ehra Madrigal…

I mean if the category was purely boner inspiring material this would be a no contest… I mean Iza Calzado is the girl you bring home to Mom but Ehra is the girl youΒ  have an affair with… πŸ™‚

Again, a close fight with other horndogs voting for Ehra and Mo, Mojo and Grace going with the classy Iza Calzado… It’s really a matter of taste and as I said it’s Mo’s show… πŸ™‚

Iza moves on to final round… Good luck Iza!

Quote of the day:

I want to put a baby in her…
by Mo Twister…

Awwwwww, how poetic…

Good times!

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22 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 16, 2008)”

  1. What happened was unbelievable. We’re voting for the hottest, right? Not the most gorgeous or most beautiful. Change the title of the Showdown and I’ll agree with the winners for today.

  2. Had me grinning for almost 3 hours straight! Now that’s a GREAT show!

    About the government-spy movie characters, I’ll definitely go with Jason Bourne. HANDS DOWN! I’ve never seen any Bond movie – I just find the theme corny.

    Also, when Mo was talking Korean gibberish – really made me laugh.

    About the video Mo showed the “two” ladies, can someone please upload it? MO!!!! Oh yeah, Mojo, while being shown the video, screams like a pig being butchered. Haha! Peace Mojo! It really made me laugh.

    And about the Anne Curtis v Angel Locsin, I’m not a fan of both but when the three royalties talked about the two celebrities on clothes, I have to say that Angel only looks HOT when she wears clothes that reveals more skin. Just an opinion.

    On the GMA side, I’m rooting for EHRA! Iza is pretty, not a hottie. Well again, another opinion.

    Well, all is great today. Full of fun, craziness and laughter. Most especially our main man Mo used the BOY ABUNDA topic I brought up yesterday as his topic on the show today which really drew attention from the listeners – it even made Grace and Mojo go gaga. Haha! Hmmm… Now I have to think another topic worthy of a crazy laugh.

    As always, GOOD TIMES!


  3. Hi Chi,

    Your idea went viral… I got over 2,000 hits on my site just this morning alone… Props to you…

    Good times!


  4. @ Benj

    Sure thing. I’m actually thinking for another more viral one. Anything to contribute for the coolest morning radio show. Good times!

    @ Rye

    I agree with you on the Ehra v Iza part. GO EHRA! Haha!

    As always, good times!


  5. ehra is way hotter than iza. and angel should have won against anne. i hope next time they won’t be biased.

  6. marian rivera Says:

    angel locsin is the hottest girl ever.
    i’m going lsbo over this girl.

    anne curtis looks maasim.

  7. KC is the “it” and hottest girl in town, well, that’s for me =)

  8. angel locsin is a goddess!

  9. hei there should also be a hottest male celebrity…same voting procedure..gma seeds against abs-cbn seeds.. = D

  10. @ alehw

    Mojo would really love that.

  11. come on.

    miss CURTIS deserves it..
    shes a drop jaw super HOT gorgeous..

    shes like woooaaahhh!!!

    then angels comes after..


  12. anne deserves it
    i agree that angel only looks hot with clothes off
    anne— hands down talaga
    not only is she pretty and sexy, her hotness also oozes from how she carries herself. i.e. she dresses better than anyone else. classy not trashy. and i just admire how smart she answers questions thrown at her. beauty, body and brains. good combination

  13. i wasn’t bale to tune in with mo’s radio prog this morning, but have i got d chance, i would have voted for anne c. ,not bec i’m her fan but bec. i simply don’t like angel l. why? because she doesn’t look mabango. she doesn’t even make any sense whenever i see her during interviews and worst thing is…she has a visaya accent on her newest tv shampoo commercial…syemre hed and shulders. LOL!!! my gosh! PLEASE TELL the managment of head and SHOULDERS to do something about it. poor girl. she’s trying to have amaerican accent on that commercial, but…ugh! poor girl.she simply can’t do it.

  14. Firstly; JASON BOURNE!! And oh, ANNE CURTIS!!!! Hot gov’t agent and my ultimate girl crush. What a morning. :)) Haha.

    Mojo’s screams while Mo was showing him the “sex-ed” video was hillarious.

    Yeah, young love does suck. Only when you let it get to you. And the girl had the relationship with that guy for less than a month. Geez. Plenty o’ fish in the ocean. πŸ™‚ And I agree on Mo that she’ll just laugh about it years from now. I’m nineteen and I’ve been laughing my head off whenever I think of all those times when I cried over my petty, failed relationships back when I was in high school. :))

    And Cruel Intentions… One of the best “making-love-scenes” EVER. (I love how Grace says “making-love-scenes”) Haha.

  15. Hi Carol,

    Yeah, I didn’t blog about Jason Bourne and the other gov’t. agents coz the blog would have been way too long already…

    Maybe I should’ve blogged about the 25 hour day Mo was proposing also! Of course with the listeners’ violent reactions to his proposal, hehe…

    It’s never “having sex” with Grace, it’s always “making love”… πŸ™‚

    Good times!

  16. if you want the sex ed video, let me know how i can upload it here and you can post it. its a pretty interesting video. 18 and over please.


  17. i posted the sex ed video on our multiply na lang, under the video section. benj, maybe you can just get it from there then post it here if you want to…only if people are requesting it. its pretty graphic, but hey, in the name of science.

    i’ll be in hongkong today and tomorrow, sorry im absent everyone.


  18. they are not biased, they are just true. :p I agree with the results.

  19. I learned sex ed from “Debbie Does Dallas.” No better way, really.

  20. The video is up on their Multiply account. Thanks Mo!


  21. I’m a big fan of Angel. But I accept her defeat against Anne. If she’s going to lose to someone, I’m glad it’s with Anne. Angel didn’t lose without a fight anyway.

    On the GMA side, I’m with Erha here. It’s ok Iza won though.

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