Good times with Mo (Sept. 22, 2008)

Woohoo! My man Mo Twister is back and boy was he back with a vengeance… The show was hilarious, very entertaining and I had a good laugh listening to the show… Time just seems to fly when you’re having fun!

On to the show’s highlights:

Edward Cullen

As is normal during the early part of the show, most of the talk centered on rather “safe” topics… Mainly I think because of the younger callers listening to the show on their way to school…

I just noticed a recurring theme on the show, it seems that the trio keeps going back to the topic of the Twilight series and its devastatingly handsome but bloodthirsty hero, Edward Cullen… The movie version of this vampire novel aimed at young adults is set to be shown this November with Robert Pattinson playing the role of Edward Cullen… Coincidentally, Robert also played the role of another very handsome fictional character, Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… Hmmm, Robert seems to be typecast in this “devastatingly handsome” roles… That must be a nice problem to have… ๐Ÿ™‚

A caller chimed in that he thought Daniel Radcliffe or Shia LaBouf would be perfect for the role of Edward Cullen… Mojo and Mo disagreed, saying those two guys were “ugly”, hehe… I’m sure a lot of Harry Potter fans would disagree…

Adidas Jacket controversy

A rather unfortunate thing happened recently… Apparently, a government representative has asked Adidas to cease and desist from production of the much sought after Adidas Philippine flag jacket which I’ve been admiring for quite some time now… It’s been pretty much unavailable for quite a while now (sold out) and now its value has just risen sky high…

The reason cited by the Adidas representative interviewed by Mo was that there is a Philippine law regulating the use of the Philippine flag and other national heraldic symbols… And Adidas’ use of it in their clothing line wasn’t “approved”…

Mo raised a good point that in other countries like England, you pretty much see the Union Jack in all sorts of things like bikinis and thongs… I think the Adidas jacket was in very good taste and pretty much says “I’m proud to be Pinoy!”…

What’s your take on this?

Grace Lee, Filipino or Korean?

A caller named Grace, called in and expressed her dislike for her namesake’s use of the terms “we” or “us” when identifying herself with Filipinos… Grace Lee normally freely uses terms like “we Filipinos” to make a point or it just happens naturally in the course of conversation… Whilst being a full blooded Korean and being born in Korea, Grace has lived most of her life here in the Philippines…

Grace’s (the caller) premise for her argument was that legally, either one or both of your parents have to be a Filipino for you to be qualified as a Filipino… Well that argument just effectively deletes half of the Philippine population with pure Chinese, Japanese, Korean or whatever ancestry they may have who consider themselves as Filipinos…

Mojo is an American citizen (of Filipino parentage) and Mo is of half Indian, half Filipino descent… I believe that amongst the three Grace is the most Filipino in terms of traits, Filipino speaking skills and even mannerisms… Regardless, they’re all very proud of their Filipino heritage and are undoubtedly very patriotic…

Just my opinion, but I truly believe that being Filipino is what’s in your heart and not what a piece of paper says… Just my take…

What about you, my dear readers? Chime in with your opinions below…

Oh by the way, the gold medal winner of the last Beijing Olympics in the demonstration sport of wushu, is of pure Chinese descent and is unfortunately named Willie Wang… Mo just couldn’t resist getting that one in… ๐Ÿ™‚

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (KC Concepcion vs. Angelica Panganiban)

I thought this match would be much tighter but KC just blew Angelica out of the water… Mo opined that while both these hotties are just one cheeseburger away from putting on 20 pounds, at this point they’re at the peak of their hotness and are both drop dead gorgeous…

Grace Lee went with Angelica, Mojo went with Angelica but later rescinded his vote and went with KC… Miguel went with Angelica but the callers and texters, almost 90% went with KC… My man Mo went with KC as well…

After a shaky start, KC runs away with this one…

Next up, the BIG ONE… KC vs. Anne… Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… this one’s rigged in favor of Anne, hehehe… We’ll see…

Marimar audition clip

The Youtube clip you’re seeing above is an old audition tape showing the biggest GMA stars auditioning for the role of Marimar after Angel Locsin left the station for rival ABS-CBN… It was apparently leaked by a GMA insider and posted on Youtube…

It’s amusing to see the two would-be mothers auditioning for the show, Jennylyn Mercado and Camille Pratts… All the big names were there, Rhiann Ramos, Nancy Castiglione, Katrina Halili and of course, eventual Marimar winner, Marian Rivera… Check it out…

Of sagging breasts and gays over 30

Mo proposed a theory that gays over 30 are officially useless and are basically over the hill, hehe… With Mojo’s 30th birthday coming up, he got some good natured ribbing from Mo about how his “whoring” life is over… Pretty harsh Mo, pretty harsh… ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and yeah, Mo’s predicting that Grace will have sagging breasts just like her Grandma who had to literally pick them up off the floor… Not with Dr. Vicky Belo just a phone call away, counters Grace… Too funny!

Accountants wanted in Africa

A caller phoned in with regards to job openings in Africa for accountants… So if you’re a CPA and want to earn in dollars, up to USD2,000.00 per month according to the caller… Dial this number 09178656534… By the way, you must have a valid passport and the offer is in the Republic of Congo and Mali

Nope it’s not a joke, the company’s name is La Plata…

Look it up first before deciding… That’s my public service message for the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times!

15 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 22, 2008)”

  1. “Bless the man if his heart and his land are one… 3 stars and a sun!”

    Quote from Francis M’s 3 Stars and A Sun song.

    About the jacket, WTF? There are alot of things that our government should worry about, now why do they have to ruin the good stuff? The Adidas Philippine Jacket is really nice and I just recently ordered one in Oman and Dubai. Am still waiting for the replies if they have stocks there. So is the government going to sue me if they caught me wearing it? Screw the government!

    And about Grace Lee being a Filipina, no argument here. She’s more Filipina than the Grace caller. I’m half chinese, 1/4 irish and 1/4 filipino, but I still consider myself pure pinoy! So tell ’em Grace Lee, “BACK OFF or I’ll karate your ass!”

    As always, good times!


  2. Nice show that was. I think you missed the first part of the show when they were talking about video games. The question I think is when do guys get over their addiction to video games.

    In my opinion, the new generation of us guys will never get over our video game addiction. We might think that we will get over kiddie stuff because we constantly refer to our parents or uncles not doing some kiddie stuff but times change. They didn’t get to experience these kind of things. Had they played video games when they were young, I’m sure they’ll stick with their addiction up until now.

    I’m a big Final Fantasy addict. Too bad someone broke into my apartment and stole my PS2. The effin’ bastard.

    About being Filipino just by blood alone, I don’t think that should be the case. That’s the thinking of those Death-eaters in the Harry potter fame. How about those people who have 25% or lower percentage of Filipino blood? Sooner or later, they’ll marry someone from another race and their children will have a very negligible amount of Filipino blood. Who knows? Maybe even us who thinks we’re pure blooded Filipinos don’t have the original Filipino blood after all. Ours could be tainted by the Chinese, or Malays or Indonesians or Spanish or whoever invaded our country.

  3. On the Jacket topic… i think people are over reacting to this Article in the law regarding use and mis-use of the Philippine flag. Unless the flag was disfigured in someway “indecent” (like if it was painted on to a dick or some girl’s punani) I’m sure the jacket did not imply anything disrespectful.

    On Grace Lee being Filipina – Filipinos should take pride in knowing that some foreigners actually WANT to be Filipinos! I mean, a lot of people work their butts off just to be immigrants some place else ~ would that mean they are more Filipino than Grace Lee just because it’s in their blood?

    I believe everyone in the world are brothers and that talking about how you’re more Filipino over the next person is just plain racist! I appreciate foreigners who take interest and genuine concern for the Filipino People. For me… they are just as much a part of this land as you and I.

    Now I’m gonna grab myself a glass of water…

  4. I love that song, Chi. Good one. “Motherland…the land of the free.”

    Re: Grace Lee
    You might have noticed (or not) that I’ve never commented on her before. That is because I never really had an opinion of her. I just didn’t like her that much. But what happened today made me re-think my opinion. I must say that the way she handled that crazy assed b*tch was awesome. A real ladies answer. And I will say this to Grace Lee, I am glad that you are one of US, and experiencing the best sa country NATIN!

    Re: The Adidas Jacket
    If what happened here isnโ€™t one of the biggest brain farts ever from the government, I donโ€™t know what is.

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Marie

  5. By the way, on the Hottest Celeb Showdown. I think Anne’s gonna win it all. Not just because of Mo, but because I think Anne is way sexier than KC and a hell lot of sexier than everyone that’s left on the GMA bracket (Rhian, Diana and Iza). But that’s just my opinion.

  6. Mrs.EdwardCullen Says:


  7. the girl caller who bashed grace lee being filipina is a racist pig. i really don’t see anything wrong with it. we should be ashamed that some of us even hate to be Filipinos and that Grace Lee is proud to identify herself as Filipino. She grew up here and this country became her home for the majority of her life. naturally, she would grow up mostly like any Filipina girl here because she attended a Philippine school, made friends with Filipinos, ate Filipino food etc.
    i think that girl is close minded. what a shame.

  8. @Marie.

    “I just didnโ€™t like her that much…”

    I don’t get it why I’m hearing alot of these. But for me, Grace Lee seems like a nice cool girl (without thinking of her front ^_^). I already met her once in person when I went to the Magic Booth, and she smiles half the time. Very accomodating person.

    Come on ya’ll, let’s give Grace Lee some LOVE!!!

    Anyway, good times!


  9. Hey Chi, I think all this (no love for Grace Lee) stems from the fact that she was preceeded by Andi and Maui. I’m not saying they were better DJ’s than her. See I like Andi a lot and maybe I’m (unjustly) comparing. Sorry Grace Lee. I know it’s not fair. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  10. Hi guys!

    Wow, I left my site for a few hours and I’ve generated some lively and intelligent comments… Thanks, guys! I really love hearing your thoughts about the show…

    Sometimes, I can’t respond to all your comments but I do read them all coz I need to approve each and every comment before it appears online…

    Yes, the caller Grace had a fairly bigoted view about our Grace Lee… I didn’t want to bash her too much coz she was just expressing her opinion… Still I got fairly passionate about it and wanted to join the debate, hehe…

    I’d even go so far as to say that Grace is “more” Filipino than most who were born Filipino because she wants to be Filipino by choice rather than by chance…

    I don’t know if I made sense there but I know being the smart readers you are… you’d get my drift…

    Peace out!


  11. love u g.lee..
    im not a fan until this morning!!!..

    good you..
    really..thnk yu for claiming, loving and being proud of this land and everythin here even we dont expect you to.


  12. Robert is just PERFECT for the role of Edward. ๐Ÿ™‚

    People should just stop exaggerating about the freakin’ flag. People wanna be proud of their country so why stop them, right?

    I have a Union Jack bikini and I’m not even Brit. LOL! Hope they make a Philippine flag bikini in time for the semestral break. LOL. Wonder how many gov’t officials will raise their fists coz of that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    And can I just say that I love Grace? ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s smart and funny. Great sense. Great style, even. And her grammatical errors are tolerable anyways. Keep it up, Grace!

  13. Hi Carol,

    Yup, the gov’t’s. priorities are misplaced as always… Lord knows we have more pressing problems than a jacket promoting patriotism through the use of the Philippine flag…

    Yeah, I love Grace Lee too… Notwithstanding the twins, I really like her smarts and the way she defended herself against her namesake earlier…


  14. for me i have no problem when grace say “we” and “us” although grace is not true blooded filipino, I personally grace have the right to say us and we for 1 she lived here for more than ten years and, 2 she knows our history well, 3 she actively participate in the issue here in our country (not like most Filipinos will do), and 4 I love grace lee having in the good times showโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I see Grace Lee more Filipino than Mo and Mojo. And she’s more Filipino by heart than some of us. She’s very concerned for our country and she cares about our people.

    The only thing I kinda dislike about her is being very slow on catching up green jokes… ๐Ÿ˜€

    Benj, the advertised job “Accountant in Africa” looks interesting. But look at the job I posted on my site. I guess it’s better. ๐Ÿ˜€

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