Good times with Mo (Sept. 23, 2008)


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First of all, I’d like to apologize to my dear readers for the paucity of today’s update on the show… I was sicker than a dog and consequently I woke up late after having spent the night tossing and turning… 😦

I gathered that the show today was excellent and in any event, I did manage to catch the latter part of the show and I’ll blog about what I caught as best as I can… I’ll try to update this blog later in the day as I’m hopeful on getting a recording from listener Jordan… πŸ™‚

60th Annual Primetime Emmy awards

Yesterday’s Emmy Awards was pretty awful and I tuned out most of it… I did catch Josh Groban’s performance and it was one of the saving graces of the show… Josh performed a medley of theme songs from some of the most loved TV shows ever… He highlighted his versatility by singing such varied songs as the theme from the The Simpsons, The Golden Girls, Cops, The Jeffersons and even South Park.

Check out the Youtube video here

Oprah and her awful red dress

The Queen of Talk, Oprah, seemed to have gained an extra child or two in equivalent weight and she seemed a pinprick away from bursting her tight red dress at the Emmy’s show… My man Mo dissed Oprah and the picture above is worth a thousand words… I mean, what was she thinking?


Speaking of gaining weight, Mo argued that buffets are one of the worst things ever because it forces you to eat more in order to maximize the money you paid for the buffet meal… Psychologically,Β  I think it really does that… When normally you’d eat one plateful, you’d go back and fill your plate two or even three times… Now that’s really pigging out, hehe…

This is true for me, what about you? πŸ™‚

X-rated dreams

Mo put forth his theory that men, being the visual creatures that we are, dream in full technicolor and with specific partners fleshed out in full high definition… Essentially saying that we dream about specific and identifiable persons whom we make love to in our dreams… I’d have to agree with him on this one (based on experience)… I guess this happens more often if you don’t have a steady partner or if you’re in your teens and it’s being powered by raging hormones (read: nocturnal emissions)… πŸ™‚

Women on the other hand, his theory goes, dream less vividly but more emotionally when they have dreams of the same nature… Or as Mo so graphically puts it, “The guy doesn’t even have a head”… One caller did validate his theory, but interestingly enough she doesn’t dream of guys, she dreams of girls!

I’ll have to hear from our female readers about this one… Hmmm, what say you ladies?

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (Diana Zubiri vs. Rhiann Ramos) GMA Bracket

Finally, we have the penultimate edition of the hottest celebrity showdown for the GMA bracket with the winner advancing to meet Iza Calzado in the finals…

Diana Zubiri vs. Rhiann Ramos

The main selling point of Diana is her extremely voluptuous bod and her photos of full frontal nudity which every trueblooded horndog has feasted upon at one time or another… For those who’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Diana had a series of photos taken during “sensuality training” exercises and as is the norm here in the Philippines, these photos somehow found their way to the internet and on to the harddrives and cellphones of every straight guy over the age of 7… Now, Diana’s face is not bad either, very typical Pinay looks as noted by Grace… I think the word “whore-hot” was mentioned a couple of times in connection with Diana… πŸ™‚

Rhiann on the other hand is very innocent looking and also very young (turning 18 in a few weeks)… Typical mestiza beauty with long hair and tight body… GF material…

Mojo voted Rhiann but changed his vote to Diana after seeing her do the full monty…

Grace votes for Rhiann…

Callers were more or less split down the line…

Texters were nearly all for Diana…

Mo casts his vote for Rhiann and so Rhiann wins this one… πŸ™‚

She advances to meet Iza in the finals… Betting odds are that the ABS-CBN winner will kick the butt of the GMA finalist… πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, Anne Curtis vs. KC Concepcion…

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times!

25 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 23, 2008)”

  1. dude kudos to you for blogging the show everyday.. The show today is really funny and interesting.. hindi na nakakapagtaka si Mo pa!! hehe.. before i forgot, where can i find those photo’s of Diana Zubiri?? (yeah i know i’m the only straight guy who doesn’t saw it, hehe) or shoot me an e-mail.. I’ll appreciate it.. Thank’s..


  2. Gush, [I] voted fer Rhian, thought the showdown wasn’t tht tough…. XD

  3. Dude! Under the weather eh?! Actually, we’re all suffering for it one way or another. I have my allergies kickin’ in all morning man. Am glad you still have the energy left in you to come up with another fantastic blog (this is almost the daily paper for me… so I was a bit nervous a while ago when the post was delayed). Hope you get well soon bro!

    Now on to comments:

    Detailed Dreaming ~ of course this is true with guys. I had a dream with Catherine Zeta Jones on it and boy I tell you… well…. I had a great time! Not so sure with women though. I have yet to meet a woman whose had the kind of dream we boys would want to listen to. πŸ™‚

    Emmy awards ~ I saw Josh Groban’s performance and I was totally blown off my seat! (that sorta sounded like a gay school boy… but what the heck!) The man is simply amazing! I can only hope to sing half as good as he does! And yes… it’s what saved the Emmy’s night.


  4. Hi Khalesh,

    Definitely feeling under the weather… I had to pull myself up to write this blog entry, hehe…

    I know what you mean about vivid dreams, haven’t had one in a while but when I do, it was like shot in 1028p FullHD, hehe…

    I’m sure Marie and Carol amongst my regular readers can chime in with a lady’s point of view on dreams…

    Yeah, Josh Groban rocked the Emmy’s…

    Great times!

  5. i have to say regarding the sex dreams well on my a female but when i had sex dreams usually i can see their faces and the emotional feelings is still there i can still feel it when i wake up…the blurry part is the deed itself..i can’t seem to remember the things we do on my dream…but lately im having the dreams with a women in it…and honestly its not bad…im enjoying it = D

  6. on the first few minutes of the show, they talked about what if Mo was a gynecologist and the beautiful ladies can have free consultation. with those “pangit”, he will charge 7K.

    what if there is a husband and wife, a guy gynecologist and everyday, she checks up his wife…

  7. there was a caller who said he found a video clip of Mo with the band Sandwich in Youtube.

    also, there is a clip of Mo in Eezy Dancing. Mo said that if you are a straight guy, you should not take ballrooom dancing classes. its not a hobby of a straight guy. only a 40+ year old guy is justifiable taking up that.

  8. Actually, I bought Mo’s cd during that time. I was a bit of embarassed paying at the counter. I was hiding my face and quickly put the cd in my bag once I got it paid. I bought it just because sandwich is in it. Heheheh!

    I expect Rhian to win against Diana. Diana’s beauty is a bit outdated nowadays. She’s hot but beside Rhian, she looks like a yaya IMHO.

  9. Hey man! Hope you feel better soon!

    First, Oprah needs a new stylist.

    Girl’s POV on x Rated Dreams: Well, I guess this will sound odd for a girl, but I have very detailed “X-rated dreams”. Very very detailed. And I always see who the guy is.

    There was this one time with a masked man though. But it doesnt count. ‘Coz it’s “V”. Y’know, from the movie “V for Vendetta”. It doesnt count ‘coz I’ve always had the hots for him. LOL.

    Dreamed of a girl once. Anne Curtis. ONCE.
    Best dream was Milo Ventimiglia. Hands down. πŸ™‚

  10. Well, i totally believe in Mo’s theory. I usually don’t see the guy’s face in my x-rated dreams. But the emotional feeling lingers even till i wake up.

    good times! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Carol,

    I’m feeling much better, thanks…

    Haha, I got a good chuckle out of that… Detailed eh…. πŸ™‚
    Anne Curtis, can’t blame you, she’s smoking hot…

    Speaking of Milo Ventimiglia, “Heroes” just premiered last night with 2 back to back episodes… Downloading it right now…

    Good times!

  12. Hi Rap rap, thanks for the head’s up… Too bad I missed that one… I should have a better recap tomorrow, just keep dropping by…

    Great times!

  13. Just watched both episodes of Heroes! πŸ˜€ Awesome as usual.

    Won’t say no to another Milo dream after getting a glimpse of season 3. lol.

    I just watched Mo on the Eezy Dancing vid on Youtube. He’s not bad at all. πŸ™‚

  14. Oh. I take it back. Mo’s kinda bad at ballroom. lol. He still looked cute though. πŸ˜€

  15. Wasn’t able to read your blog today man, been busy the whole day at work…

    I’ll just make this quick and probably post a comment tomorrow during my break… One question… About the X rated dreams… Has Mo ever had an X rated dream about Grace? Just wondering… Hope Mo can read this one. Haha!

    As always, good times!


  16. And one more thing, kindly post the link of Jordan’s site here. I wanna listen to all the Good Times recording he have. I confess! I missed some shows in the past… Really hoping to cope up.

    And please post the link of the YouTube video of Mo during his baduy days. Haha! Peace Mo. I know, if ever you’re reading this, you’re giving me the middle finger. Haha!

    As always, good times!


  17. This is a nice blog, you really made this for Good times with mo???

    Going back to the topic. I didn’t get to really hear the result of the Hottest Celebrity Showdown. But based on your post, Rhian Ramos won. Bias nanaman si Mo sa nanalo ah… hehehe…

    But I want to wait who will win for this Showdown overall…

  18. Hey Benj, you feeling better? I hope so. πŸ™‚ Wasn’t able to read this blog properly yday and so I felt really crappy. My internet was down. 😦

    I went to the station and caught the show live! Ergo, I was late for work, haha.

    Re: X-Rated Dreams
    Of course I’ve had it and I’ve had both vivid and non-vivid ones, but vivid ones most of the time. (Sorry, can’t go into the details, you understand :P) Grace was looking at me and my friend girl in the booth for confirmation (maybe) that we have similar dreams but I couldn’t. Hehe, my dreams are detailed!

    I hate being late with my comments here!

    Anyway, hope you are better now. Can’t wait for today’s blog.

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  19. Hi Chi,

    Thanks for dropping by…
    There are two sites recording the show, one is Jordan’s multiply site at

    and another one who promoted his site on my blog just today, check it out at:

    If you missed parts of the show, check out these two sites… But I still hope you’ll visit my blog, hehe…


  20. Hi Marie,

    I missed you yesterday! πŸ™‚

    I’m okay now, thanks for asking… Just posted my blog on today’s show…
    Excellent show today!

    Oh you also dream in Hi-definition? Cool, same here… πŸ™‚

    Hope you’ll never get tired of reading my blog!

    Good times!

  21. Hi-def – it’s the only way to go. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  22. hi guys i think diana is much hotter than rhian if diana made it to the finals she will really beat anne.. o god u must have think it frst b4 choosing rhian as the top contender for gma i dnt thnk she qualifies for that …. ya she has the good looks but shes not as hot as anne, i think diana is the hottest of them all.. her but is horrible i cnt imagine what im feeling as i watch her picz on the net .. rhian ur ryt uve voted for diana becoz u knw its not a question to ask anymore shes hotter than u are 85%… diana has the looks a supermodel looks .. so even f im an abs fan .. anne get out of ur way .. diana s hotter than u …

  23. hmmm guys i have an experience dreaming during the night and even wetdreams hahahaha its kinda fun ahhahaha i tot i cud dream angelina but its not hahaha im dreaming about fucking pokwang …

  24. you can find hot pictures of Diana Zubiri in this site:

    Diana Zubiri Nude Phtoo Gallery

    she’s so f**kn hot!

  25. About buffets:

    We might think that we would stuff ourselves more if it’s free, but actually it’s the opposite: we tend to eat more if we paid for the buffet. Think about it: if the buffet was free, then every incremental serving will always be beneficial until you got full; no problem if we stop halfway. If we paid for it, we’d try to stuff ourselves equal to our “perceived value” of what we paid for it, that is, we’d try to maximize the servings on our plate until we get, maybe, grossly satiated.

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