Good times with Mo (Sept. 24, 2008)

Wow! Great show today… Lots of interesting topics discussed and some controversy generated by Mo and Mojo, hehe… But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Read on…

Money Matters

It was early in the day and Mo raised an appropriate topic for all those kiddies on their way to school… The question of financial education (or the lack thereof) in the Philippine educational system…

Come to think of it, we do seem to have a dearth of financial management subjects in our school… Mo’s point being that 75% of the subjects we learn in school are rarely if ever are used in our daily lives… Subjects like Theology, PE, Home Economics and the dreaded Military Science are present but basic Financial management subjects are zilch… I’ve never taken one in all my years of schooling… Maybe that’s why we’re in such a financial state most of the time… Maybe subjects like Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance Management and Investing should be standard subjects… 🙂

What’s your take on this guys?

Pepsi vs. Coke

Mo had the ladies undertake a blind taste test of the leading soda brands, Coke and Pepsi, to see if they could identify which was which… It seems like a simple test, right? I mean we can taste both in our “heads” and differentiate them, right? Apparently, not so when you’re blindfolded… 🙂

Mojo got it right, whilst Grace who was oozing with confidence earlier on got it wrong, hehe…

Outrageous celebrity requests

My man Mo did some research and talked to some producers who’ve brought in some foreign artists and asked them about the most peculiar or outrageous requests that these superstars had… From Christina Aguilera’s request for some very expensive bubbly to Justin Timberlake’s request for an entire hotel floor reservation and doorknobs being wiped down with alcohol very hour, his list went from the extravagant to the bizarre… For more outrageous celebrity requests, check out this link

However, there was one common request amongst the majority of the male superstars… Yup, you guessed it, women… I loved Grace Lee’s reaction, hehe… “What do they need the women for? Do they want them to dance for them or maybe to swim with them?” Oh come on, Grace! Seriously, I’ve watched my share of Korean porn and you guys can definitely get the jiggy on… I guess you truly are Filipina, our version of Maria Korea… 🙂

Mojo tried to slip a blind item on the listeners by telling a story about a famous R&B singer who was here in the Philippines recently and asked to be taken to Makati for some late night action… Apparently, the girl he liked refused to go with them… I’m just guessing here but maybe, just maybe, she was put off by the reputation of African American men… I mean he probably was a walking tripod… 🙂

Mo, irrespressible as always, said: “You’re talking about Brian McKnight, right?” Mojo invoked the Fifth Amendment, hehe…  I hope they don’t get into trouble for that.. Brian’s been a naughty boy, eh?

Hottest Celebrity Showdown KC Concepcion vs. Anne Curtis (ABS-CBN bracket)

And for the results of the contest that’s sweeping the nation… Top seeded KC Concepcion went toe to toe with powerhouse Anne Curtis… Now, I’m sure most of you guys thought that this would be a tight contest with Mo tipping the balance in favor of Anne as he’s never been shy in expressing his fantasies about the luscious Ms. Curtis…

But, surprise, surprise, the callers and the texters went for Anne Curtis with KC getting a single pathetic vote… Too bad, I would have wanted KC to have put up a good fight but this one was a whitewash…

I won’ t even tell you how our trio voted… They would have triggered a revolution if KC won, hehe…

Our resident Dyosa moves on to the finals to face the winner of the GMA bracket…

Iza and Rhiann call the show

The two lovely ladies competing for the final slot in the GMA bracket both called the show to lobby for some votes and I’d have to say both were very impressive… Classy and with just the appropriate humility to come off as sincere… Rhiann even voted for Iza… Mo said she was trying to play the sympathy card… 🙂

Oh and the website Mo was talking about was…

Hottest celebrity showdown Iza Calzado vs. Rhiann Ramos (GMA Bracket)

It’s the end of the line for one of these classy ladies and they certainly fought the good fight… It was a nip and tuck affair for both ladies with the horndogs voting for Rhiann and Iza surprisingly getting the vote of the DOM (Dirty old men) bloc…

In the end, it was Iza getting the nod of the trio and the listeners… It was really close and in total contrast to the KC vs. Anne tiff earlier…

Iza moves on to the finals to meet Anne Curtis… Congratulations!

Go Iza!

DOM impersonation

Speaking of DOM’s, Mo did a hilarious impersonation of a DOM calling the show, hehe… I was laughing like a hyena and I had my earphones on and I looked like a jackass!

Too funny, Mo!

Tomorrow’s show

Aside from the finals of the 2008 Hottest Celebrity Showdown, tomorrow’s show will have Dr. Vicky Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho as special guests of Good times with Mo… They’re celebrating the 18th year of the Belo Medical Group and they’re offering liposuction services at circa 1990 prices… Yup, P30,000.00 to suck off that flabby midsection or that hanging buttline…

Check them out, hehe… Free plugging, Mo!

Should be a good one tomorrow…

Till then… I’m out of here…

Good times!

20 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 24, 2008)”

  1. nice discussion today.. coke is sweeter than pepsi! anyway.. i know a site where you can hear recorded episodes of the morning show.. check it out..

  2. Nice show.

  3. Hi Tonting,

    I’ve already put in a link to your site…
    Hope this helps…


  4. Good to know you’re on the upside again Benj! 🙂

    Ooh, to much stuff went on today…here’s my take…

    Re: Maria Korea (love the nick name)
    I saw her for the first time in person yesterday and she really looks like a sweet and innocent girl. It’s cute! And you’re right about that Korean porn…freaky! Well that’s what my friends told me… hehe… 😛

    Re: DOM Impression
    I’m kicking myself cuz I missed this part!

    Re: Pepsi vs Coke
    I’m torn between the two. My preferences, in order (for taste): Regular Pepsi, Regular Coke, Coke Light, Pepsi Max

    Still can’t get over Maria Korea… 😀 love it!

    😀 Marie

  5. Benj:

    Thank You. my apology for the quality of the sound.. my pda is aint that good 🙂 and record the show with it while on mobile…

  6. Feeling better, Benj?

    – Jordan

  7. By the way,

    Thanks for providing a link to my Multiply!
    I really appreciate it!

    It’s because of you guys that I record the show (commercial and song free!) 4 days a week!

    God Bless, Benj!

    – Jordan

  8. Hey Marie, nice to “hear” from you again, hehe…

    About Korean porn: Yeah, they can get pretty freaky… Hmmm, your friends told you eh? 🙂

    Ok, I believe you… 🙂

    I got through the line earlier twice but both times I got cut off, hehe… Mo was pressing the wrong buttons again… 🙂

    That would have been the first time I got on the show…

    Anyway, I might just drop by the show when I take a leave from work one of these days… Must be an interesting experience…

    Great times!

  9. Yeah, I heard him drop a couple of callers today by mistake. Told him yesterday it’s easier to come to the show than get them on the phone! 🙂

    Did you hear them do that Lipton commercial? Too funny cuz it’s so cheesy! They musta loved every minute of making it. 🙂

    Try calling again tomorrow. It’ll be good for your “fans” (did you cringe at that one?) to hear you on the show.

    😀 Marie

  10. Mo should do that DOM thing regularly! That’s damned funny!

  11. i loved the part when Mo impersonated how a DOM sounded on the phone. sooo realistic. hahaha!

    and i can’t wait for the ann vs iza.. definitely, i’d go for ann.. if i were a guy, i’d totally be drooling over THE ann curtis.

  12. Yeah, that cheesy Lipton commercial was over the top… I mean, seriously, would Mojo do that in real life?

    I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe ask Dr. Belo a question or two, hehe…
    Fans? What fans? I have fans? hehe….

    Good times!

  13. Nice topic today! Can’t wait toms grand winner for hottest celebrity showdown. 🙂

    Thanks God this site is not block compared to pinoy exchange.



  14. Yay!!! Anne vs Iza!!! Both deserves to be on the finals. Will it be tomorrow? I hope Anne wins so Mo will have a good excuse to invite her to the show.

  15. Hi Jordan, I’m feeling much better now… 🙂

    Props for the recording of the show… I do check it out if I miss something on the show…

    Great times! 🙂

  16. argh! thank you benj and marie, i thought i was the only one who thought that that lipton commercial was cheesy. bad voice acting by the 3, haha, sorry you guys. but i’m not going to like the show less bec. of that though.

    keep it up!

  17. Was asleep again this morning. School is exhausting these days. Ugh. But I did catch the latter part.

    Hope Anne wins tomorrow! 😀

  18. nice show, im a listener from 6-8am only.
    nice blog also, keep up the good work..
    keith martin loves celebrity status girls and has a terrible bad breathe.

    good times.

  19. I’m sorry my dear, Iza won… 🙂

    Yup, school’s a b*tch sometimes but it’ll all be worth it someday… Some listeners are recording the show if you want a blow by blow account…

    Links are under “Friends of Good times”…




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