Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong Episode)

Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong)

Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong)

This is my second rewrite of this episode… My first try wouldn’t publish and somehow got erased… Drat! I’m thinking of getting my own domain and publishing there… 🙂

The Hong Kong episode was a travelogue and a pretty interesting one at that…

Octopus card

The show began with Andi and Mojo espousing the wonders and benefits of the Octopus card… Basically a swipe card for all your public transportation needs, it works in buses, the MTR and other types of public transportation…

Singapore has one as well and it’s really convenient… I wonder when we’ll have something similar in the Philippines… Oh well, we still have the calesas and pedicabs and I doubt if they’ll hook them up to RFID cards anytime soon… 🙂

Mongkok shopping

Grace and Mo had their own segment with Mongkok shopping being the focus of their spiels… Grace Lee with her encyclopedic knowledge of bags and shoes naturally gravitating towards the Ladies’ Fashion Market. My man Mo Twister went shopping for what’s nearest and dearest to a man’s heart… Athletic apparel and electronics…

Grace showed off her bargaining skills by haggling down some “jade” bracelets from HK$230 down to HK$150… Not too shabby, Grace…

Mo checked out some rubber shoes from ADIDAS and other sporting apparel…

A visit to the BC Mall then followed… BC Mall is one of the largest electronics shopping malls in Hong Kong and Mo gave a nice tip to viewers planning to visit Hong Kong in future… Check out the mall outlets with the letter “Q” in their signages, this indicates “Quality” and the Hong Kong Tourism Board guarantees that they have vetted the outlet and all its products are genuine… That’s certainly a comforting thought what with China just spitting distance away, the probability of counterfeit electronic products have gone up considerably…

Food, food and more food

Of course no visit to Hong Kong would be complete without tasting its world famous Cantonese cuisine… Forget your diets and indulge yourselves… Oh and please skip on the McDonald’s and Jollibee’s whenever you’re in Hong Kong, we have enough of them in Manila…

Ironically though, Grace took some sushi preparation lessons from a Chinese chef at SUSHI ONE and learned the rudiments of making soft shelled crabs sushi…

Meanwhile, Andi learned the basics of making beef noodles at an oddly named place, Cucino… Cucino is Italian for Open Kitchen… Must be one of those fusion places… They also serve pizza??? Hmmm, Italian Chinese? Odd…

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

The gang had some fun at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum with Mojo and Grace hamming it up with the  eerily realistic likenesses of famous celebrities…

Aaron Kwok

Mojo had some fun with the likeness of Aaron Kwok, a famous Hong Kong singer, who’s renowned for his buff body and singing prowess… Mojo tried to look down his pants, hehe…

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Grace Lee embraced Brad’s wax figure and declared ardently, “I wouldn’t mind having a scandal with Brad Pitt! But only with Brad”… Careful Grace, Angelina’s wax figure might haunt you, hehe…

US Presidents

Ex-President Bill Clinton and George “Dubya” Bush also got some airtime…

Yao MIng

China’s walking Great Wall, Yao Ming was also immortalized with a wax statue and boy was he freakishly tall… I mean Grace barely reached up to his waist… 🙂


The gang tried their hand at learning the ancient Chinese martial art of wushu with a certain Master Wong (not Wang) teaching them some sick moves with sword and spear… Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon type of moves…

Mojo showed off his version of gay-kun-do…  It was hilarious, hehe…

Mo and the ladies were really bad, hehe… Not very well coordinated, I must say…

But it was fun watching them try… Great times!

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Here are some screen caps of the action on the Hong Kong episode, click on the pics to enlarge:

Andi9 looking gorgeous

Andi9 looking gorgeous

Grace displaying her expertise

Grace displaying her expertise

Beef noodles, yummy!

Beef noodles, yummy!

Andi trying her hand at noodle making

Andi trying her hand at noodle making

Electronics haven - BC Mall

Electronics haven - BC Mall

Grace Lee turning Japanese

Grace Lee turning Japanese

Mo checking out some rubber shoes

Mo checking out some rubber shoes

Q is for quality

Q is for quality

Grace Lee vs. Yao Ming

Grace Lee vs. Yao Ming

Mo taking on the Dragon

Mo taking on the Dragon

Good times!

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4 Responses to “Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong Episode)”

  1. I loved Mojo’s Gay-kun-do. Totally totally hillarious. And Grace is the best person to shop with. Hands Down. lol

  2. i didn’t got to watch every episode of this tv show.
    got hook with WOW and DOTA.

  3. mike canlas Says:

    hey, thanks for the revews of goodtimes, iam the video editor of this show, for more video acces of season 2 just go to my youtube account its (myk778)

    by the way watch out for our much exciting show on season 3

  4. I always listen to you program every morning and I am wondering how you look like… Sadly, I can’t seem to see how good looking you really are from these pictures. Mo and I have an exchange of e-mail about the looks that broadcasters now are required to have. I actually asked him if we could invite you three to UP Los Baños to be our guests/resource speakers about DJing. PLease let me know. by the way, what’s your toll free number… it’s like 180010…? Thanks!

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