Good times with Mo (Sept. 29, 2008)


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Tiring show today, I agree with Grace, hehe… Mojo got all riled up and my man Mo Twister sure knows how to press all the right buttons to get him even more riled up!

Let’s find out what happened…

Nerd talk

The show began with some nerd talk about the latest gaming consoles and the callers’ preferences in these gadgets… I’m not really into gaming and it was early in the morning so I wasn’t on point so to speak…

I only have my ancient PS2 and my PC and laptop as my gaming platforms and I still don’t get to play all that often… But for hardcore gaming freaks out there, a caller had an excellent suggestion for you guys… Check out… For around 600 bucks a month, you can have your choice of games delivered to your doorstep… Sounds like a good deal to me… Anyway, check out the site for more details…

Ruffa Mae Quinto

I love it when Mo does interviews with celebrities and asks them the most basic questions that you’d think are absolutely no-brainers… Kind of like Jay Leno’s Jaywalking segment of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”…

I think my favorite guests over the past year were Katrina Halili and you guessed it, Ruffa Mae Quinto… Peachy, as she is also known is hilariously funny and with the right curves to boot… Check out her pic… Drool…. πŸ™‚
Unfortunately, she’s not exactly Einstein but her willingness to laugh at herself is really cool…

Anyway, the interview with Ruffa Mae was pre-taped and Mo asked her a series of questions and Grace, Mojo and Miguel have to guess if she answers the question correctly…

Question 1: Which superhero has retractable claws and the ability to heal himself quickly? Ruffa: X-men… Mo: Which one? Ruffa: Err… Wolverine? Tingtingtingting! πŸ™‚

Question 2: Who is the husband of the Virgin Mary and is considered as Jesus’ stepfather? Ruffa: Our Father? Mo: What’s his name? Ruffa: Err… Jehovah? Or witness ba siya ni Jehova? Mo: It’s Joseph… Ruffa: Yun nga ang gusto kong sabihin…

Question 3: What movie featured two men named Sam and Frodo who had to go to a mountain to get rid of a ring? Ruffa: *thinks*… Err I don’t know the answer…

Question 4: What is the name of the black US Presidential candidate? Ruffa: Hmmm, di ko sure yung name niya eh… Mo: Barack Obama… Ruffa: Kay McCain kasi ako…

Question 5: What is 7X8? Ruffa: *thinks*…. Err… 56? Tingtingtingtingting!

Well at least she’s got the multiplication table down pat… πŸ™‚


A caller phoned in and asked for advice from the Professor about his dilemma with a fairly hot friend of his who was giving him signs that she’d like their friendship to progress to something more than friendship… In other words she wanted to be an FWB or a Friend with benefits… I guess the other term FUBU wasn’t for primetime airing… πŸ™‚

The guy was married plus the girl knew this so I guess that was the cause of the dilemma… If he was single, I’m sure the horndog would have been all over her, hehe…

Omniscient Professor Mo gave some cool advice as always… Go for it if you REALLY want to, but be prepared for the consequences… Like if his wife found out or if the girl fell in love with him and he broke up with her, she’s probably going to be pretty vindictive and let the wife know that the guy has been naughty… πŸ™‚

Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, right?

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Lots of caller interaction today with a female caller asking for advice from the Professor about her husband who for various reasons had been emasculated (well not literally, thank God!) during their marriage… The husband is a pastor and the wife is very successful and earns tons more than the husband does…

I think this is a fairly common occurrence when the stereotype of the male provider and female homemaker is reversed… There is a loss of confidence and the husband defers most decisions to the wife as she is the one bringing home the bacon so to speak…

Unfortunately, the caller got cut off before Mo got the chance to give her his “Solomonic” wisdom… hehe

What’s your take on this guys?

Gays and toilets

Mo did a rehash of a former topic which they had before, pre-Grace Lee… It was the question of Gay toilets, to be or not to be? He asked for the opinions of the other hosts about what they thought of gays having their own toilets… The premise being that straight guys feel uncomfortable using the toilet if there are openly gay men using the same facility…

Mo and Miguel were on the same page on this one while Grace was, as usual, the voice of reason… πŸ™‚

Mojo being the “gayminist” that he is, got a bit hot under the collar at Mo for even suggesting such an idea… He was so peeved that he even started arguing with Miguel, hehe… The callers who called and agreed with Mo that a separate facility for gays was in order heard an earful from Mojo, hehe… Truly, Hell hath no fury than a gay guy provoked, hehe…

Mo tried to lighten the mood by suggesting that gay facilities would be extraordinarily hygienic and fragrant places with gays being spritzed with Chanel no. 5 before entering and leaving the facility, hehe…

Based on experience, some gays (but definitely not all, Mojo)Β  do take advantage of the occasion to take a peek at your wang while you’re doing your thing… It’s happened to me several times with the worst occasion being when a gay co-worker stood on the toilet bowl in the adjoining stall just to take a peek… Nearly punched him out right then and there… πŸ™‚

Hot lesbians and closet queens

A hot sounding lesbian called in to defend Mojo and argued that such a setup would be discriminatory and I would have to agree with her… Despite those incidents, I still would not want a separate facility for gays and lesbians or as Mo so eloquently put it, Mos and Bos… πŸ™‚

Non-virgin indicators

My man Mo in keeping with the rehash theme brought out his list of non-virgin indicators, namely:

  1. Permanent tattoos
  2. Heavy smoking

Mo mentioned a new indicator for non-virginity… thumb rings… Yup, girls wearing thumb rings are supposed to be non-virgins… I know, I know, thumb rings?

Grace suggested an even better indicator for non-virginity… Breast implants…

Just my take on it, a good indicator would probably be piercings, like bellybutton or tongue piercings, that just screams non-virgin to me… πŸ™‚

Lots more topics were discussed but this blog has passed the 1,000 word mark already and that’s a danger sign, hehe…

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Great times!

29 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 29, 2008)”

  1. It’s the thumb ring Benj. Mo said that if the girl wears a thumb ring it’s a good indicator that she’s no longer with the Virgin People.

    What of girls with TWO thumb ring, like me??? Ok, I am not a virgin. He got me on that one. πŸ™‚ haha..

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  2. Hi Marie, hehe… Yeah, it was the thumb ring… It’s kinda weird so I guess it didn’t register that well with me… Okay, I’ll change up my blog and update it…

    Thanks! πŸ™‚


  3. No wories. πŸ™‚

    Btw, I got where Mo was going with the third toilet and all, but I think his argument was too insensitive. I was with Mojo on that one. Made me a little sad too hearing Miguel’s argument. He is so young and has these strong feelings about topics that’re too grown up for him. Argh! 😑

    Buti na lang Mo played the game with Peachy. So hilarious! She is so sweet. To be able to laugh at one’s self like that is a gift. πŸ™‚

    Ever think of putting stuff in here for No Mo Days (Fri-Sun)?

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  4. Of gay people in comfort rooms ~ I just had to share one story with you Benj. You know how Men’s CR has urinals with low dividers in between them? Well I know of a couple of guys who were horsing around while peeing (sick? well yeah boys will be boys). They were trying to peek over each other’s urinal to try and see each other’s dick (sicker? yup that’s what I said when I first heard this). So there they were taking turns peaking and giggling at their stupidity when one of them left without telling the other. And soon enough a big guy replaced him in that urinal. So the guy who was left still peeing thought of peaking again! But lo and behold he was staring at another guys dick! (who obviously was thinking he was some sick gay dude try to pull a fast one on him)! He survived his comfort room predicament but could not face anyone else in his office after that. (yes it was in the office comfort room ~ probably would have been ok if it was in a public CR at the mall or somethin’)

    His friend who left ahead of him? Well he almost choked to death from laughing too hard after hearing him tell this story.


  5. Great show this morning. Had me AGAIN grinning the whole time.

    First off, ANIMO LA SALLE! I believe it was Rico who did that crazy act after the dunk. By the way, alot of controversies about Thursday’s game. To all my fellow La Sallians out there, let our blue friends be. It has been 6 years after they had their taste of victory. Haha!

    Rainbow, I believe, was the bo who called to defend Mojo. Hmm… I love that bo’s voice. Really cute. Was wondering how she actually looks like. Hmmm…

    About the “Gays and Toilets”, I actually have to agree with that one. I was in a loo of this mall, pissing next to an old guy. Who would’ve thought he’s gay? So I’m just minding my business (aiming at the target) when I noticed that this old guy next to me is actually pleasuring himself right then and there! I also noticed then that he was actually taking a peek at the wangs of the people there, mine included. Poor wang. Haha!

    And lastly, I love it when Grace giggled when she coined in the topic of Non-Virgin indicators. She sounded really cute, well she actually is cute. Hmmm….

    As always, good times!


  6. hey benj aka pinoydiscus.. just want to commend you on what you’re doing. this is really nice. good but not really too strict writing. this is great stuff!! i, together with all the good times listeners are really grateful for this. πŸ˜‰

    the portion where mo interviews celebrities and asks such questions, especially w/ ruffa mae, never fails to entertain me. it somehow endears ruffa mae to me (hehe.. feeling close!)

    keep on writing. i bet you’ll have your own .com for this in the near future.


  7. this is the first time i was not able to listen to Good Times since i started listening to the show January this year because i left my headset on the car of my friend. i will be able to get it later tonight. its very very unnusual for me not to be able to listen to the show, especially i am a fan of the show and the station itself.

    without this blog, i wont be able to know what they talked about. nice job! keep it up!

  8. Hey, my favorite people are here today! Hi Chi and Khalesh! Haven’t said it before but your replies are what I read and wait for, or wait for and read. hehehe… πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  9. I had once punch a gay dudes face in a comfort rum while i was taking a leak coz of peeking… i do agree that gays has to have their own leaking facilties…

  10. I say with the public toilets around the world it should be 1 for males 1 for female and 1 for the 3rd sex, it must be only 1 toilet bowl inside it so they will pee 1 at a time. hehehe!


  11. @benj,

    on ruffa mae, you forgot the question “who is the black guy running for president of the US?
    ruffa mae answered: “kay mccain kasi ako”

    something like that…


    on CR, ya 3rd sex should have their own CR.
    btw, there are gay people on every CR of every Cinemas here in manila.
    at kapag nag-iisa ka tatabihan ka ng bading.
    one time it happened to me, while watching a movie alone, konti lng naman ang nanonood bat sa tabi mo pa uupo…d@mn…


    on UAAP, i was a la sallite, and i hate those F….cking FSC.
    if andon pa si bro hanns, nagkasala ka talagang durog pagkatao mo and he’s gay.

  12. Hi suck3r,

    Thanks for the compliment… On the writing style, yes, I deliberately write in a fairly informal style although of course with due consideration for grammar and spelling…

    The reason being is that I write this for whom I consider as my friends… Which are basically everyone who loves the show… πŸ™‚

    I can of course write very formally and even technically, but what’s the fun in that? I do enough formal writing at work, hehe…

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, it’s always appreciated…

    Great times!

  13. Hi Khalesh,

    Funny story, hehe… Yes, I’ve had my share of gays peeping at my wang in the loo… I’ve also been propositioned quite a few times, hehe… I just laugh it off…

    But notwithstanding that fact, I still am okay with just male and female CR’s… An additional CR for gays and/or lesbian is discriminatory in my opinion… πŸ™‚


  14. I think you missed the first topic which is about scary movies. Mo told a story about him watching the trailer of The Stranger and being scared the S out of him. He then had a dream last night of taking pictures and seeing dead people when the photographs were developed. The discussion goes on with everyone talking about scary movies.

    Me, my all time scaries movie is the Sixth Sense and Exorcist. I remember losing sleep at night after watching these two movies.

    ABout the gay toilet thing. I was victimized by gays before on the same CR in the basement area of SM North. First, some gay dude, quickly touched my wang from behind then swiftly run afterwards. The other one, I felt this gay dude, was looking at my wang while I’m peeing, then he approached me when I went out and asked if we could be friends. I declined by the way. I’m not homophobic but these dudes give gays a bad name.

  15. Hi Chi,

    I didn’t get to catch the Lasalle discussion, thanks for the head’s up buddy…
    Yeah, caller Rainbow was interesting… Pretty smart girl…

    I love intellectuals…

    Good times!

  16. Hi jagaruga,

    Yeah, sometimes I can’t catch all parts of the show coz I’m busy preparing for going to work… Thanks for the heads up bud…

    Good times!

  17. @ Marie,

    Same here! Love your replies.

    It’s really nice here. Aside from the blog, you can actually interact with other Good Times listeners.

    As always, good times!


  18. Hi Marie,

    “Ever think of putting stuff in here for No Mo Days (Fri-Sun)?”

    Well I do try to blog about the Good times TV show… Just had some problems with my wordpress account… I had to re-write my blog about last Tuesday’s episode coz of technical problems….

    But I’ll have it up later…

    Weekends? Hmmm, what kind of topics could I write about? Suggestions?


  19. @Marie

    The feeling’s mutual my friend! Benj’s blog is really fun! It’s my daily paper you know. Hahaha! I’m sure woainimo would love this site too!



  20. Hey Benj,

    Don’t mind me. I think maybe I just missed the interaction during the lull so I want it on weekends too. Addict much? πŸ˜›

    Khalesh! This is like my morning paper too! I’m so pathetic! Hehehe… I go through slight remission every weekend. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  21. Building a third CR for gays/lesbians would interfere with the standards of site floor plans or architectural mumbo jumbo. In short, it’ll just complicate things. I guess guys should just hold it in until they get to their own toilets lest they willing to risk being peeked at! Whats the big deal really, it doesnt hurt, shrug it off for the last drops of your piss!

    O’course to each his own opinion, but that girl Rainbow dissed Mo onair and I felt the hurt in his voice! If only the phone lines were open doors…

    I do read this blog regularly, am just sorry havent been able to comment each time. But am really impressed with Benj’s writing! You’re one bad-ass smart dude!

  22. Woke up at the part when they were talking about the FWB. lol. I’d have to agree with Mo on that one. The guy should go for it if he wants to but just be ready for what might happen. πŸ˜› Will pity him if the break up turns out nasty and the girl would tell his wife. Hope the girl isn’t such a psychotic bitch. Then, he’ll be fine. But I guess only a few girls would sink that low. πŸ™‚ Go, man! Then call the show again and let everybody know how things would turn out. Heehee.

    On the toilet issue. My guy friends always tell me about such experiences in comfort rooms. I guess a third or even a fourth bathroom would look openly discriminative but it will lessen those instances when the staright guys making fun of the gay guys when they use the loo. My guy friends always make fun of a gay guy who uses the loo behind his back. 😦

    Or maybe it would be better if we would just stick to the 2 bathroom system and let the cross dressers use the ladies’ and the gay guys who dress up in guy-fashion use the men’s. πŸ™‚ Then let everyone keep their hands and eyes to themselves. Yes, even the straight guys and girls who use the cinema toilet for quickies. lol.

  23. @ Marie and Khalesh
    So agree. πŸ˜€ Listening to the show isn’t enough. Just had to get a recap. Especially for a sleep head like me.

    And yes, it has reached broadsheet status for me as well. I read this blog first before I even look at my RSS or the Inquirer! lol.

  24. Hi Carol,

    Interesting points as always… Hmmm, toilet quickies? Never tried that one, I think, hehe… But now that you’ve mentioned it… πŸ™‚

    Well I’d prefer to stick with the old ways of male/female loos only… Mos and Bos are discriminated enough without their own personal toilets…

    It’s not that big of a deal, I think…

    Great times!

  25. so few people commenting here, the same old people, maybe its time for someone to make a forum.

  26. […] off, if you missed yesterdays jam, head on to Benj’s post and rest your eyes on the monitor and you’ll get it all. It was a fun episode with Ruffa Mae, […]

  27. hey benj.. uhm.. when I woke up last monday I heard some creepy trailer that mo was playing.. what was that about? =| I was hoping to read about it here.. but it aint here haha =P

  28. @ Dee,

    I believe it was The Strangers. Check it out here:

    Search for the trailer in YouTube na lang.

    As always, good times!


  29. @chi

    haha no thanks =)) just hearing the trailer woke me up scared =))

    but hey.. thanks =D

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