Good times with Mo (Sept. 30, 2008)

Hanford Poster of Phil Younghusband

Hanford Poster of Phil Younghusband

Today’s show was pretty laidback… Nothing too controversial and no fights between our favorite old married couple, Mo and Mojo… πŸ™‚

On to the show’s highlights:

2nd chance at happiness

The first topic that I caught was the discussion on whether widows or widowers deserve a 2nd shot at happiness when their original spouse passes on…

My take on this is that everybody deserves a 2nd chance at happiness… I’ve read stories where the couple getting married are in their 70’s and it sounds sweet, hehe…

I just don’t want to imagine the geriatric Olympics that’ll happen after the wedding…Β  I’ll either burst out laughing or I’ll be grossed out, hehe…

But good times to them and I wish them a lot of Viagra-induced happiness and I hope they don’t manage to exchange dentures when they’re French kissing… πŸ™‚

Famous celebrities you knew

Mo asked the callers to chime in with their stories about some famous celebrity that they knew when the said celeb wasn’t famous yet…

One of my favorites pertained to the runner-up, okay, okay, the loser of the recently concluded Hottest Celebrity Showdown on the Good times show, the luscious Anne Curtis.. Our caller narrated that they knew Anne when she was still in her pigtails and that she used to ask them for ice candy money… And she wasn’t that hot yet, hehe… Mo couldn’t believe that Anne wasn’t hot at any stage of her life, hehe…

Another nice story concerned everybody’s favorite closet queen suspect, hunky Piolo Pascual… According to our caller, he used to date Piolo’s older sister Pam and he allegedly saw Piolo, who was around 10 at the time, ask his sister to put curlers on his hair… Sounds like a load of crap to me…

Again guys, these are just stories from the callers, I’d probably take them with a very large pinch of salt… The only one that I believed was Grace Lee dating Ali Atienza…

Phil Younghusband

Fil-Brit soccer player and ex-Chelsea striker Phil Younghusband guested on the show to promote his stint on the GMA show, Celebrity Duets… Now, I posted a pic of this guy for my female readers and I have to admit the guy’s damned good looking and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy too… Made Mo want to kill him, hehe…

Mojo was all over him and even our normally conservative Maria Korea was all aflutter, hehe…

He’s planning on joining showbusiness in the future if his Mom decides to move back here to the motherland and so the girls and the gays will probably have a lot of Good times…

To vote for him, text DUETS PHIL and send to 367 for Smart/TNT and 2344 for Globe/TM and SUN Cellular. Catch Celebrity Duets every Saturday Night on GMA-7 after Pinoy Records.

Langhap Sarap

One of my favorite segments of the show made a comeback today… It seems that my man Mo is rehashing some of the classics and introducing them to Grace Lee for her delectation…

The premise of this segment is that whilst there are all sorts of measurements for nearly all the things you can think of like length, temperature, force, speed, acceleration, etc., there doesn’t seem to be a universally agreed upon measure for odor…

Of course being the scholarly person that I am (*ahem*) I did my research and came across some interesting theories being proposed to measure odor:

Olf – an empirical unit of indoor odor intensity introduced by the Danish environmental scientist P.O. Fanger in 1988. One olf is defined as the odor intensity produced by one ‘standard’ person (a standard person is also defined). The name comes from the Latin olfacere, to smell. Ventilation reduces pollution, and the resulting pollution in ventilated, enclosed spaces is measured in decipols.

Of course, what’s the fun in that?

Another interesting measurement being proposed in the Western nations is HOBO POWER with a similar scale to the Langhap Sarap concept of Mo Twister:

Hobo power is run on a very basic system of 1 to 100:

1-6 – Fine smelling to not so good.
7-10 – Fart with a little but not too much stink
11-25 – Mediocre stench to some skanky stink.
26-50 – Some really nasty stink to stench so bad you literally vomit.
51-79 – Past vomiting but stinks worse to old lady colon exam stench.
80-100 – Theoretical stink, stench this bad is yet to have been discovered or at least no one has lived to tell of it.

On to our Langhap Sarap stories:

  1. Fart stories got a low score – 7 or 8
  2. Expired blood being disposed in bins after having been in storage for months got a relatively low score of around 27.
  3. Improperly preserved cats destined for dissection with maggots also got a relatively low score of 12.

Nothing even close to the previous classics of gangrene in the private parts or the lady being sprayed with fecal matter from a hobo on the street…

No good times next week 😦

I couldn’t believe my ears when Mo said that there wouldn’t be Good times next week… Arrggghh, apparently it’s vacation time for our trio and they’re off for some R&R… Mo is going to Paris while the two ladies will also be out… 😦

What am I going to blog about next week?

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times for now…

21 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Sept. 30, 2008)”

  1. about that stink meter.. when i was in highschool i had a tropa who’s father was an embalsamador.. their house was on the back of the funeral one time it was oct.30 almost Halloweens day they had a service on a 3day old salvage victim who was found in a garbage dump.. so me and my tropa followed them to the embalsamaduhan just to satisfy our curiosity.. his old man played a prank on us by locking us with him in that place while he embalsamo the dude.. man it stunk so much I puked my hapunan….it has maggots inside it and the blood was caked so it was amoy malansa… we succumbed it its odor about 2 hours while my friend’s old man was laughing to us… it was very traumatizing.. GOOD TIMES!

  2. Argh! Here I am bummed out cuz I miss the show on the weekends and now this? No Mo for a whole week?!?!?

    Oh well…

  3. Great story, Sander! Hehe…
    That would have been traumatizing…

    And stinky!

    Good times…


  4. Hi Marie,

    Yeah, well, my sentiments exactly… I’m sure we’ll miss the trio… Let’s hope the week passes quickly…


  5. Nice recap again there, Benj!

    – Jordan

  6. Was surprised that Phil is also a brother. Go CHELSEA! Big futbol fan here.

    Crap, no GTWM next week? Tsk!

    As always, good times!

    Oh, what is Agatha’s multiply account? Hehe!

  7. Agatha’s multiply is…
    Go check it out..just dont leave nasty comments like the others..

    BY the way…the RECORDINGS FOR today’s show is Up at my MULTIPLY right now!

    – Jordan

  8. i just remembered that old dude that called Mo on the show?… sounds like a dying pervert dude… hope his dentures still fit…Good times!

  9. @sander
    that was a very nice prank….lols

    that was agatha?
    she changed her name to che, right?
    i didn’t knew then that she was agatha.

  10. no way!! i hope there will be good times!

  11. Hey everyone, its Mo…hope all is well. thanks Benj for continuing to blog the show daily, honestly ive been looking for someone to do this for us for a long time cuz there are many, many, many instances in the past when we were looking for clips and couldnt find them cuz we didnt know what date they were. so a blog like this is so damn helpful, i appreciate it.

    sorry for the weak show today. since im leaving for paris on friday, ive been doing so much tv work these past few days that im getting home at ridiculously late hours with only an hour or two to write the next mornings show and it usually leaves me with nothing. its very difficult to write 3 hours of comedy (or an attempt at comedy) every single night. also, today we had a bunch of tv lights and cameras recording the entire program and that ALWAYS gets in the way of putting on a normal show, so again, my apologies for not being our best.

    as some of you may know, i hate holidays because less people listen to the show. tomorrow is a holiday and thats a shame because we have manny villar on the program. he officially will be the highest ranking philippines government official to be on our show (manny is 3rd in command of our country). i like this guy…alot. and its unfortunate that less people will be on the road tomorrow but i guess i can grab clips and replay some of it on thursday. speaking of, thursday will be a big show cuz its grace’s birthday episode plus it also her first year on the program which is a big deal cuz it is the only time that a female co-host has lasted as whole year. (grace started on the program shortly after her birthday).

    anyway, im in the middle of tv work so i decided to drop a message here. im just waiting for the start of family feud, a game show on gma-7 hosted by richard gomez. i love game shows, i love winning them. i’ll likely talk about it tomorrow on the program how much money im going to take home tonight after winning this thing. hehehe

    good times =)

  12. Hi Mo,

    Don’t worry about the show today, it wasn’t so bad. πŸ™‚ We love hearing you guys on the air. We’re gonna miss you next week!

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  13. would it be posible for you guys to air old episodes for next week?

    it would be damn hard for mon – thurs to pass by without listening to you guys…


  14. no gtwm next week??!!! wwaahhhhh….
    hi mohan!! i promise to listen to your show tom. u playing family feud? when will it be aired? pls let me know…09173230772
    happy birthday & anniversary to grace lee.. good job!!
    hello also to mojo…
    and to benj for such great, great effort in doing this blog. so much appreciated esp when there are minutes that i missed the show πŸ™‚

    good times! πŸ™‚

  15. This is a very late comment post… but what the heck! I love this blog! Already I feel horrible for next week… imagine dragging my a** to work without GTWM! Geeeze… that’s grueling! At any rate, I guess our trio really deserves a break from us freaky callers and listeners! (Price of success Mo). It’s also too bad cause I had plans of visiting again (I was planning to bring breakfast! Well… so much for that.)

    Show today was not that bad. I’d say it was at par with what we listeners expect. Let me tell you this… holiday or no holiday I’m tuning in man. We’re addicted (at least I know I am)! I hope our ka-goodtimes bunch also tunes in (although I know what Mo means about holidays and ratings).

    I wanted to share some stinky stories… but didn’t want this to be a blog within a blog!


  16. Ooh. Long comment from Mo up there. The show this morning wasn’t bad, Mo. πŸ™‚

    Was having breakfast when I heard the smelly stories. Totally lost my appetite. But they were all funny anyways. lol. Gross yet funny.

    I don’t think I can accept it if one of my parents dies and the other remarries. Not at my age. Maybe when I reach Grace’s level understanding, then I might. But my mom, kissing a dude that isn’t my dad? Errr. Kinda hard to picture.

    Phil Younghusband looks… Common. To me, that is. I mean, yes, he’s hot and all but that look is just something I’ve already seen before. Love the accent and the fact that he plays football though. πŸ˜€

    Mo’s leaving again? 😦 Next week’s gonna be hell.

  17. that’s just the saddest news i’ve read 😦 no good times 😦

  18. Hi could you please delete that part of the blog about me & Aaron. We just didn’t want to make a huge issue about this. It’s over. It was just for fun. So please, for the sake of our reps, kindly delete it. Thank you.

  19. Hi Agatha,

    Your request has been duly noted and I apologize if I may have offended you with that entry…

    As you said it was all for fun and no malice was intended…

    Good times!

  20. Great. Thank you!

  21. gensanite@cebu Says:

    hello, BENJ…

    we can probably have MO, MOJO, and GRACE write you on their activities next week… those can be good entries on this blogsite…

    you are doing one heck of a job in here… keep it up!!! you a re doing God’s work on earth…

    bon voyage to MO!!!

    good times!!!

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