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Mo dropped by the site today and he left some nice comments and also a bit of news for you guys which I thought deserved to be put front and center…

Here’s Mo’s message and I quote verbatim:

Hey everyone, its Mo…hope all is well. thanks Benj for continuing to blog the show daily, honestly ive been looking for someone to do this for us for a long time cuz there are many, many, many instances in the past when we were looking for clips and couldnt find them cuz we didnt know what date they were. so a blog like this is so damn helpful, i appreciate it.

sorry for the weak show today. since im leaving for paris on friday, ive been doing so much tv work these past few days that im getting home at ridiculously late hours with only an hour or two to write the next mornings show and it usually leaves me with nothing. its very difficult to write 3 hours of comedy (or an attempt at comedy) every single night. also, today we had a bunch of tv lights and cameras recording the entire program and that ALWAYS gets in the way of putting on a normal show, so again, my apologies for not being our best.

as some of you may know, i hate holidays because less people listen to the show. tomorrow is a holiday and thats a shame because we have manny villar on the program. he officially will be the highest ranking philippines government official to be on our show (manny is 3rd in command of our country). i like this guy…alot. and its unfortunate that less people will be on the road tomorrow but i guess i can grab clips and replay some of it on thursday. speaking of, thursday will be a big show cuz its grace’s birthday episode plus it also her first year on the program which is a big deal cuz it is the only time that a female co-host has lasted as whole year. (grace started on the program shortly after her birthday).

anyway, im in the middle of tv work so i decided to drop a message here. im just waiting for the start of family feud, a game show on gma-7 hosted by richard gomez. i love game shows, i love winning them. i’ll likely talk about it tomorrow on the program how much money im going to take home tonight after winning this thing. hehehe

good times =)

So don’t forget to indulge your Good times habit to the max this week coz there isn’t going to be any Good times for the whole of next week… Good grief, 4 days without Good times… 😦

Hmmm, Manny Villar would be on the show tomorrow so it should be pretty interesting… C’mon guys, let’s show some support for the show tomorrow and burn the lines… 🙂

Advance Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary as well Grace! I admire your fortitude… 🙂

Good luck Mo and I hope you win some more “baon” for your trip to Paris!

9 Responses to “Mo’s message”

  1. I miss Paris! Damn college requirements won’t let me stay in Europe for more than 2 weeks. Ugh. Envy envy ENVY Mo.

    Advance Happy Birthday to Grace! 😀

  2. funny coz even though i listen to gtwm every day or should i say mon-thurs. 4 dat matter.. ahihihi.. i still read your blog. good job benj. hope to hear u call sometime on the show.. ^_^


  3. listening to manny villar right now. seems like an honest politician.

    happy birthday in advance grace!

    have a safe trip mo!

  4. awweeee il miss Good Times!

  5. hi mo!
    can you share with me the video of your talk with our founder, his excellency, Spkr Manny Villar?
    thank you and will appreciate very much.

  6. since no gtwm next wk.. let’s still have some good times here…
    check this out guys…
    dance evolution by our beloved Mo..

  7. sexy Mo…

  8. paris!! wahooo!!

  9. Cool!!! i miss the gang!! 😦 enjoy guys!!!

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