Good times with Mo (Manny Villar Episode)

Senate President Manny Villar

Senate President Manny Villar

Senate President and front running Presidentiable Manny Villar was the special guest on today’s episode of Good times with Mo… Today being a holiday, fewer listeners were probably tuned in to the show as our Muslim brothers observe Eid ul Fitr or the end of Ramadan…

I’m okay with episodes like this as it really enlightens us on what’s happening to the nation and we really do need to be more well rounded in other aspects of life other than wangs and non-virgin indicators… Now that I’ve gotten that bit of hypocrisy out of the way, read on for Manny Villar’s words of wisdom… πŸ™‚

Early life

Senator Villar talked about his early life and it is a study on what changes hard work and perseverance can wrought in one’s life… Born under humble circumstances, being the son of a government worker and a seafood dealer,Β  Sen. Villar toiled as a seafood dealer and worked various odd jobs to put himself through college…

Armed with a sharp business acumen, he tried his hand at various entrepreneurial ventures including seafood trading before finally hitting the motherlode with various real estate ventures…

I do hope a lot of students were listening to the show and will draw some inspiration from his life… There is honor in labor and we needn’t be ashamed of working hard for a better future…

Okay, that was a bit too deep even for me, hehe…

You don’t need money to make money

Amongst the various nuggets of wisdom that Senator Villar dropped during the show was his belief that you don’t need money to make money… He stated that even with the barest amount of capital you could start your own business and providing you work hard and use common sense, you can grow that business to a profitable venture… Oh and don’t be afraid to lose the business, if you start from nothing and you lose everything, you’d just be back with what you started with anyway, err which is basically, nothing, hehe..

Makes sense, eh?

According to Senator Villar, Filipinos have been trained at an early age to think as employees, meaning that we prepare ourselves and our children to work for others… He emphasized that we need to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and teach our children to be entrepreneurs as well… Sounds like Robert Kiyosaki’s advice… πŸ™‚

Less beauty contests more entrepreneurial awards

He also set our priorities straight in even small things like beauty contests… He said that we should focus more on rewarding and honoring entrepreneurs, fishermen, farmers and the like instead of superficial things like beauty during fiestas…

Sort of like having a Farmer of the Year award for the farmer with the highest crop yield and stuff of that ilk… Sounds logical and much better than holding gay beauty pageants… Sorry Mojo, hehe

C5 issue cleared

Senator Villar also took the opportunity to clear the issue about the alleged C5 double entry in the national budget. He explained that it was an accounting error and that he stood to gain nothing from the project as the DPWH will execute the project and he will not be in a position to touch the money in any way, shape or form…

I believe him on this one because the guy’s filthy rich already and he knows that he can make money legally and even more when he’s out of office… And I believe that he wouldn’t want to risk tainting his legacy…

Also, it sounds like a demolition job to me what with Villar at number 2 in the most recent SWS survey of presidentiables…

But then again, you’re old enough to make your own conclusions and I trust in the wisdom of my readers… πŸ™‚

Indignation fatigue

Mo asked Sen. Villar about the real level of corruption in government and he sadly confirmed that it’s probably worse than what we believe…

He said that Filipinos have developed what he termed as “indignation fatigue”, meaning that we’ve become so inured to graft and corruption that it would take something really epic to stir us from our somnolence…

What you plan vs. what you’ve done

Manny was surprisingly witty and not as dry as I believed him to be… He stated that you can don’t need to be an expert in finance in order to run a business but that you should have a good grasp of basic arithmetic and street smarts… If you don’t have both, you could always become a politician… Ouch… πŸ™‚

Another gem that he dropped which poked fun at the contrast between politicians and businessmen is that when you’re a businessman, you focus on results, meaning what you’ve done… In politics, you focus on what you plan… πŸ™‚

He also took a subtle dig at one of his detractors… When asked about the C5 issue, he said that he was being lambasted by 4 people and these were all Presidential contenders (Loren, Ping and Mar) and one who thinks she is a presidentiable (Jamby)… Make of that what you will, hehe…

Mojo a snob?

A caller phoned in to relate a bad encounter with a local celebrity to “make sumbong kay Gumatay”… as Asia Agcaoili so eloquently put it… Unfortunately, the local celebrity in question is our very own Mojo Jojo… πŸ™‚

Apparently, the caller went to the station with a friend and asked Mojo for a picture when Mojo took a cigarette break… Mojo allegedly snubbed our caller and just went to the fire exit to take a puff…

Of course, Mojo denied this and said that maybe the caller may have mumbled the request and as a consequence Mojo failed to hear him…

It was a case of HE SAID, SHE SAID… Anyway, I’d like to give Mojo the benefit of the doubt coz I don’t think he seems to be the snobbish type… Mo and Grace agreed that Mojo was not the type to snub a fan…

All in all, it was a good show and I look forward to Grace Lee’s birthday party tomorrow…

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

20 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Manny Villar Episode)”

  1. gosh! too bad i missed the show. i woke up rather late than usual. anyway, i’d definitely listen tomorrow..

    happy bday to grace lee.
    happy trip to mo.
    hello to mojo πŸ™‚

  2. hmm..i was looking forward to listen to the show for 3 solid hours since there’s no work today.. but surprisingly, the last hour was dull coz i find the questions and Manny’s answers lame.. dont get me wrong.. am a big fan since day 5 of the show.. but that’s what i really felt.. in fact, i fell asleep. 😦 tomorrow is another day anyway.. hope it’s gonna be great before their time off.. am sad to hear about this though..

  3. A few weeks ago, for a News writing class, we had to write a news article on the the issue against Mr Villar and the c5 extension. Didn’t understand a single world from the Senate statement that we were given. Ugh. So I just paraphrased everything! (Evil laugh) One of the hardest things to write about is money and politics. For me, that is. lol.

    Mojo looks like a snob. But he’s not. I’ve been to the station a few times and whenever I see him, he smiles. He’s just a busy guy after and in between the show. He does a lot of stuff. πŸ™‚

  4. banjo_wajo Says:

    i think the professor mo should have asked about sen. villar’s daughter camille villar who is hot. camille recently graduated from ateneo is known as the senators love of his life.another tidbit is that senator’s eldest son had a flame before with catrina halili.all of senator villar’s kids are single and 2 of them are u.s educated.

  5. is my first time to listen to Good times without work! haha!

  6. Hi Guys, Nice episode. I really wanted to comment on the “Smarter people, less religious” thing that Mo said, but I never got the chance. Anyway, I just want to say that doesn’t mean your smart makes you less religious. Einstein believe in God. There are many proofs that God exists. Try reading summa theologica. Also, I have to point out that science also believes in something that hasn’t and will never be seen or proven. In mathematics, they are called axioms. An electron can never be seen due to the uncertainty principle yet believe in its existence.

  7. Marie got through the line and the senator kept calling her “Maria”, thought that was funny…lol

    Is this one of your wordiest blogs benj or the show today was just a little bit dragging? It was very informative nontheless, I found Mo to be more polite than usual. I liked Mojo’s last queries about gay marriage coz that was just about the most interesting and frank answers Manny let out. Grace, i know it’s her bday and all, but I’d get nervous that she was gonna let out a bomb of grammatical errors any minute. Sorry but I couldnt help react when she said “…Filipinos continue to pace” or something to that effect.

  8. sayang sen villar pala guest.
    its a holiday, 3am na nakatulog, srap maglaro ng WOW.
    back to WOW…

  9. Longer Blog Benj but still the most informative page of my day! I think the show today was a nice change of theme (which the professor so ingeniously think of every once and a while). It really IS good to hear these kind of topics every now and then and gets you pumped up with what are the serious matters going on around us.

    On that caller accusing Mojo being a snob… you would have to be speaking really really softly for him not to notice you that much or you may have caught him at a very bad time (which happens to ALL of us). It’s just that celebrities always gets the bad end of the deal… coz it’s like they are obligated to be nice no matter what the situations are. I think that’s a bit unfair… true… but unfair nonetheless.

    I can personally testify that Mojo is an all around nice guy…. being a diva and all that… but nice! Goodtimes!

  10. Hi Khalesh,

    Sorry for the overly verbose blog today… I’m trying to limit the length of my blog posts but I was posting at home so no distractions from work, hehe…

    I guess I got carried away a bit…

    Though I haven’t met Mojo, I’m pretty sure he’s a nice guy from the little that I know of him…

    I know Mo likes him and he’s a pretty good judge of character…

    Good times!

  11. Hi Woainimo,

    Cool nick there, I just noticed that you’re saying I love you to Mo, hehehe…

    Yeah, I got carried away whilst blogging at home… I’ll post shorter blogs next time, hehe…

    Oh yeah, they’re strapping Grace Lee down to a polygraph machine tomorrow for her birthday celebration… Should be good, hehe…

    Good times!

  12. Hi jagaruga, nice points… Very deep… thanks for commenting and reading my blog!

    Great times!

  13. i’d have to say you did a really good job compressing all the important points from the show since there were SO many topics from this show, and the senator would answer questions in a very comprehensive manner. So, keep it up!

  14. Hi Benj,

    I’m friends with Woainimo and we love the show and are the “fans” of this blog I told you about before. πŸ™‚

    This blog, like Mo’s demeanor yesterday, is a little tame. But don’t get me wrong, I love it still! πŸ™‚

    I got through the lines yesterday like Woainimo said. In fairness to the good senator, he’s not the only one who has called me Maria. Maybe I’ll start having people call me that too. Hehehe…

    I’m listening to the show now and they’ve just started tossing poop at each other! Goodness!!!

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  15. Hi Marie,

    Yeah, I heard you on-air and I was sure that it was you…
    Yup, I’m blogging about the poop prank now…

    Gross times! πŸ™‚


  16. Oh yes! The poop!

    As always, good times!


    > Oh, I missed the show yesterday. Tsk!

  17. Hi Carol,

    Political writing is a pain… I used to edit several newspapers in highschool and college and I abhorred the political news, hehe…

    Although I got pretty good at it, much as I hate to admit it…

    Just keep plugging away and I’m sure it’ll all be over pretty soon, hehe


  18. Come on guys! Villar was so safe and incoherent during the interview, i liked Bayani Fernando’s interview more – he gave answers straight up even if it was unpopular. Mo should stop kissing Villar’s a**, whenever Villar was given a serious question – he always replied with something to do with him being poor in the past and how he overcame it.

  19. tropicalrain143 Says:

    i totally agree with dj_ouch.

    even though villar’s answers and most everything he shows the public are “safe”, i just can’t shake this nagging feeling that the guy’s a complete and total sleazebag. please correct me if i’m wrong.

    and mo’s usually so frank. i wonder when he started caring what anyone, much less a guy like villar, thinks?

  20. Manny Villar is a thick-faced traditional politician who is very hungry for power. This crook is campaigning too early, I hate his guts! So what if he paid for the plane ticket of stupid OFWs who got maltreated in some uncivilized arab country? What do i care if he “helped” those OFWs, I know that this guy is just doing this for “pogi points”. I really hate his guts. Corrupt!!!!

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