Good times with Mo (Oct. 2, 2008)

Happy Birthday Grace!

Happy Birthday Grace!

Sorry for the late post but It was an excellently gross show today with Grace’s birthday celebration and a hilarious prank on Mojo Jojo perpetrated by Mo in connivance with the birthday girl…

Happy Birthday Grace!

Let’s check out the show’s highlights:

Boys will be boys

Mo related a story about one Andrew Lee, who died after ingesting uber hot chili sauce in a competition with his girlfriend’s brother… I’d like to see the recipe of that fatal chili sauce… Should be pretty yummy… πŸ™‚

Well, I guess Mo’s point is that boys will be boys and will engage in all manner of stupid bets just to see if they could outdo their buddies… Just check out the Jackass movies and TV show and you’ll know what I mean…

Mo and his childhood friends used to have a contest wherein they’d stand several feet apart with theirΒ  mouths open and see which one can successfully spit into the other guy’s mouth, hehe…

Mojo, (yes, he was a boy once), used to setup ramps and other stuff for their BMX bike tricks competition with friends… One boy landed badly on the handlebars during a particularly difficult trick… Ouch!

I can empathize coz I did a whole bunch of crazy stuff during my younger years, too… hehe

Now, you’d never see girls doing that… I guess they’re just wired differently…

What crazy sh*t did you get yourself into when you were younger?

Manny Villar excerpts

For those who didn’t know it yet, Manny Villar was on the show yesterday and Mo played some excerpts from their interview with the Senate President… Cool guy

I blogged about it also and you can check out the highlights below…

Grace Lee polygraph

One of the highlights of the show was when Grace Lee was strapped onto a polygraph machine and asked some controversial questions by Mo, Mojo and the callers…

Now, let me tell you this, Grace leads a blissfully innocent life, hehe… My monicker for her is “Maria Korea” or a play on our traditional “Maria Clara” and she proved me so right, hehe… I mean you’d expect that we’d pick up some dirt on her but all in all her answers were pretty safe and though she was caught in a few lies there was nothing over the top which made me go… “Oooohh… Grace Lee is that you?”

I didn’t get all the questions and all her answers coz I was concentrating on driving but there were some pretty explicit questions by some horndogs out there, hehe…

I might go through all the questions later when I get the time to sit down and hear the recordings of today’s show but some funnier questions and her answers were:

  1. Have you ever had sex in the past month? Grace: NO… Polygraph: TRUTH… Mo said that she’d better start using it or else cobwebs tend to form on it, hehe…
  2. Are you a high maintenance biatch? Grace: NO… Polygraph: TRUTH… Mojo said that she actually believes it that’s why the polygraph said she was telling the truth, hehe…
  3. Do you think that Mojo lies more than the average person? Grace: NO… Polygraph: SHE’S LYING… Grace got into so much trouble with Mojo here!
  4. Have you ever fantasized about Mo? Grace: NO… Polygraph: SHE’S LYING… Not in a sexual way though which was a big blow to Mo’s ego, hehe.. That’s got to hurt, man!
  5. Are you attracted to powerful politicians? Grace: NO… Polygraph: TRUTH… Mo: Boring!
  6. Have you ever had an orgasm? Grace: What kind of question is that… YES… Polygraph: TRUTH… Grace: See, you’re underestimating my boyfriend!
  7. Have you ever been intimate with anybody other than a boyfriend? Grace: NO… Polygraph: TRUTH… Arrrgggh… See what I mean?

I’m sure I missed some more but I’ll try to update this with all the questions and answers later… πŸ™‚

Britney Spears lip synching

Mo played a clip from yesterday’s show which illustrated something which I’ve always suspected… Britney Spears can’t sing… It was a recording leaked by a technician during a concert of Britney where she was lip synching to one of her older songs…

She sounded like a banshee having her gall bladder removed… Even yours truly sounds better when I’m taking a shower…

I’ll try to post the link to the Britney Spears clip or if you have it, then just drop me a comment and I’ll update the blog so we can all share a good laugh later…

Poop prank

In honor of Grace’s birthday, my man planned a prank on our favorite gay DJ, Mojo Jojo… Of course he couldn’t have pulled it off without the connivance of our Maria Korea a.k.a. Grace Lee…

In typically twisted Mo Twister fashion, Mo told a story about buying Grace Lee a gift for her birthday and asking Mojo’s help for a surprise… Unfortunately, it was Mojo who was unpleasantly surprised…

Mo asked Mojo to put on a blindfold and guess the contents of a plastic bag which he allegedly used to “wrap” Grace’s gift. Mo made a big show of the fact that the gift was expensive, that he was sure Grace would love it… Poor Mojo, was he in for a nasty surprise…

After some groping and guessing, Mojo finally thought to smell the “gift” and he nearly retched at the smell… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it was poop…

Mo initially claimed it was his own poop (which really grossed me out)…Β  But he eventually admitted that it was dog poop… hehehe

Mo and Grace were laughing so hard that they were in tears… It was definitely priceless… I’m sure a lot of listeners who were just about to have their breakfasts either lost it or tuned out the trio, hehe…

Great one Mo, you’re a freaking genius… Famas award for Mr. Twister please!

Oh yeah, Mojo tried to get his revenge by throwing the poop at Mo and Grace… My ears hurt from all the screaming as my stereo was turned on full blast, hehe…

The whole booth smelled of poop, boy, was I glad I wasn’t there! πŸ™‚

Great times!

Mutual funds

After the poop cleared and the booth was scrubbed down with a year’s supply of Lysol… Everybody turned their attention to a financial adviser whom Grace brought to the show to provide some sound financial advice…

Grace’s friend and financial adviser Raymond, gave some eye popping numbers in terms of returns for minimal investments in financial instruments known as “mutual funds”…

Basically, these are pooled funds from investors which are then managed by a professional fund manager who invests these monies in high yielding investments… Returns are then apportioned according to each individual investor’s proportionate investment…

Do your research guys and consult the professionals as this is your hard earned money but if you’re convinced then go for it!

Haaaay, no good times for next week… I guess I’ll just search for something related to the good times show to blog about next week…

I hope you guys still drop by now and then, hehe…

Good times!

UPDATE: It was Mo’s poop after all… See the whole story by Mo himself in the comments section of this post… And check out Mojo’s reaction, hehehe… Too funny!

50 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Oct. 2, 2008)”

  1. Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da Grace Lee!

  2. i just cant find the manual magazine where Grace Lee is!! TSK!

  3. happy birthday Grace Lee!!!!!

  4. @rap rap,
    go to

    darn, i miss that poop part.
    4 thumbs up for mo for taking that poop prank, sama na ung sa paa.

    i don’t believe that grace lee is not fantasizing mo sexually, grace lee is a fan of mo, any other way.

    happy b-day grace lee.

  5. Hi Benj,

    Let me start by saying that what happened with the poop thing today was so gross and so Mo. What was very surprising was to find out that our Maria Korea had her hand in it! There is a (tamer) wild side to Grace Lee after all. πŸ™‚

    Now about the stupid sh*it boys do, us girls have that too. It’s just we don’t brag about them like you boys. Haha… I have one but too long. Tell you about it another day. πŸ™‚

    Tell you what, blog or no blog, I’ll be popping in from time to time next week just to see what you’re up to. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  6. thanks for the site!!! i really like asian ladies!

  7. The poop prank was ingenious!

    Would love to see the wilder side of Grace Lee. Haha!

    As always, good times!


    (Boring comment here. Not feeling good today. Tsk.)

  8. wow, it’s sad that i failed to listen to todays show. im gonna miss you guys next week. my morning trip wont be thesame without the trio.. til then…

  9. sir benji,
    im sure you’ll think of other topic to blog about while the trio is out. i’ll still check your blogsite religiously as always. goodtimes!

  10. OMFG!!!!!

    I loved that poop prank! Tell you the truth, I was at class during the whole show but I couldn’t care less about that boring discussion! I’m never missing a special good times show for the world!

    Anyways, during that poop prank I tried as hard as I can to hold my laughter!!! I swear! I must’ve looked so stupid as I was using both of my hads to cover my mouth and cheeks! I can’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes! The teacher even noticed me and asked what was so funny. Good thing our teacher wasn’t the strict type so she didn’t get angry. But damn!

    Today’s show was so damn epic!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  11. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for being such a “loyalista”, hehe… Yeah, it even grossed me out a bit and I have a pretty tough stomach!

    Hmmm, re the females doing crazy things as well… I didn’t know that… thanks for providing the female perspective!

    Good times!

  12. Hi Chi,

    Hope you’re feeling better… Love the poop prank but I admit if given the same opportunity, I probably couldn’t have pulled it off as well as Mo did!

    The guy’s a freaking genius…


  13. Hey Mr. Tomato, welcome to my blog!

    No need to call me “sir”, I haven’t been knighted by the Queen of England, well not yet anyway, hehe…

    It would be appreciated if you could do that… Feel free to drop by anytime!

    Great times!

  14. Hey rufnnek,

    It was so gross, it was cool, hehe…
    I think Jordan recorded it… Head on over to his multiply site and listen online….

    His link is on my “Friends of Good times” blogroll…


  15. Can I be honest?? the poop was mine. I spent 11pm to 2am walking around eastwood looking for dog poop on the ground and i couldnt find any cuz the rain washed most of it away. and because i was hell bent on pulling off this prank this morning, i just took a dump in the plastic bag and placed it outside my window from 2am-530am for it to harden, but it didnt. so when i went to the station in the morning,i placed it in the pantry freezer so it will shrink and become hard. oh dear.

    sorry, i had to tell the truth cuz somewhere out there i heard that liars go to hell. hehehe

    the reason i even talked about the crazy stuff that boys do to each other was to softened up and marinate the environment for this gross act. it was too funny and it really did smell. i’m sure right now, mojo and grace are thinking something up cuz ive already pulled one off on both of them. =)

    i’m off to paris everyone. i hope you’ll be here when i get back.


  16. omg.. today’s show was hilarious!!!! im like crazy laughing out loud alone this morning.. mr. mo twister is genius!! thanks for that wonderful and should i say ‘gross’ entertainment. too bad there’s no gtwm next week.. be safe on your trip guys!!


  17. MOHAN YOU F$%*R!!!

    Damn you and your smelly $#!T!!!

    You are officially the grossest, most-immature, depraved person I’ve ever met!

    Have fun in Paris… we’re plotting your revenge!


    ~ Vengeful Radio Supermodel Goddess from the Depths of Hell!

  18. Hahaha Mohan and Mojo fighting in benj’s blog! This is too precious!

    I knew it all along that it was really Mo’s poop! There was honesty in his voice the first time he said it, I cant believe how sick you are Mo and I just love you even more.

    Hey Mojo, how bout getting some of us listeners in on your plot for revenge??
    I’m sure everyone would love to chime in!!

  19. Oh my god somebody tell the management of Magic to get rid of the fridge in the pantry!!! You Magic folks now have some serious Occupational Health and Safety issues!! Mo tried to freeze his $#it in the freezer!

  20. Hi Mo,

    Thanks for the background story, hehe…

    I wonder what the pantry’s freezer at the Magic studio smells like?
    Good one bro!

    Beware bud, Mojo and Grace are now planning their revenge on you!

    Hehe… Enjoy Paris and have fun at the Coldplay concert!

    Don’t forget to take photos of your trip…

    Great times!

  21. Hi Mojo,

    I loved your post! Mo got you good, eh? I loved your reaction! Grace ruptured my eardrums when you tried to splatter them with pooh, hehe!

    I look forward to your attempt to punk Mo!

    Great times!


  22. Beware Mo..Mojo will revenge

  23. this is why we’re gonna miss the show!!!

    be safe and be back soon mo, mojo and grace..

    we’ll be expecting a greater good times when you some back.

    good times!

  24. It was Mo’s poop? OMFG. That’s just sick! Lol. I think Mojo and Grace would have to really work hard just to top that one. Lol.

    Grace’s polygraph is just too clean! Lol.

    Girls do stupid stuff too, you know. πŸ˜€ We’re even worse than guys at some times.

    Do keep writing even if the show’s on hiatus for a week, Benj. Something readable over finals week to relieve the stress, please. lol. Awesome blog as usual. πŸ™‚

  25. That poop thing was classic! One to be talked about for years to come. I can’t wait for Mojo and Grace to get Mo back. hahaha… πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your week off guys! It’ll suck for us and we’ll miss you. Hope you have a good week, though ours will be a hard one… (that’s what she said!). πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie


  27. Hi Carol,

    Yeah, it was pretty gross… And Mo’s back story was even more hilarious… He really has a twisted mind! Imagine putting your own poop in the pantry’s freezer!

    Can’t wait for Mojo’s revenge!

    Ok, I’ll try to think up something “brilliant” to write about next week, hehe…

    Great times!

  28. Benj!

    You gotta hand it to Mo for exerting effort, though. I vet he’ll be on guard for Mojo and Grace’s revenge. They should bid their time first. πŸ˜€

    Im still having difficulty containing my envy for Mo. Getting to watch Coldplay in Europe! Arghhh. Watched that band twice in my life already. But this tour os for the new record! Errrr. Envy envy envy.

    Know you’ll think of something, man! Will be dropping by everyday to check out the brilliance that your cooking.


  29. Erratum: I Bet he’ll be on guard for Mojo and Grace’s revenge.

  30. Just when I thought that the Grace Lee prank was a tough thing to beat… this poop prank nearly killed me from laughing so hard while driving! And Because Mo is such a genius at these pranks (which is why they are so hilarious!) it would take a lot (and I mean plenty baby) of thinking on the part of our radio diva from hell (just quoting you Mojo my friend hehehe) and from our Maria Korea to get the professor off guard and plant a good one!

    It may take many more resources too to make it really count! But even just the thought of pranking Mo is making me grin already…. hehehe!

    Hope you have fun Mo in Paris! And I bet I speak for every ka-goodtimes when I say we will surely be miserable next week without the three of you!

    Grueling times dude!

  31. goodtimes! im a fan of the show. πŸ˜‰

  32. Mo you better be ready for some ass kicking prank when you comeback. grace and mojo are probably planning something big on your next board.

    I have a pretty good idea that will make Mo shit in his pants

  33. guys. i didn’t finish the listening to the show ..darn it…
    anyway what was the gift of mo to grace…?

  34. Mo,

    I Love You! i really hope i could see you soon. i will miss you this coming week. you take care in Paris.


    i like you, your so funny and pikon! hehehhe…

    Grace Lee,

    happy birthday! the polygraph test you took was enough to prove me wrong about my impression that you are pa-demure and that you are pretentious. im sorry about my negative thoughts about you!

    Good luck to the three of you! more power to the show!

    To the author of this blog,

    Great great job! thank you for putting this blog…

  35. this is the link to the video of the alleged britney cant sing video….well i just think its fake coz it doesnt match to her mouth’s moves but you decide

  36. a longgggg week without you guys.

  37. @khalesh,

    we can tune in to chico the vaclair and delamar the ….


  38. hi! good job on maintaining this site. do you have a link wherein i could litsen to the poop prank again? that was so freeeakin funny!

  39. Happy birthday ulit

  40. hey guys… wow… MO’s poooooooop!!!! just for mo… how cool is that.. πŸ˜€

  41. Yea!! That was a great goodtimes! Mo left us something we can keep laughing while he is off to Paris. πŸ™‚

    @Marie can you share something about you or girls doing crazy things ? πŸ™‚

  42. darn, there was a good times show today, oct 6.
    mo, miguel and 2 jr jocks of magic.
    comment on the girl na kasama nila kanina, and OA mo ha, maarte pa, for me ha.

  43. @rufnnek

    Yea, I heard the 2 jr jocks and yes they need some improvement. πŸ™‚
    hmmm.. I wonder how the jr jock girl look like… her voice is okay though…

  44. @rufnnek

    If I am to listen to a “gay” radio personality… I would much rather stay tuned to Mojo the radio diva (who is anchoring the Goodtimes show this week…. at least that’s what he told me. Apparently nobody was available to cover the show for them).


    You can check out the carpool multiply site. All the junior jocks are there. All good lookin’ folks!


  45. Hi Khalesh,

    I agree, hehe… Our Radio Diva is much more interesting than the Vaclair!

    By the way, check out my new blog post… You’re the “bida” there, hehe…

    Hope you don’t mind!

    Good times!

  46. @khalesh,
    you really hate chico ha….lols
    your star in the blog today.
    can i have the magic sing?

    i like the voice kinda porn star sounding.

  47. @khalesh
    Thanks for the site. I’ll try it when I get home. Multiply is not allowed here.

    sweet pornstar voice. πŸ™‚


  48. @ pet

    Come on, P960,000 a year? This is definitely a scam. I bet its not a mutual fund.

    Sad week lolz.

  49. oh there’s a show. mojo and a junior jock

  50. a fil-am residing in france. haven’t lived in manila for a loooong time but i keep up with news & happening online. last night, a french show tellement vrai (really true) on nrj12 cable channel featured divine lee and tim yap. don’t know or have any experience with these people but have heard of tim yap via gucci gang controversery etc. what can i say…i hope my french friends weren’t watching. the guy’s a joke..the premise of the show was tim yap as a young mover & shaker. featured him doing a variety of tv gigs like a dinner(live) show, interviews with celebs, his embassy club, opening of his resto cafeteria, at philstar producing his supremo section. he brags about owning a hotel in boracay, his family owning this fab house on a hill also in boracay..weird though that his car didn’t enter the compound upon arrival and the security didnt seem to know him??!! he showed them around his OTT apartment where he showed off his signature clothes.

    divine lee’s feature was more balanced. a young-working heiress. but a model? what the F? i won’t be least she wasn’t self promoting like tim yap. i have NO idea why these people were featured.

    but the funny part…at the end of the show, the french journalist in manila brought out giveaways they got from tim yap that they laughed about… a TY doll, a shirt that said tim yap forever (host said..what am i going to do with this shit?) and…a TY cologne that the host laughed about…he said it smelled like a bad air freshener and the journalist said that TY would spray it everywhere they went…hahaha.

    didn’t know who to share this with. if they post the video of the show online, if you want it, i’ll send it to you.

    Avec Neuf, on peut envoyer jusqu’Γ  9Go par mail.
    Decouvrez Neuf Giga

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