Imaginary Good times blog (October 6, 2008)


Screencap of

Okay, since Mo and Grace will not be around for the week and there wouldn’t be a regular Good times show, I thought that it’d be a great idea if we could pretend that they’re around and I’ll blog about the show as if they were there…

Does that make sense? Hehe…

Ehem… and so on to the imaginary show’s highlights: πŸ™‚

Boy wreaks havoc at Australian zoo

Mo normally starts the show for the kiddies who are listening to the show on their way to school and so he talked about a 7 year old boy who broke into an Australian outback zoo and fed a string of small animals to its resident saltwater crocodile.

Apparently, security camera footage at the Alice Springs Reptile Center showed the smiling youngster also bludgeoning to death a small blue tongue lizard and two more thorny devils during a half-hour of breakfast-time havoc last Wednesday. The parents were nowhere to be found during the kid’s playtime errr killtime…

Mojo and Grace were outraged at the action of the boy and blamed the parents… Apparently, the parents were busy making out in the zoo’s loo to notice that their kid was missing…

Miguel chimed in and said that the kid must’ve drunk too much Royal True Orange coz “nasobrahan sa kulit”…

Mo wondered if the kid was the offspring of Chuckie, the malevolent killer doll who married another killer doll in the movie “The bride of Chuckie”…

Non-virgin indicators

Mo asked the show’s listeners for some more non-virgin indicators aside from permanent tattoos, heavy smoking and thumb rings when Benj, the blog owner of the Good times with Mo wordpress blog, finally got through the phonelines of the show and chimed in his opinion that a sure indicator of non-virginity are piercings, you know, bellybutton piercings and tongue piercings…

I mean, come on, if you’re willing to get yourself pierced in those areas, you must have been pierced in other strategic areas already, right?

Mo agreed and thanked him for doing such a good job on the blog and allowed him to greet Khalesh, Marie, Chi and Carol on-air… hehehe (well, it is an imaginary blog, right?)

Get me out of here

Mo talked about this great website that he found after he came from his dog poo expedition in Eastwood, the site called “Get me out of here” or is perfect if you love playing pranks just like Mo Twister or if you just need to escape from a boring meeting or a blind date gone horribly wrong…

The site’s premise is that you enter your phone number (or the number of the person you’re punking), select a pre-recorded message, set the date and time you want the call to come through and voila!, the system gives you or your victim a call on the date and time specified…

You can select emergencies, funny calls or even scary calls for your intended victim… You can also preview the messages to select which one you’d like…

Happy pranking, hehe…

Nonoy the Menggoy

Nonoy the Menggoy, Magic 89.9’s resident version of Michael Buffer, had a sing off with one of my favorite blog readers, Khalesh, for the right to own a brand spanking new Magic Sing (Manny Pacquiao edition)…

Normally it was Mojo Jojo who represents the Good times show for these sing offs, but for some perverse reason, Mo chose Nonoy to carry the flag of the GTWM gang…

Mo impersonated Simon Cowell, Grace played ditzy Paula Abdul, while Mojo gave his version of a gay Randy Jackson… Miguel was at home as Ryan Seacrest…

After a series of gruelling (on the ears) renditions by Nonoy of Paul Potts’ classics such as “Nessun Dorma” and Freddie Aguilar’s Anak… my man Khalesh prevailed with a series of songs by Josh Groban sung with an Indian accent!

Way to go Khalesh… Let’s have some videoke sessions with your new Magic Sing, ok? πŸ™‚


Well, that’s the show for today, I hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times!

16 Responses to “Imaginary Good times blog (October 6, 2008)”

  1. there was a show this morning.
    hosted by: mojo, miguel, 2 jr jocks pero di ko natapos yong show, as always.
    i don’t like the girl dj, she’s maarte, kurne, OA but with sexy voice parng porn star. lols

  2. Hi rufnnek,

    I know, but I didn’t wake up early enough to catch it… Also I thought Mojo would be in Iloilo so I just slept through the show… I only caught the last part and anyway I thought it’d be fun to do a “pretend” blog…

    Heard the show was okay so maybe I’ll listen to it tomorrow and do a 2nd pretend blog together with the real blog… I have a ton of ideas so why not try them out, hehe…

    Very few readers today on the blog anyway so I guess they didn’t really listen to the show as well…

    Good times!


  3. Hey Benj,

    Rockin’ pretend blog! πŸ™‚ The sing off of Khalesh and Nonoy was funny and a little bit disturbing: two men singing both with thick accents. Hmmm… Either way, congrats Khalesh! wink-wink. πŸ˜›

    I heard parts of the real show. I was so surprised that Mojo was there to hold the fort. It was a good surprise. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the greeting! Hehehe… Lookin’ forward to tomorrow’s blog, pretend or otherwise. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  4. Hi Marie,

    Yeah, just having fun fooling around, hehe…

    I’ll blog about tomorrow’s real show and probably just a short pretend blog, just for the hell of it…

    Thanks for dropping by…

    Good times!


  5. @Benj

    This is the best blog ever (just because I won something on the show! lol!!!) That’s some imagination Benj! And like any other show (pretend or no pretend) I am always eager to chime in my comments:

    Non-Virgin Indicators – I would have to agree with this one. Piercing and Tattoos are both invasive and I have yet to meet a virgin who has one or both of these on her. I also noticed that non-virgins tend to dress sexier (meaning showing off more skin). Not undermining that conservative dressers are virgins ~ they may very well be cherry-popped for all we know (specially when she has a ring on her bellybutton and a tattoo on her left lower thigh saying “I love to ….”! lol!).

    Singing showdown – I would have to say that this would either be the perfect “ratings death” showdown or it would have been the most hilarious showdown (which would in fact boost up ratings… wink!). It still feels good to win something (even just pretend). So let’s videoke Benj! Hahaha!


  6. @Marie

    Thanks for the greetings (pretend thanks for pretend victory? hahaha)! But it’s good to know that you also enjoy Benj’ pretend blog! Still a great way to enjoy the show!

    Today’s REAL show though wasn’t half as bad as I thought since Mojo was around. He told me he will be manning (or gaying) the fort for the gang since they could not find anyone to fill in! The Junior Jocks were there to help out but of course it is not the same show without the professor and Maria Korea!


  7. Awesome! Lol. A Khalesh-Nonoy showdown would be awesome! Khalesh being the awesome singer that he is and Nonoy being… err.. Nonoy! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for greeting me on air, Benj! Lol Lol Lol. πŸ˜›

    I know a girl who had her navel pierced while she was still a virgin but she lost her virginity that night. She got the belly ring as a sort of preparation. Lol. So I guess your theory still stands. πŸ˜€

    Good one, Benj! Lol

  8. Hi Khalesh,

    Yeah, that would have been an awesome showdown, eh?
    Ratings death? I don’t think so… By the way, I heard you today on the show…

    It’s kind of hard to blog about the current show as there aren’t any set topics for discussion…

    Anyway, I’ll probably do a pretend blog again and then watch tonight’s episode of Good times on Studio 23 and blog about that…


  9. Hey Carol,

    You asked for it, you got it… Not my best work, but still it’s something to kill the time…

    Yeah, we should ask Mo to set up a Khalesh vs. Nonoy showdown sometime soon, hehe…

    That would be awesome… But I think Khalesh should drop by the station and sing instead of calling in, there’s a world of difference, I would think…

    Great times!


  10. hey benj… your imagination is really something ei… hahahaha… anyway, it would be nice if it really happens… i wonder if you would be a guess in mo’s show.. maybe someday right… how bout putting some old school segment of the show like the strip tuesday… hahahaha… i would want to know what’s on your mind for today’s show… anyway… you are doing a really great job… keep up the good work…

  11. lilsassygurl Says:

    nice one! really sounded like yesterday’s show.. great times! *apir*

  12. @Benj

    I know what you mean my friend about the show today. Mojo is doing his best you know. And i would think it really is pretty difficult to come up with a 3 hour show with a lot of talking in it. That’s why Mo heads this show. He’s pretty good at knowing what the people wants to talk about.

    I’m still pretty thankful for Mojo though. He let me plug the new video I posted at youtube and at my site. Hope you get to check it out also Benj! (That goes for the rest of you fans of this blog!)

    And yeah, pretend blog again my friend. It’s kinda fun. If indeed the gang would ask me to come over and do some singing there against Nonoy I’d be rearin’ to go! Hahaha! I doubt they would really push through with it though. But who knows?! Hahaha

    Goodtimes my friend!

  13. Nice imaginary blog you have Benj! πŸ™‚

    Congrats to khalesh!!! hahaha!

    I did’nt wake up early today for goodtimes. No excitement as of the moment maybe when grace is back to the program. πŸ™‚


  14. @khalesh,

    nice video but i ended up clicking the real linkinpark video…lols.
    i did not tuned in in today’s show, i just watched the mirrors(an adaption from a korean movie)

  15. Felt even more guilty missing your blogs when you greeted me on the pretend-show. Thanks man.

    Would love to hear (???) the Khalesh v Nonoy showdown. It would really be a show-down. Gets? Haha!

    As always, good times!

  16. Hey Chi, nice of you to drop by…

    That’s cool man, I understand… I had fun creating those pretend blogs…
    Glad you liked them…

    Great time, bro!


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