Imaginary Good Times Blog (Oct. 7, 2008)


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First of all, I’d like to commend our favorite radio diva Mojo Jojo for holding the fort whilst Mo and Grace are out of the country and enjoying some well-deserved R&R… The reason why I’m blogging an imaginary show is to exercise my creative side and think of some ideas which Mo might consider worthy of putting on the show if he were actually here…

This is not to slight Mojo and the Junior Jocks who are co-hosting the show with him in the interim… However, to be perfectly honest, the show in its current form is not very “bloggable” (if there is such a term), hence, the reason for the “pretend” blog…

Having gotten that out of the way, let’s imagine what today’s show might have sounded like…

Snow in Mars

Mo shared some news to the kiddies that NASA’s Mars Lander has detected snow falling in the Martian atmosphere during routine scans… However, the snow melts before reaching the Martian surface…

Mo once again took the opportunity to talk about his wish to have astronomy as a regular subject in schools as he feels that it is an important subject for students to learn… well at least as important as home economics… πŸ™‚

Professor Mo took some calls and got the listeners’ opinions on the subject… A caller, who spoke fluent “tard”, asked Mo where Mars was and if Cebu Pacific is offering flights to the said place… Now, I know that Mo doesn’t speak fluent “tard” so it was up to Mojo and Grace to decipher what the rocket scientist on the other end was asking…

Geez, it was too early in the day, too!

Sex, Lies and Videotapes

Mojo brought up an interesting topic about nasty break ups with the guys spreading videos of themselves and their ex doing the jiggy as a form of revenge to embarrass the girl…

Mo’s advice was for the girl to always keep ALL the copies of the tapes and show them to the guy “on a need to know basis” only… Translation: whenever they’re making out… Makes sense, hehe…

Much as it pains me to admit it, guys are so like that…

Strip Tuesday

In line with Mo bringing back some of the most treasured segments of the show in times long past, he decided to bring back “Strip Tuesday” with special guest, Maui Taylor… A bit of a background story, Mo and Maui had a falling out a year back which resulted in Maui leaving the show which resulted in Andi9 returning to the show briefly before Grace Lee eventually replaced her…

And what do you know, wonder of wonders, they seemed to have kissed and made up with Maui agreeing to guest on this special edition of Strip Tuesday… Grace came prepared by wearing a jacket over a sweater over a T-shirt over her lingerie. She also had extra socks, gloves and a hat…Β  She must’ve been sweating buckets under all that protection… That’s so Maria Korea, Grace… πŸ™‚

For the uninitiated, Strip Tuesday was a segment in the previous editions of Good times wherein they asked the guest and the hosts some questions and if they answer incorrectly, they get to take off one article of clothing…

After a series of nosebleed inducing questions, Mojo was down to his boxers, Grace was still in her T-shirt and jeans, Maui was in her panties whilst topless while Mo remained fully clothed, hehe… Well he’s the ringleader, what do you expect?

Pictures were taken and the raciest ones posted on the internet, hehe…

You can check the pics here… Nah, I’m just kidding…

Thanks to reader prince for suggesting the Strip Tuesday idea… Props!

Who knows Mojo Jojo?

Just to settle everyone down, Mo decided to do a round of “Who knows Mojo Jojo?”

Random numbers were given with numbers from Quezon city being the city of choice to determine Mojo Jojo’s popularity (or lack thereof)…

Random number 1:

Mo: Good morning po, magtatanong lang po… Kilala niyo po ba si Mojo Jojo?

Grumpy old man: Aba eh sino ba ire?

Mo: Si Mohan po, kilala niyo po ba si Mojo Jojo?

Grumpy old man: Iho, matanda na ako, pinagloloko mo ba ako? Wala akong kilalang ganyan! (SLAMS THE PHONE) Ouch…

Random number 2:

Mo: Hello…

Girl on the phone: Hilo…

Mo: Good morning po, magtatanong lang po… Kilala niyo po ba si Mojo Jojo?

Girl on the phone: Ayyy, wala pu akung kilalang Muju Juju…

Mo: Never mo pa siyang narinig? Kahit sa radyo or TV man lang?

Girl on the phone: Ay, niver pu talaga, wit lang… Koya, may kilala daw pu ba kayung Muju Juju?

Girl on the phone: Wala din daw pu…

Mo: Laughing hysterically, okay salamat po…

Random number 3:

Mo: Hello…

Man on the phone: Hello, good morning…

Mo: I’m doing a survey and I was wondering if I could ask you a question…

Man on the phone: Okay, sure…

Mo: Have you heard of the name Mojo Jojo?

Man on the phone: Hmmm, I think he’s a cartoon character right?

Mo: Anybody else you know named Mojo Jojo, like a real person, on radio or TV?

Man on the phone: [Thinking….] He’s the gay dude right?

Mojo interjects: Yes, yes, yes, FINALLY!

Man on the phone: Yeah, I know him, he works with Delamar on the Morning show on RX93.1, right?

Mo: Laughing hysterically, Yeah, that’s him… HAHAHAHAHA… Thanks Dude, you just made my day!

Apparently, no one still knows Mojo Jojo…

There were a lot more highlights but I’ll leave that for the next show…

Tomorrow, I’ll blog about the season ender episode of Good times on Studio 23 (which will be a real blog) and I’ll continue these pretend blogs regardless whether anyone reads it or not, hehe…

Till then…

Good times!

19 Responses to “Imaginary Good Times Blog (Oct. 7, 2008)”

  1. Another hilarious pretend blog Benj! You really pay attention to the Mo’s mannerisms. This is stupendously close to reality man!

    At any rate… I really do hope that Maui and Mo make matters more melodious for the merriment of many! Mmmmmm! I hope Mo reads this while he’s in Paris! Hehehe.

  2. Oooh thanks for posting this I only heard about the strip Tuesday coz I started regularly listening to the show only this year. But reading your blog, even if pretend, is like being taken back in time and being right there in the booth!! Maui really did this? Mo and Mojo must have been screaming as she took her clothes off, reading your blog is nostalgic coz i seem to remember scanning the radio last year and hearing their voices… Benj please add me in your list of friends!

    In a distantly related topic, I guess I miss Mo so much I’ve been dreaming about him, and his face is very vivid in my dream contrary to what you guys say about us girls, but darn it, it wasnt anyway sexual. Will let you know when it does…hehehe

  3. Hi Khalesh,

    Thanks for the props, bro…

    Just exercising the creative juices so to speak (or what little there is of it), hehe…

    Yeah, Mo and Maui should kiss and make out, errr… make up I mean…. πŸ™‚

    Great times!


  4. krisarlex Says:

    nice one there benj!

    your blog always make me laugh…

    minsan nga napapatingin na lang mga ka-officemate ko bigla bigla kasi ako tumatawa dito hehehe! πŸ™‚

    Good Times!

  5. good job benj,
    your blog is better than the current radio show with “gay times with mojo”.
    atleast tomorrow is their last day and on monday will be going back to normal again, and my prediction is grace lee won’t be there.

  6. Benj you genius of a man…this is great! πŸ™‚ I’ve been hearing a lot about bringing back strip tuesday but Mo has not mentioned anything about it and I’m not sure Maria Korea will be down with it. πŸ˜›

    Greeted you on the show this morning along with Khalesh and Woainimo. πŸ™‚

    As much as i like hearing Mojo on air (cuz I love him no matter how gay he says he is), I miss the show with th trio. 😦


  7. Hi Marie,

    Yeah, I doubt if our resident Maria Korea will be down with having Strip Tuesdays back… I imagined she’ll be trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of shirts on, if and ever it does push through…

    I heard the greetings on-air… Thanks, that was sweet of you…



  8. Weeee…. πŸ™‚ nice pic you have here Benj and nice story…. πŸ™‚
    I haven’t heard recently the who knows mojo jojo seg…

    I miss the arguement bet mojo and mo which in the end mo still prevail. haha!

    Hope nextweek show will be Goodtimes!

  9. @Marie

    Thanks for greeting me! So nice!


    I think our ITG people here in the office is seeing too much activity on Multiply. They’ve blocked the Multiply site and even the proxy sites (i.e. I am totally disconnected with my other web accounts. Now I can only access wordpress…. hmmmp!

    Badtimes my friends!

  10. gensanite @ cbu Says:

    strip tuesdays… slammin’, DUDE…

    keep it up!!! πŸ˜€

  11. Wow!! Its Khalesh… You haven’t called Goodtimeswithmo for quite sometime…

    I miss Strip Tuesday especially while Maui was still there… Damn…

  12. Hi Khalesh,

    What a bummer… Just keep changing the proxies man, there are tons out there… Some with very non-descriptive names like and other sites…

    I shouldn’t be doing this coz I work in IT, hehe…

    But, heck, good times!


  13. It has occurred to me that I have been saying the word AWESOME too much. πŸ˜›

    Brilliant as usual, Benj! πŸ™‚

    I would love it if they would have strip tuesdays back. But Grace might not go along with the game. 😦

    Brilliant, that last caller for who knows Mojo Jojo! Lol. Chico?? ROTFLMAO.

    More proxies, Benj! Lol.
    Computers at school are blocking off all the cool sites!
    The damn tech people are even blocking proxies. Argh.

    Finals are almost over! πŸ˜€ Hurrah hurrah!

  14. who knows Mojo jojo sounds fun! Mo should have that on the show.

    anyway, does Mo have a show on ANC? iMO? just checkin’. πŸ™‚

  15. wala bang update dyan? πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Carol,

    Thought you haven’t been dropping by and that you’ve been busy with exams… Bet you aced them, huh?

    If you liked this one, check out my blog on Cristy Vermin’s guesting on the Forbidden Questions…


  17. Hi Atasha,

    Check out the blog above this one… I’ve posted Mo’s show schedule on ANC…

    Hi Ming,

    Your wish is my command…
    Check out my latest blog…

    Good times!

  18. wow, it’s been weeks since I’ve logged in here and it’s been weeks also since I have listened to good times with mo. Recently I’m joining my parents to and fro work and don’t really have the time to listen and read anymore. But still thanks for the posts! I still felt like I haven’t missed anything.

    I wonder though, has Good times with Mo featured bloggers in their show already?

    Cheers Benj!

  19. That Incubus Guy Says:

    whadup? Its been months now since I last listened. Damn my work!

    I want to quit and find another job wherein I can listen to Mo again… >.<

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