Good times with Mo (Oct. 14, 2008)

Mo's favorite squeeze off celeb

Rico Yan

Hi guys, sorry for the much delayed blog post, I’ve been really busy with that dirty four letter word… WORK…

Finally escaped from the meetings and had the time to sit down and start blogging…

On to the show’s highlights:

Dreading dental visits

Mo had a toothache today and related how he really dreads going to the dentist… I mean who doesn’t, right? I’ve yet to meet a person who actually loved going to the dentist’s office… Well, except for the dentist himself, hehe…

So he comes up with a wacky suggestion for a new job… A dental assassin… Someone who knocks you out and drags you to the dental office to get your teeth pulled…

Not very practical but good for a few laughs… πŸ™‚

Most valuable celebrity faces

According to Forbes magazine, here’s the top ten list of the most valuable faces on the cover of magazines…

10. Owen Wilson
9. Heidi Montague
8. Shiloh Jolie Pitt
7. Surie Cruise
6. Jessica Simpson
5. Nicole Richie
4. Jamie Lynn Spears
3. Heath Ledger
2. Jennifer Aniston
1. Angelina Jolie

According to Mo, the number 1 local celebrity with the most saleable magazine cover is KC Concepcion… I could’ve sworn he’d pick Anne Curtis again…

Check out Angelina and Shiloh… good genes!

New Twilight trailer

For the fans of the Twilight series and can’t wait for the movie to hit the big screen, the new Twilight movie trailer has just been released and it’s so much better than the previous trailers…

Check it out at the official Twilight Movie site….

Celebrity Squeeze off contest

Mo was reminiscing about his favorite squeeze off celebs and he picked Sheryl Cruz as his all time squeeze off celeb. Mojo offered the late Rico Yan and Troy Montero as his favorite squeeze off celebs… Mojo let it slip that he also squeezed one off to Carlos Agassi…Β  I mean really? Carlos Agassi?

Mo also lamented the fact that kids nowadays just had to check out the internet to find their favorite celebrity pictures… He had to cut out the photos from magazines to squeeze off to, hehe…

Some other classic squeeze off celebs would probably be Anjanette Abayari and Nanette Medved, hehe..

You got to love Mo’s honesty, hehe…

Tips on dating hot women

Mo read this article about how to treat hot women… The gist of it is that you DON’T treat the hot girl any more special than other girls… Kind of reverse psychology… The rationale is that uber hot girls are so used to being fawned over that their interest gets piqued by the guy who tends to give them the brush off…

What’s the perspective of my hot girl readers? πŸ™‚

Breastfeeding in public

The gang had a spirited discussion about the merits of breastfeeding and the fact that breastfeeding helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer…

Anton triggered the discussion with the news that Angelina Jolie will be releasing some photos of her breastfeeding taken by her partner, Brad Pitt… Can’t wait for that, hehe…

If you ask me, I’m all for it… Let’s see more breasts in public! πŸ™‚

Piercings and bolitas

This discussion had me laughing all the way to the office… Somehow the topic veered to the topic of bolitas and piercings… Apparently, Mojo has had quite some experience with guys who’ve had piercings in their privates… Mo called Mojo such a slut and whore, hehe…

As usual, our Maria Korea, was shocked and started screaming when he explained bolitas and piercings in the unmentionables…

Damn Mojo, you’ve surely had a well-rounded sex life…

Maria Korea had a funny question on the bolitas… When you go through metal detectors wouldn’t it trigger the metal detectors?

Rocco needs training

Mo is asking for help to control his English bulldog, Rocco, which is starting to bite anybody that tries to stop him whenever he’s trying to eat glass, leather and other deadly stuff…

Any dog trainers around who can help him? πŸ™‚

Great show today and I’m really sorry for the delayed post…

I’ll let you in on the reason why I was so busy today when it’s official…

It’s good news though… πŸ™‚

Great, great times!

35 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Oct. 14, 2008)”

  1. No worries Benj… πŸ™‚ I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  2. i missed the show this morning. thanks for ur blog,Benj. πŸ™‚ im just thinking if there are girls who have piercings in their privates…will you guys like it bah?

  3. @ Tang,

    Would definitely love to see some of that.

    For me? Pierced tongue gives greater pleasure when you know… Haha!

    Good times!

  4. @ chi

    Really? Thought it would be a big turn off…hehehe…thanks for asking my Q anyway…


  5. @ chi

    Really? Thought it would be a big turn off…hehehe…thanks u answered my Q.


  6. I missed the show ‘coz Im out of the country and the damned radio streaming in the magic site is not working. 😦 Bad times. Please fix the stream. I won’t be back till the weekend and I would hate to miss out on the fun. 😦

    I am currently suffering from a very bad tooth ache as well. I have been drinking pain killers just to put off the visit to the dentist for he will be pushing me to get braces. Again. But I fear that I really have to (omg. root canal!). Any dental assassins out there? Lol.

    I saw the Twilight trailer days ago and I nearly fell off my chair during the kiss. Rob may not be a perfect Edward but he certainly is a hot kisser.

    Hot or Not, I think most girls are attracted to the guy who’s hard (or even impossible) to get. In my case: I keep drooling over a guy who doesn’t seem to notice me and I usually take the ones who do, for granted. Elusiveness makes a guy hot and makes a girl want more. Guys who are always ready when you need them look desperate.

    Buy Rocco a chew toy. And there’s a spray on thing available at pet stores. If you spray it on you stuff, Γ½our dog won’t chew them. It’ll smell/taste weird to them. It worked for our dog. πŸ™‚

    Benj? Dude, what is a Bolitas?

  7. Bolitas ???

    I heard this about eons ago… I think this was popular during the time when there were now toys around. Nowadays, you dont need a pierce bolitas to make your babe scream for joy….there a lot of stuff on the internet that you can buy… things you might not even have thought off…

  8. can you also post some pics of sheryl cruz. with her famous eyes.

  9. Hi Carol,

    Where you at? Back in Europe? πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having fun! I think the internet streaming is working right now… Just checked…

    Failing that, you can check out for recordings of the show…

    Ouch, toothache, huh? I feel for you… Toothaches really suck!

    Regarding Rocco, Mo already tried the chew toy… Didn’t work… Mo’s desperate for some help…

    Bolitas? Hmmm… Okay, I’ll try to be as scientific as possible, hehe…

    Bolitas are penile implants. These implants can be made up of stainless steel beads or small plastic bullet shape tubes which are implanted around the penis glans just below the crown. The purpose of these implants is to increase the girth of the penis.

    Good times!

  10. Hi tang,

    I have the same viewpoint as Chi… I think it’ll be pretty hot… hehe…
    Great times!


  11. i laughed when i saw Rico Yan’s picture haha! id like to know where do you get the pictures you post here? like Boy Abunda’s billboard. i havent seen it yet but where do you usually get to check pictures?

  12. Hi Rap Rap,

    No secret to it, bro… It’s just an all powerful, all knowing facility called…



    Good times!


  13. i miss the show, i wasn’t able to wake, damn WoW, sobrang adik ko na don…wwwaaaaaa.
    atleast nataon sa payday, nagala ko ung mga bata…hehehe at nakapaglaro ng WoW buong araw.

  14. Regarding dog training maybe you have heard of him or maybe not.
    He’s also an actor there named Gio Marcelo. He runs a dog training school in Quezon city. You may want to check him out. His website is Have a good one:)

  15. @ Tang and Benj,

    Pierced poonani? I don’t know if it’s hot but I would really love to see one. Haha. Less hair ofcourse. ^_^

    @ Carol,

    I feel for you girl. Am going to have my 3rd set of braces probably between this month and November. Not that my teeth are awful, but I’m just too lazy and SCARED to go to my dentist. Especially when I hear the drill the dentist uses – the one that makes ung “ngilo”. Yikes! Kill me instead!

    @ Mo, about Rocco,

    Dude, Rocco needs some SEXY TIMES! That’s all. Haha!

    As always, good times!

  16. *Erratum*

    … the one that makes YOU β€œngilo”…

  17. Hi Chi,

    Yeah, good point! Poonani piercings… πŸ™‚

    With regards to Rocco though, I’m afraid there are no more sexy times for him… Mo had him cut where the sun doesn’t shine… Yup, snip, snip…


  18. Hei Benj,

    No more sexy times for Rocco? Damn, Mo only wants the fun all to himself. Poor Rocco!

    Mo, you’re a selfish b*tch.

    Just kidding Mo.

    Good times!

  19. Hey Benj!
    Yep, I am. But just for a few days. I’m barely staying here for a week. Just enough to fix some papers, go to the dreaded dentist and bike around the countryside with my mother. Have to be back by Firday morning. πŸ™‚

    So THAT’s a bolitas. lol. I’ve been hearing that for ages. I knew they were supposed to be round (through some friends) but I was thinking along the lines of a play thing. Turns out I was err.. wrong.



  20. Chi.

    I knoooow. I’d rather die on the spot than have that drill in my mouth. The taste of blood and metal in my mouth is enough to make me gag. Ugh.

    My mother did point out that if I am good in getting tattoos and piercings, I shouldn’t be afraid of dentists ‘coz a tat is supposed to hurt more. I can’t argue with that so I guess Im doomed.

    Still, I like tats and piercings more than visits to the dentists.

    I think you’re right about Rocco and his need for sexytime. Lol.


  21. Hey Carol,

    Yeah, kill me instead rather having that drill in my mouth. But I’m left with no choice, I really have to have my 3rd set of braces – drill back in my mouth! @#$@#%^@#%!

    Wow. Tattoos and piercings? Where? Where? That’s sexy! ^_^

    Oh btw, you’re that girl from UST right? I believe we’ve met na. My friend won tickets to the Incubus concert and you were at the booth when we visited the trio the day after the contest. Right? Hmmm…

    Yeah, I KNOW Rocco BADLY needs sexytime. I used to act how Rocco is acting right now when I need sexytime! Just kidding. *ARF~*

    Good times!

  22. Hey Chi.

    As I have predicted, the dentist visit blew me out of proportion. I feel like my Jaw is gonna fall off. Good thing I convinced him to get me braces the next time I come back. Which I am planning to do so after a very long period of time. πŸ˜€ Good luck on your braces. πŸ™‚ Close your eyes and sing a song in your head. That’s what I do. It kind of drowns the sound.

    I have four piercings in each ear so that sums up to 8. And then I have a back tattoo composed of 5 little tats and a butterfly in my lower abdomen. so that makes 6 tats. πŸ˜€ Im getting my tongue pierced again this year coz it closed up last year. Looking forward to more tats as well. πŸ™‚ In case you wanna see ’em here’s a link:

    I feel like a proud soccer mom when it comes to my tattoos. Lol.

    Yep, I am from UST. It’s so nice of you to remember. And I think I do recall (though vaguely) a group of boys in the booth during that time. There were around two or three of you, right? Hmm.. I’m not good with names but Im kinda ok with faces. πŸ™‚ The Incubus concert was pretty awesome, huh?

    Rocco behavior? Dude, you have to take it easy on the glass! lol.

    Enjoying red leaves in Amsterdam,

  23. Hey Carol,

    Yup. We were 3 who went there. I remember my friend bugging me, “Chi, that’s the hot girl from UST.” Haha!

    Wow Carol, that’s hot! I’m also planning to have a tattoo. I’m choosing between a pink butterfly or a pink pony. What do you think? Haha! No seriously, I’m really planning to have one. I’m thinking if it will look good on me. I hope it will…

    Good times!

  24. Chi.

    πŸ™‚ I’m all for the pink pony, man. lol.
    But on a more serious side; do you have a design already? I think tattoos would look good on anyone as long as the design fits the personality of the person. πŸ˜‰ Go for it, man.


  25. Carol,

    We’re on the same page with the pink pony… lol.

    Actually, the tattoo thing is quite big for me. I am a fan of Incubus and thought of having the same tattoo Brandon has on his right arm. I believe it suits my personality BUT… hindi lang talaga bagay sa akin. Hehe!

    Good times!

  26. Chi,

    Ooooh. Are you talking about the “Om mani padme hum” (Hail to the Jewel Lotus — Anything is possible through a united heart and mind) tattoo? I have a friend who’s getting a smaller version of that. Prolly on her back. Yep. A girl. lol. She’s a big Incubus fan.


  27. Carol and Chi blog section.. πŸ™‚ Great!
    I was having fun reading your replies guys…

    Keept it cumming! ops! πŸ™‚


  28. Oh dear. I guess we did flood this entry. lol. I’ll shut up about tats now. πŸ˜€

    Sorry Benj! lol.

  29. @ Carol,

    It’s hindu right? I researched about it before. God, you know your music huh? That’s a big ‘ganda’ point. Haha!

    And you have a hot friend huh? Hmmm…

    @ NDCebu,

    Sorry man, I think we’re boring everone here. Haha!

    Good times!

  30. You Dont know me Says:

    Go chi and carol !!


  31. Hi guys,

    That’s cool… Just feel free to chat away… This blog is yours as much as it is mine…

    Great times!


  32. Benj,
    Im thinking that this blog might get on top of the WordPress charts one of these days. lol.

    Hmm.. I’m quite sure it’s Tibetan. πŸ™‚ I dunno the Hindu translation for it but it has direct translations in Chinese, Jap, Keorean and Devanagari. lol. I’m such a nerd. And oh, Music is β™₯. Though mainstream usually kills a song or a band. πŸ˜›

    @ You Dont Know Me
    Go for what?


  33. Don’t know any trainers but I remember I had a dog once,
    I never got to train him or so, the problem was he was crappin all over the house and was sort of like always fond of runnin throughout the village,
    the weird thing is he always comes back like before dinner time.

    (I guess he enjoys my company or the food? [>.<] )

    he got those scabs by the way, dunno why… then he passed away…

    I missed him…


    @ Tang

    girls piercing their privates is a bit to much for me but hell yeah! lol

    @ Chi
    pass on the torch for bein a good times Fan! Hail Mo! lol

    here and there,

  34. Sorry about the dog story…

    it just came up my head… lol

  35. @ Carol,

    You are such a NERD! But I likeit. I’m a big nerd when it comes to stuff that really interests me.

    Anyway, I guess ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is saying that we should stop boring the shIt out of people. Haha. Benj’s blog became our very own chat room. Haha!

    Oh snap. 8pm already. Hafta go now. Bye!

    Good times!

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