Good Times with Mo (Oct. 15, 2008)

The dreaded Brown Lady

The dreaded Brown Lady

Technical problems hounded the show today and callers kept getting cut off and it really affected the quality of the show… Good thing the problem got partially fixed later in the day and some of the calls started going through… Provincial line was okay though…

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get started:

Too hip parents

Mo opened the show with the topic of parents who are too hip for their age… You know the type, 50 to 60 year old socialites who are still partying in Embassy with plunging necklines down to their navels and the DOM type with the earring in the left ear and the trophy girlfriend from Classmates or Pegasus…

Grace stated that one particular type of too hip dads which she dislikes are the ones in basketball jerseys with the long, long shorts (hmmm, isn’t that an oxymoron?)… Imagine John McCain dressed as Snoop Dog…

Mojo had another hilarious story about his dad who went through a phase when he thought he was Jamaican… Yeah, a 5’2″ Asian guy wearing brightly printed shirts and shorts without the dreadlocks dancing to reggae music… Probably talking like a Jamaican, too… Yeah MAN…

Lots of callers got cut off at this stage including a 50 something guy who confessed to Mo prior to being cut off that he not only wears an earring but he also has a “wang ring”…

Maria Korea as usual was scandalized by the “wang ring” idea… Mo offered to give Grace’s boyfriend a wang ring as a gift with Mo and Mojo guessing the ring size of Grace’s boyfriend…

Mo guessedΒ  a size “3” on a range of 1 to 7, hehe…

The guide to FWB’s

Mo steered the talk to another interesting topic he read on, surprise, surprise, CNN… The article, written by a lady, aims to provide a guide to having and maintaining an FWB (Friends with Benefits)… Also more commonly known here as FUBU’s (nope, it’s not the clothing brand)…

For the uninitiated, FWB’s or FUBU’s are people whom you have an intimite relationship with but with no strings attached… Meaning, for horndogs, manna from heaven…

Now back to the guide:

Language – be careful about the words you use… Pronouns such as “we”, “us” and “our” are to be avoided like the plague… This implies a level of togetherness which runs counter to the true principles of FWB… Start using these words and watch your FUBU head for the hills…

Meals – all meals in a formal setting (i.e. where you have to sit down and order) are to be avoided at all costs… This means breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch…. Acceptable meals are those which can be eaten in bed or standing up…

Conversations – Acceptable questions are “When can we meet?”, “Do you want to do it?” or “Your place or mine?”… Anything deeper than that including conversations pertaining to family, friends and other personal questions are strictly off limits…

Socializing – He doesn’t meet your friends, you don’t meet his. That goes double for family members. The best thing about having a FWB is that he’s your dirty little secret.

I agree with most of the recommendations here… Chime in if you have more tips and tricks to maintaining an FWB… πŸ™‚

Haunted hospital visit

In line with the upcoming Halloween, Mo, Mojo, Grace and Andi9 are going to an abandoned hospital somewhere up North with a reputation for being haunted… They will be accompanied by ghostbusters and psychics… I’m not sure if Casper will be making an appearance, but you never know…

I don’t know if the visit is for a Good times on Studio 23 episode but it sure sounds like fun…

Ghost hunting anyone?

Japanese soldier ghost

Of course the talk turned to ghosts and the fact that Mo doesn’t believe they exist at all… In fact, he’s so confident that they’re bullcrap that he’ll go inside the haunted hospital alone with a night vision camera and probably do some cartwheels and use chalk to write 666 on the walls…

Resident radio diva Mojo Jojo naturally had his own share of creepy stories which everybody listened to while Mo was snorting in the background with snide comments like “You’re such a liar, Joseph”… πŸ™‚

The gist of Mojo’s story was that he and his boyfriend together with some friends went up to Baguio and stayed at a place there for the night… According to him, the lights flickered and when the lights came on, they “saw” a Japanese soldier in full WWII battle regalia… Well, of course there had to be a kicker, eh? The kicker was that they saw the soldier in “sepia”, hehe… That killed it for me! I mean, why would the ghostly soldier be in sepia?

Wang power

There was an interesting caller named Bea who asked for advice from the gang on her love problem… Background: Bea has been with her boyfriend for 4 years (she’s around 21 now) and she’s really in love with the guy… Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the guy had to stop studying… he worked for a call center for a year but he stopped and he’s now basically a bum… A bum who loves playing computer games (probably DOTA), hehe…

Of course Mo, Mojo and Grace advised her to dump the loser but boy, was I surprised at her answer… She couldn’t dump him because he was such a good “lay”… His wang power had her mesmerized and she couldn’t leave him for fear that she would miss the rolls in the hay too much…

I mean the guy must have an anaconda down there and he must know how to use it…

Lucky bastard, hehe…

Mojo advised her that down the line 3 to 5 years from now, reality will hit her or the guy’s wang will finally slap some sense into her and she’ll really regret staying with the loser (albeit, a well hung one)…


Mo ended the show with a rather controversial topic involving the propriety of tipping waiters… Grace and Mojo chimed in that they don’t mind giving generous tips provided that they’re happy witht the service rendered by the server…

Mo was of the opinion that the job of the waiter isn’t really that hard and that they don’t deserve tips… Mojo countered that waiters are seriously underpaid and that they rely on tips to make a decent living…

I’d have to disagree with Mo on this one though… Much as I’d hate to admit it… I’m okay with giving tips for the same reason that Mojo and Grace had… If the waiters were polite and they go the extra mile to make you happy during your dinner, I think tips are really warranted…

I hate giving tips to “watch your car” boys who don’t really watch your car at all nor to the “atras” boys who seemingly appear out of thin air when you’re backing up your car and “help” you back out on a deserted street…

What about you guys, tips or no tips?

Great show today even with the technical glitch…

Can’t wait for Mo’s birthday shows next week…

Till then, good times!

30 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Oct. 15, 2008)”

  1. the show was rellly funny today! GOOD TIMES!

  2. Great show today! A lot of discussions. Love it!

    RE: FWB.
    God! How I wish I have one (or two). Haha! That would be THE life. That’s every man’s dream. Hmmm…

    RE: Tips.
    Well, I don’t mind giving tips as well. A few change ain’t a big deal. (God, I’m a cheapskate!) Especially if the service is really good.

    One bad service I have encountered at a pizza parlor in Rob Pioneer. Since I work in a company where ‘>’ is on top of ‘t’ and that delivers high performance, Rob Pioneer is like an extension of our building (used to be since I’m already at the hills of McKinley). Anyway, I with 8 or 9 other officemates are going to have lunch at this resto. We arrived around 12nn and was only able to eat by past 1pm. Since we’re a huge group, finding a table is quite difficult. Also, there were a lot of people who are as well in line waiting for an available table. We were like first in line but the vacating tables are only good for 4 persons. So the waitresses first accommodated the fewer groups. I asked if they can accommodate us in smaller numbers since we got there first. They should have let the 4 of us to sit so that we can have our meals on time. Apparently, the idiots still accommodated the other smaller groups. I even have to raise my voice and give them my “suplado” attitude. Dammit.

    We were able to sit around 12:40. Yeah, no shitting here – I’m effing serious. We had our tables 40 minutes after arriving. BS right? Worst, our orders were 15-20 minutes delayed. Asking for condiments are quite a hassle for us too. You have to call the attention of the waitresses more than twice so that you can have your catsup or hotsauce.

    And the resto even had the guts to hand us a feedback form. Well, you’re damn sure I have a feedback. When they got the form back, the managers were all looking at us. Damn, that would be a great fight if they approached us. Sayang. Haha!

    Oh yeah, no tips for them.

    As always, good times!

  3. Yup, I hate those atras boys as well. But I don’t mind giving them tips if they really did play traffic enforcer for me.

  4. on FUBU, well its very hard to maintain a fubu, some are very demanding.
    dapat paintindi mo sa fubu mo kung hanggat saan talaga kayo.
    masgusto ng babae ung may mga lalaking may asawa na…hehehe.

    on ghost, we have this encounter on our old house, me and my family were just playing around on our sala at 6pm then the lights suddenly turned on. one time same house, we re inside our room, when suddenly my kid running to me nervously and crying coz someone called her but no one was there, we left that house.

    wang power
    my advice to that girl, play PC games, or online games.
    its cool to see a girl playing games.
    and play one on one with her bf, if he wins, he can have sex with her and if she wins he will be a sex slave.
    i love DOTA.
    btw, there sa group of girls in katipunan who called themselves GAD(girlfriends ayaw sa DOTA).

    here’s a tip so that you can have a good service out of the waiters/waitress.
    call them by their firstnames, they have nametags naman e.
    just call them by their first names and the service will be fast.
    its alright to tip, i tip taxi drivers why not the food servers?
    if you keep on coming back to the same resto be sure to be good and tip enough, you’ll never what happens to the food after the cooking and going to your table.
    in college, my friend who worked in a fast food do dirty things on the food when they saw their enemy or they don’t like the customer, like spitting on burgers.

  5. benj,
    thought u’r not working coz u always have the time to blog gtwm πŸ™‚

    don’t forget to share that good news! let me guess… kinuha ka ng gtwm as official blogger with pay? πŸ™‚

    goodtimes guys!!

  6. pahabol pala

    pasalamat nga ung girl games lng kaaway nya di kapwa babae na nakikipag-agawan kay totoy mola.

  7. @annie,
    we are thankful to benj that he put up this site, with his own resources and nothing to do with payment or what……just like the show titles said “GOOD TIMES”

    like me my trabaho din ako, sa dami di ko na maisip kong ano uunahin ko, kaya andito ako sa harap ng pc, nag iisip kung ano uunahin ko…ay! 1530 na! miryenda time…maya na ako mag-isip.

  8. @Annie

    Hi! No bad blood about your comment my dear. I just don’t think Benj is getting paid for anything he does here. IMO, he’s just exercising his talents in writing (and talented he truly is ~ ). And what better thing to write about than our favorite morning radio show! Yeah! I know a lot of us maybe just too busy to even check out emails and stuff at work… but there’s nothing wrong with writing (specially if you’re lightning mcqueen on the keyboard)! For me, a little bit of free time to do what you want to is essential to a productive employee.


    Sorry for not commenting much lately. But I do read your posts man! Am just going through some rough times dude. I’d like to thank Grace and Mojo for greeting me today on the show! Really cool guys. Thanks!


  9. Again, i didn’t catch the whole show so I’m waiting for Tonting’s recording.. Great blog again Benj. Yup that’s true, he is one “lucky bastard”! hehe..



  10. Hi Annie,

    Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m a corporate slave as well, hehe… I just have the leisure of managing my own department ergo the time to blog GTWM…

    Re being the official blogger of GTWM, well, I wish it was something like that… being paid to blog sounds good, that sure would be a sweet gig… πŸ™‚

    I guess I can share the news since you guys are kinda my unofficial family, hehe…

    Well I got kicked upstairs (err promoted) to a very senior position in the company that I work for…

    So I’ll probably have some extra pocket change from time to time now plus a few perks… πŸ™‚

    And that’s the reason I was so busy yesterday, hehe…

    Good times!


  11. Khalesh my man! I missed your comments! No worries though….

    I’m sorry to hear about the rough patch you’re going through right now… I’m sure everything will work out for the best…

    Just keep dropping by now and again if you have time…

    Great times, my friend…


  12. Hi rufnnek,

    Thanks for the comments… I’ve always enjoyed writing even through high school and college… So blogging is just a way for me to exercise my “creative” faculties, hehe…

    Love your comments by the way…


  13. Hi jagaruga,

    Yeah, the atras boys are okay as long as they earn the tip… I just don’t like it when they want something for nothing… Another reason is that I almost ran over one when I was backing up one time, the kid was that small…

    I’m a lot more careful now….


  14. @ Benj

    I knew it! Congrats man. Hmmm… Since we are your unofficial family, how about celebrating the good news? The treat is on the newly promoted – great idea!

    Congrats man. And keep doing the Lord’s work (GTWM blog) – *church!*

    As always, good times!

  15. hei mo do you know that PARAMORE is singing the official sountrack of TWILIGHT…the title is DECODE…check it out its really cool!!!!

    and please do something to include it in your playlist every morning…use your magic or something..hehehe..peace!!!

  16. Hi guys…as per usual, anything new on the show that i can confirm or come up with, i’ll share it with you guys first. its my birthday on sunday and i’ll likely celebrate it on monday morning. mjo wont be there cuz he is a bitch but i have found a replacement co-host for him and i think you are all going to love him.

    unlike mojo, he is not gay. like mojo, he sings very well. unlike grace, he is not korean. good for grace, he looks like chiz escudero. exactly like chiz escudero.


    panda bear like to eat him.

    he is the guest co-host and performer next week.

    dont miss the show on monday.

    oh, and please dont forget to watch IMO on ANC this sunday. and call the program also…shoot, even if its to say happy birthday, but naturally, bring something to the show too.

    Good Times.


  17. Hey Mo,

    Advance happy birthday. Like what I’ve said on the other blog, ROCCO BADLY NEEDS SEXYTIME!!!

    Hoping I could visit the booth on Monday. Hmmm… If God permits.

    Till then, good times!

  18. mojackomojacko Says:

    whats FUBU? haha laughtrip yung GAD =)

    sino kaya yung kapalit ni mojo?

  19. @ MO

    OMG! I knew it…..its my ultimate crush…BAMBOO…can’t wait…:-)

    Advance Happy Birthday, MO!

  20. Mo, my man!

    Woohoo! Thanks for getting Bamboo on the show… Gotta blog about this, hehe…

    Great times!


  21. congrats on the promotion mr. benj (chesse burger. cheese burger) , i’m glad that there’s a blog such as this one. I missed the show today but I still get to know or at least imagine how the show went.. thanks to benj.

    and oh, great times next week.. looking forward or should i say,, hearing forward? to next week’s show with mohan’s man crush… bamboo.

    gr8 X

  22. Hi Benj!

    Good work on the blogs, it always keeps me posted. I really love listening to the show which leads me to habitually reading your blogs. πŸ™‚

    Oh it’s gonna be bamboo? Can’t wait for Benj to blog on that one. πŸ™‚

    Good times everyone. πŸ™‚

  23. Gelukwensen (Congratulations) on your promotion, Benj! πŸ™‚

    My mother parties too. Good thing she does not wear such revelaing clothes. And it’s kinda part of her work so she needs to socialize. A lot. Awesomeness ‘coz I get invited too so I can’t complain. She’s only 40. If she hits 60 and she’s still partying I’ll be putting a stop to it. πŸ˜‰

    On FWBs. Well, there’s only one rule. Don’t fall in love. Right? πŸ˜› Oh, and don’t freakin’ tell anyone! Everything’s more fun if it’s a secret. πŸ˜€ I agree with not using “us” and all the other shitty pronous coz that’s just gonna freak the other out. I know I will be running out of the room if someone would ask me about my future with him in it while im naked. lol. Though, Not talking would be a bad move. I mean, sex right away? That’s kinda lame. It’d be nice to talk about anything under the sun before getting it on. πŸ™‚ Errr. I type too much. lol.

    Wang power? Lol. But I think I would have to agree to the fact that to every girl, there’s always one guy (or two, or even three) in her life that’s gonna give her a good lay and she would just have to keep coming back. He might not be porn star material but there’s something. Not love but.. err.. you know, just the sex. Hope you guys catch my drift. And oh, those men? They’re God’s gift to us girls.

    Bamboo on Monday?! Coolness! Im back by then! And advance Happy Birthday to Mo. πŸ™‚

  24. mai-siomai Says:

    great show
    great blog

    i’m a new fan!


  25. A request: Can you include soundbites of Nonoy in this page?

  26. Great entry Benji.

  27. this is first time in radio history ever!

  28. Hi Benj,

    Congrats man! I figured it was a promotion. Hope you don’t get too busy to not have time to blog…huhuhu… 😦

    Been a little too busy myself that’s why I haven’t given my two cents worth. Hope it’s not too late to give my comments…

    Gifting – not expected but sure are welcome.
    Schedules – if you’re not available, you’re not available. no questions asked. let him find a different date.
    Protection – girls, always bring rubber. a baby is not the only thing you can get from your “friend”. doesn’t matter if you’re on the pill. bring your gear.

    I always tip. At least 15% for food and 30% for salons. I’ve worked in the service industry (hotel) before and know how good it feels to know they appreciate your efforts to give good service. The bad thing about it is, even if I didn’t get great service, I tip. But smaller… πŸ˜›

    Again to Benj, kudos to you. πŸ™‚ You deserve it man! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait till next week… πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  29. @khalesh– pls. don’t get me wrong. what i meant was, i think gtwm management shld reward him already for doing this thing regularly for us parasites of Mo. i’m still looking forward to hearing you sing again πŸ™‚
    i really envy you when they greet you on the show…

    i do agree & i think i’ve mentioned this before that Benj is such a genius… and like you guys, i so much appreciate the time & writing talent that he shares with us. and bec of him i didn’t miss the 1st iMO episode.

    @Benj— being the unofficial family that we are.. congratulations!! at least that could be part of the reward that you deserve… just don’t leave us here ok? 😦

    Happy birthday Mohan!!! it’s gonna be a double celebration for us… Mo’s bday & Benj’s promotion… cheers!!

    hi to Mojo & Grace Lee…

    goodtimes! πŸ™‚

  30. Tenacious X Says:

    Advance Happy Birthday Mo!

    I never got the chance to thank you for those tickets, THANKS!

    Best damn concert ever! although no Dig… T_T


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