Good times with Mo (Oct. 16, 2008)

Photo courtesy of Amazing Race Asia

Photo courtesy of Amazing Race Asia

T’was a pretty laid back show today but I still found myself grinning from ear to ear particularly from caller Bea… She’s one funny girl… Getting ahead of myself again though…

Just read on and find out why:

Barack Obama vs. John McCain

With the US presidential election just a few weeks away, a caller asked Mo his opinion on the hotly contested race… Mo thinks that Obama will bury McCain with an avalanche of votes, in other words, he’ll win by a landslide… I hope so too, I like Barack… He’s very charismatic and he seems to have a solid plan for the US economy which impacts our own economy as well which is why I’m so interested in the results of their election…

And let’s face it, McCain is old, 72 years old… I mean, he’s positively ancient… Admittedly, he seems a bit spry for his age but his ideas are as old as he is which means his management style would probably be old school as well…

Go Barack!

Fees, fees and more fees

There was a topic raised by a caller regarding yesterday’s topic on tips, fees and other stupid charges… Mojo raised an interesting point about Meralco’s charges for system losses… I’m sure you’ve heard about this what with Juday espousing the Lopez’ propaganda on this barefaced highway robbery… I mean, being asked to pay for electricity theft and other power losses? How is that my problem?

A student from my alma mater called in and lamented the fact that parking fees are so high at UST… I couldn’t relate coz I rode the jeepney when I was still at UST… Mo asked him about the perennial flooding in Espana in front of UST and how students are often stranded in school and have to spend the night there… That happened to me quite often when I was still studying there… Oh and the stories about students getting the jiggy on while stranded overnight? Never happened to me unfortunately, hehe…

Food poisoning

A caller phoned in to ask if he could bring some food to the station and Mo started thinking that it’d be so easy to get rid of them by poisoning their food… The reason being is that they gobble down food brought by fans, food outlets and other people without a second thought…

Grace and Mojo said not to give the listeners any ideas, hehe…

Nah, who’d do that other than Mojo trying to get back at Mo? 🙂

The Vermin suspended

My man Mo got an early birthday present with the news that The Vermin, The Despicable One, Satan’s Offspring and she with the other lovely nicknames has been suspended indefinitely from The Buzz…

Woohoo! Mo sure got a kick out of that one… It almost topped the fact that Bamboo is going to have a birthday concert for him on the show next Tuesday…

Grace mentioned the fact that Brian Gorrell put up on his blog my post on an imaginary guesting The Vermin did for the Forbidden Questions of GTWM…

Check it out here


Speaking of Bamboo, my man Mo gave us the scoop yesterday evening that indeed, Bamboo will be holding a concert on the Good times show this coming Tuesday…

That’s a big deal coz you never hear Bamboo doing a concert on any radio show…

Can’t wait for that and I do hope he sings HIMALA… Mo, start begging…

Who’s the oldest virgin out there?

Mo tried to revive the topic of the 105 year old virgin which I blogged about before by asking the callers to chime in and admit on air if they’re still a virgin…

I thought that there’d be a ton of callers claiming to be virgins with probably a lot of posers as well but, surprise, surprise, not a single caller gave their two cents…

So what does that tell you? No more virgins under the age of 16 in the Philippines? I really think they’re losing it earlier and earlier…

What do you guys think?

Geoff and Tisha

Geoff Rodriguez and Tisha Silang were on hand to promote The Amazing Race Asia as the Philippine representative to this around the world race… Last season they had Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez as the Philippine representative and they sure kicked ass, winning almost every leg of the race but unfortunately getting screwed by flags in the final leg…

Geoff (aka Michael Scofield) and Tisha are doing well so far but they can’t disclose any information outside of what’s currently showing on TV coz they’ll get penalized a whopping US$5,000,000.00  Yup, that many zeroes… 🙂

I like them though I haven’t seen all the episodes, I like their chemistry and I do hope they kick ass and romp off with the US$100,000.00 grand prize…

Good luck!

Wang Power Part 2

Remember Bea, the girl who was dating the loser with the anaconda stuffed down his pants? Well she called again today and she was dumped by her boyfriend who unfortunately heard her on air and dropped her like a hot potato…

I can empathize but realistically speaking that’s the best thing that could have happened to her… She’s young and there are just so many wangs out there! Maybe not quite as long…

I was laughing at Mo’s advice to her… “Buy a cucumber or something”… “I’ll introduce you to two African American friends I know…”

Geoff was more poetic… “Love is not measured by inches, or in this case meters or feet”

A ton of horndogs started texting in asking for the girl’s number, hehe… Boys will be boys!

Sports shows and hot girls

Finally, Mo talked about sports shows and the resident eye candy you can find on these shows… He said that he never even looked at the girls and was just interested in the box scores…

Another thing is the presence of hot girls at car shows and showrooms… He said that he wasn’t interested in the girls, just the car’s spec sheet… Hmmm, well can’t you do both Mo? 🙂

By the way, don’t forget to watch Mo’s show on ANC this coming Sunday at 8PM, it’s called iMO (In My Opinion with Mo Twister)… Damn good show last time… Mo in a different light (or at least during part of the show!)

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times!

57 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Oct. 16, 2008)”

  1. no. 1 to comment…
    maya na ko comment, 2log muna kapag lunch break.

  2. what a show today!! GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!

  3. He broke with Bea to make her feel guilty……definitely he just wanted to see Bea kneeling in front of him and make her again a slave of his Big Dick. From what he heard, he took advantage of Bea’s confession about her anaconda pet. Maybe, one day she’ll call again and pretend that their okay already just to pacify her boyfriend or for her to win back the relationship.

  4. Missed it. The show usually starts here at 12 midnight and ends at 3 in the morning. 😦 Friends dragged me out for a girls night out and I got home just as they were playing the last song. Sucks.

    GO BARACK! 😀

    Benj, you’re from UST? lol. I am too! Though I love the rain and gloomy weather, I hate it when UST gets flooded. Ugh. Rats and roaches swimming in España. Eeeew. Haven’t been stranded in the school grounds for an overnighter but I really wanna experience that before I graduate. Ghost hunting! 😀

    Bea’s got tough luck on her. What are the chances that your boyfriend would hear you talking about your sexlife on air? lol.


  5. Woke up real late due to badminton nights last night thus making me miss 2/3s of the show. Good thing that our man Benj here is doing the Lord’s work. *church*

    Talk about car parks, it’s a good thing that UST has lots of places to park in. Unlike for my former school (the green one) where parking is harder than the academe. Hahaha! (I know somewhere out there, a blue friend is laughing.)

    Oh yes, getting the jiggy on at UST during the evening. Hmmm… No comment on that one. Hehe!

    Speaking of getting the jiggy on and UST, I love the place near the campus called ‘SALA’. It’s a place where there are lots of rooms and you can rent the place to watch dvds… and get the jiggy on! COOL!

    And the floods at Espana… My Thomasian friend once joked, “Umihi lang mga aso sa Espana, babaha na!” Haha!

    I believe Mo was really good the whole year that’s why God gave him his early birthday present – the Vermin getting suspended. And I can’t wait for Tuesday. BAMBOO @ GTWM! Oh yes!

    As always, good times!

  6. Hey Carol my fellow Thomasian and virgin overnighter, hehe…

    Too bad you missed the show, Mo was really funny and I had some good laughs from the caller, especially Bea…

    Yeah sucks for Bea… She was kinda crying on air… Guess she really loved the dick, err the dude, hehe…

    Great times!


  7. Hi Chi,

    A fellow smasher eh? How were the games? Hope Mo’s not reading this, he thinks badminton’s for gays, hahaha…

    Yeah, I almost studied there at the green university… I got scholarships to both schools, but you need to teach at Lasalle after you graduate for 3 years if I remember correctly to compensate them for the scholarship, hehe…

    So I chose UST instead, no strings attached….

    Great times!


  8. Benj.

    Oooh. Wait. I did have an overnighter in UST! 😉 Though it was not because of the flood or a storm. Was part of the Commission on Elections and we had an overnight canvassing two semesters ago for the student council elections. Happy to report that there weren’t any err.. lawbreakers that evening.

    But there was serious flirting among students going on that night. No professors and no janitors were present. Only other students patrolling corridors. No one got caught. A Bit disappointing.


  9. Nice show today! 🙂

    I hope Bea will call again next week for an update. 🙂

    Jiggy in overnight flood? sounds cool! UST must be the coolest place to stay during floods huh?! 🙂


  10. Hi Benj,

    I almost missed the show again today! I can’t tell you how helpful this blog is.:P

    I didn’t go to UST but I lived right beside it. Although it didn’t flood in our area but getting in and out of the area is a different story. I once had to go through ankle deep flood water and it was the grossest thing! Carol was right on… rats and roaches!!! Super yuck! I never went through flood water again…ever!

    @ the girl Bea
    She needs to move on and realize that there are lotsa other guys out there that are equally gifted in face and form who HAVE JOBS. 🙂

    Bamboo! Bamboo Bamboo!

    😀 Marie

  11. Hei Benj,

    Yup. A smasher here. It was our leveling last night for our tournament here in the company and it was great. Hope my partner and I has the chance to grab the gold. Wish us luck!

    It’s just lately that I was addicted again in the sport. Thanks to the free courts! Haha! The downside is I sometimes miss the Thursday episode of GTWM. Huhu…

    You have scholarships to both schools? NERD!!! Haha! Peace dude!

    Well, if Mo’s reading this… we can smash your cock, err shuttlecock.

    Good times!

  12. Hi Chi,

    Good luck on your tournament!

    😀 Marie

  13. Hi NDCebu,

    Yeah, Beah’s saga is interesting… Makes for good radio… She seemed really distraught earlier…

    I hope she gets over her fixation with her Davao stallion… 🙂


  14. Hi Marie,

    Ankle deep only? That was what we considered a drizzle, hehe… It sometimes rose chest high and you can imagine the roaches and rats getting inside your pants and having time with your wang, hehe…

    Precisely why we did overnighters… No one wanted to swim in that muck… 🙂


  15. Hi Chi,

    Good luck in your tourney and may the force be with you…

    Okay, okay, guilty as charged, hehe…

    Your resident NERD,


  16. Hi Carol,

    Yeah, I heard stories about the students getting frisky during overnighters… Didn’t have the good fortune to be a participant though…


  17. jasonxvii Says:

    Hello fellow Thomasians!

    yah the parking fee in ust is so high, i think its 35 for the first 3 hours? or 25? Then you’ll pay for the next succeeding hours..arrgh! kawawa naman mga students na whole day ang class.hehe!

    SALA? yeah! if you go there with your friends, ok lang… if with your boyfriend/girlfriend…alam na..*grin*

  18. **on yesterday’s comments**

    @khalesh– pls. don’t get me wrong. what i meant was, i think gtwm management shld reward him already for doing this thing regularly for us parasites of Mo. i’m still looking forward to hearing you sing again
    i really envy you when they greet you on the show…

    i do agree & i think i’ve mentioned this before that Benj is such a genius… and like you guys, i so much appreciate the time & writing talent that he shares with us. and bec of him i didn’t miss the 1st iMO episode.

    @Benj— being the unofficial family that we are.. congratulations!! at least that could be part of the reward that you deserve… just don’t leave us here ok?

    Happy birthday Mohan!!! it’s gonna be a double celebration for us… Mo’s bday & Benj’s promotion… cheers!!

    hi to Mojo & Grace Lee…


  19. @ Benj— a scholar?! wow!! kaya nman pala dugo ilong ko sa mga words mo eh…hmmpp! my online dictionary is always on the other tab 🙂

    goodtimes! 🙂

  20. Hi Annie,

    Errr so sorry for that, hehehe… Nah, who’re you kidding, you readers are pretty smart… How do I know that? Coz you love my blog, hehe…

    Great times!


  21. mo, should have gotten bea’s friendster account and cell number. i think i can satisfy her…lol

    my 2 cents.
    on american election:
    well mccain has a chance, in the last min the color of the skin will prevail. the racial thing is still there, if you are a white guy, would you want to be dominated by a black dude? i think that will be the deciding factor.

    on amazing race asia.
    last season, i’ve watched it from epi 1 til final, the final epi very frustrating for us pinoys, natalo pa tayo sa flags.

  22. Middle aged man getting it on with a hot flight attendant in a cubicle here in Schiphol Airport. lol. Was alone in front of the mirror and they waltzed in like they didnt even see me. I left the loo right away. How the hell can I put powder on my nose when there’s muffled moaning behind me? Talk about frisky. Itching to tell security just to see the looks on their faces when thay get caught. (evil laugh).

    @ Marie
    Roaches, rats… Have you seen the little kids swimming in flood water? And they seem happy doing it. They’ll even get mad at you if you tell them that what they’re diving in is dirty. 😦

    @ jasonxvii & chi
    Sorry to break it to you, guys. But the people in Sala have gotten strict over their “moral” policies. No one can get it on in there anymore coz their crew does ’rounds’ and peeks into rooms now to check if the people inside still have their clothes on. lol. My blockmate told me that it’s coz a couple from College of Commerce was discovered doing something else rather than watching DVDs. And from them on, well, no more sexytime break for Thomasians.

    Stopping over in Zürich later. (weee)

  23. @ Marie and Benj,

    Thanks guys!

  24. @ Carol,

    Damn those crews! ARGH! Good thing they never did those rounds before when I still go there at Sala. Haha!

    Sexy times.. err.. Good times!

  25. Ive hear about that! “Salsa”

    Right Chi?! ROLF

    regarding the Fee topic,
    I was on Shangri-La at one time, when nature called in! (mother nature used a megaphone for it)

    I ran at the nearest restroom that I could find, but there was a fee of 10php
    I cant seem to reach for any coins the only thing I had was 500
    the door lady said that she doesnt have change for that, I requested that she let me in cause its a really bad timing to put someone on hold when the volcano is in a critical point. (about 8mins of holding time lol )
    she wont let me, but I just ignored her anyways.

    kick the door of the cubicle and BoooOoOooom! SUCCESS! lol

    that was almost better than sex when I got that out… lol

    here and there,

  26. oooops my bad “SALA”


  27. Hi Tenacious X,

    Yeah, paid toilets blow… I mean it’s not like the mall isn’t earning enough to subsidize the cost of maintaining a basic necessity…

    Welcome to my blog!

    Great times!


  28. heyyy!! I’m 19 and I’m still a virgin.. and so is my boyfriend.. haha.. I woke up at like 11am so I didn’t get to hear the show again =( if I did.. I would’ve texted them about the virgin thing haha..

    oh and my tita is like 30+ and single since birth.. so obviously she’s still a virgin.. haha =P

  29. Tenacious X Says:

    @ Dee

    as Mo says “You’re doin’ the lord’s work!”
    well not really,

    but you’re on the right now though…

    30+ and a virgin?! is she hot? hehe

  30. Tenacious X Says:

    @ Benj

    Thanks for the welcome!

    it’s great to read your blog man

    I mean I really dont read blogs but man when were talkin about Mohan and the gang well its worth my while!

    I’ll just be here and there!


  31. @benj,
    i have a suggestment, ^_^, can you put up a forum?

  32. @Chi

    Hey there! Our company also had the try outs and leveling last Wednesday! Hmmmm! I’m now wondering if we’re from the same company (Bwuahahaha! Evil laugh!) Goodtimes my friend! Have fun on the tourney!


    No worries. I knew you mean well for old buddy Benj here. And yup… I absolutely agree that GTWM should be giving Benj some kind of “gift” for the wonderful work he’s done! Hehehe! Thank you for appreciating my singing. I will post more videos on youtube and my multiply site to sing the requests I received. Goodtimes!

  33. Hey Carol,

    Sounds like you’re having a helluva good time over there. 🙂 Oh and about the kids swimming in flood water…eeww!! 😛

    😀 Marie

    @ Dee
    Keep holding on girl. I held out as long as could too pero eventually, sumuko rin ang Bataan! 😛

  34. Hi Dee,

    Well there’s no rush in doing it… If you feel you’re not ready then don’t do it… You shouldn’t feel pressured to do it just because everyone else is doing it…

    But when you do decide to do it then be sure you’re safe… Not unless you’re ready for the consequences…

    Haha, I sound like a priest!

    Great times!


  35. Hi rufnnek,

    Hmmm, I’m using’s facility which disallows forums and is generally very restrictive but I’m thinking of moving the blog to my own domain so that I can have some more freedom in designing the site and adding features such as forums, polls, multimedia, downloads and so forth…

    There’s a cost component involved though so I might be constrained to put in a few ads to help defray the cost of the servers and other stuff… I’ll have to get your opinion if putting ads is acceptable to you…

    Anyway, watch out for it here and I’ll definitely make the announcement soon….

    Great times, Bro!


  36. Hi Khalesh,

    Saw your vids on Youtube… Great job, bud!

    Keep posting vids and I’ll check them out…


  37. mojackomojacko Says:

    good thing for Bea. there’s a lot of big wang out there hahaha

    and i just saw Grace Lee cooking in quickfire =)

  38. @Carol

    You must have been wanted to do it as well in a cubicle. hehe. joke!

    I can offer you great webspace if you want forums and other stuffs for the site. Just email me your requirements so we can talk about it. You can try to browse my website.

    Good times!!!

  39. Hi NDCebu,

    Thanks for the offer bro… Will check out your site and let you know…
    Much appreciated…

    Good times!


  40. @Tenacious X
    uhm.. do I have to answer your last question? haha =þ

    haha I actually promised myself no sex till marriage haha =þ

    thanks.. haha..

  41. Tenacious X Says:

    @ Dee

    uhm am Hoping that she is? lol

    let me just comment on your promise
    for some: “you doing what is right!”
    others: “damn!! *snap* ”


  42. @ benj,
    i don’t mind ads in a website.
    and im using a browser full of ads to bypass proxy and firewall here in office.

    thats right dude, don’t do sex before marriage, unplanned pregnancy is very difficult to manage.

    keep it going mhen, arnel and charice were discovered in youtube.

  43. krisarlex Says:

    hey! can i get the mobile no. of bea..?

    thanks in advance!

    Good Times!

  44. @rufnnek

    Mind sharing your tactics on how to bypass proxy and firewall in corporate office? 🙂 we have lots of websense site blocked here in the office.. grr.. im just glad this blog was not blocked until now. 🙂 hehehe.

    I’ll wait for your response. 🙂


  45. @ Khalesh,

    Hmmm… If you know LUMOT JUICE then maybe we’re in the same company. Haha!

    @ Benj,

    Paid restrooms are ok for me. Atleast they’re clean. Unlike those restrooms in SM -> the reason why I’m not an SM person (except during their SALE. Haha!).

    Good times!

  46. @ Tenacious X,

    Stupid me! Now I know who you are. Dammit. X!

    And yes, I miss SALA! ^_^

    Good times!

  47. @NDCebu,

    just add my YM, “ruftnik” without “”
    ill be online tonight til 3am, hopefully, kapag di ako tinamad.

  48. Marie,
    The fun actually happened in Zürich. lol. But I’m back here so I guess I’ll just have to wait for my next visit to home. Again. Rainy day today, huh? Kids must be out swimming again.

    Err. No comment. 🙂

    Just got back:D,

  49. Tenacious X Says:

    Hope I can make it on tuesday sa Paragon plaza…

    should I get an AWOL guys? ^_^

  50. @Tenacious X
    hahaha on the “damn *snap*” I have a feeling my boyfriend’s thinking the same thing.. but we know some people who already have a baby.. so I think he’s just trying to control it hahahah

    I knowww! I’m amazed with some of the people I know though.. they’re doing quite well….. I think hahaha

  51. LOL wow that Bea girl is really funny… Can’t wait to hear her voice on the radio I’ve been kinda off on the radio lately just too busy in my work.. Thanks for the recaps still I continue to read your blog.

    Another curious question though….

    Does anyone know… I mean just a single soul (besides yours) about your hidden Identity? 😛

    just curious 😛 if so, how many 😛

  52. @hannah,
    i have a secret identity only one person knew it, his name is alfred.

  53. @hanna

    hidden identity? you mean the nickname in the internet? or hidden identity means the real you as a person? hehe. Sorry. Kinda lost.

    I’ll add you once I’m login in YM. YM here was also blocked.

    No Comment by default is YES! haha!


  54. Hi NDCebu,

    Hanna is referring to my reluctance to reveal my real identity, hehe… No pictures, just a handle, Benj…

    Reasons are work-related…


    A very few people who are uber close to me know that I’m the author of this blog… Nobody at work though… 🙂


  55. @rufnek Batman eh? 😛

    @NDCebu yep, Benj answered your question for me 🙂 thanks again benj…

    @Benj- btw, we have our very own version of “Gossip Girl” here in the office. she has a blog bout our company but really encoded only the naughty ones know.. sad to say, she removed the blog already since the management already read it. So, yes another secret identity here among us 😛

    and… it must be hard for your uber close friends to keep that secret. I mean if I were your friend I’d be dying to make “show-off” that I know who “Benj” is 😛 anyway… It’s fun not knowing you… never reveal yourself, well not yet.. it keeps things interesting

  56. Hi Hanna,

    Interesting story there, hehe… Your own “Gossip Girl” eh?
    Guess she didn’t want to get into trouble… 🙂

    Re my friends knowing my identity, well it’s no big deal really… I’m just a regular blog writer albeit “known” by association with Mo Twister and the Good times show…

    By the way, I love your site, cool design!


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