Bamboo Concert on Good times with Mo (Oct. 21, 2008)


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Woohoo! A free concert by Bamboo on our favorite morning radio show, Good Times with Mo… This is part of Mo’s extended birthday celebration and as any true fan knows, Bamboo is Mo’s man crush so this is a big deal for my man Mo…

This will be a relatively short blog as the show was mostly Bamboo singing the latest songs from their new album “Tomorrow becomes yesterday”…

Read on:

Andi9 and Grace Lee centerfolds

Andi9 was on hand to join Mo and Grace during the first part of the show and she shared the news that she and Grace Lee were both offered to do cover shots for an unnamed men’s magazine… Grace has decided to say “No” to the offer but Andi9 hasn’t made up her mind at this point…

Oh come on Grace, don’t be such a killjoy, hehe…

My guess is that either MAXIM or FHM is pursuing them for the cover shoot… Mo was encouraging them to do it because as he said, they’re both young, pretty and with gorgeous bodies.

I agree with Mo 100% on this one… Go for it Andi and Grace!

I think Grace and Andi’s main fear is that they’ll be jackoff material once they do the cover shoot… I know that Andi’s parents won’t like it but Andi’s a grown woman and she should decide on whether she really wants to do it…

There is still hope though… Andi said that she’ll consider doing it if she and Grace were to be offered to do the cover together… Come on FHM and Maxim, what are you waiting for? Do a double shoot, it’s twice the fun and I’ll be first in line to buy my copy… πŸ™‚

Caller from Africa

It continues to amaze me that fans who are in various parts of the world continue to tune in to our favorite radio show and even wake up at odd hours just for the opportunity to listen to the show…

A perfect example is a seasman who is based on a ship sailing around Africa who listens to the show on his laptop and took the opportunity to phone in to the show and give his two cents…

Now that’s what I call dedication! Kudos to you and our other brave men on ships sailing around the world…

Chris Brown

Hiphop and R&B artist Chris Brown called the show to promote his upcoming concert with scorching hot singer Rihanna (who just happens to be his girlfriend) this coming November 16.

It was an interesting interview with Chris being pretty articulate and Mo doing his usual excellent job during the interview…

Chris talked about his music, his career at this point (he’s only 19), collaboration with other artists, wearing bling and splurging and of course, the upcoming concert with Rihanna.

Bamboo in concert

One of my favorite Pinoy rakistas, Bamboo, was on hand to greet our birthday boy, “Happy Birthday” and make his day just so much more special…

Bamboo together with his bandmates, Ira Cruz on guitars, Nathan Azarcon on bass, Vic Mercado on drums put together an awesome show singing songs from their new album “Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday” and my favorite OPM song as well as Mo’s, “Himala”.

Although it was still early in the morning and there were several technical glitches, Bamboo kicked ass with the able support of his bandmates…

His rendition of HIMALA was awe-inspiring and I just listened in my car and allowed the lyrics, the melodies and the music to wash over me… Damn, I’m waxing poetic again, hehe…

As you know, Bamboo is Mo’s man crush and he seemed kind of nervous during the early part of the show when he was interviewing Bamboo… Grace was giddy, hehe… Maybe because Bamboo reminded her of Chiz Escudero, hehe…

Check out Bamboo’s new album out in record stores right now and for more info on Bamboo and his band, head on over to their official website By the way, the site’s design is excellent! One of the better site designs amongst Pinoy artists…

I wonder when he and Rico Blanco will have a reunion concert together with the other Rivermaya members…

Now, I’d pay serious dough to see that concert!

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Good times!

37 Responses to “Bamboo Concert on Good times with Mo (Oct. 21, 2008)”

  1. RE: Himala

    I had goosebumps the whole 3 or 4 minutes of the song. It was like hearing it for the first time. As I type this comment, I’m having the goosebumps again, remembering every bit of the song. Also one of my favorite OPMs.

    As always, good times!

  2. RE: Grace and Andi photo shoot,

    I’l be with Benj, first in line, to grab the issue. Hmmm….

    Good times!

  3. Amazing show today! Bamboo rocks! I just can’t help thinkin’ what type of drums they brought inside the booth (drum pads?) ’cause it can get really crowded in that booth you know even with just people around… let alone a whole band of instruments! Aira (the tech guy) did a pretty swell job at hooking them up!

    Not to mention Chris Brown being on the show (as if the show was not star studded enough knowing bamboo was coming)! I found it peculiar though that he really did not have a very good talking voice… and yet he’s awesome when he sings (kinda like um… me! (Joke Joke Joke! Har har har!)

    On FHM & the likes ~ I’ve said one too many times already… Grace and Andi should pose for these magazines. Together, not together, naked or not… I mean… Whatever! They’ve got the face and the bods to flaunt them off! Look, jackoff’s will do it no matter what you wear… pose or no pose! Think of it this way… you would be doing society a favor! (:-)

    Great times!


  4. Hi Chi,

    Yeah man! Bamboo rocks! HIMALA was truly a miracle…
    Goosebump-inducing moment is so true…

    Great times!


  5. Hi Khalesh,

    Don’t you wish you could have jammed with them, eh?

    Yeah, Chris Brown’s speaking voice wasn’t as appealing as his singing voice… But he more than makes up for it when he sings…

    Just like our favorite listener/singer, Khalesh!

    Great times!


  6. Darn. I was about to come by the station to watch Bamboo for free. But this day job really ruined it.

    Anyway, I’ve seen Bamboo on our xmas party before.

  7. first time ever!

  8. Hey Benj!

    Great blog you’re keeping here, makes me in touch with my favest show on Pinoy radio. Sadly, due to work, I can’t listen to the satellite feed via net, but your blog keeps me updated on the show’s happenings. I just wished someone caught a video of Bamboo’s mini-concert!

    All the best Benj!

    x-change links?


  9. Hi,

    Nice show though there were NO GTWM in Cebu today. 😦
    I’ll cross my fingers for Andi9 to say YES for mens magazine.
    weee… that would be a best seller…
    Too bad grace already say NO but I hope she’ll change her mind soon!



  10. Hey guys, sorry but I really can’t get over their rendition of Himala. How I wish I can download their piece on the net. Hai… Hearing it again brings me back to my childhood days.

    @ Khalesh,

    I can’t imagine how the booth looked like. It is not spacious at all but they managed to fit the instruments there. How I wish I was there to watch it. Sayang…


  11. avalanche Says:

    Hi Benj!

    Have you recorded Bamboo’s mini concert? I missed the show… arrgghh!

  12. Bamboo is “FANTASTIC”! (goosebumps) Thanks to you Mo and the station for hooking up Bamboo on the show.


  13. Hi Echo,

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog…

    Exchange links? Done and done… Check under my blogroll “Friends of Good times”

    Good times!


  14. Hey I was at the station kanina… Damn Bamboo was awesome! they used a device to cover up the drums so it can produce sound my god sobrang siksikan sa loob ng booth akala ko sobrang rami ng tao buti na lang maaga ako… sana nadun kayo kanina kung pwede lang ako sumigaw after the HIMALA song sisigaw ako eh hahahaha sobrang siksik sila dun sa booth!

  15. recordings is up now… check it out..

  16. Hey Benj,

    Bamboo rocked the house (or the radio station) with Himala. Super talented, super galing. I can’t say the same about the other songs though… or maybe they’re just new to me.

    Rockin’ blog too. πŸ˜› Woohoo! indeed… πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  17. Hi Chi and Avalanche,

    Check out for blog reader Tonting’s recording of the show… Great job as always…


  18. Didn’t catch the rest of the show. Just Bamboo singing Himala. But it’s okay. Hearing Bamboo this morning made me giddy. Haha.

    Himala is one of the first tagalog songs that I learned to sing, play and actually understand. πŸ™‚ It was nice to hear it again this morning.

    Everyone’s raving over Bamboo. Yeah, Bamboo’s smokin’ but I love Ira Cruz more! πŸ˜€ β™₯β™₯β™₯ lol


  19. Im with Benj on the Rico Blanco And Bamboo Reunion! πŸ˜€

  20. Hi Marie,

    I agree, some songs tend to grow on you over time… Very rarely do I like a song upon the first time I hear it…

    I’m listening to the show again, hehe…

    Addict much?


  21. jasonxvii Says:

    Oh my….. andi and grace posing for a men’s magazine? yeah..:D

    argh! half na ng himala ang naabutan ko.. great show today! definitely a first.

  22. Hi Carol,

    Glad to read your comment, the gang’s complete, hehe…

    Yeah, Himala totally rocked… Ira’s a good looking dude, I understand why you’re smitten, hehe…

    Rivermaya reunion? I wish, hehe…

    Great times!


  23. Hi Jopay,

    Nice “on the spot report”! It must have been awesome!
    Wish I was there… The siksikan would have been okay with me as long as I heard that version of Himala, hehe…

    Great times!


  24. before, i thought bamboo is overrated, but after hearing him again performing live… man, prof. mo was right, he rock solid!!! nice blog benj. as always.

  25. chicosci – i agree with the goosebumps, was in the bus at the time, Bamboo’s voice sounded surreal, as if electricity coursed through. An officemate who’s a big fan of him, said they use a device while he sings to give his voice that effect, dunno if thats true though.

    Marie – hey u r not the first post today, that must’ve been quite an effort knowing how early u came in to work today. lol goodtimes ganda!

    Khalesh – so right u are about Chris Brown, and yourself =) i love hearin’ ebonics though, it’s kinda infectious if u hear ’em a lot y’all know what I’m sayn?

    Benj, I cant ever resist not checking out your blog everytime i’m online.

  26. im disappointed. there were no goodtimeswithmo in cebu since monday. dude benj, do u happened to know why?



  28. Great show. I thought I’ll never get goosebumps once bamboo sings Himala. I was wrong, I got chills listening to it. One of the best OPM songs indeed. I remember my good old high school days when I was a hopeless romantic and torpe.

  29. @Tang
    GTWM is up now in Cebu but I was disappointed last monday and tuesday, I missed the show also…. but we can still visit for the show…

    I can’t relate with the goosebumps since I was not able to hear it maybe when I have a chance to visit the site with the recordings of the show…


  30. Seth Cortez Says:

    Has anybody recorded the audio or video of Bamboo singing “Himala” on the morning show, pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee… kindly post it… thanks, i want to listen to it again and again….

  31. @ Benj,

    Wow! Advertising on your blog huh? Check out Pet’s reply. Haha!

    @ Woainimo,

    It’s chicoscience. Not chicosci. Haha! Don’t be confused everyone!


    PS. Benj, kindly hurry up blogging about today’s episode. I missed it. DAMMIT!

  32. i totally missed the show. and i was really excited about it, (darn me for not waking up early). have you recorded the show with bamboo? oh mehn, i love them.

  33. their himala’s amazing. i had goosebumps, i’d just wanna close my eyes that time. AMAZING. XD did vic use beat box there? it didn’t sound like drums to me.

    nyway, lucky dj mo. XD

  34. Goodness! how could I miss this one? Repeat guesting, please? πŸ˜€

  35. Remembering the good times with my late big brother. i was a fan of bamboo because he was a big fan of Rivermaya in his high school years.


    go grace lee and andi for the cover shoot.! i know its tough but they’re already a grown up woman right. whew!

  37. Mighty Marts Says:

    I freaking missed this episode because of work. Boo! What sucks more is the links for this episode are now dead so I can’t hear it. Please renew the links! thanks!

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