Good times with Mo (Oct. 23, 2008)

Screen cap of FHM magazine cover

Screen cap of FHM magazine cover

The gang was finally complete today with our radio supermodel diva Mojo Jojo finally back from his vacation in Iloilo. I never thought I’d say this but I really missed Mojo and with him back, the show had a totally different energy to it… Great times!

Let’s look back at what happened on the show today:

Born again Christians

There was a fairly heated discussion early in the show about Born again Christians… Just a bit of a backgrounder, our Mojo Jojo has shown a strong indication that they’re not really his favorite people for a number of reasons but mainly because of their condemnation of homosexuality which naturally didn’t sit well with Mojo…

Mojo called them a “cult” and Mo asked him to repeat the word over and over again just to get him in trouble with Born again Christian listeners, hehe…

Best Boobs in Hollywood

Well of course after all that “pious” talk, Mo reverted back to his true self and decided to talk about one of the subjects nearest and dearest to his heart, boobies!. In Touch Magazine in the US recently released their top 10 list of the best boobs in Hollywood for 2008. Among the topnotchers were:

10.  Beyonce Knowles – nice booty, too…
9.  Megan Fox – Oh yeah, man! That scene in Transformers with her leaning over to fix the Camaro, sigh…
8.  Jennifer Aniston – Nah…
7.  Audrina Partridge – Check out, she’s whoring it up there…
6.  Katherine Heigl – Mo mentioned her breakout movie, “My Father the Hero” with Gérard Depardieu,  check it out, she was smoking hot in that movie…
5.  Lindsay Lohan – Nah, too droopy for me…
4.  Carmen Elektra – She’s old…
3.  Scarlett Johansson – Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about…
2.  Tyra Banks – she’s gone to Porkville, but her D’s are real…
1.  Jessica Simpson – WTF?

Best Boobs Among Local Celebrities

Of course Mohan couldn’t resist doing a local version of the self same survey but this time for local celebrities. However, as any true connoisseur would know, there are disagreements amongst even the horndogs on such a controversial topic:

Sorry but I couldn’t remember all the blessed ladies on the list because Mo went through it so quickly… And neither am I sure about the order:

10. Francine Prieto – definitely should not be at number 10, probably top 3 all time…
9. Rica Peralejo – too fake for me…
8. Grace Lee – #8 is kind of low for Grace with her D’s maybe because the twins are so rarely seen…
7. Angel Locsin – yeah baby… Darna anyone?
6. Angelica Panganiban – I’d switch places with Derek Ramsey in a heartbeat…
5. I missed one… 😦
4. Katya Santos – Mo saw them up close and personal, lucky Mo!
3. Ehra Madrigal – some of the most perfect ones I’ve seen… and they’re au naturel….
2. Sunshine Cruz – one of my favorite squeeze off celebs…
1. Maureen Larazabal – again fake boobies but Mo’s right, the doctor who did this should be commended!

Some other notables who Mo failed to mention are Ruffa Mae Quinto, Jessa Zaragosa, Jennifer Lee, Ana Leah Javier (Hot babes) and a whole slew of others…


A good deal of time was spent on discussing freeloaders… Especially relatives, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts who rely on their well off relatives for financial assistance… In other words, Le Parasite…

My take on this is that yes, if we’re filthy rich we definitely need to share the wealth around but if we’re just okay, meaning not too rich and not too poor either, then we shouldn’t be the “HOST” to their “PARASITE”…

Some of these freeloaders are just too shameless, hehe… And the worst thing is that if you yourself are strapped for cash and cannot give money to them, they’d get angry with you and call you an ingrate… Geez, what’s up with that?

What’s your take on this? Do you have parasitic relatives you need to get rid off? I’d recommend Combantrin, it kills roundworms, tapeworms and other critters… 🙂

Himala again

Mo played for the 2nd straight day, Bamboo’s live rendition of one of the best OPM songs of all time, HIMALA for Mojo Jojo’s benefit…

It never gets old, and I wouldn’t mind if they added that version to their regular playlist… 🙂

Goosebump inducing indeed!

Hong Kong and Macau

The gang will be in Macau and Hong Kong over the weekend as part of Magic 89.9’s annual overseas trip for  regular DJ’s. Now isn’t that a nice perk… I wish all companies were like that!

Have fun in Hong Kong and Macau guys!

Categories Game

The lame game called the Categories Game made a comeback today for prizes comprising of GC’s courtesy of Fruit Magic… First category played was relatively interesting… Philippine dialects with Mo giving Visaya as a dialect… Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Visaya is a dialect per se… The dialects falling under Visaya I believe would be: Waray, Cebuano, Ilonggo, etc… Mo won this round versus the caller…

Second category was Philippine fruits with Grace Lee going up against another female caller… The caller was very good with such native delicacies as Duhat and bayabas being mentioned… Needless to say, Grace lost this one, hehe…

Great to have Mojo Jojo back… For all the bitching that Mo does regarding Mojo, I think the show is indeed so much better with Mojo around… He gives the show the “gay” touch which is just so funny…

Great times!

26 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Oct. 23, 2008)”

  1. To hear HIMALA again give me chills.. it such a extraordinary song..

    I wish they include it to their playlist…

  2. @Pinoydiscus Thanks for the effort in summarizing the show in great detail 😀

    It a great help especially those who miss the show.. Keep up the good work and Many Thanks 😀

  3. Hey Benj,

    Thanks for the re-cap and highlights. I missed the show today. 😦

    So glad Mojo’s back! Reading your blog, I’m thinking it was a Mo Show today with all the boobie talk. 😛

    Dare I say, that Katherine Heigl is hot, and cute to boot! (A little lesbo moment there…).

    😀 Marie

  4. Hi Marie,

    Thank goodness for your presence, hehe… I was wondering where all my readers went… Normally there’d be a long list of comments by this time, hehe…

    I thought I’d done a terrible job blogging that’s why no one was responding to my blog for today’s show…

    You’re right, lots of BOOB talk today…

    Good times!


  5. duh! only second!!!
    nice show!!!
    dapat pinatugtog ni mo ung kanta ng yano – banal na aso, santong kabayo.

    i hope mo can convert it to mp3 and shared it. id love to put it on my cellphone.

  6. I know!!! I was waiting for other people’s comments before I put my word in but there was none. 😛 I don’t want to be first anymore cuz Woianimo is teasing me that I’m so addicted to this blog already! 😀

    Carol, Chi, Jordan, Khalesh, Tonting, Woainimo…weyayu? 😛

    Santong Kabayo? Haven’t heard that in ages!

    😀 Marie

  7. Hey guys,

    Sorry for the late comment. Been really busy the whole morning. Whew!

    It’s nice to have the trio once again. I missed Mojo! Haha! And hearing Himala again still gives me goosebumps. Hope they’ll add it to their playlist. Better, have a mp3 version of it so I can put it in my ipod.

    One more thing, Ehra should be in #1. I love Ehra, and her body… and her boobies.

    Sexy times…. Good Times!

  8. angel locsin’s boobies are fake… ;p

  9. Hey Benj!

    You’re blog entry is brilliant as always. 🙂 Was dragged all the way to Tagaytay today. It resulted to me missing the show and reading your blog a bit late. 😛

    Mojo’s back? That’s great! Lol. Too bad I didn’t get to hear him this morning.

    Freeloading relatives get to my nerves a LOT. That’s one of the reasons why I’m not very close to my extended family and why I get so bored at family reunions. Plus, my cousins just have this thing for borrowing stuff and not even bothering to return them.

    Scarlet Johansson’s boobs are enormous. She should be number one! lol.


  10. Marie.

    Was kidnapped by friends today. We went to Tagaytay. I’ve never been there before. Turns out that it’s a little bit of Baguio down south. :))

    And there were ponies! ♥ I’m such a sucker for them.

    Can’t blame you if you will end up getting addicted to the blog. It’s totally engaging. Lol. I read it more than I read the daily newspaper. Hahaha.


  11. Tenacious X Says:

    I kinda missed the whole part of the show. >.<

    I really should request for a an earlier off time to catch the show fully.

    I always enjoy the Top 10s!

    My vote goes to Maureen! lol although it is fake, I love her seductive eyes. ^_^

    Good Times everyone!


  12. Tenacious X Says:

    Kudos to you Benj! I really enjoy reading your blogs!

    This my only way to actually keep up with the trio cause of my damn schedule.

    I Thank you for writting these Blogs. ^_^

    keep it up!


  13. Mo, Mojo, Grace Lee! Is Lil Man Guile with you?

    Have fun there!!!

  14. Better late than never I always say! I’m kinda stuck at the moment here at work and was not able to jot down my usual comments. So Benj, don’t worry dude… like I said a trillion times… this is my morning paper. So I got to read it yesterday but did not have the time to punch in a few lines. I knew today you were not goin’ to blog anything about the show so i’m using this time to comment.

    So much for that – as to being addicted to this blog? Heck yeah man! So Marie… I’m present and accounted for my friend! Just gotta get through some rough times.

    Boobie talk – I have to agree with Maureen being the number 1 local Celeb for boobie quality. I mean… just look at her pick here on FHM man! She’s blazing hot! But of course I’ve got to say our own Maria Korea should be in the top 5. I got to meet the twins up close… and she brings it man!

    @Benj (and this goes out to all I guess) – I canceled my Multiply account for personal reasons. You may need to remove the link to my site Benj. If you would want to keep in touch with me you may email me at

    Great times!

  15. Hi,

    Great show yesterday. with regards to the boobies. I don’t see Maui Taylor in the list…hehehe… Scarlet J rocks! Is her twins just like with Grace Lee? 🙂 haha. I could just imagine… 🙂

    I heard the HIMALA yesterday and truely it was GREAT! I just remember in my elementary life singing it infront of the crowd..hahaha…

  16. Hi guys,

    Great responses as always! Don’t worry about it… Just wondering out loud, hehe…

    Ehra? Yeah, baby, now you’re talking… Just saw some more pics of her and I had to wipe the drool from my mouth… Yummy!

    Tagaytay is one of my favorite places to go to… So accessible and the weather’s nice… Lots of places to eat too… Glad you had fun…

    Scarlett Johansson’s boobies are topnotch and I believe that they’re real… Jessica Simpson’s boobs are so fake… I wouldn’t have even considered her on the list…


    Too bad, hehe… It was a nice show yesterday… Maureen, hmmm… Hot bod but I have a thing about real boobs, I prefer them au naturel…

    My man! Glad to see you around… Don’t sweat it bro… I’m just playing the sympathy card, hehe…

    Really sorry to hear about the rough patch you’re going through…. About the multiply account link… I’ll take it down…

    Saved your email addy already….

    Great times, Bro and keep your chin up! 🙂


    Mo and Maui aren’t on good terms, I guess, hehe…. Maybe that’s why she’s not there on the list, I’m just guessing… 🙂

    HIMALA rocked eh? Glad you finally got to hear it…

    Great times guys!


  17. @khalesh,
    ive add you on YM, my YM nick i “ruftnik”.
    maybe sometime we can exhange ideas…lol

  18. present!!!

    hi to benj, khalesh, marie, chi… & others

    sorry guys im really busy… reading the blogs while listening to the recordings…paulit-ulit!!! 🙂

  19. I’m in a deepsh*t heartbroken mode these past few days and I thought I’m losing it. I listened to 89.9 this day and heard Mo Twister promoting Christian groups for people who just want to get back on track of their life.

    I must say, Mo served as “God’s instrument” in my life this day… 😀 kinda thing, (read the phrase again if you just not believed what I wrote lol) but yeah, interestingly I sought advice from a person who belongs to this group and being prayed over by one them really made me feel better

  20. @Hannah
    whoa…. that’s nice you feel better now. SOP after break up…GET a life. 🙂
    Goodthing you are single now and with chance to give hope to all hopeless romantic
    like me… hehehe.. 🙂

    Mo was lucky she saw the boobies of Maui during one of their show… the Tuesday Streaptease if im not mistaken….


  21. Hey Carol,

    Tagaytay is nice. Hope you’re having a blast! 🙂 It’s one of the places I’ve been to and wouldn’t mind going back to. I’ve had a lotta good times there… 🙂

    Hey Khalesh,

    Sorry to hear about your sitch…I hope it’s nothing too bad. 😦 I got your email add, hope it’s ok. Keep your head up man. 🙂

    Hey there to you too Annie. 🙂

    😀 Marie

  22. Hi Hannah,

    So sorry to hear about your love problems… 😦 Life’s a b*atch sometimes but it can be pretty wonderful too… Don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea… 🙂


    Yeah, if you saw my previous imaginary blogpost that was actually Maui during Strip Tuesdays when she was still part of the show, hehe….


  23. hey benj, i guess i’m the last one to comment here… i do tease marie at work and am lovin’ it, she always tells me on the dot when you’re blog is up, but if no one has posted a comment yet, believe me Marie is just itching in her fingers not to be the first. i get to check your newest blog only when i get home coz i dont have access to view other sites from my workstation. w/c is good workwise…pero masipag magtrabaho yang si marie ha! =D

    about religions that are like cults, wasnt Mojo referring to INC? i’m not part of any religious group right now, not atheist either, im just like Fox Mulder… I want to believe. hehe

    khalesh my friend, wish you all the luck.

  24. did they have goodtimes last tuesday? as in the tv show? ’cause this guy posted an episode of goodtimes in youtube..

    I thought they were still on a break or something thats why I didn’t bother to wait for it..

  25. Hi there guys Chris Brown did an interview on Good Times on Wednesday22nd October 2008, does any one know if Rihanna’s interview was aired the following Thursday as planned ? and if so please tell me where I can get that information.

  26. Hi JJ,

    No, Rihanna’s interview didn’t push through… I’m not sure if it’ll be on for tomorrow… Just keep listening to the show and I’m sure they’ll announce it if ever… 🙂

    Good times!


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