Good times with Mo (Oct. 29, 2008)

Karate Kid Shower Costume

Karate Kid Shower Costume

Today’s show had a Halloween theme, well sort of, but discussions about sex and other fun stuff never goes out of style… Particularly for our favorite radio show…

Read on for some of the show’s highlights:

Ah’nuld, Stallone and Gollum

Don Puno, nephew of DILG secretary Ronnie Puno and owner of the famous Alchemy bar, was on hand to promote a Halloween event at Alchemy and also to demonstrate his vocal impersonation talents… If you can recall, Mo asked Don to call the show as Stallone on a prank interview some months ago… The guy was so good that for a couple of minutes, Mojo actually thought he was “the” Sylvester Stallone… 🙂

Don also does impersonations of California governor and former Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lord of the Ring villain, Gollum… His Gollum is spot on… 🙂

Great job!

Halloween costumes

Speaking of Halloween, Mojo was wondering what Halloween costume he’d wear to the Alchemy party… He was considering going as Storm of X-men… A lot of the callers had hilarious suggestions for Mojo but he ruled out anything involving Spandex coz he doesn’t look good in them, hehe…

I wouldn’t think so Mojo… 🙂

One of the coolest costumes I’ve seen in movies is when Mr. Miyagi made Daniel san a shower costume… Now that’s a cool idea!

Maybe you guys would want to help Mojo out with some costume suggestions…

13 Hottest Dead Girls

Still with the Halloween Theme, Mo went through the list of the 13 Hottest Dead Celebrities according to an article by Never mind if you don’t know some of the names, just read the article and you’ll see their photos and the reason why they were famous… 🙂

13. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez – The “L” in TLC
12. Jean Harlow – a classic but definitely way before our time…
11. Anna Nicole Smith – blond bombshell who married rich
10. Princess Diana
9. Dorothy Stratten – Who?
8. Selena – shot by the President of her own fan club…
7. Edie Sedgwick- just read the article, hehe
6. Krissy Taylor – oohh lala… Smokin… Ooopss, I sounded like a necrophiliac there for a second…
5. Gia Carangi – watch Angelina Jolie in her biopic “Gia”… She was incredible during her prime!
4. Jayne Mansfield – another blond bombshell
3. Aaliyah – R Kelly’s girl… great singer
2. Sharon Tate – killed by followers of Charles “The Monster” Manson
1. Marilyn Monroe – at Numero Uno, even JFK will agree…

As always, Mo wanted to do a local version… Hmmm who’d you put on that list?

Rihanna Interview

Nothing even remotely Halloweenish about Rihanna, one of my favorite R&B artists… Yes, you read it right, Mo finally got Rihanna on the show albeit at an indecently early hour on the show, around 6:10AM and she called from the airport… Talk about busy…

I liked Rihanna even more after her interview, she had a nice personality and she was fairly articulate considering her age and fame… Mo told her about Mojo’s plan to do the Umbrella dance moves at her concert with Chris Brown… Rihanna was okay with it and said that a lot of her fans do that whenever she sings “Umbrella” at her concerts… 🙂

Tonting will probably have it up later on his site… Check it out if you missed it…

Young house owners

Mo asked the listeners to call in if they already owned a house at a relatively young age and how they did it… He was thinking about it when he was decorating his condo in Eastwood and one of his frustrations was that he still didn’t own his own place…

I think that majority of Filipinos still rent but should seriously think about owning their own place by their 30’s… It’s a good investment and kind of gives you that satisfaction that you own a little piece of the earth, hehe…

Chime in if you have your own interesting story about owning your own place…

Sweet guy

A listener wrote the show to ask Mojo to read a letter on-air to his wife who’s leaving him after 5 years of marriage… He said that his wife no longer laughs at his jokes and she was always giving him the cold shoulder…

The segment reminded me of Joe the Mango’s advice show on radio some years back, hehe…

But the gesture was sweet and I hope the guy and his girl get back together… Good luck!

Secrets part deux

The Share A Secret portion was so successful that callers were offering to share secrets even though they weren’t disussing that topic anymore…


Lady caller one shared her secret about sleeping with her elder sister’s boyfriend… and her bestfriend’s boyfriend… Whew! For her trouble she got called a skank by Mojo Jojo… 🙂

I thought it was a bit unfair, even granting that she was a skank, Mojo shouldn’t have told her that and just gave her advice or something.


Another lady caller was sleeping with 2 guys at the same time and she was “delayed”… Worst thing about it is that she didn’t know who the father was… Mo and Grace advised her to take a pregnancy test and start using protection if she wasn’t pregnant…

Not quite so famous celebrity

Another lady shared a secret that she bore the child of a celebrity who was already married to a beauty queen for 10 years… When prompted to name the celebrity, she didn’t want to give it out on air… The clue she gave was that the celebrity was connected with Bigfish…

Finally, Mo got her to name the celebrity but my man Mo drew a blank, hehe…

Apparently, not an A-lister…

Who do you think the guy is?

Great show as always!

Good times! 🙂

33 Responses to “Good times with Mo (Oct. 29, 2008)”

  1. Hey Benj,

    Great show today. Good re-cap too! 🙂

    Can I just say, Don Puno sounds so good on the radio (own voice and impersonations)…and I like his wit too. I hope they guest him more. 🙂

    Share a Secret
    These girls are getting skankier and skankier by the day! And they do love airing out their dirty laundry, don’t they? Don’t get me wrong, it’s good radio. 🙂

    Sweet Guy
    Yeah, he sounds sweet but I’m wondering what happened that made his wife not be in love with him anymore… I mean, nobody even asked what happened. They just all focused on how “sweet” this guy is. Hmmm… I smell foul play here.

    I love the lists, too.

    😀 Marie

  2. the show today was really really funny!!!

  3. i woke-up bout 6:28 this morning, turn my radio on.. hehehhehehe i was late, nasa middle of the interview na si rhianna… recorded in clip #1 but its replayed in


  4. Tenacious X Says:

    I can listen to the show full time now! oye!

    kiss my @$$ IT people from my company! they have to block a billion proxies before they could stop me from listenin’ to GTWM.

    Thanks again to Benj for this great recap o the show.

    I learned something today, Rhianna admitted that she is really a Bad Girl!
    Mo is right! there is nothing wrong in being a bad girl, Rarrr! lol

    as always Good Times Everyone!


  5. Tenacious X Says:

    and oh,
    Congrats to Marie for taking once again the 1st post award! lol

  6. Hey Marie,

    Yeah, Don’s a talented guy… “My precious”, hehe

    Re the secrets, yeah, well the anonymity is liberating certainly, I’d doubt if they’ll tattle tale with other people if they weren’t… Also, I guess its their shot at 20 seconds of fame… 🙂

    I guess girls are really liberated nowadays, good times for us guys!

    Re Sweet guy… Hmmm, that’s right… they never did ask that… I wonder why the girl fell out of love with him? Sharp insight there Marie… 🙂

    Great times as always!


  7. angmagemailunggoy Says:

    if mojo will wear a catwoman costume for the halloween party.. he might give a wrong clue.. is that garfield? hehehe!!
    just kidding..

    good show today!

    thanks benj for the daily update! good job!

  8. Thanks Carlo! 😀

    😀 Marie

  9. Blog’s back on track! Yoohoo! Ok… Don Puno is one of the coolest guys on the show! Yup Benj… his Gollum impersonation is amazing! Really really funny! I hope the other guy Mo is talking about also guests on the show (was it Don or that other guy who pranked Grace?).

    On the hottest Dead Pinay Celeb ~ surprisingly all those I remember to be in R rated movies (then called “Pene” movies) are still around. One notable dead pinay that I can recall though was the late Pepsi Paloma because of her controversial rape case and death (very tragic) as this involved the very popular trio of Tito, Vic and Joey! Do you have anyone else Benj?

    Anyway, I couldn’t find a decent pic of Pepsi to share with you guys but I’m sure you can find some on the net.

    Great times!


  10. angmagemailunggoy Says:

    i got one (for the local hottest dead celebrity)..

    scarlet garcia. she died last march 2008.

  11. scarlet garcia who?

    for the sweet guy.
    -if your wife don’t want you anymore, would it be nice? back to being a bachelor again…

    for mojo’s custome,
    -he should wear a “hard gay” custome. if you don’t know hard gay, just google it.

    -these girls ang getting nastier, kawawa naman kaming mga guys…

  12. Hi,

    Pinays are so liberated now adays. hmmm.. I just couldn’t imagine owning their bestfriend’s BF even their own big sister… argh… See, guys are always the victim here. 🙂 Agree? heheh…


  13. angmagemailunggoy Says:

    @ rufnnek
    scarlet garcia is a former viva hot babe member..

  14. @angmagemailunggoy

    – that’s a real tongue twister handle you’ve got there man! But you’re absolutely correct. Scarlet “Mae” Garcia (a.k.a. Scarlet Bouffard) died from a gunshot wound on the head in Olongapo City. A case of murder i guess. She also posed for FHM before. You can check out her pics at Good call my friend!

  15. @angmagemailunggoy

    – that’s quite a tongue twister handle you’ve got there! and because it is what it is ~ I won’t email you! 🙂 You are absolutely correct about Scarlet “Mae” Garcia (a.k.a. Scarlet Bouffard in FHM). Hot chick indeed! Good call there bud!


  16. Hi Carlo,

    Thousands of proxies around, just ask Google, hehe…

    Khalesh, my man! He’s got nothing on your Indian impersonation, hehe….
    Hottest celebrity corpse would have to be Claudia Zobel if you still remember her… 🙂

    Great times, guys!


  17. hey!

    nice to have don puno on the show today…my dear benj, when will u guest the show???:-)

  18. Great show today. Btw, the “go zay your self” of Mojo was High-larious for me. lol (just want to share). Thanks again Benj.


  19. Hi Tang,

    Well I’m not quite that famous yet, hehe… And I’m sure I’d make for pretty bad radio = ratings death, hehe…

    Thanks for the suggestion though…


  20. Hi Zildjian,

    Yeah, that was original, haha… Hi-larious, I agree… “Go zay yourself”…

    Great times!


  21. Hey Benj!

    Agree that Don Puno makes a very good impersonation of Gollum!

    I love it when the girls start to share their dirt. Seeeee? Girls aren’t that good and we’re not that helpless. We’re not really the victims most of the time. Lol.

    I agree with Marie’s take on the sweet guy. I think he did something that made his wife fall out of love with him. Cheated perhaps? Or maybe their relationship was too monotonous?

    I have my own condo in Eastwood. 🙂 I actually bought it from my Mom. Does that count?


  22. loved Don Puno! was LMAOing everytime he did AHnold and Sly Hey Benj, thank the Lord for your recap, I called up Mo during commercial break after Rhianna’s IV and said i wouldnt be able to listen coz I didnt have my headphones! MO was so sweet, he didnt really say anything sweet, but it’s MO, u know… hey MARIE i didnt see you at work today gurl!

    Having your own place.. I have a house and a condo by 2011 but didnt pay for it, but I did sweet-talked my way into it so there was still effort on my part.

    Here’s a quick solution: marry an old rich and lonely foreigner from the internet to buy that place for u.

    for the serious ppl out there, that statement was a joke, ‘aight mates!

  23. Hey Carol!

    Yeah, the Share a Secret portion was really “revealing” for us guys… Which is good in a way, hehe… Gives us more ideas on what’s out there…

    Female intuition in concurrence, hehe… Hmmm, 5 years is kind of short to be bored with a marriage… Another possibility that I thought of was that maybe the girl wasn’t really in love with the guy when they got hitched? I mean not the “for keeps” kind of love…

    Good for you! Oh and you’re neighbors with Gumatay, hehe… You’ve got him beat in that area then… Though I’m guessing your Mom may not have raised the price too much considering you’re her daughter, hehe…

    Great times!


  24. Hi Woainimo,

    Great story there… You really do “ai” Mo,hehe…

    Now you’ve got me curious how you sweet talk your way to a condo unit… 🙂

    Care to share? hehe

    Good times!


  25. Benj.

    I think you’ve got a point on the girl not really being in love with the guy in the first place. That’s like sooo possible. But for me, five years is too long. Waking up to the same person every single day can be… monotonous. Then it becomes boring. Then everything goes downhill right? Guys have to keep girls interested! 😛 Or am I making marriage into some sort of relationship? Lol.

    Lol. It’s kind of a tricky payment (which turned out bad for me coz she made me promise not to do some stuff here like learn how to drive and eventually get in a car accident. lol). Payed it with some money from my acount that she’s been keeping hold of. But I do get the condo so all’s well. And I love the neighborhood. ♥ Neighbors! Lol. He can come over anytime. 🙂


  26. deadmansbones Says:

    Hey Carol,

    You’ve got some great insight there. I can’t believe your not even twenty! 🙂 (Am I right?)

    Sweet deal with your mom, don’t you think? 😛

    Hey Woainimo,

    I’m in Subic. I took time off work, hehehe. All good except we I don’t get Magic here so that kinda sucks. Good thing I can count on Benj to put up a blog about today’s show.

    Hey Benj,

    Can’t wait for the blog man… and about Woainimo, she really does “ai” mo VERY much!!!

    😀 Marie

  27. Tenacious X Says:

    Costume for Mojo,

    if you watched family guy, there was an episode where brian proved that peter was so fat that he has his own gravitational pull by putting planet models around him and they actually revolved! lol

    (crap what has gotten in to me?!) just thought it would be a good idea to dress up as a solar system or something (neardy!) lol ^_^

    did Mojo agreed on the deal to lose weight? I mean the plan of Mo for Mojo to wear tight clothes, I think It could actually work.. ^^


  28. Marie!

    😀 I’m only nineteen. Turning 20 June of next year so I still get to call my rants as a product of teen angst for the next few months. Lol. I guess I’m just pretty turned off by relationships. Thus, that insight.

    Yeah. Totally sweet but I have to look after myself all the time. living alone does have its disadvantages. Like doing the god-damned dishes. Cooking for myself’s not a problem though. 😛


  29. Hi Carol,

    You are still 19? Wow! Bigtime! 🙂

  30. Tenacious X Says:


    “Wow! Bigtime!” <– lol nice reaction ^^

  31. goodtimes!! i really enjoy the show and love mo so much!

  32. Wow! Bigtime! —– menyak detected

  33. “doing the god-damned dishes” – I’m totally with you on this! 🙂

    😀 Marie

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