Good Times with Mo (Nov. 4, 2008)

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Mo was giving away Rihanna and Chris Brown tickets and I tried to call in but the damned lines were always busy, hehe… In any event, I probably wouldn’t have won coz they were giving it away to the best impersonators of either Mo, Mojo or Grace…

Read on for the day’s highlights:


As stated in the intro, Rihanna and Chris Brown concert tickets were up for grabs by the best caller giving their impersonations of either of the 3 hosts…

A lot of the impersonators were pretty lame and Mo was pretty quick to cut them off and give them the loser buzzer…Β  But kudos to them, they had the guts, never mind the talent… πŸ™‚

Regular caller Anton was a frontrunner but he was eventually overtaken by the last caller who did a hilarious impersonation of Mo, Mojo and Grace… Yeah, an imaginary conversation between the three hosts was done by our imaginative caller… Kind of like my imaginary blogs… His impression of Grace Lee was freakishly funny…

Congratulations dude!


Mo discoursed at length about things the he feels are overrated for their price… He gave the example of business class tickets which for P50K you get unlimited orange juice and better food but he felt that the price difference between economy and business class didn’t justify the perks you get for the trip…

Havianas were also cited by Grace Lee and Mojo I think although they did admit to owning several pairs…

For the sports freaks out there, I think Yonex rackets are overrated in terms of price… I mean P10K for a racket? I can get a perfectly good racket for P3K (RSL)… And I’ve never ever truly seen a mediocre player become better by wielding a P10K Yonex racket… It looks good but their technique still sucks, hehe…

Any other examples?

Barack’s grandma dies

Some sad news for the Barack Obama fans, President to be Obama’s maternal grandmother who was very ill passed away on the eve of the US Presidential elections…

I just wish she could’ve seen her grandson become President of the United States before she passed…Β  😦

Ruffa Mae Q&A

My favorite Q&A superstar, Ruffa Mae Quinto, was interviewed again by Mo and asked several relatively simple questions and Mojo and Grace were asked to give their opinion if she could answer said questions.

Now, Ruffa Mae has been doing this segment for quite a while now and she is responsible for some “gems” which have tickled me silly in the past, amongst my favorites were:

Mo: What are the 4 Gospels in the Bible?

Ruffa Mae: Hindi ba 13 yun? Sina Peter, Paul, Simon, Jesus…

If I recall my Biblical classes correctly, the correct answer would have been Matthew, Mark, Luke and John… And oh, there were 12 apostles not 13, hehe…

Anyway, here’s Ruffa answering several questions from Mo:

Mo – What’s KPH?
Ruffa – Kilometers per hour?Β  Bravo!

Mo – The Chris Brown and Rihanna concert is going to be held at the Fort. In what city can you find “The Fort?
Ruffa – TaguigΒ Β  Man, she’s on a roll…

Mo – Is the Philippine flag blue over red or red over blue?
Ruffa – Red over blue?Β  Ohhh, darn… that’s for wartime my dear…

Mo – Who’s the mayor of Manila?
Ruffa – Atienza? errr Lim? Alfredo Lim!Β Β  Tingtingting!

Wow, Ruffa Mae almost aceing our 2nd grader questions, hehe…

Fat girls getting more loving

In a recent study, it was found that fat women are getting more sex than their normal sized counterparts… I guess this validates Mo’s theory that no matter how fat or fugly a girl is, someone, somewhere is a guy willing to bang her… I mean the man’s a genius… Now he has scientific proof, hehe…

Grace Lee put her foot in her mouth again when she said that she always thought fat people didn’t get as much sex as “normal” people…

A caller phoned in and disagreed with Grace… He said he was 5’9″ and 275 lbs. and he’s had 6 one night stands, hehe… The catch? He doesn’t much care about appearances, as long as it moves and wears a skirt, he’s on it… πŸ™‚

Dream lover

A cool couple called in and he guy related how he has Jessica Gomes pictures in his iPod and he had a stash of porn there as well… And the cool thing is, his wife was okay with it and that she watches porn with her husband…

Mo asked him if he ever fantasized being with another woman while he was making love with his wife… Yes, yes and yes… And the guy didn’t mind admitting it in front of his wife…

Mo was impressed and said they could hang with him anytime… He thought they were realistic and not at all hypocritical… πŸ™‚

Another caller chimed in that he did a loser move…. He was making love with his girlfriend and he called her by another name, hehe…

Now that’s a super loser move… No wonder his girl dumped him…

Great show today!

Loving it more and more…

Great times, guys!

35 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Nov. 4, 2008)”

  1. Hey Benj,

    Is it possible to get a bigger picture of Ms Gomes? I mean, really? πŸ™‚

    Moving on…

    Imaginative caller was very funny!

    On fat girls getting more booty – I know a few guys who prefer bigger 9meaning fat) girls. Go figure.

    On loser move – Guilty! I did this once and couldn’t sweet talk my way out of it. He, however, turned out to be one of my longest relationships. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  2. 1st to comment!!!!

    i love you rufa mae (grace lee tone of voice saying i love you chiz escudero)

    fat girls are really bangable…hehehe

  3. Nice Jessica Gomes pic. I love the armpit. Heheheh! I’m a pervert.

  4. Hi,

    There are still fat girls that are sexy and cleand guys would rather be in fat girls
    than to have a normal girl but doesn’t look clean. mean!!! πŸ™‚

    Oh Marie, thanks for sharing your loser move. That is bad, I wonder if there
    is a guy who did that to you as well?

    Jessica Gomes is on FHM in november issue. Sexy and hot!


  5. Kudos to Marie for being 1st to chime in! Hehehe! Love your comments dear! And yup… another great show indeed my friends!

    On Ms Gomes ~ holy @#$%&*#%@#%$%(*&*@@#$%$^&!!!! I really love Mo’s taste for women! I mean this girl Jessica BRINGS it man! She has been modeling all over – Vogue, Victoria’s Secret, Estee Lauder… she’s been to places dude. And talk about a handful of perfect jugs! Although I like this pic of hers better (one you posted Benj) rather than the others on sports illustrated. Enough of this… I’m running out of tissues from wiping off my drool!

    Overrated items ~ I was shocked to know there were slippers being sold by the thousand pesos out there! I mean really?! For slippers?! I already feel robbed when I am offered denims that cost over 3 or 4k Pesos. I mean I can get one tailored for less than a thousand (call me cheap… so what?! All Indians are!)

    Impersonations – I think I could do a good “Mojo” impersonation. I just didn’t have enough practice to be good enough for the show. Remember dear friends… it has to be entertaining. We can all be part of the show as long as we can contribute. So if you’re just in it for the tickets… well, you’d either have to be smokin’ hot or extremely talented or funny (and that’s just to get their attention). See what happened to the blabber-mouths who call up the show?! πŸ˜€

    By the way, speaking of impersonations, do you guys notice that Mojo sounds like Tom Hanks when he’s fired up?

    Anyways, another great blog for a great show!


  6. BTW,

    Jessica Gomes stat. Measurements 33-23-35

    she has 33… how much more with grace 36D if i remember, please correct me if i’m wrong πŸ™‚


  7. Great show today! πŸ™‚

    Uhmm I have a small Havaianas collection but yeah I agree that they’re overrated. The really rare/ limited editions are even sold at more than 3,000 php while the ones with crystals sell as much as 5,000 php! The cheapest pairs cost 895 php. I have 10 pairs. I swore before that I won’t buy one but when I saw the Havaianas Kids Fairies, I just knew I have to have it. After that first pair I just couldn’t resist buying. I stopped now though because I figured it is better to just buy books or gadgets. Hehe. Okay I’ll stop blabbering now Γ–

    Thanks for the recap Benj!

  8. @marie,
    naunahan mo ako pumindot ng “submit comment”

  9. @rufnnek – yea. she’s 4 minutes ahead of you when you hit the submit button. πŸ™‚

  10. Benj, that picture is ENORMOUS! Lol!

    Damn. That Jessica Gomes is hot. Like really really really effing hot.

    I used to be crushing on this really hot guy. UNTIL we found ourselves drinking at a party and while he was effing drunk, he said that he’s into “chubby” girls. And he even commented that he would’ve liked me if I’d put more weight on. NO, THANKS.

    @ Marie
    I’ve had those kind of experiences too. No way of sweet talking myself out of it either. πŸ˜›


  11. @jagaruga,
    the armpit is photshopped.

  12. Hey NDCebu,
    You little perv! πŸ™‚ What are you on about clean fat girls and “normal” (can you be more un-PC?) girls being not clean? You’re comment is so unclear, it’s funny! πŸ˜€ But not to worry, I kinda get where you’re going there…

    Hey Khalesh,
    Thanks man! πŸ™‚ Good to “hear” from you again. And aren’t you clever to figure out Mojo sounds like Tom Hanks when he gets fired up? He does! “You’re evil! You’re evil! -Mojo”

    Hey Benj,
    See what happens when you post pics like this on your blog? I can smell the testosterone oozing out of my computer! πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  13. Hei there,

    First things first, congrats Marie for being the 1st one to comment. Couldn’t wait for our comments eh? Haha!

    ~Jessica Gomes
    Ya man! Holy !@$#$@%@#$!~ She’s really smoking hot. I saw her in some magazines before and thought of putting a baby in her. Haha. Damn, she’s one piece of ass. *drool*

    About the plane trips, I’m not sure if business class is the same as the 1st class. I’ve flown comfortably in 1st class and it’s all worth it. I swear. But if I were to use my own dough for it, not a chance. Economy will do.

    About the racquets, man, I’ve held this 16k Yonex Racquet and it was beautiful. Damn, if only I have the money. NAH! Not a chance either.

    Nice racquet Benj, I’m using Karakal racquet. Worth 4k. Up to 30 tension but am currently in 26. *Smash!*

    Well honestly speaking, I don’t care if I spend alot on clothes as long as the quality is there and it’s comfortable. I don’t mind buying flip flops/thongs worth up to 2k. But that’s it. Flip flop/thongs worth 3k and up is RIDICULOUS.

    The dude that did all 3 impersonations at the same time was good. I was laughing when he did the “ano yan?” of Mojo. Real funny. Congrats to you my friend. See you on the concert!

    If you’ve watched Russell Peters comedy act before (you can DL it on limewire) he said that CHINESE AND INDIANS CAN’T DO BUSINESS TOGETHER. You know what we mean, Chinese will do everything to take as much from you, and Indians will do everything to keep as much from you. That’s bad business.

    Good times!

    (This is quite long and boring. Sorry. Starbucks in my blood right now. Yikes!)

  14. Cont…

    If forgot to say, I am Chinese, and I believe you are Indian. Tama ba? If so, we can’t do business together. It’s just bad.

    ~Chubby girls
    Yeah, I like a little chubbyness. Girls weighing in around 120-130kgs will do.

    Still, the coffee is in my blood. Good times!

  15. Hey Carol,
    Nice to see another girl in here! Whew! πŸ™‚

    Hey Chi,
    I knew you were out there somewhere! Just waiting for your (drooly) comment, hehehe. πŸ™‚

    Hey rufnnek,
    Sensya na po. πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  16. Marie,
    Lol. Testosterone oozing out of my laptop too. OMG.

    33-23-35??? NO WAY. Those are my stats and I don’t have “that”! I’m guessing she’s a 34-35 when it comes to upper body measurements. πŸ˜›

    I suddenly felt the urge to go to Starbucks. XD

  17. Tenacious X Says:

    The last to comment is a Loser ! Damn… >.<


    Definitely! Mo has the right to own her, just hope he knows how to share… lol (I can own her too) ^^
    and I think she measures 36-24-35

    @ Carolific
    I know A guy who is a chubby charmer, when ever we go out and check on some girls he would choose the chubby ones…

    react react! you know who you are… lol

    Good Times Everyone!


  18. Hi Marie,

    First poster, eh… Sorry about the pic… I couldn’t resist not resizing it… It wouldn’t have done Jessica justice if I reduced it by a couple of pixels, hehe…

    I just checked out and she’s smoking in that GQ photoshoot…

    Great loser move, hehe… Kinda shrivels the guy’s ego and other parts, if you get my drift, hehe….

    @jagaruga, smooth as a baby’s butt… πŸ™‚


    My man! Haven’t “seen” you hanging around my blog lately, hehe… Good to read you again…

    Practice some more and I’m sure you can do a banging Mojo Jojo impression…

    Mojo sounding like Tom Hanks, hmmm… I’ll listen more carefully next time and see if he does sound like Forrest Gump… πŸ™‚


    I don’t think those are 33’s… They seem more than a handful…. πŸ™‚


    Sounds like you have an Imeldific streak, hehe… 10 pairs of Havianas, eh…. How do you manage to wear all of them, hehe….


    Bro, are you using the superlight Karakal? There’s one model that only weighs 70 gms… I love RSL’s they’re durable, they’re light and they can take high tension… I’m at 28…


    Hehe, I wish it was even bigger… I love her looks, kind of like Maria Ozawa with the Caucasian and Asian blend…. Smoking!

    I agree about the measurements, her topless photos say she’s around a 34B I think… πŸ™‚

    Great times guys!


  19. @Marie – Thank you for noticing my comment. πŸ™‚

    chubby + clean = rocks! BUT sexy + emo = ???

    @tenacious, carol – Please see…
    but i don’t know how true that wiki is. Or maybe its 33D???
    I tried to asked girls about this and CAP sizes really matter as they say. Agree?


  20. Benj,

    The way I see it, Jessica Gomes kicks the hell out of Maria Ozawa. Her face is waaay prettier!

    Tenacious X,

    Suddenly, skinny is out fashion. Lol.


  21. Hi,

    That’s where I get the info. but i don’t know how true that wiki is. Or maybe it’s 33D

    @Carol – maybe you got 33A? joke…hehehe. Peace!!!


  22. Hi,

    I found this link …

    Maybe its 33D? but i don’t know if it’s true about her wiki.


  23. ~Benj,
    Whoa! 28! We have a smasher here! Haven’t played for 2 weeks now. Darn work!

    ~Tenacious X,
    Aryt. I’m the chubby charmer! I just love those chubby girls. Take note, chubby not fat. Dammit XMEN! Ooops!

    Yup. Especially the red cups are out. No peppermint mochas for this season. Too bad.

    Good times!

  24. Hey Chi,

    I hate that they didn’t come out with the peppermint mochas! Grr…

    I had a feeling you were the “chubby charmer”. πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  25. @Marie
    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad I found time to write in. Goodtimes!

    Russel Peters is one of my favorite comedians! He was here in Manila last Friday doing a show (can’t wait for the videos to come out on youtube). And yup… that hilarious point about Chinese and Indians could never do business is so true! I know coz my mom’s half Chinese… which makes me 25% Chinese as well. As Russel Peters would say it… “pretty soon… Indian and Chinese blood will be in everyone ~ so you can run from us now…. but soon… we’ll be humpin’ you baby!”

    I read your Blogs dude! I sorta knew you weren’t gonna blog anything about last Thursday’s show but I was kinda hoping you would (I checked the site till midnight man hoping you’d write something). I’m just glad I had the time today to punch in a couple of lines.

    Great times!

  26. Hi,

    This where I found the stats of jessica.

    @carol keep that figure. πŸ™‚


  27. @ Marie,
    Yup. Guilty as charged. I am the chubby charmer and again I’ll make it clear, chubby not fat. There’s a big difference between the two. Haha. And I am a self-confessed Starbucks addict. Can’t live without em. Even last Friday evening, when I stayed overnight here in the office (trying to meet a deadline again) I went to 4 Starbucks and only found the last one still open. From McKinley to Market Market, Serendra then High St. And that’s at 1am. Haha!

    @ Khalesh,
    Oh yes, same here. Russel Peters is one funny dude. Sucks that I missed his show last Friday. Was smiling when I read your post… “so you can run from us now…. but soon… we’ll be humpin’ you baby!”. Remembering the good times! Damn, I have to watch it again tonight.

    Good times!

  28. hey khalesh πŸ™‚ i figured out that your multiply no longer exist, good thing i saw your comments here. anyway, i’m just hoping you could help us out regarding our thesis. maybe you can share some of the things you know about Indian marriage or possibly recommend other Indians whom we can interview as well. super thankssss πŸ˜€

  29. Tenacious X Says:

    Since Mo is sharing his Jessica Gomes,

    I’d like to share mine too..

    here is Eri Otoguro…and no she is not on a japanese porn (yet).

    here is the link


    check her out… ^_^

    Good Times!


  30. Hi,

    Please see the link

    That’s where I got her stat measurement… maybe it’s 33D or E or F hehehe.


  31. Hey Guys and Girls!

    Just wanna join your conversations here….I’ve been reading Benj’s blog for quite sometime and I’m just amused with all the comments…seems like you have a “family” here…

    Anyways….I personally do not like Havaianas…not because they are pricey but I find its designs boring…sorry Carol….hehe

    Re dream lover: Fantasizing about other people really makes the “act” more exciting….based on personal experiences (notice the “s”….hehe).

    Good times!

  32. Hi Mai! πŸ™‚

    I don’t wear Havaianas. πŸ˜› I think you mean Krissy. πŸ™‚

    I do share your views when it comes to Flip Flops. Prices and Design… All that. But when it comes to clothes, shoes and bags, somebody would have to put a leash on me to keep me from getting my hands on them and spending more than necessary. Lol. Like those pointed booties from Aldo! (OMG OMG OMG)



  33. Tenacious X Says:

    @ Mai

    Family? I can agree to that, and the father will be Benj! lol

    everyone here is having a good time (and sexy times as well lol) talking to each other about our beloved morning show…

    Good Times!


  34. […] Nice post. I linked to you from my site, hope that helps. […]

  35. Hi everyone!!!Just my first time to comment but I always read your blog benj…I’m from cali actually and I listen to the show around 2pm here…^^ goodtimes..

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