Good Times with Mo (Nov. 17, 2008)

St. Bono... Menage a troi anyone?

St. Bono... Menage a troi anyone?

Wow, good show today… My man Mo is back and everything’s right with the universe again, hehe…

Secret sharing is back and some of the kinkiest and gross out stuff was shared mostly on the text line…

Read on for the hightlights:

Catholic schools and broken families

Mo started off the discussion with the practice of some Catholic schools of pre-screening students before accepting them on the basis of their family structure… If you come from a broken family, you’re basically out… It just seems to me to be misguided piety and a “holier than thou” attitude which would be counterintuitive to the teachings of the Church…

Another thing is their practice of kicking out students who get pregnant while still studying… I mean they’re already traumatized as it is… Talk about rubbing salt to the wounds!

What’s your take on this guys?

Jobama for President

If you’ve been reading the papers in the past week, incumbent Makati Mayor Jojo Binay has openly declared his intention to run for President in the 2010 election even going so far as to declare himself as the Obama of the Philippines or Jobama… Sheesh… Come on Binay give me a break…

Mo himself was incredulous whilst reading the news… Obama ran and won on a platform of change but Binay is trapo if ever there was one… I mean their whole family is running Makati… Admittedly not a bad administrator but their family’s practice of substituting for one another once their term limits run out in order to circumvent the law smacks of greed for power and the lack of delicadeza…

Other than the color of their skin, Binay is nothing like Obama…

Sharon’s reward

Also in the news, Sharon Cuneta has offered from P5 to P10M big ones to anybody who can prove that her husband has a paramour… That’s a lot of moolah just to shut up her detractors…

I don’t know the background of this story (nor do I particularly care) but if anybody out there has proof, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is (or at least get money where your mouth is), hehe…

Poker and Mojo

It seems that our favorite bohemian DJ Mojo is indulging in one of life’s pleasures again… According to Mo and Grace, Mojo is now “addicted” to gambling… It seems that Mojo has been hitting the tables a lot recently and this brought up a discussion as to whether one can make a decent living playing poker exclusively…

Two professional poker players called in with the first one, Daniel, claiming that he had a system which he strictly adhered to in order to prevent uncountable losses at the poker table… He’s only willing to lose P30K a day playing poker and if he hits that maximum target, he gets up and stops playing… Even better when he doubles up his capital to P60K, he’s out of there… That takes a lot of discipline and good for him if he adheres to that system… Oh and his take for this month? P220K…

Another pro, who’s wife called in initially and woke him up to chime in with his experiences on the poker circuit…. His current earnings for 2008? P9M with losses of P4.5M… That puts him still ahead by P4.5M roughly… Mo was so jealous, hehe…

Boobs Lee

I don’t know how the topic drifted to nicknames but Mo has an interesting new nickname for Grace… Yup, it’s Boobs Lee, hehe… I got a good laugh out of that one…

That’s 10X better than my Maria Korea one…

Fame and cheating

Mo talked about the recent controversial picture of married U2 frontman and famed philantrophist Bono or St. Bono as he is also widely known… And he has come up with another controversial theory… Fame and cheating go hand in hand…

In particular, rockstars are the ones most exposed to groupies and other sources of temptation… I guess it comes with the territory… I mean fame seems to attract all sorts of people… I know my man Mo has a number of girls willing to do the jiggy with him because of his fame…

Ah, what a life…

Ricky Reyes for Senator

Another silly topic which was discussed which had me in stitches was the prospect of Ricky Reyes running for the Senate… Again, this is based on Mo and Mojo’s assessment that the Philippines is the gay capital of the world… As in we have more gay people per square foot than any other place on earth…

Which begs the question, if gays can’t reproduce, why are there so many of them? πŸ™‚

The gang had all sorts of silly suggestions for a Ricky Reyes campaign… Instead of vote buying, you get free haircuts or hair rebonding at any Ricky Reyes salon of your choice…

Pink would probably the dominant color of Ricky’s party, hehe… He and BF would make a good pair, hehe…

Secrets, secrets and more secrets

This segment is like a bad dream which keeps recurring but it certainly is fun, hehe… Mo invited the callers to chime in and share their deepest and darkest secrets… Normally for this segment it’s the female callers who call in but for some strange reason, maybe the planets were out of alignment or something, it was mostly male callers calling in and giving their two cents…

Menage a troi

Another favorite secret which also keeps recurring on this segment is the menage a troi, but this time it was literally a threesome… Caller said that his gf caught him sleeping with her younger sister and instead of beating him over the head with a stick which she should have, she obligingly takes off her own clothes and joins them…

Now that’s what I call sisterly love… Mo was positively puking with envy… πŸ™‚ Now if only the sisters were twins, it would have been perfect…

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Another called shared his secret of family revenge… According to him, his Mom was kidnapped while he was still a boy and unfortunately for the kidnappers, they were intercepted somewhere in Batangas and they were consequently arrested at a checkpoint…

Apparently, his family was so pissed that they made arrangements with the policemen who had custody of the kidnappers to rub them out for an unspecified amount…

The poor schmucks met their end in one of those elaborately staged “shootouts”…

Revenge is served…

What’s your take on this, guys? Do you think those kidnappers deserved that kind of fate?

Love bunny

A caller texted in said that he’s been keeping a stuffed bunny for a number of years to help him ease his lonely nights… I wouldn’t want to be that bunny, hehe… I hope he has the decency to wash Bugs Bunny after every session or that bunny is going to smell like Clorox and probably be as stiff as a board… πŸ™‚


A mortician texted in and said that he’d done the jiggy with one of his “clients”… Now that’s positively creepy and downright gross… I mean come on… Have some friggin respect… 😦

Entertaining show today and I’m glad Jobert the psychic dude was nowhere in sight, hehe…

Good times guys!

22 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Nov. 17, 2008)”

  1. first time long time Says:

    welcome back to you too sir!

  2. Ah hah!!! So finally our good ol’ buddy Benj has found some time to blog! Thanks man! I know you’re busy dude! But great times my friend! Great times!

    Jobama ~ this has got to be the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Dear Mayor… If you do read this blog…. I hope you do not go for this. I mean… for the love of all that’s good and holy! It’s not a bad sounding name… but to ride on the platform of “change”? Mo has got a very good point there about Makati being the Binay’s family business my friend!

    Fame and Cheating ~ well let’s face it… temptation is fame’s older twin sister! As other people also wants to be famous… naturally they would want to hang out with those who are already famous. It’s like a magnet that attracts them so much. I like the way Mo explained his point on “ugly celebrities”. I guess it would really be difficult for one to shun away from temptation specially when it was what he has dreamed of for so long (being very unpopular in his childhood days and all that ~ wondering what it felt like to be the popular-handsome guy in school).

    Great show and another great blog Benj!


  3. Hi Khalesh,

    Just like old times my man… Just like old times…

    Loved today’s show…


  4. Benj!
    Great show (the parts that I caught) and great blog! So glad you had the time. πŸ™‚

    Best joke ever!

    Necrophiliac and Love Bunny
    Eeeww!!! These are the probably examples of Mo’s adage that ugly girls can still get laid but with ugly boys, forget it! Eeeww! πŸ™‚

    Glad to have you back Benj… Hey Khalesh, first to post…woohoo!

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  5. Great show. My blood was boiling when I heard about that guy who said his secret is that he hold upped a delivery truck. Mo said it’s not true but the guy had me there and I felt nothing but Rage. The thing I hate in the world are those low life thieves.

    About the kidnappers, part of me says that they deserve to die since their no different from thieves,but I think it’s better if they just rot in a cell.

  6. Cristy Pata Says:

    Jojomar Binay must be out of his head when he had the gutts to compare himself with Obama.Hey Binay your more than 20 years in power and you are enjoying the filth and corruption in the Republic of Makati. Thanks to you we have no window period for the color coding. No comparison. Obama is charismatic while you are funny and scary.

    Re Necrophilac well i didnt hear that since i already stepped out of my car when that topic probably came out.Really? well my mom before guarded the corpse of her unwed sister since she said she does not want the body to be corrupted by the funeral people. Hey somebody from “Imbestigador” could make a story out of this.


  7. schools dont have the right to impose those rules when it comes to enrollees. what is the basis for this? why do they DISCRIMINATE students who come from broken families!

    i pity those schools

  8. Hi Marie,

    Just took the opportunity when it presented itself, hehe… The necrophilia thing was pretty gross I thought and it’s absolute desecration…

    @Jagaruga, I didn’t blog about the holdupper guy coz I thought he was lying through his teeth… His story and the way he told it was just so fake…

    @Cristy Pata, hehe… Nice nick there… Jobama? Geez, a trapo if ever there was one… Glad you liked the blog…

    @Rap Rap – The names of some schools were dropped and it was kind of sad that they had these so-called standards… Kinda reminded me of Jesus and the Pharisees…

    Good times guys!


  9. yeah i know you did not put the names of those so-called quality schools for confidentiality. its really a shame for those schools to call them a catholic institution, yet those who run the administration does not have any values at all.

    no matter what they say and how they explain, they are discrimininating. now, does the Department of Education, Culture and Sports and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines know this?

    my school is not like those “schools” but i share the same sentiments of the general.

    even though this is not anymore implemented, i hope someone from those school call the show and explain

  10. Binay is really out of his mind! REALLY!

  11. nice benj!!!!
    your in yourself again…

    catholic schools,
    -luckily lasalle don’t check their students personal life. i grew up with lasalle but never seen a student being kick out because she is pregnant and looking for family backgrounds. la salle is an all profit institution with gay FSCs.

    jobama for president
    -i would rather chose bayani than this MAPSA guys. i don’t want to se MAPSA boys all over the philippines. btw, jobama and his vice has a secret headquarter somewhere in the east, it was so big, it concelled itself as a farm. now talking about tax collection in makati.

    boobs lee
    -do you think, mo and grace had a ONS?

    fame and cheating
    -bono is saint for us rockers…hehehe

    ricky reyes for senator
    -gays are like gremlins.

    -if i were that guy, i would marry my gf and then ask her sister to move with us, that would be fun.

    -lawless elements should be killed…

  12. I caught the part where Daniel the poker player was on the line. It really is very important to know when to stop even though you’re “in a rush” because once, I gained 300% but it all came downhill after only 5 hands. Not so good. =(

    Don’t quit blogging Benj! I am a silent reader but since I only catch about 15-20 mins in the first half of the show, this is the only way for me to know what went on for the rest of the show. I love the good times show as much as you do!

    p.s. I know a school that kicks students out if they get pregnant… and/or appear in a commercial.

  13. lorenz0916 Says:

    hi guys,

    my first time to write here. i wanna express my thanks to benj for doing his best at being the ‘chronicler’ of the goodtimes show. even if you sometimes beat yourself up when you get late blogging, you’re still the best pal. specially since i rarely get to finish listening to the whole show, you’re all i got, sir. keep it up.

    Binay as the Philippine Obama, hahaha!!! crazy and scary. at this time i think he’s already collecting funds already in preparation for the 2010. even the motorcycle parking rates in the Binay’s Republic of Makati will cost yu an arm and a leg for one whole day.

    as for the kidnappers, in a justice system such as ours where you hear of really loose controls for inmates (many stories in Imbestigador, XXX and Bitag) where inmates are knowingly let out to do errands and ‘errands’, wouldn’t you do what the family did? i wish i knew how much they paid, just in case we might come upon the same situation.

    Secrets – some really believable others defy logic that you can’t sometimes acept them to be true. entertaining though.

    good thing the professor’s back. always an swell show when he’s there.


  14. And you’re back!

    I find it hard to catch the show these days with my very sh*tty schedule so hurrah for the blog.

    I seriously envy those two girls in the picture. Geez. I loooove Bono! Shucks. πŸ˜› Haha. And it’s not just because he’s the frontman for U2!

    Necrophilia’s just too gross. And where’s the fun in that if you’re doing it with someone who’s not even gonna move? And on the bunny guy… Err… ROTFLMAO! πŸ˜›

    Welcome back, man! πŸ˜€

  15. Darn, I missed the show again. I wasn’t able to listen to the show for five straight days now. 4 days because of work and the 5th one because of last night’s concert.

    Good thing Benj was able to blog about this morning’s show. Thanks man!

    Good times!

  16. deymn.. i thought u will not blog again benj! though i don’t post my comments here as often as others, i still read your blog everyday. or from mon. to thurs. for that matter. good show today. it’s sooo funny when Mo said to Mojo that he saw a sign in Baguio indicating how Born Again hates Mojo. ROTFLMAO!! can’t wait for tomorrow’s show coz Mo mentioned that they will have Stephenie Meyer on the line.

    great times!

  17. While listening to the show, I was thinking if Benj would blog about it (after 12 days of absence…) and I am just so glad you did, Benj! hehe

    Thank you for taking the time!

  18. Benj, the guy that was part of an alleged van robbing incident was the best. I don’t know if I’m gonna believe him or what. Hahaha Great show today guys! :))

  19. i hope Mo won’t leave us again for thal long! and Benj as well.

  20. @Rap Rap, yeah I would have to agree… It’s discriminatory… In the US, they’d have lawsuits up to their ears… πŸ™‚

    @Rufnnek, hey bud… Glad you liked the blog… Mo and Grace doing an ONS… Nah, I highly doubt it… Maria Korea is a paragon of virtue, hehe…

    @stuckup… Hi there… First time, I’ve seen you here… Don’t be shy, just fire away with your comments… And thanks for the support…:)

    @lorenz0916, lots of new “faces” here, hehe… Welcome guys and you write well! πŸ™‚

    @Carol, my dear… Glad to be back… The situation’s still pretty fluid but I’m doing my best to manage everything… πŸ™‚ Hmmm, a Bono groupie, eh…. hehe… The necrophilia thing really freaked me out too… Lots of weirdos in this world… Stay cool!

    @Chi, hi bud… glad to “see” you here… Great times!

    @waldin, that’s nice to know…. Just keep reading and I’ll do my best… πŸ™‚

    @Mai, hehe… You guessed right… πŸ™‚

  21. Hmm.. a wannabe groupie at that. 😦 I still haven’t gotten the chance to meet him in person.

    But when I do…(evil laugh)

    OMG. Lol.

    You’ll manage, man! I know you will. And you have to. For the sake of your growing fan base. πŸ˜›

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