Good Times with Mo (Nov. 18, 2008)

The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Instead of Alternative Tuesday, today’s show can probably be dubbed as Beatbox Tuesday… As I was driving to the office and listening to the show, I was enjoying myself but dreading the prospect of blogging this edition of the show… If you got to catch today’s show, you’ll understand why, hehe…

Read on for an oh so brief synopsis of the show:

Grace Lee’s lockjaw

Our favorite Korean DJ was out for the day as she called in sick… Mo said that she and her boyfriend celebrated their anniversary yesterday, hence the reason she was “sick”… An enterprising listener with a vivid imagination texted in and said that Grace’s illness was probably caused by lockjaw… πŸ™‚

I got a good chuckle out of that one… I’m sure there’s no reason to explain why, hehe…

Ignorance is bliss

Mo put forth a theory that couples who have more than their share of airspace in between their ears must lead a blissful existence… His theory being that the more simple minded (read:dumb) you are, the happier you must be because you only need to concentrate on a few things at a time and your focus is too narrow… Imagine if two simple minds met, the melding of the minds would probably be hi-larious… πŸ™‚

On the other hand, he believes the inverse is true… Smarter people have a lot more problems, ahemm… πŸ™‚ Simply because, they have a lot more things to concern them and not only their own existence…

I would have to agree on this one just purely based on the logic behind Mo’s reasoning… But I’ve yet to meet really simple minds, the ones that go “duh…” πŸ™‚ Though I think that’s really a stereotype, hehe…

What’s your take on this guys? Agree or disagree?

Webcam eye

Mo shared an interesting bit of news today… Apparently, an artist in San Francisco named Tanya Vlach, who lost her eye in a car accident in 2005 is looking at replacing her lost eye with a webcam… Yup, you read it right, a webcam…

And not just your run of the mill webcam either… Tanya, who is a techie wants the whole works including the kitchen sink… Here’s a laundrylist of features that she wants in her new organ:

  1. 3X Optical Zoom
  2. A 4GB SD card slot (I’m sure where the slot would be, hehe)
  3. Still photo image capability

Now, I’m a big fan of the Terminator movie series of Ahnuld and now the spinoff TV series, The Sarah Connor chronicles, but I never thought I’d see the day we’d really have cyborgs walking amongst us…

Weird thing also, Tanya wants to upload the images she sees in realtime to a website video stream… Talk about voyeurism, hehe…

Beatbox Tuesday

And now we come to the gist of the show today… Beatboxing… Listeners were asked to beatbox to the hit single of Rihanna, Disturbia… For the uninitiated, beatboxing is a vocal skill wherein beatboxers, try to imitate the sound of musical instruments using only their mouth and its associated appendages (tongue, cheeks, etc). It takes a lot of creativity and skill to perform this successfully but it’s pretty incredible if done well…

The prize? A brand spanking new Lenovo Ideapad S10… It’s Lenovo’s latest line of slim and portable laptops and it comes in a variety of colors too if you want to look hip and in… πŸ™‚ If you’re lousy at beatboxing or have never even thought of trying it out but you are artistic and have some digital skills, you can still win a Lenovo Ideapad S10… Check out this site for more details…

The contest was fun with a number of talented beatboxers as well as some god awful ones… Which made for a good laugh, hehe… A particularly good one was Pikoy who did a cool remix of the Disturbia song with a wide variety of instruments thrown in for good measure…

I think Pau and Mike were also good and they eventually ended up in the top 3 together with Pikoy…

After a good one and half hours of saliva spitting and vocal calisthenics performed by the show’s listener’s, Pikoy was declared the winner and he walks away with the cool new laptop…

I was waiting for my bud Khalesh to phone in and try his luck but I guess beatboxing isn’t down his alley, hehe… Now if that were a singing contest, all bets would have been off, hehe… Khalesh would be in the top 3 at least, if not winning everything… πŸ™‚

RJ Ledesma’s new book

I’m not sure how many of you guys recall RJ Ledesma of the Royal Tru Orange fame of the 80’s but he gained a measure of fame doing a series of commercials for the said orange drink…

Without inadvertently revealing my age, let me just say that he was part of my childhood memories when my schoolmates and I would be betting our Coke yoyos on what the next plot twist would be in the Royal Tru Orange series of commercials…

But now he’s all grown up and even ruder than Mo Twister and with a motormouth to match… πŸ™‚

I mean, the guy was talking at 120 miles per hour, way over the legal speed limit… Barring that, I still did manage to catch the drift of the interview he had with Mo and Mojo…

Apparently, he’s released a book entitled β€œLies My Yaya Should Have Told Me, RJ Ledesma’s Imaginary Guide to Whine and Women”

I’m not sure but I think he’s competing for the longest book title… That’s quite a mouthful…

I haven’t read it yet but the few lines I’ve read from his blog has convinced me that the guy can write…

If you want to check it out, he has a book signing at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street on November 22, Saturday at 5PM… And no there’s no ebook available for download, hehe…

Well, that’s it for me guys…

Watch out for tomorrow’s show… Mo’s thinking of holding a Forbidden Question segment… Woohoo!

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good Times!

19 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Nov. 18, 2008)”

  1. Finally I was able to tune in and have a great great morning!

    Exactly when I tuned in, there’s this GUY who’s on the fone talking about stalking his ex. Hmmm.. The guy really sounded familiar. I bet he met the girl in a club, did the jiggy the day after and *boom*, they’re a couple. Well, I’m just guessing. Haha!

    Talk about Misa Campo, she is one HOT BABE! Really hot! Go ahead guys, google it!


  2. Hey bud! I’m sick as a dog today and was up all night coughing my lungs out. I have swollen buldgy eyes from colds and I just could not get up early enough today to catch the show. I just got up now to take some lunch and check out some mails and read my daily blog (yours of course).

    Beatbox ~ yep! you’re absolutely correct. Beatspitting is not my thing. Although I’ve seen a real cool dude on the net do this Michael Jackson mix of the song beat it with some other songs (I think it was in one of those *someplace* got talent shows). Amazing man! Congratulations to Pikoy for winning the laptop! Woohooo! (thanks for the side comments on my singing bro! But I know there are great singers out there… just waiting for their chance to call the show… hehehe).

    RJ Ledesma ~ I had my share of coke yoyos my friend. I can certainly gage your age by now and i think it’s not that far from mine! Harharhar!

    Great Times!


  3. Hey Benj,

    Great show today, very entertaining. Good job on the blog… although I was kinda expecting a little beatboxing here and there… hehehe…

    Pikoy really was great at beatboxing. The gay guy who called to join the contest was so funny… Mo was very kind to gve him a sho(e)t. πŸ˜›

    Coke yoyos… I remember those… sorta… πŸ™‚

    Hey Khalesh,

    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather there. Hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  4. RJ Ledesma is a suki host of our yearly christmas party, he has beeen hosting our christmas party for 5 years… i think…

  5. this is a cool site that i hope they will promote on the show:

  6. Hi Khalesh,

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling under the weather… So that’s why you didn’t call in, hehe… I bet you can beatbox and sing in a Indian accent! That would have won you the laptop, bud… Get well soon! πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the tip! Checked out Misa Campo and she’s smokin hot!

    @Marie, hehe… tsu, tsu, tsu, tug, tu, tug, tu, tug… Darn I give up!


    RJ’s a cool dude but he sure talks fast! πŸ™‚

    Great times, guys!

  7. i hope Studio 23 will bring back the show Men’s Room with RJ Ledesma and Tim Tayag

  8. πŸ˜€ Today was remarkable. Of all the times I tried to call, I was able to get through in just one dial. And guess what? I didn’t even know the lyrics of the song, and my attempt for the win turned to a mess. I’m sure you still recall which one of them was me. πŸ˜€

  9. Mr. Magic-

    Were you the caller after the little boy who had a “lying” problem in school?

    he bombed.

  10. Good to be back!

    Nice to read em blogs again benj!

    For all those who tried.. it was freakin’ hilarious! lol

    Congrats to the winner! man I wish I could beatbox like that.
    (All I can do is make a spit shower)

    @ Chi

    Wow interesting story chi! ::Grin::

    Good Times Everyone!


  11. yeah cool show today, but gotta admit, beatboxing is for guys, was a tough call in choosing the winner, Pikoy is so lucky Mo liked him! I couldnt decide w/c of the top 3 really…

    Mojo’s laughter was so contagious when that gay guy called and gave beatboxing a shot. started laffing in the bus myself and didnt care!

    Shoot! i forgot my headsets in d ofc today… wont be able to listen in tomorrow morning 😦 Benj pretty please blog tomorrow’s show!

  12. hey benj!!

    great recap there..

    beatboxing: wow!! i didn’t know that you can beatbox while singing. i was amazed at Pikoy’s talent and same as the other two contenders as well. i’ll go with mike though. (i guess that’s the last caller) He made it very simple and close to the original music. it’s very genius that Mo came up with that kind of contest. πŸ™‚

    RJ ledesma: he really talks fast and full of energy! hahahaha.. nevertheless, i find him smart. i guess i’ll get his latest book. the title is quite interesting and very catchy. πŸ˜€

    > im quite dissapointed though coz they didn’t get the chance to talk to Steph Meyer over the phone. well, i guess she’s really too busy nowadays. πŸ™‚

    goodtimes as always!!

  13. Oh oh oh!!!just stumbled to this blog…lo and give me updates with good times with mo even if ill not listen to the radioooo…hek hek..

    thanks for this..Ill add u up to my blogroll so that i can have frequent updates since I cant listen anymore due to my shifting skeds…

  14. Still Jessica Gomes. Misa Campo looks too… err.. slutty. πŸ˜›

  15. @ carolific

    i agree!! jessica gomes is much prettier and uhmm.. decent?? πŸ˜€

  16. @ waldin

    yep! like waaaay decent. jessica looks angelic. misa’s the typical hooker type.

    by now it may seem that i have a lesbian crush on jessica. sheesh. naah. lol. she’s just soooo hot! can i be her for a day??? πŸ˜›

  17. Hi everyone!

  18. The beatboxing surely was entertaining. Too bad I missed the announcement of the winner.

    Re “ignorance is bliss”……we all have our share of problems/concerns. What we (hehe….the smart ones) perceive as a minor issue might already be a major one for couples who have simple minds. So we can’t categorically say that they have “less” problems. Personally, I still go for guys who can carry an intelligent conversation with me.

    Great blog once again!

  19. If Goodtimes can guest Vicky Belo for 2 hours, i hope they have RJ Ledesma for more than 15 minutes! This guy is way more entertaining – maybe they can bring back Celebrity Challenge – the portion they had before FQ wherein one of the hosts go one on one with a celebrity like Mo vs Pba player Rob Johnson.

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