Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci)


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Great, great show today! Gwen Garci was on the show for Forbidden Questions and boy was she game! Ooops, too many exclamation points… Slowdown, breathe, count to 10…. Okay I’m calm….

I woke up really early to catch today’s show on the off chance that the Forbidden Questions might push through and today’s guest, Gwen Garci, didn’t disappoint…

Read on for the juicy details…

Blogs on GTWM

Your humble blog got a mention on the show today along with some other sites that chronicle the adventures of our favorite radio hosts… Apparently, Grace read my blog yesterday about the speculations that she had “lockjaw” which forced her to skip the show… πŸ™‚ Of course it was all a joke, she was really ill, apparently from eating too many “oysters”… Oysters? Aren’t they supposed to enhance libido? πŸ™‚

Mojo stated that whenever Mo’s not around I don’t blog about the show, hehe… Mo agreed and said that the reason was that the show was too horrible for me to blog… In my defense, it wasn’t just that the show was difficult to blog (in particular last week’s edition) but it was a very busy week for me, hehe…

Casting call for nude models

If you’re a lady who has a crush on Mo, now’s your chance to bare it all for Mo Twister… Mo is asking prospective models willing to pose in the buff for him to practice his photography skills…

He didn’t say much in terms of qualification requirements so if you’re interested just drop him a line at the show’s email address…

Good luck!

Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci

I liked Gwen Garci before and I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t seen most of the Viva Hotbabe videos (including the one with Mo Twister) but she’s never stood out that much from the rest of the other Hot babes… Until now…

Her candor was refreshing and her willingness to do all her “stunts” herself (in a manner of speaking) made for truly entertaining radio… Oh by the way, a disclaimer: I’ve tried to blog Gwen’s answers as accurately as possible but obviously I’m paraphrasing some parts of her answers but they’re accurate in as far as the meaning of her answers…

Read on for the juicy bits (and when I say juicy, I mean dripping into a puddle)… πŸ™‚

1. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a fan?

Ans: Nothing… Even though I’ve been groped and pinched in my private areas during shows, I haven’t done anything bad to a fan…

2. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Ans. 15… It was with Justin Cuyugan (a model), he was my first… Mo gave her two points for this answer

3. Is he packing some heat down there? Gets out a ruler… Tell me when to stop…

Ans. Okay, stop… (Stops at 4.75 inches)… Mo gives her 1 point for this answer

Laughter… Mo: but he’s a tall guy… Gwen: I think he’s around 6’3″… Mo: Ok, this just proves the theory that height isn’t directly proportional to wang size…

5. Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend?

Ans. Yes… Once… It only happened because I was confused with my relationship then…

6. Have you ever dated a married man?

Ans. Yes, but I didn’t know at that time that he was married… He also lied about his age, he said he was 26 when in fact he was 36 already and he had 10 kids… I was only 17 at that time…

Grace: Oh, you were so naive then… Mo: Come on Grace, you’re one to talk… πŸ™‚

7. Where’s the craziest place you’ve done it?

Ans. BJ on a veranda in Guam… There were lots of Japanese tourists swimming in the pool below, we were on the 2nd floor…

8. Have you been ever offered an indecent proposal?

Ans. No…

Mo: Come on… Are you lying? Gwen: No, I wish I was…Β  Mo: Mojo what about you, what’s your price? Mojo: It depends if the guy is cute… Mo: Let’s assume he looks like Jobama…. Mojo: Ewww… a very nice car at least…

Mo: A Range Rover? Mo: I’d do it for a Range Rover…

Gwen: Maybe a Ferrari

9. What’s the better magazine FHM or MAXIM?

Ans. I’ve never posed for Maxim so it’ll have to be FHM for me…

10. Which Viva Hotbabe do you dislike the most?

Ans. Jen Rosendahl – she’s a jealous and envious biatch… She loves the spotlight plus she has an attitude problem… She sometimes elbows the other girls and deliberately bumps them…

Mo: That’s interesting, everyone on the Hotbabes seem to hate her…

11. Which celebrity has the worst B.O.?

Ans. Jaycee Parker, we even gave her free feminine wash and deodorant…

12. Is there a Gwen Garci sex tape somewhere?

Ans.Β  Yes, it’s with my ex-boyfriend… He in India right now but he’s a Brazilian…

Mo: That’s a bad move… Girls, you should never leave your sex tape with the guy, they’ll pixelate their face and release it on the internet if they get pissed with you…

13. 5th message on her cellphone…

Ans. Hi Gwen, greet me on air – Jason…

14. When’s the last time you pleasured yourself?

Ans. Yesterday…Β  With a vibrator… It was on the outside only, on my clit… πŸ™‚

15. Have you ever slept with a politician?

Ans. No

Mo: No… Are you lying? Gwen: No, I’m not…

16. Eat Bulaga or Wowoweee?

Ans. Both, I don’t have any favorites…

17. What part of your body is not real?

Ans. My boobs, any problem with that? Mo: No, no, they’re absolutely perfect! I can hang with that…

18. Who’s your lesbian crush?

Ans. Thinks a while… Hmmm, maybe Jennifer Lee? She’s my bestfriend…

19. Have you ever had intimate relations with a girl?

Ans. No, but I’ve kissed some of them in movies…

20. I interviewed you previously and you said that Will Devaughn has a massive wang, how long is it? Takes out the ruler… Tell me when to stop…

Ans. Ok, keep, going, going, going, going, stop… 8 inches – She also gave a visual… Like the okay sign but with the O not fully closed… Mo and Mojo and Grace were all laughing at this point… Mojo was screaming so hard it hurt my ears, hehe…

21. Let’s do a dare for 4 points… I want you and Grace Lee to do a chest bump…

Grace Lee and Gwen Garci do a chest bump…

Grace: Ooh, that’s really soft there… πŸ™‚

25. Spit or swallow

Ans. Swallow if I love the person… Spit if not…

26. Ever tried illegal drugs?

Ans. Yup, I think everybody has tried it at one point or another…

27. What’s your least favorite role?

Ans. Secretary of Sergio (Dingdong Dantes) in Marimar

Mo: Did you ever sleep with Sergio? Made out with him? Gwen: No, never… Mo: Okay I believe you…

28. Do you think Dingdong and Marian are going out? For two points

Ans. Yes…Β  During our shows abroad, we’d see them holding hands and acting super sweet…

Mo: I knew it!

30.Β  Aside from the people we have mentioned, have you ever slept with anyone famous?

Ans. No celebrities but models yes…

31. Do you think that your ex boyfriend and Mojo’s current boyfriend have had intimate relations?

Ans. I think so… (the ex-boyfriend in reference is Andrew Wolfe)

32. Dare – Make out with Mojo Jojo – 2 points…

Make out with Mojo Jojo – Mojo’s shaking… Damn you Mojo Jojo! I wish I was so lucky… πŸ™‚

34. Who is showbiz’ most plastic person?

Ans. Jen Rosendahl

35. Dare – SHOW US THE PUPPIES! 2 points

Flashes for everybody in the booth including the lucky bastards who skipped work or school to ogle Gwen…

Mo: I think those are some of the finest pair I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on…

37. Dare – Make out with a total stranger – 5 points

They pick a lucky virgin (18) from amongst the visitors in the booth and I do believe he got some tongue action… Sigh…

Welcome to the magic circle of 40 Gwen!

Awesome job!

I had fun blogging this show… Enjoy guys!

Till next time!

Good times!

44 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci)”

  1. angmagemailunggoy Says:

    good show today!
    man!! how i wish i was gay, virgin and korean..

  2. Hey Benj,

    Awesome show today! That Gwen Garci is one cool chick… πŸ™‚ Glad they did FQ again. I think Mojo has the most fun whenever they do FQ cuz he gets to make out with a lot of hot men and women, although there was that time with Mahal…eeww!

    My favorite question (or answer) was about Will Devaughn… need I say more??? I took out my ruler man! πŸ˜› F*ckin’ 8″!!! O-kay…

    Great job on the blog!

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  3. it was definitely one of the best so far! the stranger was really lucky. i wished i dropped by their station today, instead of last week.

    of all the hotbabes, gwen is who i like the most. i really cannot believe with today’s show!


  4. Really great show today. Gwen is always straight to the point with her answers. She’s real.

    Khalesh, Gwen’s ok to go out with an Indian. πŸ™‚

  5. Truly a great show today! Was fortunate to wake up exactly during the start of FQ. How I love FQ! Haha!

    How can a gay dude, a naive Korean and a virgin be so lucky? Hai. I really wished I dropped by the station today. My life really sucks!

    I had fun listening to the show today particularly the FQ. Gwen is one fun chic who’s so game.

    Hey Khalesh, she’s ok with Indians, what are you waiting for? Haha! I hope she’s also ok with Chinese… Hoping.. Hoping… Haha!

    Good times!

  6. Great show today! Oh boy I am so glad that my restdays are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I was thrilled when Mo said Gwen Garci would be their guest for today since I have a girl-crush on her and she certainly did not disappoint Γ–

    And oh I have a comment on what Mo said about relationships of night-shift people being more difficult than long distance relationships.. I can attest to that. I’ve been in a semi-long distance relationship for more than 3 years. Everything was perfect until I started working in a callcenter. I fell in love for an officemate and everything went downhill for my then-boyfriend and I. Needless to say, we broke up and my officemate and I became an item. Unfortunately he (officemate) proved to be a real jerk and began seeing someone (who, btw is 4 years older, already married and has a 3-year old kid) behind my back. And the worst is that we are all in the same team. Tsk tsk. Bad bad. Anyway, everything’s over now. I felt such a big idiot but it was a big lesson learned for me.

    So anyway, I really wanted to call the show and say hi to Gwen but I was too shy haha. And hey Benj congrats on your blog being mentioned on air at least 5 times. I believe more people will visit your blog. Yay for you! And this is a bit late, but no to stopping this blog! Γ–

  7. hello,

    would you guys know where i can get the copy of the actual gwen garci’s interview. i missed the later part. i caught only up to veranda galore.


  8. Best episode. Everyone in the both is so lucky to be there this morning especially the one Gwen made out with. Lucky bastard.

  9. What a show! And what a day not to be at the studio (Darn!) Of all the @$%&#*&@!!! days it had to be today!!! But it was totally a blast! Those lucky bastards at the studio…. I have to be honest…. I envy you guys! I was literally hanging at the edge of my seat as I heard the voices shouting out when Gwen showed the puppies!!! And the making out parts were pure torture!!! (ok I’m taking deep breathes as well…. keeping calm….).

    But I was glad I was able to get through the lines and somehow was able to be a teeny-weeny part of the show which was utterly entertaining!

    You see Benj?! You’re blog is looked upon as the official Recap blog of the show! Congrats!

    @Mr Magic & Chi ~ Yeahmen! Wooohooo! And she can bring a T-Square for all I care. We ain’t the 2nd largest population in the world for nothin’! hahaha!

    Great times!


  10. Cristy Pata Says:

    Great show today. This blog of yours is destined for greatness. Well im not sure if you will post this comment since you seem to dislike me. Anyway hope you continue with your voluntary task.

  11. who’s mojo’s current boyfriend?!?

  12. Hi,

    Yeah!!!! Goodtimes!!! πŸ™‚ Lucky those who are in the booth!!!! Thanks for this blog Benj. I missed some FQs for Gwen, atleast now I can retrack those here in Blog,


  13. Hi Benj! and to the other regulars..

    This is my first formal comment on your blog but don’t misjudge me, I’ve been an avid follower since Atty. Adel Tamano appeared on the show..I’m from Los Angeles by the way….

    Show–> I was in my polisci class earlier (2pm) here and my eyes were popping out and I drooling at the same time as i had my headphones on while the professor was lecturing. DAMN!!!!Gwen Garci just made my boring class lively!!

    Hope to be a regular here..


  14. im from cebu..:)) Says:

    wat a show!!


    ive been idle for 3hours during my shift..
    its because of the freakin’ show!!

    so glad i didnt missed it today!

    i hope theres a video during the interview..
    itd be so co0L!


    good times!!


  15. @ Khalesh

    i knew you were the one who called this morning!! hahahaha.. ‘do u prefer indians?’ hell yeah!! that was fun right? but im pretty sure it will be more fun if you’re there at the studio as well. Darn.. i know.. even if im a woman, i really envy those people at the studio. err.. i guess im feeling kinda lesbo now.. hahahaha… πŸ˜€

    i sooo love FQ since then but today’s show.. was.. uhmm.. wow!! im speechless!! i was also at the edge of my seat while listening.. and that’s what i kinda hate about radio show.. you can just listen without ever seeing what’s happening.. deymn.. but it did suffice though.. it was a lot of fun!!

    and i also though that Mo will give in to the last caller’s request to make out with Gwen also.. hahaha.. πŸ™‚

    great great times!!!

  16. T-square – LOL Khalesh!!!

    I commented yesterday that I didnt have my earplugs for my phone and just hoped to read everything in Benj’s blog. Great job again Benj!

    As I knew it was FQ today and becoz i didnt have my earphones, I stepped in the bus and begged the manong driver to tune in to Magic! I was like manong sige na nakakasawa na yang “may energy ka pa ba???”

    A few batting of the eyelashes and manong gave in. I was sitting with two senior citizen manangs who had disgusted looks on their faces throughout FQ!

  17. Gwen Garci’s so cool! Lol. Mojo’s so lucky to get to make out with her.

    Oooh. Will Devaughn with an 8! I googled the guy and he’s HOT. Like Marie, I hust had to take a ruler out. Spent 20 minutes trying to calculate the girth. Haha! Nerd alert. πŸ˜›

    Couldn’t find a picture of the Cuyugan guy though.


  18. @carolific

    > here’s a link to Justin Cuyugan’s pics.. πŸ™‚

  19. i know.. im looking for justin cuyugan’s pic as well and that’s all i found. ahahahaha.. sorry for the poor resources.. πŸ˜€

  20. Holy Christ. Justin Cuyugan is HOT! Thanks for the link, Waldin!

    OMG OMG OMG. He’s soooo… OMG! The third picture really got to me. Lol!

  21. @ carolific

    lol! justin’s hot eh?? and he only got 4.75 inches wang.. hahahahahahaha πŸ˜€ third picture is smoking hot indeed!! πŸ™‚

  22. @ waldin
    4.75 is quite disappointing, yeah. 😦 i’ll just not think about that fact and drool over the third picture. :p right? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    speaking of disappointing, have you seen daniel radcliffe naked? so NOT sexy.–_NAKED.

    seeing that will made me realize that justin should be appreciated. lol.

  23. (if the comment doubles, am sorry.)

    @ waldin
    4.75 inches is indeed disappointing. πŸ˜› but i think everyone will appreciate justin after seeing daniel radcliffe naked.–_NAKED.

  24. @Waldin

    Welcome to this wonderful blog of our good ol’ buddy Benj! And yeah, I was lucky enough to get through the lines yesterday. I normally get through quite easy but nowadays I guess even more callers now know the trick or simply there are more callers now of the show (successful as it is today!). But please don’t get me started again about not being at the booth (darn@#%$&%$#@!!!)

    So we hope you’ll be a regular here as well!

    @Woainimo ~ Yeah baby! lol!!!

    Great times!


  25. Hi guys,

    Whew! I really appreciate the community I’ve sort of built up over the months that the blog has been up… You guys are so cool… I’m sorry if I can’t respond to all your comments individually as I used to do but there are a lot of things going on in my life right now… And I’m only one man, hehe…

    Personally and professionally things are really looking up for me but it sure takes me away from my laptop and my blog…

    I hope you guys understand…

    Ok, let’s go through the line, hehe…


    Man, you and me both, hehe… I was so envious… πŸ™‚


    Hello! Always great to see you here… You got beat by angmagemailunggoy as first poster, hehe…

    Yeah, the Will Devaughn question was fun… I was wondering why they all started laughing and screaming till Mo explained the OK sign, hehe…

    @Rap Rap,

    Yeah, bud… Some guys have all the luck! πŸ™‚

    @Mr. Magic

    Yeah, no hesitation in her answers and her follow up answers were even more entertaining…


    Yeah, FQ’s always fun… You never know what will happen during that segment… And there’s always the voyeur in us who wants to know what happens to the lives of celebrities, who they’ve slept with and so on…

    Brilliant show today!


    Great story there, thanks for sharing… You know, in my own experience, long distance relationships are extremely difficult to sustain… I’ve had several and they never worked out…

    The cliche, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” should be replaced by “Distance makes the heart forget”, hehe…


    Go to Tonting’s site… He should have it up by now…


    Cool show, totally… I was driving and I couldn’t stop this stupid grin on my face, hehe…


    Yeah, bud… You and me both, hehe… Palpitations… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the nice comments re this one being the “official” blog of GTWM…

    Glad you got to call in and at least talk to Gwen on-air… Bad timing not to be at the station though, hehe…. πŸ™‚

    I wish Mo had announced the celebrity guest on my blog the day before…You guys would have packed the booth… πŸ™‚

    @Cristy Pata,

    Hello there… I’m really sorry if you got that impression… WordPress doesn’t allow automatic submission of comments unless I approve it for first-time posters, but if you go back to your previous posts, they’re all there… πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad that you’ve joined our little community here…. Keep on reading my blog and posting your comments… I truly appreciate them…



    Always glad to help, hehe…


    Welcome to the blog and the community! Just keep posting my friend… As you can see, the guys and gals here are really nice and smart…

    Don’t be shy and again, welcome!

    @i’m from cebu,

    Hehe, hope you didn’t get into trouble with your boss at work…

    Just keep checking on Youtube or the gang’s multiply site… I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually…


    Yeah, Khalesh has the calling in skill down pat… I’ve been trying for ages but I can’t get through… the couple of times I did, the line got cut, hehe….

    Talk about malas… πŸ™‚


    Great story, hehe… Desperate times call for desperate measures…

    The old farts seated near you must have had their sensibilities violated, haha…


    Yeah, I thought the ladies would have some fun with Will Devaughn’s asset, hehe…

    Girth, that’s a nice word and so apt… πŸ™‚

    Justin Cuyugan, poor guy, he had his “shortcomings” exposed on air by Gwen, hehe…

    Great times guys!


  26. damn i miss the show yesterday, i was so busy……..sleeping and thinking what will i do…

  27. Show me those puppies…PICTURES????????

  28. @Benj
    Hehehe! Quite a roll of greeting eh?!!! It comes with fame bro.
    But never forget the saying…
    “with great power comes great responsibilities.”



  29. @Benj,
    Quite a load of greetings there. Like our man Khalesh said, it comes with fame..

    Just wanna congratulate you for the success of your fantastic blog. I remember the day Mo mentioned your blog, I just have to visit it until it became a habit for me. I religiously listen to GTWM, and I religiously read your blog. It’s like morning paper for me. Haha!

    Keep it up Benj.


    BTW, am still waiting for today’s blog. Tsk! Hahaha!

  30. Hey Benj, I tried going to Tonting’s site for the recordings but no matter what browser I use I can’t seem to play any of the files he has there. Do I need to download somethin? I know it uses flash player (i think) and I have the Version 9 already. Do I need to upgrade or somethin?

    Anyone please advise.



  31. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    i have the same experience i think its a bugged in flash player.
    i tried using a different PC, luckily it worked.

  32. […] Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci) Β« Good … […]

  33. Hey Benj,
    Your list could give Santa’s a run for his money. πŸ™‚

    Re: your blog’s renown
    Don’t feel any pressure man. As you can see, blog or no blog (yet) we love to comment and interact with each other as well as with you. πŸ™‚ Heard mo plug your blog again today. I think he does it daily now. Kudos!

    Hey Carol,
    Those naked pics of Daniel R. gave me the creeps! It was like a little gradeschooler’s yoohoo!!! πŸ˜›

    Hey Khalesh,
    T-square??? Ouch! πŸ™‚

    Hey Woainimo,
    If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! πŸ™‚ Whatever it takes huh… πŸ™‚

    Hey Jerel,
    Fair warning…this blog is as addictive as the show. You’ll love it. πŸ˜€

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  34. im from cebu..:)) Says:


    i just saw daniel radcliffe’s (my super crush harry potter’s) WANG!

    just oh my god!

    i dont know what else to say.

    tnx for the link

    how about zac efron’s shower scene from HSM3?

    and Benj the blogger (hehe)
    tnx for the reply!
    didnt see that coming.,..


    good times ^^

  35. Marie.
    Yeah. It’s very disappointing! I remember smiling from ear to ear while the page of the site where i got it from was loading but when I saw the picture and video, I went “NOOOOOOO!”. 😦 Disappointing. But nice butt, he’s got. Don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

    @ Im from Cebu:
    No worries! πŸ™‚ Haha!

  36. @carolific

    oh no!!!!!!! i didn’t see that coming.. (i said it) ahahahaha… after seeing radcliffe’s tinkie bell, i guess justin’s more appreciated.. lol! thanks for the link.. πŸ˜€

  37. Thanks for posting this! I missed the Forbidden Questions. πŸ™‚

  38. mandy jackson Says:

    i think gwen garci is a slutty bitch!
    heard so many nasty things bout her…
    fake bitch, not only her boobs are fake lol
    ask bout her nose, butt etc bwahaha
    I dont believe a damn thing she says!

  39. @Marie,
    I know!!It’s addicting…It’s an automatic site for me same as facebook! I know I have to leave comments from now on!=p

  40. just had a copy of the video between mo and gwen’s interview that was followed by a dare whom gwen had sex with a bypasser. dunno the truth about this. if this is canned or scripted.

    gwen played a lady guard in the video and screened who she want to have sex with.

  41. marty mcfly Says:

    Whoah! Gwen is sizzling… And I think that a girl named Carolific is hot too Hahaha πŸ™‚

  42. waaahhh…I cant open any streaming audio of Gwen’s Forbidden Questions in Are there any other site where i can listen to a recording of Gwen’s Forbidden Questions besides Or maybe a video recording if you have one. πŸ™‚

  43. […] Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci) Β« Good … […]

  44. […] Good Times with Mo (Forbidden Questions with Gwen Garci) Β« Good … […]

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