Good times with Mo (November 20, 2008)

Photo courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean

Today’s show was fun for so many reasons and it was a great wrap up for the week… Kudos to the gang for putting on such a wonderful series of shows and I’m sure I speak for the other fans of the show as well when I say, GREAT JOB, GUYS!

Enough of the asskissing, let’s talk about the show’s highlights… πŸ™‚

Advice from Maria Korea

As is the norm, there were a lot of young callers during the early parts of the show… A young female caller aged 14 sought some advice from Grace Lee on how to capture the heart of a young Korean lad who was 2 years older than she was…

Grace’s advice was to show interest in Korean culture, teach him to speak our language and other sensible advice… Impressive Grace, twins notwithstanding I love Grace’s mind… πŸ™‚

Pirates of the Caribbean

Well they’re not exactly in theΒ  Caribbean but off the West African coast, still, it was a catchy header, hehe… Mo shared the news about Somali pirates seizing an oil tanker and berthing it in pirate-infested Somali waters…

But he was complaining that the Somali pirates don’t look anything like the pirates we see in movies… No outlandish costumes, no parrot on the shoulder, no wooden foot, no hook and worse they spoke Swahili, hehe…

To be fair to them, they do carry machine guns and rocket launchers…

Arrhhh, mateys… String em up and let em walk the plank!

Amazing Race Asia Finale

Philippine representatives to the Amazing Race Asia Geoff Rodriguez and Tisha Silang were on hand to plug the show’s finale tonight on AXN. As I blogged previously, even though the recording of the show has long been over, they’re not allowed to divulge more than what has been currently airing on the pain of a USD5,000,000.00 fine… Now that’s a lot of zeroes!

Anyway, a number of callers and even my man Mo are guessing that Geoff and Tisha had won the race based on their demeanor and facial expressions… Caller Anton also said that the post awarding party will be held in Manila which he said is a pretty good indicator that indeed the winner will come from the Philippines…

I really hope so! Marc and Rovilson were kicking some serious butt during the whole run of the show only to falter in the finale and I hope that Geoff and Tisha redeem the Philippines’ honor tonight, hehe…

Pickup artists 101

Mo and Mojo started a topic which they had discussed yesterday pertaining to these foreign-based “pickup gurus” who, for a fee will pass on their pickup “talents” to YOU… πŸ™‚

They’re claiming a 100% success rate if you follow their formula for picking up girls… I mean, really? These guys wear trenchcoats (in the Philippines) and they look like Ramon Bautista… Not to knock Ramon, he’s a swell guy after all, but he’s not the handsomest dude around…

Tsk, tsk… I wonder who the suckers are who fall for these supposed pickup gurus… Sound more like con-men to me… Can’t really blame them, it is after all, a living…


Mo steered the topic to a discussion of dads being womanizers… He said that the numbers don’t lie, meaning that at one time or another, your dad may have cheated on your Mom… πŸ™‚

A number of callers shared stories about their womanizing fathers…

Caller 1 has a story about his dad having 9 wives and 25 kids! He was part of the original family and growing up, he noticed that his dad would start introducing kids he claimed were children of “friends”… In fact, these kids were half brothers and half sisters of his…

Talk about libido, this guy had it in spades…

Caller 2 caught his father with another woman and guess what, he beat up his dad… Damn, that’s pretty extreme… Mo lauded his efforts though… πŸ™‚

Another interesting caller shared that his grandfather fathered a child when he was in his late 60’s… Obviously with another woman… Ahh… the wonders of Viagra and Cialis… πŸ™‚

Manny Villar and Barack Obama

To close the show, Mo talked about the unfortunate fate of former Senate President Manny Villar who was ousted from his post as the 3rd most powerful person in the country…

Guess who took over? Yup, Juan Ponce Enrile… The chief architect of Martial Law and all around trapo got the Senate Presidency and all its attendant powers…

The topic being politics, Grace naturally had an opinion… πŸ™‚ She stated that we should start retiring the same old faces (albeit defying gravity with BOTOX) and introduce some new blood…

That sounded a lot like US President-elect Obama’s platform and this prompted Mo to say that if we only took the time to look at the powerful persons on TV and think to ourselves: Why does he want to run for this office? What’s in it for them? Would they ever truly put the country first before themselves?

Mo got that sense of integrity and honesty from Obama…

And so do I… I’m glad he won coz I was rooting for him…

That’s it for me guys… I know it’s not my best effort by far but I’m in a real hurry, hehe…

My apologies for the subpar blog…

I’ll make it up next time…

Great times!

11 Responses to “Good times with Mo (November 20, 2008)”

  1. on womanizer: my grandfather (on mother side) was one. he had 20+ children on 4 moms. my grandmother was the second wife which made my mom and her siblings illegitimate. but a salute to him, he made sure that his children will have no grudge on each other. that makes us one real BIG family.

    tnx benj for this blog. πŸ˜‰

  2. those pickup artists are terrible. they guested on BNO last night and they just messed up the show. I have some details on my blog. Btw, they charge on their service.

  3. womanizer:
    deymn.. i really felt soooo bad hearing those stories about womanizers!!! that made my point of view on getting married really vague. i experienced it with my last boyfriend and now,im suspecting that my dad is doing it as well.. great.. 😦

    anyway… still, great show today!

  4. Great show today!

    @ Womanizer…My grandfather had two wives. My dad was the only son from the original marriage and my lolo had 4 kids on his 2nd wive. My dad felt ostracized even though he is the only legitimate child…

    @Villar/Enrile/Obama…I believe Villar is one of the most straight-edge political figure. He doesn’t have to be corrupt (I think) for he is so damn rich! I believe in Obama. I’m glad he won our election. I need a job Barack! I’ve been laid off!*sniff*

    Good times!

  5. my dad has his original family but he had an affair with another woman and that woman became my mother.

    my mother has to hide my brother and i so that there won’t be any conflict with the original wife. my dad has 4 kids on his original family and two on my mom so that makes us six all in all.

    he never supported us and made his sickness a reason not to look for us because he did not want us from disowning him.

    we thought our father lives in th US because that was taught to us when we were small. my brother has not seen him all his life. i was with my father when i was born but when my brother was born, my mother and father separated then he went back to his family. this last july, my brother saw him but we don’t feel anything at all. it was just as casual as the usual.

    i believe we lived enough not seeing him, not knowing him. his sickness is not a reason for him not just to support us but to look after us as his kids.

    now he is dying and regrets that he did not look for us after these years but we really don’t feel anything at all

  6. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    mo miss a more important detail on that.

  7. It seems that your readers are giving out their sentiments on the topic “Womanizer”… So, here’s my share.

    No, both of my grandfathers never cheated on my grandmoms. Though my dad, according to my mom, is legit playboy. My dad is my mom’s only boyfriend back then. When I was 2, they separated and I haven’t seen him until only this year. He already has a new wife though no kids. When we met, it was like nothing. As in totally nothing. That SOB! Haha!

    Good times!

  8. Hey Benj,

    Nice recap…thanks!

    I notice people are not done with the topic of womanizers. I guess fidelity has fast become a rare trait in people, not just men. I sympathise with you guys… I’ve experienced both ends of this spectrum and either of them is no party. 😦

    On Pick Up Gurus
    These guys are making money off what they’re doing. You think there’s any substance there? Or just a lot of desperate people needing to get laid? πŸ™‚ 100% success rate? How many clients have they had…2???

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  9. Come on Mo, enough please of the political talk especially if you’re gonna kiss Villar’s behind (you’ve talked about how you’re against radio payola in the past). When it comes to political talk – I’m with Mojo who seems to be unbiased and firm on his stand.

  10. Ooooh Johnny Depp! I wish all pirates look like him. Sexy. β™₯

  11. Suck all politician and to all womanizer! πŸ™‚

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