Good Times with Mo (Nov. 25, 2008)

Panzer tank - WWII

Panzer tank - WWII

Hi guys, as stated in the preceding blog, I’m currently travelling and due to the time difference I can’t update my blog as I usually do, please bear with me guys… πŸ™‚
Thanks to Tonting for the recordings though… I’m using that as reference for my blog, I know it’s not the same but that’s all I can manage for now guys… Hope you understand…

Don’t worry I have pasalubong, hehe…

Ninongs and Ninangs

It’s 25 days till Christmas and talk drifted to the subject of Ninongs and Ninangs… Mojo has around three and Grace has the same number while Mo doesn’t have any at all…

He’s glad that he’s not sociable which is why he doesn’t have any inaanaks… That’s really weird though, I’ve never met anyone who’s Catholic and reached Mo’s age without having a single inaanak! I’ve even known born again Christians standing in as ninongs for their Catholic friends, hehe…

Mo’s take is that people nowadays select the prospective ninongs and ninangs based on their standing in society. Meaning, how famous you are, how rich you are, or if you’re a politician… Originally, I believe godparents were chosen based on their values and their ability to act as secondary parents if ever anything should happen to their godchild’s real parents… I don’t know if this still happens, hehe…

I also noticed this trend though that children to be christened have an army of godparents occasionally up to 20 ninongs and 20 ninangs… I mean the supposedly one page invitation extends to two pages due to the sheer number of godparents… I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase… “Ginawang negosyo yung binyag…”

Who know’s Mojo Jojo

What else is new? No one’s ever heard of Mojo Jojo, hehe… Of the three random numbers dialled by Grace, Only one was polite enough to listen to Mo and two of them dropped the phone, hehe… Sorry Mojo! πŸ™‚

World War 2 trivia

Mo wanted to prove a point, that women don’t know anything about history or at least they’re not as fond of it as we men are… And so he decided to ask Grace Lee such raphsody-inducing World War 2 questions such as:

Check out these questions and test your WWII trivia skills…

1. What countries comprised the Axis powers? I thought for sure Grace would get this one… The answer of course is Germany, Japan and Italy… Grace answered Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union… πŸ™‚
2. What do you call German tanks? She drew a blank on this one… They’re called Panzers…
3. In what country did the invasion of Normandy occur? Of course the answer is France…
4. What do you call the German subs? U-boats
5. What was the most notorious Holocaust camp run by the Germans? Ans: Auschwitz with several million Jews killed…

Point proven, hehe…Β  Grace got zero…

Female Urologist

Dr. Frances Bragais, one of only four female board certified urologist in the Philippines guested on the show and provided a lot of fun on the show! Cool doctor… I wouldn’t mind dropping my pants for her…

Callers named Wang, Willy, Johnson, Dick, Richard and other phallic names were bombarding the lines and asking all sorts of wang related questions…

Can you change its size by “working” it? Answer: No, you can’t whack off as many times as you want and it won’t change perceptibly…

Is wang size directly proportionate to the size of the feet? Ans: No… Mojo had a great quip: He even saw one from someone without feet, hehe… Good one!

This question I loved from a lady caller: Are there nutritional benefits you can get if you swallow instead of spitting? Ans: It’s rich in fructose but the amounts are negligible, thus, even a diabetic gay guy can “swallow”, hehe…

Mo loved this question so much that he asked the lady caller to go to the studio at once, hehe…

I loved some of the callers who “pretended” to be calling for someone else when it was so obvious they were asking the question for themselves… This was often in the realm of STD and other more embarrassing situations, hehe… Sure, we believe you…

Dr. Bragais was uber cool and I really appreciate her attitude towards the questions… No wonder Mo developed a crush on her, hehe…

That’s it, great show… Very funny!

Again, my apologies for the delayed blog… Unfortunately, this will be the norm rather than the exception for the coming weeks…

Sorry about that… πŸ™‚


13 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Nov. 25, 2008)”

  1. wb mr bloger..

    godd times


  2. Hi Benj!

    Am I the first to post a comment?! hehe….I feel so…..honored!

    I missed the shows this week but just as glad that our busy guy here found time to blog it. Thanks man! And to Tonting also for recording.

    Re swallow: so it’s more fructose, and not protein? hehe

    Good times!

  3. the show got me really laughing that day in the office. i could not hold myself from laughing!

    Good Times! Great Times!

  4. hey Benj,

    Thanks for your noble attempt to post the blog. You spoil us addicts sir. πŸ™‚

    Who Knows Mojo Jojo?
    Can’t they play Who Knows Mo Twister? The results might surprise us all… πŸ™‚ Poor Mojo has been the butt of Mo’s joke for ages… 😦

    Female Urologist
    I missed the first hour of the show but when I tuned in and heard that a female urologist will be on next I knew that it was going to be one helluva show! Spit or swallow? Honestly, I’m a little OC when it comes to my house’s cleanliness so I use bleach a lot but for the life of me I can’t stand the smell of s*men. Am I alone in this???

    Mojo’s comment about the guy he knew who didn’t have feet got me laughing so hard I think I spooked one of my officemates! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the blog Benj…pasalubong!!!
    (a Frenchman maybe? hahaha…) πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  5. Utterly funny show indeed with the kind doctor (Urologist) who was cool enough to bear the obscenely hilarious callers with their “Wang” questions. What really got me was the way Mo summarized what the callers mean to say: No matter how the callers want to say it… it all means ~ “Is there a way to make it bigger?”~


  6. […] recover it as of the moment. Was it Francis? Frances? Oh, it’s Dr. Frances Bragais. Thanks Benj. And obviously, the topic was about asian food and eastern food all throughout the show. Not! Penis […]

  7. Yeah! Penis… πŸ™‚ great guest too!!!

  8. Funny one Khalesh… but right on the money. πŸ™‚

  9. this is one of their best shows…really funny

  10. This one’s late coz I have been as hell. School knocks me out these days. 😦

    Mo thinks that all girls are not good in History? Sorry, man. I loooove History. I read about it all the time and WWII is definitely one of my favorites. And I think Im kinda good at it. β™₯ I’ve been screaming answers from the shower while they were grinding Grace. Too bad I didnt have my phone in the shower with me. πŸ˜› I wanted to call! Tee hee.

  11. Hey Benj, it’s my first time to post here ^_^ How’s your trip so far? I hope you’re having a good time and you can blog about it if you want. I can say that you have so many good stories to tell. πŸ™‚

    Anyhow, I would like to congratulate you as well since you already made more than 100K hits with your humble blog, WOW! That’s is really something..

    Good times indeed!!!!

  12. Christine Says:

    did grace mention if she already saw twilight?

  13. WWII is the bloodiest war ever!

    my fave part of history!

    the battle of leyte was the largest naval battle ever! *nerd*

    Good Times everyone!

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