Good Times with Mo (Dec. 17, 2008)

UFC Fighter Corey Hill breaks his leg

UFC Fighter Corey Hill breaks his leg

Hey guys! I’m finally back in the Philippines… And it sure is nice to be back home… I mean Europe is nice albeit frigging cold, but after a while it can get kind of tiring… I mean who wants order and beauty all the time? 🙂 There is something to be said about the chaos and familiar traffic jams of the Philippines… Besides, I couldn’t listen to the GTWM show there and I think that’s a good enough reason to come back here, hehe…

I’ve been out for so long I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this blog, hehe… Anyway, read on for the highlights of today’s show…

Night mass

Or as it should be more appropriately called, early morning mass started yesterday and will last for 9 days…

I used to treasure this Philippine tradition when I was in my teens and for the simple reason that a lot of hot girls whom you would never see at church during Sundays, suddenly have the urge to wake up early and go to church in all their finery… I love Christmas and all its traditions… 🙂

Contraceptives, Rubber or Pills?

Mo asked Grace and Mojo’s opinion as to what is the most popular contraceptive in the Philippines currently… Grace thought that pills  were still the most popular, Mo thought that the good ole rubber was still the king while Mojo killed the topic by saying that he thought withdrawal was the most common contraceptive, hehe… Errr, Mojo, technically withdrawal is not considered a contraceptive… 🙂

Mo pounced on Grace’s answer by subtlety asking what brand of birth control pills  she used… Diana and Trust were mentioned, hehe… Good for you Grace, I mean that’s always a plus for us guys if the girl takes the initiative to keep things lively and without complications…

Parking  Spots

Caller Bentot raised the topic of parking spots and the a-holes who seem to consider any parking slot theirs and wouldn’t mind screwing another driver by taking their spot when they clearly were there ahead of them… This has happened to me a number of times and Mo suggested carrying a bottle of paint thinner to be discreetly poured over the lovely paint job of these morons… Brake fluid is another alternative… 🙂

Ahhh… sweet revenge….

Internet vs. Sex

In a recent survey sponsored by Intel, it was found that nearly one in two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the Internet… That’s a whopping statistic and says something about the power of the internet…

Mo shared that he himself would rather NOT have some loving rather than be without internet… This isn’t news Mo, we  know how much you love the internet… Mojo would also rather forego some anal loving than be without internet… I’m not quite that desperate… yet…

Let’s do an internal survey and let’s hear your take on this…

UFC injury (ouch!)

The awesome picture above is of UFC fighter Corey Hill breaking his leg during a recent match on UFC Fight Night… As you can see, the break is pretty freakisly bad and may be career ending…

I don’t know what the reaction of my girl readers are but I thought it was worth posting…

Check it out on Youtube as well guys…

Mojo let out a stream of expletives when he saw the video, hehe…

The phrase “break a leg” just took on a whole new meaning for me… 🙂

Who needs to be removed from TV?

Mo discussed a topic that was brought about by an interview that Boy Abunda did with Karylle regarding the issue circulating around showbiz that Marian Rivera is pregnant by Dingdong Dantes… Lucky bastard! 🙂

Anyway, I’ll just list the most popular ones…

  1. Wowowee’s Willy Revillame – hehe… One texter even said that he killed a lot of people that’s why he needs to be kicked off TV… That’s a bit extreme, hehe…
  2. Jobert Sucaldito – Amen!
  3. Boy Abunda – I think Boy’s okay… He may be annoying at times with his magic mirror but he’s intelligent and articulate (well aside from the time he lost his mind and did that stupid billboard on EDSA)…
  4. Kris Aquino – yeah, get rid of her…
  5. Baretto sisters – their dramatic moments both reel and real are best forgotten
  6. Ruffa Gutierrez – she has a lot of haters apparently…
  7. Patani – Who the f*ck is she? Never heard of this name except in Bahay Kubo…
  8. Cristy Fermin – oh yeah, she’s already out, right! Yehey! Fireworks!
  9. Mariel Rodriguez – she got a vote… 🙂
  10. Mo, Mojo and Grace – hehehe, just kidding guys!

Wow finally wrote another blog… Yipee… Not my best work… I sound like a freaking teenager at times, hehe… But I’ll get warmed up again, don’t you worry…

Till next time guys! Ciao!

17 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Dec. 17, 2008)”

  1. SWEET! Welcome Back! I miss making comments!

    Good Times!

  2. Welcome back! Good Times!

  3. Welcome back, man! We missed you! ^^

  4. Thanks guys, I’m touched by your warm welcome…
    Good times indeed!


  5. hey benj!!

    gawd it’s been a while.. finally you’ve updated this awesome blog already. 🙂 i’ve been monitoring this blog from time to time coz i also can’t manage to listen to gtwm these past few weeks ‘coz of my freakin’ morning shift..


    regarding contraceptives
    -i guess i’ll go with mojo there.. LOL! 😀

    UFC injury
    -is that effin’ real??? i mean it seems like the fighter doesn’t have bones or something on that photo.. haha 🙂

    well benj welcome back!! hoping to see everyday posts on this blog again..

    great times!! 🙂

  6. welcome back! it’s nice to know that you are posting transcript of the show real time now. i appreciate the effort that you exert here..peace out!

  7. yo!

    Glad you’re finally back! we miss ur blog….good times! 😉

  8. Welcome back Benj.. It’s been awhile but it doesn’t matter. It’s good to have you back again.

    For those who want to have the “Show Me Your Genitals” song.
    Here’s the site on youtube:

    If you want to download it:
    1. Go to
    2. Copy the url of the video you want to download
    3. Paste it in the appropriate text box and hit the download button

    *The file extension is .flv so you need to download VLC Media Player or you can download “Super” converter or probably use your current video/mp3 converter.

    As much as I want to upload it in rapidshare, I can’t because my internet is kinda slow right now so it will take forever for me to that.

    That was nasty. I thought that the “Mirko Cro Cop Knockout” was the nastiest MMA video I’ve ever seen but this one is truly remarkable.

  9. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    welcome back benj!!!
    i was shock that there was a new entry in you blog.
    i visited this blog everyday.
    pasalubong ^^

  10. Welcome back, Benj! 🙂
    I still drop by your blog every now and then to see whether you’ve posted something or not. It’s great to see you writing again.

    The UFC video made my skin curl and got me mumbling a lot of profanities. 😛

    I’ve tried to attend those night masses here in Manila (I dont think we have it in Amsterdam) but I could never complete the nine. Waking up early sucks. But yeah, lots of teenagers hitting on each other.

  11. Hey guys!

    Thanks for the welcome… I posted another one, check it out above! 🙂

    Hey Carol,

    Yeah, the UFC video was pretty cool, hehe… Funny thing is the guy didn’t know he broke his leg and was wondering why the ref stopped the fight, hehe… I guess all that adrenaline numbed the pain… 🙂

    Simbang gabi is pretty cool, but it sure sucks waking up early, hehe… 3:30AM is an ungodly hour to wake up… 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  12. I’m glad you’re back from work Benj

    Just for clarifiaction:

    “Mojo killed the topic by saying that he thought withdrawal was the most common contraceptive, hehe… Errr, Mojo, technically withdrawal is not considered a contraceptive…”

    The question posed was “the most popular form of BIRTH CONTROL”

    The WITHDRAWAL METHOD is a form of birth control… I made sure to clarify that in the show…

    if the question posed referred to CONTRACEPTIVES or PROPHYLACTICS, i would have answered otherwise.

    Thank you,

    Ever the biatch…


  13. Welcome back Benj!

    I missed your blogs….nah….your writing’s fine. It’s better to have one than none at all. 😉

  14. ~On birth controls.
    Withdrawal would still be my number 1. Rubber kills the sensation and those pills are just not right.

    ~On simbang gabi.
    Never completed those 9. I just hate waking up early in the morning (talk about being late at the office. haha!)

    Yeah, I thought Cro Cop’s KO was the one but this is something else. LET’S GET IT ON!

    Glad that you’re back Benj. Am looking forward for more GTWM blog!

    Good times!

  15. withdrawal is a method!

    by the way welcome!
    all of us is having a good times

  16. Contra??? what??

    hahaha kidding… ^_^

    Welcome back Benj!

    wooohoooo! just Keep em comin’ dude!

    Merry Christmas everyone!


  17. […] of the old gang is back… I was reading some of my older comments and Mojolina had a funny comment about my blog on the subject of contraceptives, hehe… Good one […]

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