Good Times with Mo (January 8, 2009)

It was an AWESOME show today and I feel sorry for you guys who may have missed it… It made up for the horrendous traffic jams I had to wade through in getting to the office…

Not to worry though… You have this blog to update you or if you wish you can head on over to Tonting’s site for the day’s recording… It should be up by the time you read this post…

So with further ado, let’s do the recap:

Mariah sCarey

Mo talked about Mariah Carey’s new version of the song Hero and how scary she now looks compared to when she did the original version of the song in 1993… That was 15 years ago… Geez, it’s been that long?

She was a favorite jackoff subject then but since then she’s obviously had a lot of work done and it’s all gone downhill for her… Well in terms of looks at least…

Too bad…

Now, when I see her, I can’t help but go… WTF, did she do with herself?

For the Pinocchio in all of us

The show would not be complete without Mo sharing an article or two that he found while trawling the internet… In today’s show, he shared this interesting article from

White lies we tell all the time, some of the ones I’m guilty of include the following:

  1. The number of sexual partners you’ve had plus or minus five
  2. That you totally just washed your hands
  3. That the reason for your eyebags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you were up late reading”Twilight”
  4. That you didn’t just fart right now
  5. Your height and weight on your driver’s license

Hmmm, I can’t relate… Liar, hehe… Guilty as charged of some of those things… How many of these “offenses” have you committed? ๐Ÿ™‚

How much for a night?

Mo introduced a juicy “what if” topic which had the phone lines and the text lines buzzing… He posed a hypothetical question which went something like this…

“If celebrities (male and female) were prostitutes, how much of your monthly income would you be willing to spend for a roll in the hay with them and which celebrity would you spend it on?”

Mojo was incredibly thrifty and was willing to spend only P15K for night with Gerald Anderson, hehehe…

Maria Korea surprised me when she said that out of her average monthly income of P250K, she’d be willing to spend P50, no P80K on Richard Gutierrez… Mo called her a liar and said that she’d probably spend all the P250K if it would be possible to get Richard… Grace blushed and turned red as a beet… Which meant it was probably true, hehe…

Mo was willing to spring P120 – P150K for his top 3

  1. Cristine Reyes
  2. Anne Curtis
  3. Maureen Larazabal

In that order, hmmmm… Seems like Anne is falling out of favor, hehe…

A wise-cracking texter said he’d spend P400K for a foursome with Mo, Mojo and Grace, hehe… Mo agreed as long as he’ll go first, hehe… No sloppy seconds for my man, hehe…

For me, I’d probably be willing to spend P100K for a night with either Cristine Reyes or Ehra Madrigal…

Oh yeah, WOAINIMO, one of our regular readers pitched in an offer P80K plus a plateful of bacon for the pleasure of bedding Mo Twister… He said he’d do it just for the bacon ๐Ÿ™‚

Pitch in with your favorites, dear readers and make it count, hehe…

Animal fun

More phallic talk from Mo… Did you know that the gorilla has the smallest penis in proportion to its body size? It’s only about the size of a thumb…

In contrast the male African bull elephant has a wang that’s 6.5 feet long… That’s a Kobe Bryant, hehe…

The blue whale is also packing some heat down there as the longest measured wangbone came in at an astonishing 8 feet… That’s longer than Yao Ming… ๐Ÿ™‚

For more “educational” stuff, check out this article

Stone Cold Stunner

I was hesitant to include the story of this girl who called yesterday because her story while it was highly amusing didn’t ring quite true with me…

But then without warning, the plot thickened on today’s show as we got confirmation that this story was true!


A listener named Basia, phoned in yesterday regarding the topic of getting caught in the act while cheating… She said that she caught her boyfriend buck naked with another girl in her condo getting down and dirty… She beat up the girl and then delivered a stone cold stunner on her! For the uninitiated, a stone cold stunner is a move that was the signature finishing move of WWE wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin… Check out the Youtube clip above to get an idea what the hell I’m talking about…

Geez, the girl apparently was a fan of the WWE and she executed this move on the poor girl… Get this, she also threw out the girl onto Shaw Boulevard as naked as the day she was born… Bigtime move! This Basia girl was too cool to be true… Mo was in love, hehe…

Well, on today’s show, guess who called, Basia again! Apparently, the girl she creamed got her revenge on her by destroying her most beloved possession, her pickup truck, a Dodge RAM… Did I say this girl was cool? I mean chicks driving trucks are just too hot, whew…

Apparently, her nemesis or her agents spray painted her truck with the word “BITCH” and poured paint thinner on it… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

She called the show asking for advice on what evil revenge plot she should hatch to get back at the other girl… It’s on! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Now, it would have been funny just like that, but then guess who called? The girl Basia bitch slapped and stone cold stunned!

I can’t recall her name for the life of me, but she confirmed everything that Basia said including the stone cold stunner, hehe… She also said that she didn’t know the guy had a girl and she was told that the condo was his…ย  She also said that Basia was always out because she worked as a flight attendant! Whew, athletic, loves the WWE and the NBA (she loves Ben Wallace) drives a truck and is a flight attendant to boot! Damn, this girl is too good to be true!

I’ll be following this telenovela for what it’s worth… I hope Basia or the stunnee calls again on Monday, hehe…

Any suggestions for revenge for Basia?

Cheating with your husband?

The last caller of the day was very entertaining as well… She’d been married, has two kids, had her marriage annulled and now she’s with cheating with her ex-husband! Confused? Well, here’s how it went…


Our caller was married for a number of years to a guy and they had two kids out of that marriage… They subsequently had their marriage annulled… Her ex-husband then got married and now has a son with another woman… She also has her own boyfriend… Fine so far, pretty typical scenario…

Things got weird when one day, when her husband was delivering their kids’ tuition fee, they somehow felt the call of nature and actually did it… Yes, folks, she slept with her ex-husband whom she left because he was a cheating bastard…

Now, they’re in a weird situation where they meet and cheat…

I guess there’s a first time for everything… As always our threesome gave their individual advice but the general consensus was that she should stop what they’re doing because it could be really bad for their children…

Whew! Weird…

Great, great show today… sorry for the delay but I was damn busy!

Good Times!

35 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (January 8, 2009)”

  1. Woah!!! Sex topics!!! I like!!!

    I’d be willing to spend 100k for a night with Angel Locsin or Maui Taylor

  2. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    nah! im not willing to spend any amount on any of these hot celebs.
    they are missing 1/2 of their life dahil di nila ako natikman.

    im really doubtful of that girl “dasha” who do the stonecalled stunner.

    i always do lies no. 1,4 and 5.

    in real life those body builders has the smallest wang size…hehehe.
    look at the sumo wrestlers.

  3. hi guys! where can i download the daily recorded program of mo, jo, and grace?? thanks!

  4. Hi Benj! It’s my first time to listen to the show for this year since I’ve been on leave for the first 3 workdays of ’09, a great show indeed – a great way to start my year!

    @ How much for a night?
    I won’t say how much I’m earning ‘coz some of my friends are reading this as well (I endorsed this blog myself!). Haha! I’ll spend 50k for both Ehra Madrigal and Christine Reyes. My God, that would be the perfect threesome EVERRR!!! *gone to the bathroom* Haha!

    @ Stone Cold Stunner
    Was it Basia or Dasia? She is too good to be true. Hai… But I’m reluctant to believe the story. Maybe both girls just made it up but heck, it’s one story I would love to follow. “You ready? You ready? LET’S GET IT ON!”

    Good times!

  5. Hey Benj,

    Great work on the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ REALLY happy about it being a regular thing again. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lies We Tell
    Iโ€™m guilty of 3 out of the 5 in your listโ€ฆbut Iโ€™m not telling which ones! ๐Ÿ˜›

    How Much For a Night
    Woainimo sits behind me at work. She offered P30K for Mo and the plate of bacon. I told her we should visit the booth soon with the bacon, hehehe. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mo mightโ€™ve spoken to soon on that one! ๐Ÿ˜€

    @ nalunodSaSarilingLaway
    Sorry but Iโ€™ve gone out with enough body builders to know that them having teenie weeners is a myth. Although it is possible if they use (and abuse) steroids but if theyโ€™re not addicted to the thing, it usually doesnโ€™t affect their goodies. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to see you here again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Marie

  6. great show! too bad i missed it (my rest days are tuesdays and wednesdays darnit). thanks for the recap benj! รœ

  7. Cristine should really be on top of the list!

  8. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    im curios about the looks of Woainimo.
    is she goodlooking?

    im eager to see you in pictures….hehehe

  9. @nalunodSaSarilingLaway

    Woainimo is a cutie! I think she’s pretty and she has the personality to boot! ๐Ÿ™‚ She smiled when I showed her your comment… ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. I smell something fishy. Hmm…

  11. Thanks for the special mention Benj, great recap as always, am smiling ear to ear. although i kinda feel bad to admit i dont make that much so can only afford upto 30k and was even planning to share half w/ marie hehe, and thanks to marie for always having your blog opened first before any other work-related applications…
    Well sounds like Mo is encouraging me and marie… will turn the stalker mode ON soon and start frying some bacon ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh i must say im guilty of #3 like marie, thanks to you Benj coz i got the microsoft reader file from here, am finishing book 4 now.


    only eager to see me in pictures? well im eager to see you also, whats the multiply? =)

  12. Heya Guys!

    This episode made is one my favorite, a lot of good topics!

    @ spending my dough for a night

    nice one chi! lol

    sige secret lang natin income mo… ^_^

    for my I’d spend 30k for Christine Reyes! yumyum! ๐Ÿ˜€
    leme look at my Christine Reyes Collection/Altar lol

    @ that girl that experienced the Stone Cold Stunner

    I really cant image what it feels like.. lol
    until now when you think about it, it makes me laugh loudly (ooopps wala pala ako sa bahay)

    and oh Marie is not the 1st to post? ^_^

    Nice Nice keep it up Benj!

    as always,

  13. topsey kretts Says:

    me I’ll spend ol my savings for a one night stand with piolo hahahahaha

  14. nalunodsasarilinglaway Says:

    why dont u dare mo, ang bring a plate of bacon over to the show and we will see how he reacts.

  15. @ Tenacious X,

    You may be wrong. As we always say, “it’s confidential”. Haha!

  16. its dasha and also the word on the car i think was quits not bitch..:) m excited for tomorrow’ s show..:))

  17. Everything that I will earn in the next 20 years for Jude Law! โ™ฅ

  18. OMG Carol I’m with you on that one! He is super sexy, I donowhy… ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Anyone wanna bid for Carol + Woainimo + Marie? Hahahaha! Just kidding guys.


  20. 20k for maui taylor ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. @how much:
    i’ll give all my earnings for a month or 2 for a fired night with angel locsin or xtine reyes.. harhar..

    potek! be my girl ill give you all my savings plus we’ll plot the most horrible revenge possible on that bitchy girl that ruined your truck!

    @benj: its my first time to post here but been following this blog for a while. good work!

  22. Pilyo ka CHI… ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    carol is too skinny.
    i want to see pictures of marie and woainimo.

  24. How very interesting this is all taking shape considering Marie just informed me this morning of a weird dream, before reading the comments of y’all.
    Now i’m not much into symbolism but could it be a sign that Marie dreamt she and I were making out on a couch, and now this bid for a night together??
    If Mo could join you guys in the bid, no contest! OMG this is gonna be wild!

  25. Hey Woainimo… I told you (and the girls) that in confidence! Bad girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Marie

  26. Marie and Woainimo?

    now thats something to bid for! lol

    in my dreams also?! lol

    Good Times!


  27. Marie and Woainimo?

    now thats something to bid for! lol

    in my dreams also?! lol

    Good Times!

    Carlo ^_^

  28. @ nalunodSaSarilingLaway

    It’s Chicoscience, not Chicosci. Hehe!

    Nah, Carol is not that skinny. I already saw her in person before though I know she doesn’t remember. She’s alright. Ask Tenacious X! Haha! And one more thing, she’s from Amsterdam. Hmm…

    @ Marie

    Just keeping it real. Let’s see who among the three of you will have the highest bid. Haha!


  29. @ Benj

    Everybody’s posting here again. I guess we’re all waiting for the blog of this morning’s show.


  30. @Marie: OMG. Another Jude Law fan! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve been drooling over him for as long as I can remember. And when I saw him crying in The Holiday, I knew that very instant that I was in love. Lol. Wanna pitch in money for him? Let’s split! :p

    @Nalunodsasarilinglaway: OUCH. Lol. I did gain weight though.

    @Chi: Why thank you for coming to my rescue. Lol. Yay! Somebody actually thinks that I’m not too thin!

  31. nalunodsasarilinglaway Says:

    this would be nice!!!!

    i wasn’t able to finished the charice “pepeko” and mojolina contest, got bored, charice is too good to be true. just like sara g, nasa loob din siguro ang kulo.

  32. Carol… I had the same epiphany when I saw The Holiday! I liked him before but I LOVED him after that movie. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d give a month’s salary for him, hehehe…

    CHI and Carlo…Pilyo kayo! ๐Ÿ˜›

    nalunodsasarilinglaway…I don’t know what to say to that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Everyone else…move on to the next blog…pleeeeze! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Marie

  33. @ Marie,

    Carlo and I are of same blood. School blood that is.

    @ Carol,

    You’re not too thin. Just thin. Maybe Tenacious X will defend you. Haha!


  34. Hi Benj,

    I’m guilty on this:

    3. That the reason for your eyebags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you were up late readingโ€Twilightโ€.

    Not to mention, I’m a guy who loves Twilight. Even made a website for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I’m an avid listener too of the show everyday. Keep up the good blog and keep listening to Mo, Mojo and Grace! Good times.


  35. for me,i can spend 250k for ANNE CURTIS she’s really hot and her lips like it!

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