Good times with Mo (January 20, 2009)

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Hey guys, look who’s back… My apologies for the lack of blogs these past few episodes… Your humble author was hospitalized and I just got out last night… 😦 Must have caught the flu from Mo, hehe… Anyways, I’ve been listening to the show but unfortunately I didn’t have the energy nor the inclination to blog and it’s kind of difficult to type with your hand in an IV, hehe…

The show today was freaking hilarious and though my hand is still aching, I’m back at work and blogging, as you can see… Oh and yeah, forgive the typo errors if you see them, my fingers aren’t quite as nimble as they used to be… Not only in typing but in other things as well… But fear not, the heretofore unmentioned finger skills will come back… πŸ™‚

Read on for the show’s highlights:

The Curious Case of Forrest Gump

I caught the last part of a clip which Mo played… It sounded like a plug for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but I’m not absolutely sure… I’d downloaded the movie but I haven’t had the time to watch it as of this time… Good reviews though… Anybody care to share what this clip was about? πŸ™‚

Porking 2 guys

One of the listeners called in and asked for advice from our resident love gurus… He stated that he’d been seeing this girl and that unbeknownst to him, she’s been, in Mo’s words, porking him and another guy at the same time… The girl got pregnant and has immediately claimed him as the father…

Now he’s in a dilemma if he should support the girl because he wasn’t sure of the child’s paternity…

Mo’s advice was to wait for the child to be born and support the girl in the meantime… But, once the baby’s been born, a DNA test should be done ASAP… πŸ™‚

Nice sensible advice…

Slumdog Millionaire

I loved Woainimo’s description of Mo totally crushing on this movie… Yup, he was creaming his pants on this movie, Slumdog Millionaire… IMDB ratings of 8.7 out of 10Β  and 95% rating on makes this a must watch… It also snatched 4 Golden Globes, Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director – Motion Picture (Danny Boyle), Best Screenplay (Simon Beaufoy) and Best Original Score (A. R. Rahman).

Oh yeah, Khalesh, I’ll definitely watch this one, hehe…

Hmmm, did my research and only a DVD screener is available at this time… But according to the comments, it’s pretty watchable with an audio and video rating of 8/10… There’s the occasional “Property of” blah blah which is pretty much par for the course if you’re watching DVD screeners…

Now where’s my torrent icon… πŸ™‚

Nude photos of your ex’s

This topic was discussed yesterday when a caller related how she’d embarrassed her ex who’d screwed her over by creating a multiply site and posting his compromising photos there… Whoa! Big time move… With that mindset she’d probably posted the link to the multiply site on the guy’s friendster account, hehe…

Again, please heed Mo’s advice… If you take photos and videos of yourself, please be careful and not let it fall in the hands of the other party, otherwise you’re royally screwed if and ever you break up with your significant other…

Yes, it’s official… The domain name has been bought and paid for by Mojo Jojo whilst the show was going on…

This topic generated a lot of discussion on my blog on Charice, hehe…

Most of the horndogs that read this blog were publicly flirting with my gorgeous femme fatale readers, e.g. Carol, Marie, Woainimo, et al… I had a blast reading the back and forth banter, hehe…

There were discussions of collectively posting their junks on the website, if and ever it comes into fruition…

Well, the time for talk has ended, time to put your photos where your mouth is, hehe…

For the uninitiated, Mo had this brilliant idea of creating a website where you can post images of your junk anonymously… For girls, it could be their top or their bottoms (or both, hehe)… For guys, their sausages and eggs will be on view for the gays to ogle at and rank…

Again, the premise is anonymity, you just show the junk and not the faces… As an additional security measure, you need to post your junk besideΒ  a copy of the day’s paper, preferably a broadsheet paper… This is to prevent some idiots from just grabbing a photo from the internet and claiming it as their own junk… Yeah, the 3 inch worm then becomes a foot long anaconda… πŸ™‚

The idea hadn’t been a minute old when streams of emails directed at started to flood its mailbox… Mojo and Grace started screaming at some of the photos, hehe…. I had to turn my radio down… πŸ™‚

So guys and gals, what are you waiting for? Start snapping away and see how your junk compares to others…

That’s it for now, guys…

Talk to you again soon… Now start posting those junk pics, hehe…

Good times!

25 Responses to “Good times with Mo (January 20, 2009)”

  1. that Carlos guy who has Cristine’s photos… i really envy him

  2. good to see you back.

  3. A great show indeed. Yesterday was great as well. Too bad our man Benj here can’t blog it.

    @Porking 2 guys
    ~ Now that’s pretty messed up. Both parties should be more careful. Come on, you’re ruining the unborn’s life! God damn you people!

    @What makes you feel old (you missed this one Benj)
    ~ What makes me feel old is seeing my university basketball team go pro. And you can see them play with other pro’s you once idolized when they were still in college. Hai. And when you get to watch the UAAP, you don’t know anybody else in your batch left on the team. Sucks bigtime!


  4. Hi guys,

    Yeah, great show… Couldn’t type as well as I could… My hand’s still sore, hehe…

    Great times!

  5. That was a great show!!! I also envy that guy who has those pictures of cristine reyes 😦

    Hope he sent it to mo so that mo will spread it among us ,heheheheheh

    Get well Benj..

  6. Hey Benj,

    You really ok now? Hope so. πŸ™‚

    The Curious Case of Forrest gump
    I heard the clip and I agree, they are very similar indeed. Gump is one of my favorite movies too but I haven’t watched B.Button so I think now I might.

    Porking 2 Guys
    It really is very hard to tell esp if you’re going back and forth between the two guys. Good luck caller! Prices of DNA tests are steep. πŸ™‚

    Nude Photos of Your Ex
    No comment here except I totally loved how Mo said “nudey photos”. Hehehe… had me grinning from PCI-Valero to Shell Maya (during the taxi ride to work, hihihi). Nudey Photos… πŸ˜€

    Foot in my mouth… πŸ˜€ what the heck… let’s do this thing! πŸ˜€

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  7. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    @woa, carol, marie, dragbabe,

    lets get it on!!!

    the curious case of forrest gump
    i like gump more than BB.
    gump is funny BB is very serious.
    and haven’t finished watching BB yet, i bought a pirated DVD copy of it.

  8. today’s show was super funny πŸ˜€ i loved how mo was all business-like and all in appointing himself as CEO, grace as treasurer, and mojo as administrator πŸ˜€
    i also bought a pirated dvd copy of benjamin button, haven’t finished watching it though.
    get better soon benj! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for the concern… I’m feeling better at least… πŸ™‚

    So I guess you’re up to posting your junk? Can’t wait for that one… πŸ™‚ Of course, we won’t know which one’s yours, hehe…

    That’s the beauty of the site once it’s up!

    Hi Nalunod,

    Yeah, you’re one of the instigators here, hehe… Better have those junk photos ready… πŸ™‚

    Hi Krissy,

    Mo as CEO, hehe… Kind of suits him… He looks okay in a suit when he does the iMO show on ANC… πŸ™‚

    I will, thanks! πŸ™‚

  10. how and when can i see the nude pictures of the listeners? the one they where talking about earlier?

  11. @Benj

    Good lord!!! What happened to you man?! IV??? Dude you gotta be careful with health and everything! Well, we’re happy to hear you’re ok just the same!

    Slumdog Millionaire – I am promoting it my friends! The story of Jamal Malik (Name actually means “Handsome King”)! You get to see what Mumbai now looks like (Mumbai – for those who are not aware – is what used to be known as Bombay).

    – Porking 2 guys
    That’s a real bummer dilemma. I would be frank with the girl and tell her my thoughts (that there is this 50% chance it aint mine lady!!!). But I would support her anyway I can. I would advise the girl though to be honest to the other guy as well! But of course that’s just me.

    -What makes you feel old
    Seeing that baby girl – who used to come over your house when you were in your teens (a relative or close family friend perhaps) and you get to help out changing her diapers and cuddle her and all that – then seeing her on TV in a swim suit bikini getting it on with another guy on a show called “parekoy” makes me feel gray headed all of a sudden! πŸ™‚

  12. Get well soon Benj…

    @ChicoSci and Nalunod, wait, I’m lost here. Was that what you meant by 4-on-4? Oh my, I was so naive…I think I mentioned just “clean fun” in my last comment, did I not? Sorry, I just “killed” your “joy”…

  13. geniuuuuuuusssssssss…. I love the idea….

    by the way why can’t I access the

  14. judgemyjunk is up… crap

    waytogo marie, its kinda hard to find te right pose hwhen you have to include a newspaper near your junk

  15. blindchinese Says:

    pls send me photos

  16. I missed the show due to my trip to a fab beach in Zambales. I did have access to a radio but 6am was spent for long walks on the beach & all the mushy stuff chicks do on beaches. Lol.

    Okay, so I never thought that Mojo or anyone for that matter would really go for the idea of that website. Oh noes. Oh nooooes. This is bad.

    Yeah. Like how the eff do we include a god damn paper in the junk picture? Do we have to sit on it or something??? ROTFLMAO.

    Now I don’t really feel as brave as you anymore. LOL!

    I do hope you feel better, man. πŸ™‚ Going online everyday wont be complete without reading your latest entry.

    @Chi & Nalunodsasarilinglaway
    Oh. My…. errr… Goat. IM NOT AS BRAVE AS MARIE ANYMORE!!!! πŸ˜› I’ll have to gather err… courage first? Lol.

    QUESTION: So how do we win this 4 on 4 thing??? Coz I am so not telling which picture’s mine.

  17. LMAO carol… you are brave coz crazy enuff u will be posting your thing, just not telling which is yours!

    well if i’m going down, i’m taking u and marie w/ me, ha! pero di ba that newspaper requisite feels weird…

  18. @blindchinese
    What do you need the pics for dude? πŸ˜€


    πŸ˜€ Marie

  19. gosh darn it! I tried it in the suana yday…stupid newspaper won’t stay up! *^%*^#&%)!!!!

  20. Carol, it’s your turn now! The two ladies are already doing it. Haha!

    I’m still waiting for the Monday’s edition of the bulletin. I’ll have mine beside Mojo’s face in his/her article. Haha!

  21. @Woainimo
    I knooooow. Hahah! It makes the picture look funnier.

    Why? What kind of pose were you going for??? LOL!

    I have been trying. But the newspaper is indeed kinda hard to pose with. Srsly. πŸ˜›

  22. easy marie, lemme help you girl… hihihi

  23. Dang Marie,

    You’ve got my imagination fired up, hehe… Now where was the paper again? πŸ™‚

  24. Hi, block in my office. Too bad. arrr…

  25. peter pan Says:

    Hi!! Always listen to your show, but always on the road driving kaya i cant call you. Love your segment where we can share our secrets, and maybe get some advice from you.

    I’ll share to you my secret(s) one of these days.


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