Good Times with Mo (January 28, 2009)

The ever reliable tabo

The ever reliable tabo

Today’s show was hi-larious! The trio was on point and had me in stitches! Darn, I looked like an idiot whilst driving with this stupid grin on my face, hehe… Arrgggghh, my cheeks hurt from smiling too much…

A lot of the callers were really funny and really contributed to the quality of the show…

Great job guys!

Read on for the highlights:

Pinoy guy fired for using water

Mo got an update about this story which pissed off all Pinoys who heard or read about it… A brief backgrounder: A Pinoy working in Australia was fired from his job apparently because he uses water instead of tissue to clean his ass after taking a dump…

Very typical Pinoy right?

In its defense, the company which fired our kababayan stated that they had previously warned the guy about his habit of washing his ass instead of using tissue because he would splash water all over the bowl in the process of cleaning his privates and he’d leave disgusting fecal matter on the side and rim of the bowl…

Yeah, not a very appetizing vision I would imagine… Sorry for the graphic description, hehe…

I guess it’s up to the courts to decide, as for me… Tabo pa rin, hehe… updates

No, I haven’t sent in a picture of my junk yet but I’m seriously considering it, hehe… What I’m curious to find out is if any of my readers have actually sent in a picture of their junk… Come on, fess up guys!

A caller named Totoy Obama sent in a pic of his junk with the Philippine Star edition featuring President Barack Obama being sworn into office… Nothing unusual in that except that this guy was exceptionally “gifted” and he drew raves from Mo and Mojo… Their only critique was that it twisted to the left and then to the right, hehe….

Mo also asked the uber hot girl who sent a photo of her body for Mo’s delectation, hehe… It’s currently serving as Mo’s wallpaper! Calling hot girl, please call the show!

Naming your junk

Mo commented on men’s habit of naming their junks and he went round the table and asked Mojo and Grace if they’ve ever named their junk… Mo started off by stating that his junk is named Stanley… Nothing too flashy, he said because it’s always better to be understated and then exceed expectations… πŸ™‚

Mojo named his “Shalimar” hehe… Gaaaayyyyy! Oh yeah, he is gay… what am I talking about? πŸ™‚

Maria Korea of course hadn’t even thought of naming her junk, what a weird idea, hehe… A caller suggested Rose… Yeah, it sounds good… it sounds “pristine”… Perfect for Grace…

Some callers gave their two cents on this topic, among them:

  1. “Jack” – fairly obvious and I’m guessing his last name is “Off”
  2. “Boyet” – this one had me in stitches, the name was so pedestrian and so Pinoy, hehe…
  3. “El Filibusterismo” – solid…
  4. “Bin Laden” – coz it was so hairy and when it got mad, it’ll “terrorize” your ass… πŸ™‚

What’s your junk called?

Bogus call

There was this caller who was so fake he was funny… He claimed to be a doctor from Vegas and he said that he was on a Northwest flight when an “emergency” happened on the plane and he played “hero”…. He kept changing details of his story and he used terms which a “real” doctor wouldn’t use…

Of course the human lie detector named Mo saw through his story quickly enough but he allowed him to continue because the manner in which he spoke was so theatrical it was hi-larious… πŸ™‚

Ahhh, what some guys will do for their two minutes of fame…


A caller phoned in and asked them who their top picks are for President of the republic after President GMA steps down from public office…

Among the names floated by Grace was Chiz (of course!!!)… I love you Chiz Escudero! Mo felt though that he would be better served by running for VP and getting some more experience under his belt considering his relative youth… But then again, the people are fickle and in politics, timing is everything…

Manny’s name was nominated by Mojo and I think Mo agreed on this one… I have my doubts that Manny will win though, he just doesn’t seem to have the X factor which defines the next president…

BF? Nah, the whole Philippines will probably be gayer than Mojo Jojo… I mean, come on, pink everywhere?

Jobama Binay already has a slogan – “Jobama, barako para sa pagbabago”… Yeah right! And their political dynasty represents change? I’m willing to bet that there will be a Binay ruling Makati when I’m already using a cane, addicted to Viagra and choking on my dentures while eating tikoy…

Prostate cancer

Mo presented this rather scary research to all the horndogs out there… It’s a cautionary tale so it behooves our species to listen… Recent studies have indicated that excessive jacking off will increase your chances of having prostate cancer…

Damn! And all this while I thought it was good for your health…

Ergo, I suggest a hiatus for Mary Palmer guys… Give her a break for now… πŸ™‚


There was this lady caller who got me all hot and bothered, hehe… Her name was Charlize and she was asking if it was normal for guys to NOT jack off…

The reason that she asked was that Mo had earlier propounded that it is the norm for men to have their way with themselves if they’re alone and naked…

She eventually confessed that it was her boyfriend who had this peculiarity and that her sex drive was stronger than his… She wanted it at least twice a day and thrice on Sundays, hehe…

As expected, all the guys listening in at the time started to text in and ask for Charlize’s number… Yours truly included, hehe… Some particularly desperate ones proclaimed their undying love (lust?) and claimed that Charlize was their soulmate, hehe… Yeah right!

Charlize, my email is…. Sorry, just had to get that one out there, hehe…

Consensual rape

Another caller who had an interesting story to share asked for advice on what to do after her boyfriend of 2 years got her drunk and proceeded to have his way with her…

Mojo and Grace immediately cried “RAPE!” but Mo was more sedate and tried to elicit more information from our caller… Apparently, they’re back together despite the forced entry as the caller stated that she still “loved” the guy despite his actions…

Mo’s advice, break up with the guy… Partly because of what he did but more importantly so she could be her own woman and not have to follow whatever this guy says…

Methinks the advice is sound…

What do you think guys?

Very, very entertaining show today and sorry for the lack of a blog yesterday… Just swamped with work… πŸ™‚

Well it pays the bills… What can I say? πŸ™‚

Good times!

70 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (January 28, 2009)”

  1. hey guys..1st time in a long time.

    Ive been a listener for quite a while now. Im from Bacolod and been tuning in every (well, almost) morning via killerbee and ive been a reader of this wonderful blog since last year..:)

    poor guy.. im having second thoughts now of going to Australia.haha.

    @naming your junk
    my ex renamed my junk “tristan” and hers “eden”..but i guess ill have to stick to “junior”..better to be understated and then exceed expectations…

    @prostate cancer
    no ones stoping me.. hehe

    poor girl..your bf doesnt know what he’s missing.


  2. the show for today is one of the best eeehever

  3. Hi Rap,

    I concur!


  4. Great great show! Very funny! . Sex on fire by Kings of Leon is a great song,, but i’m starting to hate it (paulit ulit hehe). it’s the first time i heard grace lee losing it to Mo Twister. Pikon?

    Naming our junks? – back in college we all have our thing named by adding up a suffix “-lito”. Not sure if other pack of horndawgs use it – but works well to us back then.

    MOJO – Mojolito
    MOHAN – Mohanilito (added “i” for more pleasure)
    MO – Molito (sounds bad)
    Miguel – Miguelitolito (haha. peace miguel!)

    Hahaha. Regards to everyone.

  5. The show was great, as always!
    The first two topics of the day made the nerd in me smile the biggest smile. I do keep diaries and it is amazing to look back and read what you have written after all those years. And I also do have those slambooks/ autograph books. It was a tactic when you were in grade school and you want to know your crush’s favorites and who he’s crushing on. You just make him sign it and voila! πŸ˜€ And oh, “facets” is my favorite word πŸ˜€
    As for names… my junk’s name is Jelly πŸ˜€

  6. I think everyone who sees me around every morning thinks I’m crazy. My grin is stretching my face backward every morning… And almost every traffic enforcer who looks at me while crossing the street just can’t do nothing but smile back… πŸ˜€

  7. Hei Benj,

    Great blog! Hope you can make a recap of yesterday’s show which is also awesome!

    … TABO forever!

    … I envy and I am jealous of the guy with the enormous penis. Dammit. Life is unfair. I lost what’s remaining of my confidence to send in the photo of my junk. Tsk!

    … My junk’s name is Butch. Go figure! As Mo said, it’s better to be understated and then exceed expectations… AGREE!

    … About the callers. The bogus one was really annoying! Thank God Mo knows how to handle such situations and it turned out funny. With the Presidentiables, NO COMMENT. Politics here in the PI is CRAP!

    … About Charlize.. Here’s my number.. 0906-272648*. Haha! I can give you what you want girl! Haha!

    While smoking this morning, I was talking to my girl-friend. She swore never to listen to GTWM ever again. Why? Because of the comic the gang was pulling off, she almost hit another car and was hit by a motorcyle – because of laughing ofcourse. The effects of GTWM is truly unbelievable. Haha!

    Good times!

  8. @ Krissy.
    ~ Jelly huh? Hmm.. Nice name. Maybe Jelly and Butch can hang-out sometime. Haha. Just kidding.

    Wow. You’re the first girl I know that names her junk. Cool!

    Good times!

  9. Oh one more thing that really made me look stupid smiling in the shuttle was when Grace suggested to change the topic to fashion or politics. Mo really pulled this one of! A gifted guy indeed!

    “So Grace, what (lingerie) were you wearing when you were banging that politician?”

    Hahaha! GOOD TIMES!

  10. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    i called my junk “junior”.

    i have an idea why’s ur junk named “jelly”

    maria korea is so conservative but maybe behind closed door, she’s wild.

  11. @ chi: i don’t know, i just have this compulsive desire to name everything in sight (e.g. my aquarium’s name is Stream of Consciousness, my fishes’ names are Elixir, Pratchett, Serenity and Chaos, my phone’s name is Alister, my future laptop’s name is Altherstone, and the list just goes on and on) πŸ˜€ i also have a name for my girls on top, but i think i’ll share it some other time haha. my ex-bf and i named them, and i guess the names just stuck…
    and yeah, i was laughing as well when mo said that line “so what were you wearing when…” gotta love the wit man, gotta love it.

    @ nalunodsasarilinglaway: really? well it was just a random name i came up with. hmm maybe it was the voice of my subconscious who told me that πŸ˜€

  12. @ Krissy.
    ~ That’s unique. Like a child who loves naming stuff. Hmmm. You inspired me to name Butch’s twins under him. Hmmm… Can you suggest any? LOL.

    ~ The voice that you were referring to, I believe, was your inner-south subconscious. Haha!


  13. hey benj,

    can i send you the pic of the best judgemyjunk picture so far para ma-post dito sa blog mo…then il plug it tomorrow? but its a topless photo…dont know the rules in wordpress about that and how you would feel about it. let me know bud. thanks.


  14. Go Mo! Just do it! Go go go!!!

  15. Chi you perv! πŸ˜€

  16. I really miss the show good times with mo mojo and grace. Since Im now here in Dubai for almost 9 months I really really miss the show but before i left I got the chance to visit them in 89.9. They are the best! thanks for everytihng guys! I hope that when i have my vacation this 2010 the show is still there more power guys!

  17. Hey Benj,

    Great blog today man. Lovin’ it! πŸ™‚

    I haven’t sent in anything yet… waiting for you guys, I guess. πŸ˜›

    Name Your Junk
    No name for any of mine but I love the name Boyet from one of the callers…I was LMAO sa FX! Kakahiya! πŸ˜€

    Prostate Cancer
    If you guys can get it from wanking too much, can girls get anything similar? I have a friend, you know… πŸ˜›

    Consensual Rape
    I think this kinda happened to me once. I was dating this very rich businessman a while back. We were fooling around in one of his big cars (a BigHorn I think it was) and things got a little too rough. Point is, I said no but he didn’t stop. That was the last time I ever got into one of his cars again (he had 2 BMW’s and the BigHorn). Stop dating him too, I missed the cars though. πŸ™‚ Mo’s advise is solid. Leave the jerk.

    Loved the show today, love the blog! πŸ™‚

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  18. I know you like it Marie! Haha!

  19. yummy yowby Says:

    almighty mo..

    be done unto this blog according to your word….

  20. Nice blog.. keep it guys! really love listening to your show….

  21. El Filibisterismo? HAHAHAHA.
    Bin Laden???? ROTFLMAO.

  22. I want to say i don’t kow what you’re talking about Chi but it would be against every grain of my being. πŸ™‚

    LMAO when I saw your comment. πŸ™‚

    Hey Carol,

    El Filibusterismo…maybe bec it’s long but super boring! πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  23. Hey Mo, fire away…

    You know my email address right? It’s… I’ll post the pic tomorrow, hehe… You know the horndogs are waiting for it…

    Topless should be okay, there are a ton of wordpress blogs with nude photos… I asked ole Mr. Google and he said it’s okay…

    Good times!

  24. i tried email you on that address but it came back with a failure notice. il try again.

  25. and perhaps you can post it before the show para people can look at it during discussion, but i understand if youre busy. kahit walang blog text, just the photo. i’ll send it now. thanks


  26. Ok.. Benj.. Calmly… STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND CHECK YOUR DAMN EMAIL! Quickly! Quickly!

    Haha! I’m really curious how that junk looks like. Hmmm…

    @ Marie
    ~ Nice one girl. El Fili – long but boring. Haha!

  27. @ chi
    chill.. relax.. you might get a heart attack while waiting for this ‘photo’ ahahaha.. πŸ˜€

    well, to tell the truth, im kinda excited as well with this ‘best pic so far’ even if im a woman.. hahaha.. *creepy* can’t also wait for the site to be up and running.. πŸ™‚

    @ bogus call
    – i was like ROTFLMAO while listening to that. sorry for my customer on the other line who i put on hold for so long. good thing my team leader was away for a minute. just can’t help it.. nice one MO! *yeh yeh yeh.. wassup??* hahaha.. πŸ˜€

    great show! as always!

    waldin πŸ˜‰

  28. we had one of the best GTWM show earlier…very entertaining. i was smiling while im on my way home. hands up to everybody who contributed to the show today.

    -benj, where’s the pic dude? πŸ™‚

  29. Marie,
    But the Bin Laden name is indeed a bit scary. Lol. Hope it’s not TOO hairy. Like… err.. Zohan. HAHAHA. That would be very disturbing. πŸ˜›

  30. And oh, Marie. Have you submitted your picture to judgemyjunk yet?

  31. mine’s pechay… lol that was a joke. but we girls at the office use that word with each other everytime its hilarious. great blog Benj! post the photo from mo already!

  32. marie i’m gonna need your help with the judgemyjunk thing =) btw carol, i remember marie telling me she’s not gonna send her photos until the website is up and running. i concur… how bout you carol?

  33. well,,i’m just being honest and i simply don’t want to be a hypocrite like most girls (no offense ladies),,

  34. oh my! dami na palang comments. d ko napakinggan yung show kanina, nalate na ko nagising. buti na lang me blog si benj pero alam ko na mae-enjoy ko yun kung nagising ako ng maaga. bukas I have 2 reasons why I need to wake up early… listen to the show and wait for the topless pic to be posted here in benj’s web corner…

    About the junk naming thing – I haven’t thought of naming mine but at one point I’ve considered having it tattooed – on idle mode it would just say “WY” on action mode it’ll spell like “Welcome to the Philippines! Enjoy your staY” hehehe I can only wish!

    masayang oras! hehe

  35. Woainimo,
    I concur as well. πŸ™‚ Will only submit if the site’s up then. And also when you two are ready to submit yours. πŸ˜€

  36. hey, just passing by to say what a nice program you have guys…

    i hope mojo is not accused by illegal possesion of drugs…
    good luck on the trip to macau guys…

    more power on the show….

  37. Hi,

    @Benj, did charlize emailed you already? πŸ™‚ goodluck then! hehehe.

    @charlize, hows your boyfriend and your sex life after you shared the story in show? πŸ™‚ My take is to tell your BF how you want it to be or perhaps get the rubber D friend for your pleasure. πŸ™‚


  38. Pareng Jebs Says:


    – lyk diz 1 man? 8===D
    hahaha! go charlize.

  39. makataongallan Says:

    Bro Mo,

    I-share mo naman yung whole body pics nya (including the face).
    Or kahit email mo na lang sa

  40. I was laughing when Grace complained on how Mo was XXX on that day and wanted to talk about something else, “… like fashion, and politics,…” Then Mo asked, “So, uhm… What were you wearing while you slept with that politician?”

    HAHAHA! Funny!

  41. charlize..
    here’s my mail.

  42. @ Charlize.
    ~ Talk to your bf. Tell him your concern, I believe you can work things out. Sex shouldn’t be that complicated (it shouldn’t be at all!). I think you know that there are lots of men dying to have a girl like you, yours truly included.

    If things doesn’t work out, dump the motherf*cker (oh crap, he isn’t).

    And oh, Do the Lord’s work girl.

    Good times!

  43. Nice rack but why stop there, With a gifted body like that hell i would show my face coz i am ddg! The voice though does not match the body? hmmmm strange
    Your phonelines are hot! maybe you should have like an alternative line like a mobile phone and patch thru your system so us callers on the road have a better chance of getting thru.
    Judge my junk will only be successful if the ones who thought of it start it right by providing their own junk.
    Grace Lee excluded because she never thought of it in the first place. Let her create her own site something for minds that have not been corrupted and good luck with that Ms. Lee.
    Ironically, her last name translate it in tagalog combined with two 2 consonants and 1 vowel mean h—y in english.
    Format of the show is great, hope fully i can get in touch with you guys if i can get thru maybe before Grace gets married and that is being opetimistic whewwww those lines are on fire!
    Korean girls are nice especially the ones in Macau, they come prepared they even have clocks in their bags to make sure you don’t go beyond the schedule. The Russians also have those….

  44. regarding the tabo issue, I hate to say this, but this issue only solidified my belief that Aussie are very racist. this and the horror stories of some friends who went back from down under. And I am NOT generalizing. but, I mean, fire a guy for not conforming to norms regarding ass wiping? C’mon! There must be a deeper seeded issue here.. Sorry

  45. -sorry for the frequent typos. still have to master how to avoid touching the touchpad of my computer.


  46. ~ naming junk
    others claim that their junk is like a lion. the king of the jungle.. but i find it funny coz when you look at a lion as a wang, after the head it hair already.. hahaha.

    Good Times guys

  47. charlize21 Says:

    We talked about it a couple of times before. I think i figured it out, maybe he’s just not in the mood sometimes. But aren’t all guys wanna have it as often as they can?I can live with like having it once a week but at least give me two frikin’ rounds!! And about that rubber D,,i’m pretty familiar with my pleasure spots so there’s really no need for toys..

    Regarding the jmj thing, i’m still thinking about submitting my photo coz i don’t think i need mo to judge my body,,as far as i’m concerned i have a rockin’ body or at least all the guys i’ve been with said so..but i don’t want to sound like i’m bragging about my bod or something,,:)
    I know its not that complicated but he’s not really comfortable talking about things like that. I think this has to do with his religion or something or maybe he’s a hypocrite. πŸ™‚

    NDCebu & Chi
    I appreciate your comments about my issue. Makes me feel really good sharing this to you guys instead of keeping it bottled up.

  48. @ Charlize,

    ~ Once a week and just 1 round? You’re man is weak (I believe you know that already). Sayang ca lang. Go find someone else na lang. If not for love, just for sex.

    ~ About JMJ, no one cares about Mo’s critic… We just wanna see the rack!

    Good times!

  49. @Chi

    i’ve been telling him to eat balot nga e,,the someone else thing is not really an option for me coz i want this to work i’m done fooling around,,i guess what’s left for me to do is to be patient and i better get used to not getting it as often as i want,,as the saying goes “u can’t have everything you want” at least i’m getting some and it still beats not getting any right?

    do you think i could send my bikini pics instead of taking it all off? or mo might just trash that?hmm…

  50. @Chi

    i’ve been telling him to eat balot nga e,,the someone else thing is not really an option for me coz i want this to work i’m done fooling around,,i guess what’s left for me to do is to be patient and i better get used to not getting it as often as i want,,as the saying goes “u can’t have everything you want” at least i’m getting some and it still beats not getting any right?

    do you think i could send my bikini pics instead of taking it all off? or mo might just trash that?hmm…


  51. @ Charlize,

    ~ Well, you have a good point there. Just hang-on and be patient. In time your man will come around besides, he’s still a guy. I believe there’s a horn dog buried deep inside him. Hold on, maybe you’re the problem. Maybe you don’t know how to do your thing? Hmmm….

    ~ It’s JMJ na an effing bikini contest. TAKE IT ALL OFF! Haha!

    Sexy times!

  52. Erratum on my previous post (January 31, 2009 at 2:15 am)…

    “Your man is weak”

    That’s the effect of overwork and coming home real early… in the morning.. Haha!

  53. Erratum ulet.

    “It’s JMJ not an effing bikini contest. TAKE IT ALL OFF! Haha!”

    This one is the effect of working on a weekend. Tsk!

  54. charlize21 Says:


    fine fine,,i get it,,i won’t send my pics if i’m not butt naked,,

    i can make any guy moan and scream if you know what i mean,,so i highly doubt that i’m the problem here,,


  55. @charlize21,

    ~ If you believe that you know how to do your thing, how come your guy does not respond? Regardless of whatever belief he has, he’s still a guy. There are some guys out there who isn’t even turned on but has a butt-naked girl in front of him, he’d hump the girl. Hell, I’d pump the girl! Haha!

    Good times!

  56. @Chi
    I’m thinking that he just have these moods,,sometimes he’s into it but sometimes he’s just not,,this might not be a big deal for him and i’m just making a big fuzz out of it,,you don’t want to underestimate me on that department coz i know what to do in bed believe me..

    Thanks again!!

  57. @ Charlize,

    ~ Ok ok. I’ll take your word for it.. Hmm.. Weird guy. A normal (take note of the word, NORMAL) guy will hump until you can no longer walk. Really weird. Oh well.. Just find another guy then for that.

    Good times!

  58. @Chi
    my luck just turned!!!i don’t know what happened but these past few days he’s always been in the “mood”..he’s the one asking for it now..i’m actually baffled because of the sudden change..



  59. @Charlize,

    ~ Good for you girl. Oh btw, was it you who called earlier today (02/03)?

    Good times!

  60. @Chi
    Yes i did call and dissed the hell out of that loser guy who called before me…hehehehe


  61. @ Charlize,

    ~ And again, you phoned in today. 3 days in a row huh?

    Good times!

  62. ^

    wow! naging Chat!


  63. @ Chi

    Guess Im NORMAL after all…


    Good times!


  64. @Chi

    Got nothing better to do e…hehehe


  65. hi,

    @charlize, i hope you are still reading the thread. πŸ™‚ sorry for the very late reply due to workload i have this week. πŸ™‚ Goodthing his apetite changed when it comes to bed and I hope it will continue forever. Also, try to catch his x mark/spot to turn him on, in that way it will make your life easier. By the way, you are not alone with it, I know one of my friend who is girl and married to a american guy,just imagine an american whose not into it. weird yeah? πŸ™‚


  66. @NDCebu
    i though of what mo said about a girl having the power in a relationship. now i’m thinking of depriving him of his bed privileges so he would know what he’s missing probably tease him a bit then leave him high and dry or is that too mean?do you think that would work?hmmm


  67. @ charlize

    sorry to butt in but depriving the guy would work just dont make it like a week long, I think that is too much (for my case though)



  68. Hi,

    @charlize, well for me, if it works then good… but if not… it would be worser than you exp. before he might be contented not to do the deed with you anymore which we know that he is capable of or you are giving him an idea to go with sombebody else if you leave him high and dry as you said. πŸ™‚ Sometimes or most of the time, problems wont be solved if you try to resolve it with another problem, right? You can try your solution but just be prepared with the consequences. πŸ™‚
    However, girls who do always good in bed makes man want to do it more ALL THE TIME! πŸ™‚


  69. @Carlo and NDCebu
    i’ll keep that in mind…i’ll keep you posted if something interesting comes up..

    Thanks much!!


  70. Hi,

    @charlize alright!


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