Exclusive – Best of the Best (Judgemyjunk.org) Debut pictures!



Well for the fans of judgemyjunk.org, here’s your wet dream come true… Conceived in the mind of that evil genius named Mohan Gumatay, here  is the winning entry for the month, hehe…

Enjoy and feast your eyes on this delicacy… Yummy…

Oh Man, she is freaking hot… Smoking hot!

Whoever you are, I think I’m in  love… or lust…

Here’s the 2nd pic…


Your body is a wonderland!

I’ve got to see the hits on this site tomorrow… It should break all previous records knowing how many horndogs listen to the show…

Mo, thanks for the opportunity to host the first ever pics of judgemyjunk.org on my blogsite, hehe… Much appreciated…

Whatever, I’ve gotta go, it’s tissue time…Mary Palmer, here I come!

Great times!

212 Responses to “Exclusive – Best of the Best (Judgemyjunk.org) Debut pictures!”

  1. OH MY GOD. She really IS smoking hot!


  2. Sorry guys, some instructions from the girl to edit the pic… Will post it back up later…

  3. charlize21 Says:

    i expected something like a celebrity bod coz mo was pretty crazy about this..

  4. i saw the first post of the pictures.. and when i was about to submit my comment, biglang nag error message.. hahahaha

    well she’s really hot.. specially the ‘unedited’ photos.. sorry for those who didn’t see it.. hahahaha..
    i now feel for mo why he is drooling over on this hotness sexy photo.. 😀

    i know.. i guess i want to say the same thing.. must. stay. straight.. hahahaha 😉

    waldin 😉

  5. The first photo is way better! 😛

  6. Yeah Waldin. 🙂 We must! Haha.

  7. Hi Carol and Waldin,

    I guess the horndogs are already asleep and you girls got to feast on the original pics…

    Yeah, I apologize about the quality of the editing of the pics… The girl requested that we blur out the background… I just deleted it out totally na lang out of respect for her wishes…

    Still she’s smoking hot!

    Great, great times!


  8. efffiiing hotttie girl!!!! lumabas ang aking sungay… benj – I’m a horndog myself, can you please send the pics to my email ad??? those unedited copies?

  9. hey benj!
    yeah.. you know the saying ‘early bird cathes the worm’.. hahaha.. right carolific? *high five* 😉

    im just kinda afraid to browse now this page here at work.. my team leader might catch me and it might be ground for termination.. *lagot* another saying.. ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’ 😀

    i was thinking to send my photos but after seeing this, i was like ‘nah..i don’t think so.. i think i should just forget about it’ haha..

    can’t wait for the comments of the horndogs.. yuhuuu!! *gising gising* 😀


    waldin 😉

  10. sorry for the typo.. i mean ‘early bird catches the worm’ 😀

  11. why the hell there’s no gtwm today??????? deymn… 😦

  12. ow gawd.. they’re just late.. thank god.. *sigh of relief* 😀

  13. hotness! tsss…

  14. slumdogie Says:

    wow!!! slurp! slurp! sarraaaaapppppp!!!!! delisyoso!!! 😉

  15. fckn hot hot hot! If you want I can clean out photos for you guys! FOR FREE!

  16. kapitan88 Says:

    Whoa! Hot. . .

    It would’ve been better i think, if she had a shot near “entrance” of that “birds nest”.


  17. She is definitely hot. I’m jealous of Mo because they have a photo of her face. 🙂


  19. is the site (judgemyjunk.org) ready?

  20. anton paaare Says:

    whoa. wow. nuff said.

  21. I love your body!

  22. just wanna ask how come i cant connect to the judgemyjunk.org pls’ help me out Master Mo’…

  23. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    u too excited for a girl ha.
    are you a lesbo?
    this is not a forum that your post can earn u 1 point.

    ive seen to many of these in my life and i may say, i can compare you for a 711 refreshment, SLURPEE!!!

    can u send me the unedited photo? nalunodsasarilinglaway@yahoo.com. im drowning now with my own saliva.

  24. @ nalunod
    ooops.. sori if i post too many comments. will not do it again. and im not a lesbo. im straight. i just find this photo gorgeous that’all. 😉

  25. wow!! what a bod! nice glow on the skin, nice voice too on the radio.

    she just called up and MO was going nuts…man who’s git her number??


  26. wow!! what a bod! nice glow on the skin, nice voice too on the radio.

    she just called up and MO was going nuts…man who’s got her number??


  27. woooh……..

    the girl is sooooooooooo hot
    .. one hell of beatiful creation..

    and just heard her at the show..
    she had a cute voice..

    TRULY an AWESOME creation

  28. picture is choppy… but decent and visually ok

    nice tits

    hard on is standard if your looking at this picture if you are a filipino.

  29. woah!!!
    yeah thats the one everybody’s talkin about!
    great body…

    we’ll wait for the super website benj!

  30. the professor Says:

    she’s hot.. can u pls send the unedited pics to me..? pls

  31. im willing to do the judge my junk site ! been doing some templates for the site…

  32. BadHairDay Says:


  33. can iask the original pics that you edited….

  34. hey, somebody please post link to the original photo.

    does it have the face on it ?

    she sure look very gorgeous…

  35. I can’t agree more …

  36. nalaglag ang brief ko when i saw the pictures. pamatay!!!!

  37. The picture is really great! I bet the face is as great! Halleluia! Better than any of the FHM body model!

  38. Damn!!! newspaper please go… 🙂

  39. Hi benj,

    Can you please send me a copy of the first photo..pleeeeaaase.

    I MUST say her body is a temple. I immediately turn on my computer after hearing the comments of MO and Grace today..

    Please Benj..Thanks.

  40. I should say…





  41. Hi,

    Very sexy photos! 🙂 Is she beautiful as well? 🙂
    Darn, I wish my girlfriend my girlfriend is hot like her!
    Nice pairs she got! perfectly match with her body.
    Great morning breakfast here in the office. 🙂

  42. gosefraba Says:

    Very Nice…I feeel like going back to the restroom, again.

  43. […] Mo’s desktop background before, but you have to stop reading right now because it’s now available for public […]

  44. oh lalala. she is really hot

  45. very hot indeed!!! ‘though i haven’t been able to view the original pix. maybe you could beam it up into my email (j.norbel@yahoo.com.ph)

    thanks in advance.


  46. Nice picture, I must say I’m also a little bit disappointed but.
    This kind of pictures is much butter than the ones from the studios
    becuase this is real.

    I wish I saw the unedited version. hehehe.

    So who’s next to give-out their junks?? hehehe.

    Ei Guys, Mo should also post his junk on the upcoming site. So we could make critic his. ahahaha.

  47. complainant Says:

    well, for me its just typical, i have seen so many pictures like these in millions of sites here in the web, i really can say that shes that hot, well u know its like this, the face value is what really helps contribute to the overall rating of Sex Appeal, so if readers cant see her face.. then its not worth it. right? i need some help here! WE WANT TO SEE HER FACE!

  48. uhm. picture looks good but not great. there are a lot of girls with that body. and almost everyone looks sexy when seated. you gotta see them standing up in a pose.

    i would still give “grace” credit for showing hers off to everyone.

  49. Wow! Atlast! i’ve been wishing to see all these talk about picture on their radio shows! Thanks for sharing this one! Looking forward to see more!
    Mo! You’re the one! Keep it up!

  50. yummy yowby Says:

    darn it.. i cant stare it that long… because my boss is at my back..

    but a little peek makes it more fascinating… wehehehe

    well… gonna go to handicap bathroom….


  51. Those are nice pictures, and that’s a lucky newspaper! Check out this Facebook and add it up!

  52. Those are nice pictures, and that’s a lucky newspaper! Check out this Facebook and add it up! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PLAYBOY-Philippines/62184297496

  53. SooooWeeeeeTTT!

    any full exposure?

    looks like foreign to me…

  54. Hey Benj,

    I’m so glad I sit at the corner now at the office cuz when I got to your site these “nudie photos” jumped off my screen! Nice bod on this girl. 🙂 I heard from the show that earlier your site could’ve been crashing, is that right? Hehehe…guess the hordogs are up and drooling. 😀 Where’s Chi and Carlo??? 😛

    😀 Marie

  55. Great times Says:

    Hey Mo!

    Why don’t you convince Grace to post her junk? I’m sure that it will create an Internet traffic on this site. wahaha

    btw, love the tits of the girl. good job benj! Even though its edited. : )

  56. damn… she is really hot!
    i heard over my phone’s radio a while ago!
    i just got so mad coz while coming to work!
    This ppol at PUJ where like looking at me as
    if i was like crazy horndog or something!
    while the reason why is my phone run out
    of the batteries…
    have a nice day guys!

  57. hehehe!!!! whew!!!! 1 gazillion thumbs up!!!!

  58. Benj, I’m a graphic designer and I could offer some good photo editing service if you like me to fix those photos. email me and let me know. Thanks.

  59. Thank u for all ur kind words.. =) thank u benj for editing my pic. Appreciate it.

    More power to mo, mojo & grace lee..

    Love ur site. Thanks again!

  60. sure everybody drowling with the babe, nice… but is their any other way to expose filipina morally??again!? we’ve been branded already for being the best of puta,tama na.sana for your eye’s only lang yan, for sure this babe already have posted all insane picture just to be popular like in boybastos? don’t she have any much talent except trying to sell the photo with all the guys.

  61. Pareng Jebs Says:

    nurse tulong! haha!

    holy pictures? saved. ahaha! wallpaper.

  62. Apparently “the girl” called the show today!!!
    Plus, she sent a picture of her face to the show..

    Mojan! You’re one hell of a lucky bastard! I really envy you! You’ve talked to her and have seen her face.. Really lucky dude!

    Just by hearing you’re reaction after her call made me rushed back home just to check her stuff @ this site.. And MAN! Speechless…

    Kudos to Mo, Mojo, and Grace for having this site put up..

    And thanks Benj for giving us some amazing stuff on what to expect on the judgemyjunk.org site..

    Good times!!!

  63. Hey there.

    Honestly, I’m quite disappointed when I saw the photos. I expected too much. I guess it’s the quality of the photo and of the editing. It could’ve been done better.

    Ok ok. She a nice pair going there and a hot bod. It’s just that the photography sucks. Tsk! Too bad. Not the quality to start a boner.

    @ Marie.
    ~ Am present ofcourse. Late lang. Haha!


  64. Pareng Jebs Says:

    -hav u olredi visitd da judgemyjunk.org?
    parangwala kasi ehh. sheytz! :þ

    -sir benj, can you send me the original pix? please?

  65. @graphire


  66. damn!
    as the song goes, bakit ngayon ka lang…………where were you when i was single!

  67. Willing to edit the original pictures more firm.
    I will be using my own personal editing skills using photoshop
    for this hot lovable grace(codename).

    Hits is for you guys! more power to DJ mo and Grace Lee..

    hope to get a feedback.

  68. AT

  69. i dare all those ladies to show their bodies with their face

  70. Pareng Jebs Says:

    my e-mail guyz : boy_torpe17@yahoo.com


  71. yeah, can i see the unedited pictures?? pretty please chief_ahoy@yahoo.com


  73. damn!
    as the song goes, bakit ngayon ka lang…………where were you when i was single!

  74. Whoah! Those are nice firm twins!…also diggin’ the clean cut cat. 😀

    Love your body ma’am grace! 😉

  75. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    hopefully this girl is not a “hipon”
    i thought the tweens are bigger, im not that disappointed that it was bigger than in my imagination, melon type. are the nipples also edited?
    maybe theres no photographer and the camera is set to self timer.
    nice nipple rings, most pinays are black and very big pasas.
    and downstairs is very clean….damn!!!! its very rare to see that singit that white.

    dont let mo put his junk on that website, it will ruin it with his below 5inch of wang, nvm.

    im encouraging MARIA KOREA to show her stuff!!!

  76. toink!!!!!!! gonna squeeze one of later….

    Benj, i also want to see the unedited one if possible

    This is Good Times

  77. is there a way, Mo can hook me up with this girl. So Hot!!! I wish i was the paper she’s holding.

  78. WOW! You want me to help you out on editing the pictures? I’m in the line of photoediting on my dayjob kasi…

  79. succulent!!!!

  80. Benj- thank u for granting my request to remove the background. Appreciate it. Keep up the good work..

    Kind words guys! THANK U!

  81. Redincubus Says:

    Honestly, I was expecting more to be shown…why’d she have to cover up w/ the bulletin? Should have at least cut a hole in place of the bird’s nest and made her priceless thingy the centerpiece!

  82. she has smoookin hot body..i like the pink nipple..yumm girl!! hahaha

  83. bilbo baggins Says:

    Mo’s right! this girl has a strong one! hope more pice will be posted here while waiting for the official website.
    thanks Mo and Benj!

  84. Nice pair of jugs, nice skin too and a nice voice. she was on air earlier, kinda husky and sexy.

    Can I also have the unedited version as well?

    A zillion thanks!

  85. oh my,hotness!!!…. thanks mohan…more pics pls

  86. I tried goin to the site (judgemyjunk.org) but im getting 404 error. badtrip di ko tuloy makita.

  87. Love your show you are amazing specially your manyakis site. hahaha keep it up stay cool.

  88. OMG.. =)

  89. WOW! Sa wakas ScreenSaver ko na rin sya!

    Benj, Can I also get the unedited version?


  90. she’s gorgeous. really wow. please please send me the orig. pics to my email. please thanks !

  91. holy molly!!! sure winner…. swerte mong newspaper ka…..

  92. 25 posts and it’s barely lunchtime!


  93. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    calling woainimo, marie, carol.

    kelan kayo magpapadala?

    u can send it me for pre-screening. nalunodsasarlinglaway@yahoo.com

  94. ZooM-cag de oro- Says:

    The heck is that! woooosh so hot nothing to say but hot!! her body is on fire how i wish im the newspaper…haha lmao!!

  95. not that hot! Ive seen better ….. over rated

  96. I was in school when I heard about this. I immediately left and went straight to the office! Hehe

    After seeing these pics, It’s tough to keep my “junk” down…

    to: MO– you bastard! Lucky you!! Grrrr…

    to: HOTTIE GIRL– you’re one heck of a lass.. lovin every inch of it. 😉 keep it up!

  97. wow!! yummyyy….

  98. oh hell… sizzling like sizzling sisig!

  99. Kamoteh Kid Says:

    Grrrrr…..You don’t want me when my wang is angry!

  100. This girl is really hot. Sana may pretty face sya that goes with her body.

  101. i must say edited yng pict

  102. shit this lady is smoking hot after i saw her picture i do it three times hehehe

  103. grabe mohan ang seksi nya

  104. tranzformerdude Says:

    perfect figure, coplimented by nice smooth skin
    a real wonderland worth exploring
    Moe said she’s also pretty

  105. man..shes scorching hot…ive heard her voice when she called this morning..and guys..its her gift for all horn dogs out here..

  106. sapphiregirlburn Says:

    hi guys,

    she is hot…nice bod i may say… i already sent my photo to mo last week.. i think i’m one of the firsts to send mine. and mo wowed me for that…also mojo and grace lee…. they all love my lovely pairs…=)

    this ones nice though…

    keep those pics coming…hoping you’ll see me guys soon when the website is up…*wink


  107. hot.. very hot… two thumbs up….wow…. weeeeeweeeeeet.. more pics pls

  108. alf from melmak Says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! that’s all I can say. you should ask someone to clean in better the edges ang a bit distracting. can’t wait till the site is up.

  109. Have to be honest, i expected a bit more out of the photos. But, i’ll take Mo’s word for it, that the edited pictures do not give justice to the original ones. Another factor is that I’m not really a boob-guy (more of an assman) which is why i probably can’t appreciate the pics as much as other guys.

    I’ve got to admit, hearing “Grace’s” voice this morning woke my ‘Soulja Boy’ up. Man! having a voice to think of with the pics of the body. Wooohooo! She just made my day!

    Good Times!

  110. nice body she got!! buti nlng hindi na kasama yong mukha, baka ma-disappoint pa madami dyan. pero its for free so no time for us complain. seat back, relax and squeeze one of, hehe.

  111. nice body and a pair of tits. seat back relax and squeeze 1 of, hehe. KUCHI KUCHI KOOO!!!

  112. @carolific i think you need to submit also, hehe

  113. There is one thing I could say, MO HAS REALLY GOOD TASTE ON WHAT TO PUT ON HIS DESKTOP.

    She really has gorgeous body…

    God Spent more time on her… hehe….

  114. ay ang bastos!!!… more please… =P

  115. PEPSI BOY Says:


    thats a totally freakin hot!!!!!!!!
    MR Gumatay!!!!! your a genious men!!!!!

  116. totongcavite Says:

    wow, pwede, pwede….. we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. totongcavite Says:

    i’ll give it a 8

  118. totongcavite Says:

    send more photos. ibang pose naman

  119. littleboy Says:

    wow! awesome dude!

  120. hi benj,

    she sounded around 20s thru phone! DAMN HOT PICS.



  121. it looks like it was photoshopped if you look closely…. how about posting obama.. the guy with the big wang.

  122. Wow, who is this girl? Sana may face din.

  123. Wow pareng benj (feeling close) Mo was right. those nipples are to die for. as mo said, “perfect, celebrity-like”. Whatcha think benj, inadobe ba?
    And no charlize (like ur name reminds of me another hot person.. C. Theron), she has a great bod. her skin tone is the same all over… kaya? pati sa in between the legs? hmmm…
    With all due respect Grace (the girl with the nice body) you have a wonderful body. swerte ang partner mo sa iyo… but I am sorry to say my girl has a better one.. hehehe.. still trying to convince her to send a photo though. probably when JMJ is already online…
    kudos to you benj. may gazillion hits ka today because of this pic… pwede na bang pang main career ang site na ito? hehehe… kidding.

  124. And no charlize (I LIKE UR NAME, reminds of me another hot person.. C. Theron), she has a great bod. her skin tone is the same all over… kaya? pati sa in between the legs? hmmm…

  125. grabe… im so excited to see more of her art…
    good job mo, grace and mojo…

  126. and as expected… this blog entry catapulted benj’s blog inside the top ten spot in topblogs.com/entertainment… nice! hehehe
    lotsa horndougs!

  127. yummy yowby Says:

    WOW… record breaking comment.. 128 and counting.. whehehehehehe…

  128. Pareng Jebs Says:

    this is it baby. hahah! late reaction. LMAO

  129. she is heaven i will exchange 20 yrs of my life for just a night with her hehehhehe rock on!

  130. whoa! HOT! nice pair you’ve got..

    Post more of this and soon you’ll be on the top 1 most visited blogs.
    there’s a lotta horndogs out there.. 😀

    c’mon! send benj more pix..lol 😀

  131. whoa!! she’s really smokin’ hot babe! Round boobs, great twins nips! milky labanos down under!!

  132. kristoffer Says:

    damn, those horndogs really enjoi this site!

    it’s already 6pm comments started at around 12am

    still counting…

    nice job benj..

    more pics^^

  133. i love you Grace.. no.. not Grace Lee…

  134. please send me the unedited pics please!!!thanks.great site!

  135. Ouch!!! My wang hurts!!!

    Hey can I have a copy of the photo I think I can edit it even more…

    To give justice to the beautiful body of GRACE!!!

    If you don’t want to send me one, at least you could’ve given the photo another background.

    Anyway, more power dude… I’ll be visiting your blog more often, to give my own thought a penny or two.

    … For the sake of making good timew with mo a better morning radio show (I couldn’t go through the phone lines, kaya dito na lang he he he…).

    More power you guys!!!

  136. Hei Benj,

    Whoa. You’re probably hitting 6 digits now on your blog’s hits huh? GOOD TIMES!

    That girl’s pair are viral! All horndogs were united! Haha!


  137. freakin’ hot!

  138. Karlo Aaron Says:

    Master Mo!

    Ur a genius! Keep it up!

    A nice specimen! Kinda choppy lang un pag edit ng picture!

  139. wow lupit mo kuya moooooooooooooooo……………

  140. give me 1 balut and i will fuck this girl all night 😀

    hhmm., but nothing special for MO to be goshing over like that., hhmm sa bagay nakita nya ung face., thats what matters most., if shes a shrimp type no thnx girl., but if shes got a really pretty face WOW! SOLID!

  141. fir3st0rm Says:

    she’s really HOT!!!! looking forward on more pics!!!

  142. perfect 10!!!

  143. can i have some of those photos.. heheheh :-))

    Yeah it’s definitely GOODTIMES!!!!


  144. with all the hype going on bout these ‘controversial’ pictures i wanna be some sort of a spoiler here 🙂

    i find it good but not that hot. i mean our tastes varies and maybe she is not that hot for me. listening to how mo builds her up on the show kindda intrigued me as to how hot it really looked like but i must say im quite disappointed as it was just ordinary. well yes the skin is flawless as is the “crown on top” but again nothing out of ordinary (personal opinion guys). i guess the fact that it was the 1st out in the public helped a lot on the “publicity”.

    another thing i wanna play “devil’s advocate” about is the website (judgemyjunk.org) itself. i wasnt listening when it was announced that it was officialy bought by our djs so i really dont know the whole story bout this but i just cant help but voice out a thought that crossed me.

    well what if this is just another prank and us listeners are the victims? i mean we are all witnesses when mo played a prank on grace lee with the caller that said profane words to her. what if this is just one of them? that the website will never really be up? that all of us (yeah myself included) were made to contribute “shameless” pictures with the promise that it will be posted for public’s view alongside others but the truth of the matter is only a selected few will benefit from it?

    again guys just a thought. i mean no harm. peace! 🙂

  145. gawd!!

    ha ha ha
    this must be a record!! having 134 comments on this article!!!

    ..is that natural?

  146. hunkieboi Says:

    yeah! a must admit… her body was freakin hot… i gotta get some icepak .. my dickheads evaporating…. grrrrr

  147. whoah benj! so how many views does your blog have now???

    So the girl called the show this morning? Awesome! Darn it. I was sleeping. Will go to the other site for the recordings. 😛

  148. Hey waldin! I agree with you that the girl is hot! Do you have any multiply or what?

  149. @Carolific >> yeah she called earlier and her voice is also nice…

  150. @Carolific –> Is it alright if I add you up at multiply?:)

  151. @Marcus >> ei, i know you call the show alot but knowing Mo I don’t think he would do such a prank to their listeners…

    I’m not really a very loyal fan of Mo, but judging from his attitude and principles I think he won’t expose this pictures so easily…

  152. Agree with Axel brother. Mo’s not that of an asshole to do that. He’s betraying the listeners and he won’t risk doing such a thing. Not when he has many loyal listeners.

  153. i’ve seen a lot of nude bodies in my life, but this one is really something!! WOW! too bad i wasn’t able to catch the unedited version. hehehe

  154. Very very juicy. buti di nyo nilagay yun ugliest WANG bwahahah.

  155. Pareng MO! Henyo ka talaga. Lahat ng Ideas mo pumatok sa takilya. anyway, the picture a so HOT!!! I pressume that the real one is a hell of a MASTERPIECE!!!



    Wish Grace will be sharing also her MASTERPIECE!

  156. been listening to this radio program every morning. love the crazy antics…specially when mohan and joseph start getting it on with their word battle.
    i agree the body of grace is awesome…nice to see grace that you ahev been quite blessed and have taken good care of it…my compliments.

    carolific…yes grace called this morning. sounded young, smart and bubbly…seems someone nice to hang out with…sames as you

  157. Err Grace, heavenly body …to die for! and a matching cute sweet voice… should have seen the celebrity-like face.. sayang talaga. Ohh Graceously heaven!

  158. @Axel >> well just a thought. 🙂

  159. Awful cropping….

    Totaly messed up the overly rated pictures……

    Anyhow, can’t wait for the real site to come out……..

    This would definitely rock the entire radio world again……

    I’m sure the so called moralist peeps will be starting to tag this as “PORN”….

    And ruin everything………….

    Hope the site could last aleast a week before the invetable could happen…….. 😦

  160. woah

  161. @ Carol,

    ~ Girl, lots of horndogs hitting on you huh? Trying their luck to see your tattoed body naked. Haha!

    @ Benj,

    ~ As I’ve said, the girl’s body is viral. Top 1 on visited blogs already? Alright! Good times!

    @ Marie,

    ~ When I viewed this site yesterday, it only has 62 comments. Now, it gained more than a hundred percent! Whoa!


    ~ Oh by the way, where’s Tenacious X and our favorite Indian guy Khalesh? Guys, both of you are missing all the fun! Haha!

  162. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    this is a record breaking for your site

    160+ comments and counting….the highest ive seen.

    i agree with you those 2guys are missing(ten X and khalesh. maybe they into “the enlargement program”

  163. what the fuck. so hot… deym… i gonna clean my pipes again,,, guys send more pics acir_12128@yahoo.com.ph

  164. why can’t i access the judgemyjunk.org… everytime i tried, it only shows huge FORBIDDEN word… why?!!!!

  165. @ervin, judgemyjunk.org is not yet up. They just bought the domain.

  166. Heyah!

    first of all,


    She is so hot I even Drooled at one point (no joke) ^_^

    heyah guys, I was never gone… I was just uhhh… too busy.. lol

    damnit! how did you know rufnek? haha!

    okay rollcall for all the horndogs!
    167 comments and counting!
    from rank 35th to 7th! omg!
    power of lust baby! haha!



  167. I just had the time to browse the internet but I have been hearing all the buzz about this… haha… hmm.. I’m thinking of submitting one pic ^_^ when will the site be up? (*-*)

  168. But then I guess judgemyjunk.org ‘s purpose is kind of a little bit tweaked already… I mean the main purpose of it is supposedly for people to post pics or judge it, right?… and not people just going there to view good stuff of real people for free… and also, don’t forget the “please don’t enter unless you’re above 18” thingy…

  169. @ Axel: Well, too bad for me coz I cant seem to get the recordings from Tonting’s site. Boo hoo. 😦

    @ Vince: Type a message along with the invite so I’ll know that you’re from Benj’s wordpress and I’ll accept it. Coz I often refuse invites.

    @ Daniel: Oh. Thanks. 🙂

    @ Chi: Man, you’re making me scared. Lol. “Tattooed body naked” <– This got me laughing. Like huge guffaws and all. 😛

  170. i envied her body…:-)

  171. charlize21 Says:

    if you’re gonna ask me, a B cup is really not that sexy but i have to say that her skin is absolutely fabulous and that made her extremely hot! There’s nothing sexier than a nice big rack (at least a c cup) that you can smother your face with.


  172. the professor Says:

    how old is she?

  173. more pictures grace!!!!!

  174. @anne

    well! I guess it’s natural, becuase their are a lot of horndogs here… haha..


    Send them in girl. It might be next months best thing!

  175. @Carolific >> why, how about the other site were he records the whole show?? I forgot the name…

  176. @Charlize21
    ~ I concur!

  177. Hey Benj,

    This is crazy! Give it to Mo to comment the hell out of your blog! 😛 Congrats! You and Mo are genuises… 🙂

    shlurp shlurp! Lotsa horndogs here…be careful. 🙂

    I can’t believe the commentary this post is getting…and we haven’t even seen YOUR pictures…hehehe:D

    Power of lust is right!

    😀 Marie

  178. @Marie,

    ~ I’ve tried taking pictures of it but can’t take a good shot myself. I need an extra pair of hands. Do you know someone who can help me? No, not Mojo! Haha!

    @ Benj,

    ~ We should take this to another level. No more wordpress. We need forums! Haha!

    Good times!

  179. Wow.. sweet… solid… awesome…
    i would love to submit one at

    this mo is really a genius… why didn’t i think of that before?

  180. wish i could hack their yahoo mail
    i’m sure tons of pictures are stocked in there



  181. Hey Chi,

    We suffer the same difficulties, hehehe. 🙂

  182. @ Marie,

    ~ Maybe we can help each other out. Haha! Just kidding… SO PERV!

    Good times!

  183. i wanna see more!

  184. Holy @%&$%*&#!!!! Over 180+++ comments?!! Jeeze! Where have I been?! A crazy idea turned this crazy blog into the craziest forum ever!!! Hahaha!

    Judging (as this is the original intention ~ hence the name of the site): I would give this pic a 9.5 out of a perfect 10 simply because nobody’s really perfect!!! But holy heck Girl! You’ve got the bod dude!

    @Benj… I bet you’re overwhelmed with both pics and the response to your site! Try to keep up dude!

  185. Keep the horndogs alive!

    what happenned to you dude?

  186. everyone’s going crazy with this mysterious girl, huh…. maybe marcus is right…

    but actually nobody cares if the lady with paper is a listener turned burlesk or just another mo’s prank… right?

    coz she’s smokin hot and deserves a stand-up ovation… lol

    but if this is a prank, then this is the hottest prank EVER!!! and we WANT MORE!!!

  187. ala pa bang bago? hhehehehe… gawin na website niyan!

  188. nalunodSaSarilingLaway Says:

    dude what happened to you? are u that busy now? we missed your updates and i missed the gurlz here.

  189. Hi,

    —-> jake should be ban here. He is spamming using wrong email address of goodtimes. His IP address should be blocked from entering this blog.

    Wew! I hope Mo will post the photo of the hot mama who just drop by in their booth today!
    I know i’m not the only one who crave to see the hot photo of a 6 yr old mother. 🙂


  190. @NDCebu

    I agree with you men!

    I do hope mo will post her pictures….

    common’ mo…

    share your graces with the rest of the horndogs here…

  191. Miss the blogs Benj.

    😀 Marie

  192. Oh cmon guys. I’m just trying to have fun here.
    It turned out that not all of the listeners of our favorite
    morning radio program are smart. Someone fell prey to
    my scam. Don’t worry guys I’m really a fan of Mo, really,
    I just tried this thing out. I’m sure Mo’s wicked and smart
    mind will understand. I’m turning myself in one of these days.
    I’ll call the program if Mo is present and if he’s in the mood
    in some confession making segment.
    Sorry guys don’t hate me for this.
    By the way the email add is goodtimeswithmoh@yahoo.com
    I’m still waiting for some pictures until I can call the program..

  193. @Jake

    Dude! Get LOST!

    Your such a wanna be.

  194. hey, benj! what happened to you? busy with,well, life?

  195. @ Guardian

    F you u f-ing retard ur one of those dude bro pare guys

    so y don’t u die — now

  196. @Jake

    You are stealing Mo’s idea man! Go get some originality!
    We all know that we are having fun here seeing those
    nude pic but please make your own style. Now you’re like
    a f*cking gay in what you did! Get lost! People like should be
    ban here.

  197. what’s gay with that? I’m not stealing Mo’s idea. I said I just tried it, just played some tricks just for goodtimes’ sake. Now that you know and some knows about this they don’t have to fall on this thing. And I said I’m really a fan of the show, it is Mo’s discretion if he will get mad at me. So please don’t act as you have an important role on the show protesting to ban anyone u dont like.
    I know you’re just a concerned listener and a horndog as well as other pervs here.

  198. @Jake

    Whatever that is… Come on man! share those photos you’ve received. 🙂
    We all want those photos. 🙂 Do you have the photo of the hot mama?


  199. Miss the blogs, Benj… 😀

  200. benj??? yuhuuuuu!!! not done yet with your tissue time?? ahehehe.. just joking.. 😉 miss reading your blog…

  201. jake – you’re an ass but I admit that I like your style. a smart way to get Mo’s attention.

    what’s up benj?

  202. hi benj! any updates on your blog? maybe your busy with travelling again..anyway, we miss your posts. you’ve been missing some of the best episodes of the show 🙂 peace out!

  203. No updates till now? 😦

  204. +1 for updates!


    Calling Benj, please report to the GTWM blog ASAP!

    people had gone Crazy! lol

  205. Hey Benj, where the hell are you? Are you ok? Still busy huh?

    A lot of people are missing your blog, yours truly included. There are a lot of juicy stuff in the show that I wanna recall. Start typing dude! Haha!

    Good times!

  206. great show today 03/03 finally mojo confess to his dad… 🙂


  207. there i called na, MO Twister forgave me already. hehe

  208. its been almost 2 months now!


  209. Its Christmas Season!

    Happy Holidays Benj, Chi, Carol, NDcebu, Marie, and Kalesh!



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