About me…

Leopard skin discus

Leopard skin discus

Due to numerous requests (*ahem*) from the growing readership of my blog, I’ve decided to put in a bit more information about myself but, unfortunately, I will have to maintain my anonymity. Well, for now, at least… πŸ™‚

As I stated previously, I’m a typical Pinoy who just loves listening to Magic 89.9’s morning show Good Times with Mo! I’ve been a fan since early 2006 when the show first aired…

I work full time in a multinational company somewhere in Eastwood…

That’s also the reason why I sometimes cannot catch the whole show but I do try my very best to absorb as much of the show as I can so that consequently I can blog as accurately as possible about the happenings on our favorite radio show… Not an easy task when you’ re driving and grinning like an idiot half of the time… πŸ™‚

Although this is my first blog, I’ve always been fond of writing and exercising whatever little creative faculties I may have…

I’m very surprised and also very pleased that a majority of my readers seem to enjoy the crap that I put out there on a daily basis… Even more significantly, that my favorite radio hosts have taken the time to read my blog and actually promote it on the Good times show… Thank you, it’s very heartwarming… You have excellent taste! πŸ™‚

I’ve also been asked as to the meaning of my handle, Pinoydiscus… Well the Pinoy part I hope I don’t have to explain… Discus are freshwater fish, rather flat ones but very colorful, which originated from the Amazon river and I used to be particularly fond of raising them in planted aquariums, hence the name… And NO, contrary to rumors, that’s NOT my real picture… πŸ™‚

Oh by the way, before I ramble on, if the name Pinoydiscus seems too formal when you’re addressing me in the comments section, you can call me Benj… You may contact me through my email at pinoydiscus@gmail.com… πŸ™‚

I do welcome comments and criticisms (but I won’t promise NOT to delete them), so fire away!

Good Times!


64 Responses to “About me…”

  1. hi.. i like your blog.. and also because we are on the same page with this show.. i really enjoy listening to it every morning.. it’s good that u came up to the idea of doing this because sometimes i cant listen to the entire show because i have classes during tuesday in the morning.. im impressed with your blog and your ability..you are truly creative.. may i know from what school are you?.. thanks.. God bless.. and pls keep on doing this..

  2. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Thanks Lyanne, so nice of you to drop by and check out my blog…
    Yeah, I’m a great fan of the show ever since its inception…

    The reason why I came up with this blog is precisely to share my thoughts on the show and to find out what other listeners thought of the day’s episode… πŸ™‚

    If the readers like it, it’s indeed a bonus for me…

    I studied at UST and thank you for the compliments…

    Don’t worry, I’ll keep on posting anything and everything about the good times show as much as I can…


    Good times!

  3. heard grace promoting your blog this morning. galing, thinking to put this up. sometimes sa dami ng magagandang topic na pinaguusapan sa show, sarap to refresh it later during the day. and you do blog about a lot of what was aired. dont get tired! πŸ™‚
    ps where can i get the ebook version of the twilight?

  4. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Kathie,

    Thanks for reading my blog and I’m glad you liked it… πŸ™‚
    I posted the ebook version of the Twilight series in my next post so feel free to download it…


    Good times!

  5. hello! i’m also a regular listener of this show. i find it hilarious and destressing. there are times though that i miss some shows. it’s nice that i’ve discovered your site. i’m linking this in my multiply account. keep it up! πŸ™‚

  6. great blog! brief and concise – well written πŸ™‚ thanks for writing about the most famous radio show in the country. i love listening to the discussions; and the trio’s inputs are really interesting and fun. i miss them when we don’t go to the studio or listen to the whole program on radio.

    thank you also for your nice words about my son, miguel πŸ™‚ we are deeply touched by your comments.

    keep on writing about the show πŸ™‚ i think u’ll make some dough on writing if u’ll do this professionally….although i.t.’s a more lucrative career hehehe!

    πŸ˜‰ marou

  7. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Thanks Marou, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog… Well I guess this blog is kind of my way of letting loose some creative juices…

    You must be very proud of your son, he’s becoming quite the celebrity… I wish you both well and I’m sure that Miguel is truly on his way to a great future in broadcasting…

    Give my regards to Miguel… πŸ™‚

    Good times!

  8. Finally, a blog that makes sense and has the same spunk as our favorite morning show! This is really great! I especially love the fact that I can come here and read the highlights of the show (or parts of it that) I missed. Bravo!

    They made mention of your blog again today… kudos to you! Can I link this site to my one? It’s not as good as (nowhere near!) this one but I’m trying. πŸ™‚ Also to my Facebook and Multiply accounts?

    Your Fan at First Sight…

    Marie πŸ˜›

  9. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Hi Marie,

    Wow! A fan! Next thing you know I’ll have groupies… πŸ™‚ Which isn’t such a bad thing, come to think of it… Just kidding…

    Thanks Marie… I’m flattered…

    I’ll check out your blog and leave a comment…

    By all means, link away… πŸ™‚

    Good times!

  10. Oh my gosh i think I work with Marie, see Pinoydiscus, you are attracting a people of the same lot, employed, pretty, smart, and sexy…=)

  11. oh darn, unable to edit here

  12. Congratulations Pinoydiscus! I don’t have to tell you (but I will anyway) but your little creative faculties are really drawing us in. πŸ™‚
    I love reading your stuff.
    Also, Kai IS my work pal and we love your site!

  13. Hi Marie and Kai,

    I’m glad that you guys are enjoying the read… Just keep checking back now and again and I’ll try to keep the blog updated as often as possible…

    Good times!


  14. “.. grinning like an idiot half of the time… ”

    Haha! We’re on the same page here. I board public vehicles going to the office while listening to our fave show and as much as we try to control it, we grin almost all of the time. And those people keep on giving me strange looks. Haha!

    Great blog Benj. Keep it up.

    As always, good times!

  15. what is the website where I can find Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Hudgens whorephotos? is it β€œegotestes”.com?

  16. Errr… Hi Dwight,

    I’m not sure if you’re being funny but your comment had me cracking up, hehehe…

    It’s not “egotestes.com” but rather “egotastic.com”…

    Good one, Dwight… ROTFLMAO


  17. OMG… Dwight! “egotestes.com” ? Fun-ny! πŸ˜€ I don’t care if you meant to write this or it was a mistake… I’m in stitches laughing about it! I’m at work btw…haha… πŸ˜€

  18. Hey there Benj! (Finally an easier way to address you… hahaha!). πŸ™‚ Needless to say, you can definitely count me in as a fan of yours. Love the way you write and your attention to detail. I’ve said it like a gazillion times already in many posts even through the multiply site… it’s like “re-living” the Goodtimes moment! (or should I say moments?)! And many Goodtimes it is indeed my friend!

    Please continue the great work! Great Times!

  19. hEY Pinoydiscus!! nice work here im really enjoying this blog even when im working i always check for updates after the morning show especially how you describe the details of the good stuuf i hopw you can post more pictures, audios and videos in your blog. and lastly where can i find the whorepictures of grace lee??!!

  20. PS im a gradute also in UST..hehehe
    GO uste!! har har

  21. Hi Khalesh, thanks for the support as always…
    Great times!

  22. Hi Magicstix,

    Nice to see a fellow Thomasian here…
    I think the Grace Lee whore photos being mentioned by Mo is the photoshoot done by Grace for Manual Magazine…

    Check out this link:

    Good times!


  23. At last I found this page. πŸ™‚

    Being in IT is a tough job. It requires the longest OT hours one can possibly incur as an employee slash slave. right? I feel you man. Let’s enjoy IT.

  24. Hi benj, I stumbled upon here when the djs talked bout the Boy Abunda fragrance… I’m a new blogger as well and dang wanted to be anonymous also but later on my identity uncovered πŸ˜› say, I’m just plainly intrigued bout bloggers and anonymity how they would want to cloak their identiy.. I have my own personal reason before.. What’s yours πŸ™‚

  25. Hi there Benj,

    I’ve been to your blog a couple of times. I admit that it has a lot of information especially on Goodtimes. I also enjoy the show. I would just like to point out my observation. Mo is one of the most influential people person, as far as radio is concerned, in the country. His views and some radical opinions greatly sway our peoples minds. My point is when Mo expresses his opinion on air, people will start calling ang kissing his ass. I mean some people would just call and then say “Astig pare” you know like the one when he played the Vaclair commercial. Sometimes it’s exagerrated. But don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Mo. It’s the listeners who call just to kiss his ass. Sometimes it’s too obvious. Again, I want to praise their show for a very well rounded program. It gives so much information in just about anything under the sun.

  26. Benj, Kaibigan, nagpabango ka na ba?, your the Man…. cool billboard by Mr. Boy Abunda. I’m the Pirata from Marikina I don’t know if you’ve heard of me. I’m a regular caller of the Goodtimes. I just heard of your blog from the Master Himself “Mohan Gumatay” to check out the Boy Abunda Billboard on your blog so what will I do? I need to follow my Master….. I love it and from now on I will always read your blog in fact I just add it to my favorites.

  27. Hi Pirata,

    Thank you for the kind words… Of course I’ve heard of you… One of the more entertaining callers of our favorite show… How’s the DVD business? πŸ™‚

    Good times!


  28. Hi Hannah Rika Villasis aka Flair Candy… πŸ™‚

    Well my reasons are mostly work-related and as it is the internet, you never know who’s reading your blog, hehe…

    By the way, I added a link back to your site, I hope you don’t mind…

    Good times!

  29. Hi there Obiwan,

    Very well said… You have the wisdom of Yoda… πŸ™‚
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog…

    May the force be with you!

    Good times!


  30. hey bedj add me up man..tnx

  31. I like the new look. πŸ™‚ I imagine this is keeping you very busy (or busier) now, yeah? what with all of us writing in and giving our two cents worth… πŸ˜›

    Wag ka mapapagod ha…

    πŸ˜€ Marie

  32. gensanite@cebu Says:

    i’m a fan of your work…

    good times, BENJ…

    keep it coming!!!


  33. ONE word: AWE-SOME~


  34. I envy great writers!

    your blog is a breath of fresh air! Congratulations! Thanks for the updates and “gazillions” laugh. Continue to be GOD’s blessing to us.


    btw, BENJ is a cool name!

  35. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for posting your comment, I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment…


  36. hey there.. i admire your dedication to really try to put up a daily update on the show.. great job! πŸ™‚ honestly, even if i had the time to do what you do, i don’t think i would produce such great output! keep up the good work man.. πŸ˜€

  37. hi benj,

    its my first time to read your blogs, and i have to say, Mo is right, you’re very intelligent and entertaining. keep it up. you’re doing the LOrd’s work (Gumatay, 2007).

  38. lilsassygurl Says:

    hey benj ^^

    a really great blog yah got here *apir*. sadly, i only get to listen to the show for an hour (730-830) when im on my way to work so its really nice that u have a recap of the topics discussed throughout the show. ur such a heaven sent! *winkz*

    keep it up and yes, you are definitely doing the Lord’s work =D

    oh yeah, get well soon ayt? ^^

  39. lilsassygurl Says:

    ei btw, is it ok to put a link of yer site in my multi? =D

  40. Hi lilsassygurl,

    Thanks for the compliments, it’s actually for you guys that I put up this blog… I love reading feedback from the blog’s readers saying that they enjoy reading whatever I put out there…

    Of course, feel free to link away! If you want, I can also link back to your multiply site so that more readers can check it out…


  41. Hi ira, just keep visiting the site when you have time…
    Thanks a lot!


  42. thanks for creating this blog! very thorough. sometimes i don’t catch the whole show, so this helps a lot!

    as mo would say, “you’re doing the Lord’s work!”

    cheers to you!

  43. JebsΒ² β˜… Says:

    wadupp Benj? not only me but WE would like to thank you for the blogs . coz sometimes, i can’t listen because of my class. And my teacher drop me from her class because of my absences. And for the next semester , if i miss the show , i’ll just read your blog.



    friendster account: boy_torpe17@yahoo.com

  44. Hi Jebs2,

    That’s cool dude… The English is fine… except for the Take care coz we care bit… That sounded a bit gay, hehe… Just kidding…

    Thanks for reading my blog! πŸ™‚


  45. Hi again Benj! I understand the risks involved of exposing your identity especially if you’re working for a company. Thank you for adding a link back to my site. I linked this site too, good times Benj!

  46. mesmerizedwithgreen Says:

    Hi, I would like to know where I can get podcast of good times with mo. Thanks! Btw, nice blog dude, keep it up:D

  47. Hey mesmerized… I don’t think there’s an official podcast yet of the show although several listeners are recording the show, you might want to check out my “Friends of Good times” links for Jordan’s multiply site and Tonting’s webpage…

    Great times!

  48. Just got wind of your blog today. Now *this* is the stuff for blog awards. More power to you.

  49. JebsΒ² β˜… Says:

    good times philippines, i’m just here pretending that i’m the host for the blog awards. LOL! and this is my line…

    ladies and gentle men, the 2008 best blog awards and famous blog awards goes to….. (drums rolling)LOL!
    -==TEN TENEN TENEN..==-

    Mr. Benj! hey! what’s the real name of Benj? LOL !

  50. Hi Rodge and Jebs2,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, I don’t know if I deserve that type of accolade, hehe..

    It’s nice to dream anyway!

    Good times!


  51. Hey Benj! Me and my friend are currently doing a thesis regarding Magic 89.9’s show, Good Times. We are currently using your blog not only as a helpful guide but were also thinking of including it in our reference list. I hope you don’t mind if we ask for your info (name), so we can justly cite your blog. Thanks so much and more power to your Good Times blogging ^^

  52. Hi Luna,

    Congratulations on your thesis in advance, I’m sure that it will rock…
    And thank you for using my blog as a reference for your thesis… However, for reasons I’ve stated above, I really cannot reveal my true identity as it could have repercussions I’m not willing to go through right now…

    What I would suggest is that you just attribute my website and the author’s name as “Benj” sort of like a pseudonym…

    I’m sorry but that’s the best I can do for now…

    I hope you understand…

    Kind regards and good luck on your thesis!


  53. hey benj,
    can u list down top songs that mo plays in goodtimes? i would appreciate it..tnx man

    p.s. what time again is mo’s show in ANC?

  54. Hi magicstix,

    1. Coldplay
    2. Coldplay
    3. Coldplay…

    Nah, just kidding… I’ll see what I can do…

    iMo is on every Sundays at 8PM on ANC…


  55. jumpmanaro Says:

    hi there benj, ever since ive heard that mo plugged your website on air, i immediately rushed to check it.hehehe. hope that you could expand this site of yours, its really off the hook, hope that it will last long, hope that you could upload videos like “the goodtimes tv”hehehe.. keep it up bro, and btw do you know the title of the intro song in “the goodtimes tv”??.. till here, Cheers!!! aigh’t?

  56. Tenacious X Says:

    Hi Benj!

    Love your blog! Thanks!

    its really the only thing I browse when im at the office

    just want to comment on te request of magicstix

    1. Coldplay
    2. Fallout Boy
    2. Incubus
    4. My Chemical Romance
    5. Snow Patrol
    6. Panic at the Disco
    7. Avril Lavigne

    that’s pretty much I hear from Mo’s Playlist
    And I frekin’ Love it!

    Good Times Benj!


  57. uie! sir benj, good day.
    nice performance of kawayan last tuesday right?
    hehe. by the way, do you have myspace? or facebook? or friendster?
    jst want to add you man.

  58. hi benj,

    i added your link on my blog. hope you don’t mind. πŸ™‚


  59. magicstix Says:

    Hey benj as an IT expert wht do u think is the best application to speed up my pc performance?is meemory booster that good?

    PS whr can i find criselda volks scndal video???

  60. the most brilliant blog ive found! nice job! ^_^ good times!

  61. love your blog benj! good times!

    and you’re a very good writer… better than I… lol!
    I think i had this site linked in my multiply site, i hope it’s okay with you πŸ˜€

    happy christmas!

  62. Hey benj you the man!!! without ur blog I will not be able to further review the cheesy stuff that is coming out of our NetWorm Mr.Twister I have been a big listener of Magic since I was in college wayback early 90’s and I have been a big follower of Mo since top5@5 with Mo n’ Miles I hate and love the guy at the same time he is my man crush damn I said somthing so effing gay whocares I like the dude. as for you Benj like what Mo always say ” You are doing the Lord’s work” God bless you man I wish I could like the way you do. To the guys of GOODTIMES Keep it up!
    Grace Lee I adore those puppies… Mojo princess of fags I love it… Mohan syef pare anakan mo ako hahahahahaha…

  63. chinkychonky Says:

    let me quote mo by saying, “you’re doing the Lord’s work.” hehehe. and amen, you’re blog is very entertaining. =)


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