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Good Times gang in Bacolod!

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For our readers in the land of the Masskara Festival, chicken inasal and fighting cocks, try to catch our favorite radio hosts, Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee in Bacolod today, Friday. They will be awarding the Chery QQ car won by a 22 year old caller, Jayson Phillip Cagande.

Jayson won the Chery QQ when he guessed the winning plate number of the car, UCY-423 on our favorite morning radio show, Good times with Mo.

For those who missed the winning moment, you can download an excerpt here.

Listen for Grace Lee’s reaction, hehe… Mo plays that clip constantly when he’s in the mood to make fun of Grace…. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that yours truly will not be held liable for any hearing loss you may incur as a result of listening to this audio clip… 🙂

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Good times!

News Flash! 22 year old caller wins the Chery QQ!

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Finally, after two excruciating weeks of wild guesses and near misses, a 22 year old caller from Bacolod, identified only as Philip, won the Chery QQ on the Good Times with Mo show on Magic 89.9!

The lucky caller correctly identified the winning combination, UCY-423, on the last 5 minutes of the show for this week… Talk about photo finishes… Philip, the winner, works in a department store and is still single (which is about to change according to Mo), hehe…

I’ve been trying to call in the show to try my luck as well but the phonelines are always jammed… In any event, I wouldn’t have won as my guesses were way off… 🙂

I’ve seen this Chery QQ zooming around the city in various psychedelic colors and they’re really cute and would look really nice with a hot girl behind the wheel… 🙂

Congratulations to Philip and have fun with the car!

Great job as usual by Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee!

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I’m out of here… Good times!