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Good Times with Adel Tamano (Sept. 4, 2008)

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Today’s edition of Good Times had a political theme with the United Opposition’s spokesperson Adel Tamano as the show’s special guest.

If his last name is familiar, that’s because he is the son of the late senator, Mamintal “Mike” Tamano.

The young and good looking Harvard educated lawyer is also a regular listener of the show or Ka-Goodtimes, hehe…

Very articulate and obviously highly intelligent, he discoursed on a wide variety of topics including his advocacy, his role in the opposition, his work as an educator (he is PLM’s president), his religion (Islam) and his general outlook on life.

His candidness was refreshing even when faced with seemingly “tough” questions from the show’s listeners. He freely admitted that the opposition had sinned in the past and that the important thing is to move forward and learn from its past mistakes.

A number of callers wanted him to run for President in 2010 but he’s not eligible to run because of this age. The minimum age to file a candidacy for president is 40. He must have impressed a number of callers because most of the feedback was positive.

I also liked his choice for President in the US Presidential elections. He’s rooting for Barack Obama… Yeah! Go Barack! 🙂

He is indeed someone to look out for in the years to come. Definitely presidential timber… 🙂

You can check out his blog for more of his writings including the commencement speech he made when he graduated from Harvard Law School.

Now on to some good news:

My man Mo Twister is definitely looking to bring back our favorite Forbidden Questions next week! Woohoo! I’ve missed that portion of the show, it was something worth waking up early for every Wednesdays on the Good times show…

If it pushes through, I’ll definitely post the transcript here or even better, a recording of the show you can download… Watch out for it here… 🙂

I’ll blog about Tuesday’s episode of the Good Times show on Studio 23 later in the day. Check back later… It was their surfing episode in Zambales… Our man Mo got hurt on the show… ouch… I’ll share it with you later…

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

Grace Lee Prank

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Scan from Manual Magazine

Scan from Manual Magazine

For the readers of my Good times blog who may have missed the prank that the genius, Professo Mo, pulled off on Grace Lee some days ago, here’s your chance to hear the prank and have a good laugh! For those who’ve heard it before, download it and relive the moment again… 🙂

I mean, listen to Mo and you can just imagine his twisted sense of humor and his Oscar award-worthy performance… “Am I shaking?”… Yeah, right Mo! The guy’s a freaking genius…

Download the MP3 file here


Props to vincebeRN of Pinoy Exhange for the original upload…

Till next post, I’m out of here…

Good times!