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Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong Episode)

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Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong)

Good times on Studio 23 (Hong Kong)

This is my second rewrite of this episode… My first try wouldn’t publish and somehow got erased… Drat! I’m thinking of getting my own domain and publishing there… πŸ™‚

The Hong Kong episode was a travelogue and a pretty interesting one at that…

Octopus card

The show began with Andi and Mojo espousing the wonders and benefits of the Octopus card… Basically a swipe card for all your public transportation needs, it works in buses, the MTR and other types of public transportation…

Singapore has one as well and it’s really convenient… I wonder when we’ll have something similar in the Philippines… Oh well, we still have the calesas and pedicabs and I doubt if they’ll hook them up to RFID cards anytime soon… πŸ™‚

Mongkok shopping

Grace and Mo had their own segment with Mongkok shopping being the focus of their spiels… Grace Lee with her encyclopedic knowledge of bags and shoes naturally gravitating towards the Ladies’ Fashion Market. My man Mo Twister went shopping for what’s nearest and dearest to a man’s heart… Athletic apparel and electronics…

Grace showed off her bargaining skills by haggling down some “jade” bracelets from HK$230 down to HK$150… Not too shabby, Grace…

Mo checked out some rubber shoes from ADIDAS and other sporting apparel…

A visit to the BC Mall then followed… BC Mall is one of the largest electronics shopping malls in Hong Kong and Mo gave a nice tip to viewers planning to visit Hong Kong in future… Check out the mall outlets with the letter “Q” in their signages, this indicates “Quality” and the Hong Kong Tourism Board guarantees that they have vetted the outlet and all its products are genuine… That’s certainly a comforting thought what with China just spitting distance away, the probability of counterfeit electronic products have gone up considerably…

Food, food and more food

Of course no visit to Hong Kong would be complete without tasting its world famous Cantonese cuisine… Forget your diets and indulge yourselves… Oh and please skip on the McDonald’s and Jollibee’s whenever you’re in Hong Kong, we have enough of them in Manila…

Ironically though, Grace took some sushi preparation lessons from a Chinese chef at SUSHI ONE and learned the rudiments of making soft shelled crabs sushi…

Meanwhile, Andi learned the basics of making beef noodles at an oddly named place, Cucino… Cucino is Italian for Open Kitchen… Must be one of those fusion places… They also serve pizza??? Hmmm, Italian Chinese? Odd…

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

The gang had some fun at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum with Mojo and Grace hamming it up with theΒ  eerily realistic likenesses of famous celebrities…

Aaron Kwok

Mojo had some fun with the likeness of Aaron Kwok, a famous Hong Kong singer, who’s renowned for his buff body and singing prowess… Mojo tried to look down his pants, hehe…

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Grace Lee embraced Brad’s wax figure and declared ardently, “I wouldn’t mind having a scandal with Brad Pitt! But only with Brad”… Careful Grace, Angelina’s wax figure might haunt you, hehe…

US Presidents

Ex-President Bill Clinton and George “Dubya” Bush also got some airtime…

Yao MIng

China’s walking Great Wall, Yao Ming was also immortalized with a wax statue and boy was he freakishly tall… I mean Grace barely reached up to his waist… πŸ™‚


The gang tried their hand at learning the ancient Chinese martial art of wushu with a certain Master Wong (not Wang) teaching them some sick moves with sword and spear… Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon type of moves…

Mojo showed off his version of gay-kun-do…Β  It was hilarious, hehe…

Mo and the ladies were really bad, hehe… Not very well coordinated, I must say…

But it was fun watching them try… Great times!

Till next time, I’m out of here…

Here are some screen caps of the action on the Hong Kong episode, click on the pics to enlarge:

Andi9 looking gorgeous

Andi9 looking gorgeous

Grace displaying her expertise

Grace displaying her expertise

Beef noodles, yummy!

Beef noodles, yummy!

Andi trying her hand at noodle making

Andi trying her hand at noodle making

Electronics haven - BC Mall

Electronics haven - BC Mall

Grace Lee turning Japanese

Grace Lee turning Japanese

Mo checking out some rubber shoes

Mo checking out some rubber shoes

Q is for quality

Q is for quality

Grace Lee vs. Yao Ming

Grace Lee vs. Yao Ming

Mo taking on the Dragon

Mo taking on the Dragon

Good times!

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Good times on Studio 23 (Season Highlights) Part 1

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Mo as the Hobbit King

Mo as the Hobbit King

With the 2nd season of Good times on Studio 23 nearing its end, the show’s producers decided to show a Good times special edition featuring highlights and lowlights from the show’s 2nd season…

Each host’s segment began with people being interviewed on their thoughts about each host…

Mo Twister highlights

  1. Pretty girl: “Mo, Twister, when I think of him, I think of the cute boy next door…”
  2. Guy1: “Ang cute…”
  3. Girl: “Pogi…”
  4. Mojo’s sista: “Cool siya”
  5. Weird guy: “Malupit yun, maswerte sa lalaki” ???
  6. Guy with glasses: “He’s kind of misunderstood because people find him too blunt…”

Mo’s Boracay highlights

During their Boracay episode, Mo plans something diabolical against Mojo… “I’m gonna henna a penis on Mojo’s back…” Too bad he didn’t get to do it, that would have been hilarious… Now that’s what I call a threesome! Get it? Nevermind, hehe…

As they were selecting designs for henna tattoos… Andi picks out a design of two pigs in a compromising position… Mo quips, “this one’s Mojo and the other one’s Uma Khouny…” πŸ™‚

Shift to the Boracay hotel scene where Mojo and Grace try to convince Mo to take a dip in the pool but my man Mo was too busy watching NBA basketball in the room’s humongous LCD screen… Grace offers to take her robe off and show off the twins in her bikini…Well with an offer like that, how can I guy refuse?

Still in Boracay, the gang visits the “Hobbit House” branch in Boracay and the hobbit servers hail Mo as their “King”… King Mo, the Yao Ming of the Hobbit House bar tries his hand at singing a ditty… Hate to say this man, but you should really stick to your other talents, hehe…

Mo’s Ocean Adventure highlights

Well, I’m not really sure you can call this a highlight… I should say it’s more of a lowlight, hehe… You see, during Mo, Mojo and Grace’s tour of the aquariums in Subic’s Ocean Adventure, my man Mo lets a huge fart rip… It was so loud the microphones picked it up… I don’t know what Mo ate during the trip but the smell was so bad Mojo started tearing and gagging, hehe… It was too funny!

Mo: “Yeah, that’s my own kind of venom, just like a lionfish!” Good times!

Mo’s PNP misadventures

As I blogged in a previous episode, Mo and Mojo went to Crame and took a lie detector test and worked with some PNP sketch artists… I forgot to say then they both had their mug shots taken… I’ll give you five guesses what AKA’s they took and the “crimes” they were accused of… πŸ™‚

Well for Mojo, it was “Gene A. Cole” and his crime? “Illegal entry”… I’ll let you make of that what you will, hehe…

Mo’s alias was “Michael Langot” and his crime was “Treason”… hmmm…. πŸ™‚

Uma and Mojo

Uma and Mojo

Mo undergoes polygraph

Mo undergoes polygraph

Mo teasing Grace about the twins

Mo teasing Grace about the twins

The gang in Shanghai

The gang in Shanghai

The "ladies" in Zambales

The "ladies" in Zambales

Krav maga gropes

Krav maga gropes

Next, Mojo, Grace’s and Andi’s highlights!

Good times!

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Good times without Mo (Sept. 18, 2008)

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Photo courtesy of

My man Mo Twister was still in Hong Kong so it was Good times without Mo for the second straight day…

Still, I appreciate the efforts of Mojo and Grace Lee to keep the show as entertaining as possible… I know that they receive a lot of flak from the texters that the show sucks whenever Mo’s not around but from what I heard the past two days, they’re getting better at carrying the show whenever Mr. Twister isn’t around…

Admittedly, there are some stretches of the show wherein it does get quite droll but overall it has gotten better… Perhaps a little more preparation and research is all that’s needed on the part of Mojo and Grace to bring the show to a higher level…

Anyway, on to the show’s highlights…

Liposuction and Reductil

In a seeming continuation of the previous day’s discussions about Mojo threatening to blow up to elephantine proportions, there was quite an extensive discussion on the merits of liposuction and other weight reducing options like the slimming pill “Reductil”…

A number of callers chimed in with their prescriptions for weight loss including Chinese medications and Bangkok pills… Quite dangerous if you ask me… I’ve never seen Mojo in person but from what I’ve seen he’s really not even borderline obese… Although Mo loves to mess with him and we fans just lap it up, hehe…


A caller who went to visit the station yesterday (For Top 5 at 5), had his necklace snatched along the same elevated walkway where a technician of one of Magic 89.9’s sister stations got killed last year…

Poor guy, one of the bystanders who happened to witness the incident even laughed at him… tsk tsk…

Maybe we’ve become too inured to crime that we just take it all in stride… 😦

Of course, the police was basically useless in situations like these… Another thing we take in stride… 😦

Lucifer calling

A caller who I think was trying to enliven the show called up and introduced himself as Lucifer or Lucio for short, hehe… Funny thing, he was trying to be funny but his parody of a demonic showbiz reporter wasn’t that funny… I think he was trying to channel Mo’s favorite showbiz reporter, Cristy F*ck*n Fermin…

His joke’s punchline depended on a word which both Mojo and Grace couldn’t understand… Sulsultant? The joke just went over Mojo and Grace’s head…

The only thing funny about the caller was his accent (which he claimed was Italian)… Mojo’s take on his accent? Count Dracula with a Visayan accent (think Annabelle Rama)… πŸ™‚

Edward Cullen and Twilight

Speaking of vampires, Grace is currently obsessed with reading the Twilight series which we wrote about in a previous blog… Edward Cullen, the hero of the series is her dream boyfriend, hehe…

Mojo piped in that the good thing about having a vampire boyfriend for Grace is that she’ll get to stay out of the sun… another Grace Lee obsession… πŸ™‚

Made up words

Mojo came up with words which he made up and I quote:

NEGA – defined as feeling negative about a certain situation… Example: Hay, the texters are all so nasty, I’m feeling NEGA na… πŸ™‚

BELOFY – defined as enhancing or improving a person’s appearance through the cosmetic magic of Dr. Vicky Belo… Example: My tummy is so fat na from eating all that steak, I need to BELOFY my tummy na…

See? The show wasn’t that bad, right? At least you learned two new words, eh?

Up next, Tuesday’s episode of the Good Times show on Studio 23…

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

Good times without Mo (Sept. 17, 2008)

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John Legend - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

John Legend - Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I thought that there would be slim pickings today with the show missing our man Mo Twister who flew to Hong Kong this morning to interview singer-song writer, John Legend, but the two “girls” did a good job… Props to Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo… Now on to the show’s recap:

St. Scho girls

The booth was packed with St. Scholastica girls who were on tour of the various radio stations in Paragon Plaza and they provided a nice backdrop for the show today…

Nothing like a bunch of teenage girls to perk you up in the morning… πŸ™‚

Mojo’s superpower

Somehow the conversation went to fairies and superpowers and I had a good chuckle as Mojo said that if he ever had one, his superpower would be flower power… He could summon up flowers and make them grow on demand…

Imagine Mojo flitting around Metro Manila and making flowers sprout in all the pink urinals and the equally crimson elevated walkways of Metro Manila… He’ll be hired by Bayani Fernando for sure! πŸ™‚

The man who can’t be moved – The Script

There was a funny moment also when Grace said that Mojo had put on a lot of weight since their trip from Hong Kong with Mojo gorging on that yummy Chinese food with lots of MSG, hehe…

To steer the conversation away from fat jokes, he chose to play the song “The man who can’t be moved” by The Script… Now if that isn’t a fat song, I don’t know what is… πŸ™‚

Songs and Greetings

Speaking of songs, with Mojo manning the board, I counted two Madonna songs and a lot of dance music which Mo absolutely despises… That’s another indication that Mo’s not around, if you catch the show in mid-music, try listening to the songs, if it isn’t by Coldplay then Mo’s not around… πŸ™‚

The sneaky callers also took advantage of Mo’s absence by greeting their relatives, their friends, their ex’s, their pets, their imaginary friends, their mistresses and even Kokey… πŸ™‚

There was even on-air giving away of phone numbers by provincial callers… Mo would’ve killed the callers or texters who even suggested that, hehe…

Mean boss or mean co-workers

A caller tried to introduce a topic wherein he asked Mojo and Grace their preference of either having a mean boss or having mean co-workers… Both chose the latter option…

I would have to agree… But then again, your boss can make your life a living hell…

What about you guys? Your thoughts?

Don Francis prank

Regular caller Don Francis, tried to pull off a fast one by impersonating a man’s man on the show… You know the type, deep husky voice, with heavy breathing… Sort of like Brando Branganza before… Long time fans would know what the hell I’m talking about…Β  πŸ™‚

But Grace made him… I think she’s on hyper alert after being punked by Mo some weeks back, hehe…

Anyway, good try Don…

Listener visit contest

Another caller contributed to the show by suggesting that the trio hold a contest wherein they invite their respective fans to the show and the loser with the least number of fans showing up has to date whomever the winner wants… Imagine the possibilities!

Mojo was worried that he’d lose this one… I’d have to agree, hehe… Just judging from the results of the hilarious “Who knows Mojo Jojo?” segment… πŸ™‚

All in all it was a good show… Good job Mojo and Grace!

Next, I’ll blog about last night’s Good Times on Studio 23 show…

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

Good times without Mo (Sept. 8, 2008)

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My man Mo Twister was out today due to illness… I know that Mo’s the consummate professional so he must be sicker than a dog to miss the show, so it was only Mojo, Grace and Miguel doing the Good Times show… The show itself was relatively quiet… It was feel good Monday, from the callers to the hosts, everyone was a little too nice…

You know that Mo’s out when there’s less talk and more music, not to mention a ton of plugs and commercials… Although I know that Mojo and Grace were trying their best to keep the show entertaining, it just wasn’t quite there… Even the phone lines weren’t that busy, I guess it’s hard for the listeners to contribute if there’s no specific topic being discussed, mostly it was just hi’s and hellos… Sorry guys, just being honest here…The good thing about Mo is that he always comes to the show prepared, with research and notes on what topics are to be discussed for a specific day…

While the show was just okay, Miguel’s interview with “Avril Lavigne” in the playground was hilarious… I mean this guy has a serious future in broadcasting… Bright and articulate, he’ll definitely go places… Some more years of mentoring from Mo and he’ll be hosting his own show on Magic!

Other hightlights were two female callers from the US with weird accents (heavy Visayan?) and though they seemed genuine callers, a lot of the listeners thought they were pranksters out to make fun of the trio… Although I wouldn’t put it past Mo to have thought of the prank and have them call in, hehehe… Caller Khalesh suggested that they would make a perfect foil to Nonoy the Menggoy and they could do a recital of a Shakespearean play… MacBeth would be perfect or perhaps Romeo and Juliet? πŸ™‚

Oh by the way, the new word that Mojo learned in Bacolod? It’s “agi” meaning gay! πŸ™‚

On a more serious note, I “just happened” to switch to ShowbizΒ  Central and heard the news that Mo’s daughter Moira with Bunny Paras is ill from a neurological disorder and has been having some problems walking… I felt sad when I heard the news and I hope that Mo’s daughter gets well soon… Our prayers are with you and your daughter, Mo…

Well I hope that Mo’s well enough to work tomorrow, our favorite radio show is not quite the same without him…

Get well soon Mohan!

Up next, the greatest moment on radio!

I’m out of here…

Good times!

Good Times with Adel Tamano (Sept. 4, 2008)

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Today’s edition of Good Times had a political theme with the United Opposition’s spokesperson Adel Tamano as the show’s special guest.

If his last name is familiar, that’s because he is the son of the late senator, Mamintal “Mike” Tamano.

The young and good looking Harvard educated lawyer is also a regular listener of the show or Ka-Goodtimes, hehe…

Very articulate and obviously highly intelligent, he discoursed on a wide variety of topics including his advocacy, his role in the opposition, his work as an educator (he is PLM’s president), his religion (Islam) and his general outlook on life.

His candidness was refreshing even when faced with seemingly “tough” questions from the show’s listeners. He freely admitted that the opposition had sinned in the past and that the important thing is to move forward and learn from its past mistakes.

A number of callers wanted him to run for President in 2010 but he’s not eligible to run because of this age. The minimum age to file a candidacy for president is 40. He must have impressed a number of callers because most of the feedback was positive.

I also liked his choice for President in the US Presidential elections. He’s rooting for Barack Obama… Yeah! Go Barack! πŸ™‚

He is indeed someone to look out for in the years to come. Definitely presidential timber… πŸ™‚

You can check out his blog for more of his writings including the commencement speech he made when he graduated from Harvard Law School.

Now on to some good news:

My man Mo Twister is definitely looking to bring back our favorite Forbidden Questions next week! Woohoo! I’ve missed that portion of the show, it was something worth waking up early for every Wednesdays on the Good times show…

If it pushes through, I’ll definitely post the transcript here or even better, a recording of the show you can download… Watch out for it here… πŸ™‚

I’ll blog about Tuesday’s episode of the Good Times show on Studio 23 later in the day. Check back later… It was their surfing episode in Zambales… Our man Mo got hurt on the show… ouch… I’ll share it with you later…

Till then, I’m out of here…

Good times!

Playing with the boys (Download it now!)

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Kenny Loggins - photo courtesy of

Speaking of Vaclair, my man Mo Twister, plays the theme song of Top Gun, “Playing with the boys” every time his “gaydar” detects someone pink on the other end of the phone line. πŸ™‚

The song was sung by Kenny Loggins and is part of the Original Sound Track of the Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun…

According to Mohan Gumatay, this is the gayest song on the planet… πŸ™‚

I’ve posted some excerpts of the song which you can use as your phone’s ringtone…

By the way, it’s Mo’s celphone ringtone as well…

I’ve uploaded two options for Nokia and Sony Ericsson cellphone users. I’ve tested both and they work fine…

Have fun!

You can download it at the following links:

AAC version: Download Playing with the boys
MP3 version: Download Playing with the boys

Enjoy these ringtones!

I’m out of here…

Good times!