Twilight Series Ebooks (Download it now)


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For the readers who are too cheap to buy the Twilight books (like me)… 🙂 or just want to “check it out” before buying the real books, I’ve uploaded the Twilight series in Ebook format (*.lit) in the link below:

Twilight Series

I’ve compressed the files in zip format and the password is “goodtimes”

You would also need to download the free Microsoft Reader in order to read the books… Don’t worry this is freeware as stated on the Microsoft website…

Microsoft reader

Oh by the way, the Twilight movie is coming out soon (Nov. 21, 2008)… You can check out the trailer here… Enjoy and leave your comments below…

I’m out of here…

Good times!

172 Responses to “Twilight Series Ebooks (Download it now)”

  1. Im just curious about this book.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Correction, it’s going to be on November 20, 2008 in the Philippines. 🙂

  3. Awesome blog. 🙂 And I hope you don’t regret reading Twilight. It’s a pretty great read.

  4. hey.. thanks for sharing this… if you have time… you can pop me a message through YM… madz_aboy 🙂

  5. Dude, file is encrypted.. can you please give me the password? tnx bro.. you rock!!

  6. Pinoydiscus Says:

    Eman, the password is “goodtimes”

  7. hey, I’m a huge harry potter fan and some other fan’s from my University were telling me to get Twilight as a remedy for my missing Harry Potter. When I went to the book store, it was 20 bucks for just one Book! on a college students salary (which isn’t much,) that is alot to ask! Thanks for the Hook Up man, you the best!

  8. what is the website where I can find Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Hudgens whorephotos? is it “egotestes”.com?

  9. […] Grace is currently obsessed with reading the Twilight series which we wrote about in a previous blog… Edward Cullen, the hero of the series is her dream boyfriend, […]

  10. you rock man!.. i really enjoyed reading it. one thing though… can you have a word format of it?… i’d like to have a hard copy of it but i dont have the means to buy the book so id like to print it. supper thanks if you do.. email me at

  11. ONE word: GOSH~ ^^

  12. heheheh, my bro bought this book last week. after reading it, i asked him how was it, all he said was “ewwwww, chessy!” hahah! didn’t affect me though, im now reading and loving it.

  13. thank you for sharing this.. i have actually read all four books and i am so addicted to it that i have to read it over and over agian…

    thanks again…

  14. Thank you very much from this!! I’m from Brazil and we only have Twilight (Crepúsculo) and New Moon (Lua nova), but I hate translations.
    It’s much better reading the originals =D

    I can’t wait to watch the movie!!!


  15. Just correcting the last post:

    “thank you very much FOR this” not from this lol

    thanks again, I love twilight series!

  16. is this like a podcast that you can listen to? or is this something you have to read? cause i have read the book, but I’m so obsessed that i want to read it while hearing it at the same time. so which it is? 🙂

  17. Hi Chae Eun,

    It’s not a podcast though you can listen online to the Good times with Mo show every Monday-Thurs from 6-9AM at Magic 89.9’s website:


  18. Hi I’m having problems downloading the Microsoft Reader…HELP Please!!

  19. iloveyoureally Says:

    i love you so much tnx for sharing it…

  20. i can’t thank mo enough for this one!! 🙂

  21. yow, nice blog keep it up…YOUR DOING THE LORD’S WORK…

    p.s. i can’t download the ebook series, if you have time can you send me a copy thru my email…thanks

  22. i love yo Mo.! thanks a lot for this, actually i am planning to buy this series one of this days, but i don’t have a budget yet, that’s why i try if i could search it in the net for a free ebook format of this book…i am glad with hat you did…thanks! tlaga..

  23. thanks man! I really want to check it first before I buy the books.^^,

  24. hey benj,

    just wanna ask if its possible for me to put the ebook on my PSP?!?

    im one of the obssessed with the book…i actually read the 4 books itself in less than 2weeks…

    im just wondering if its possible


    and by the way, u’ve done a great job on making this blog….

    im a very big fan of the show too

    God bless!! =)

  25. thanks for this…

    however it gives me a wrong password error 😦

  26. Hi lusciousL,

    The correct password is “goodtimes” without the quotes…



  27. thanks bro. 🙂

  28. Thanks so much! im crazy about these books!

  29. whew!i guess i’m late with this but i saw the add of this book on tyra,her show was about vampires that day because its november 01.I said ill download an ebook instead of driving a few miles for a book store and still not sure if i can buy one.thanks!

  30. Payday is tomorrow and I just found out about this series today! Wanted to see if it’d be worth it. Thank you so much!

  31. hei!! thanks for uploading..but i can download it.. hmm.. can you send it to my email?? if it’s not too much to ask..i hope its in pdf though.. can you send it?..please..

  32. hei!! thanks for uploading..but i can’t download it.. hmm.. can you send it to my email?? if it’s not too much to ask..i hope its in pdf though.. can you send it?..please..
    here’s my email..

  33. I think its better to buy the book and read it in peace than to download a jillion things on the computer. But this is great for ppl who want to check it out or something. Twilight ROOOOCCCCKKSSSSSS!

    Also Kan ^^^ buying the book is sooo worth it, u wont regret it. but of course ppl have different tastes than others, and also girls tend to like the series more the guys…… 😀

  34. doctorbeans Says:

    thanks for the copy guys 🙂 my cousin referred me to your site. i’ve been curious about this series but i don’t have the budget for it yet. thanks a lot!

  35. …. just want ti tell u how thrilled I am because you’re really awesome!!!. Thanks much for this…

  36. Hi, the download site on our end is blocked 😦 Would it be possible if you can send it to me via email? Will really appreaciiate it. I tried searching for paperback version but they only have he 700 peso book.

  37. Thanks for the twilight e-book & reader.

  38. hey! thanks for sharing! hehehe… i love it!!!!
    well… actually i was wondering if you could share more… hehehe… just asking though… thanks again!

  39. i got curious with this book. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  40. thank you so much for sharing! i’ve been interested for a long time, but too lazy to go and buy the books! this makes it SO easy for me to get into the series!


  41. thanks a lot! i have the 4 books but i wanted something i can travel with, now i can upload it to my PDA. thanks a lot!

  42. hey! thanks for this free ebook! =)

  43. angelfridays Says:

    thanks much! 😀

  44. ei man.. lots of Thanks.. Ive been reading the first 6 chapters in the office. I just cant get over it.. LOL. Its showing today, hope i’ll have time later to jump into the movie seats. I bet this movie is a BIG BANG!

  45. hey, i can’t seem to open it..:(

  46. Thanks a million! My library does not even carry the book! Go Figure…all the audio/ebooks at the library website have waiting lists. I saw the movie and really liked it. Now I want to get the whole story from the books.

  47. thanks this is coll, ill start reading it from my psp, hope i can convert it to pdf 🙂

  48. Hi Benj!

    I already saw the movie….and it was awesome! Now, I’m interested to read the book/s. And I’m just so glad to see your blog about Twilight’s e-book! I’ve already downloaded it and will start reading soon!

    You’re the man! Really!

    Big thanks!

  49. Hi. Thanks for the Twilight e-book! You’re an angel 🙂

  50. hi
    i can not down load through that link
    can you give another option???

  51. thank you so much

    I’m a Thai girl, just finish watching the movie,

    and find for this book immidiaetly!!!!!

    guess what will I do?

    Try to buy it,b yeah… but, i ddin’t have enough money

    so you are the hero who fullfill my dream!!!!

    thank you so much again ^^

    PS. I will get these sega some day.

    Big thanks!


    i really love the movie and i’ll buy the books TOMORROW
    but i can’t stand for not reading it now

  53. hi mo YOUR THE MAN

  54. thanks for the ebook…

    we have downloaded it but unfortunately we can’t open it though we have downloaded also the microsoft book reader … would you mind giving us some tips on how we can open the files…


  55. if it’s not too much to ask, can you just PM me the copy… i’m really intrigue of this series…

    thanks a bunch!

  56. yay!thanks for sharing..hehehe

    keep up the good work! 🙂

  57. hi! cannot access the silef it says googtimes ia a worn pword. huhuhu….

  58. oppss.. sori for all the miss typos.. i got it. i closed the first one then opened it again.. thanks much u guys!!!! ^ ^

  59. i can’t seem to open the downloaded files…asks for a password–could someone forward it to me, or tell me how to download it a different way?

  60. Where do I download book?

  61. Princessjune Says:

    I so like the movie so I was hoping that i can have a copy of the book. But I don’t have a budget yet so I thank you for sharing. Thank you so much!!

  62. Thanks!

    I was desperate for this series after watching the movie and I tried to find them on amazon and ebay and found that I could afford to buy them now. Thanks for putting em up!!!

    THANKS from Thailand!

  63. Thanks so much for uploading Twilight’s e-books! It’s free yeah i love it!

  64. I also found this website with all the Twilight books for free reading. It also contains Eragon. 🙂

  65. hi!… my twilight syndrome all begun in this site. i owe to thank you again. long before the movie was showned i already read the 4 books twice (from page 1 till end). twice po yun ha… plus the midnight sun and all the clippings and reviews i ever come across with. i also watched the advance screening and premiere twice.. gosh… im making it to a point that i do all my deeds in pairs. i even made a small coven of twilight adiks on my work place. now we’re all crazy.. hehehehe!.. really thanks a lot bro! keep it coming!

  66. you rock!! xD
    thank you very much!

  67. hey! I cant download the microsoft reader? 😦

  68. Please help me I cant download the microsoft reader 😦

  69. thanks you
    you allow me to read this famous book

  70. dude dont know how to thank u enough………..

  71. yay.. im gonna download it through my phone and read it.. xD

    thanks mo xD

  72. How do I download the twilight series onto my laptop? I really want to read the book, because the only bookstore that we here where I live sold out of the series. Please…I really want to read it on my laptop…I heard that thhe book is much better than the movie.

  73. oops…typo…sorry….I was getting really excited…lol!!

  74. hi, i wanted to get the twilight series ebooks, but i cant access it.. please help 😦 thanks

  75. Help me please..
    when i try to open them they use a the internet ye.. but it says it duna work or summit wot do i do? x

  76. where do i enter the password?????????

  77. ei i just hope that when the 5th book will be published hope that u will post it here too!! tnx

  78. i can’t download the microsoft reader either!! 😦

  79. Hello, Thanks for adding this, but for some reason, I can not download it. Everytime I try it just takes me back to this page. Could you email it to me? Or tell me what I am doing wrong

  80. Awesome- the books are about four times the price in Canada as they are in the States so I refuse to buy brand-new books…but all the used book stores around me keep telling me that as soon as a copy of any of these books come in they’re bought in about 10 seconds. Thanks!

  81. How do I download it? It didn’t work for me…

    is there some way you could let me know.. everyone is talking about twilight and I really want to read it…

    Thank you so much! I love downloading ebooks… buying books is so expensive

  82. Ok, I’ve updated the Microsoft Reader download link, it should work now… For those who are asking where to input the password, you enter it after you’ve downloaded the file and you are unzipping it…

    Hope that helps… Enjoy!

  83. Thanks for putting it on. I really appreciate it. By the way when Midnight Sun comes out are you planning to put that one on the internet too? Just curious. Once again thanks for sharing

  84. i just downloaded the book. thanks for sharing! :o)

  85. I want password for this ebook,please….

  86. it appears that the link on media fire is broken or something because it won’t let you download the books now, it just keeps saying page not available. Please help!

  87. thank you so much for uploading it here. It’s very generous of you. My friends and I really enjoy it.
    By the way, do you know where can i find ebook of “If only it were true” by Marc Levy?

  88. thanks so much :X

  89. thanks a lot
    i’ve been searching for these books like all everywhere on the web
    you’re an angel!!

    thanks heaps

  90. Hi, could you also please upload the book series link. It seems to have died. Thankyou.

  91. oh my gosh!!! ur my savior its a big help. i can’t find a book were to buy this series because they are out of stock.. but u save my life.. thanks a lot, i appreciate it very much.. thanks

  92. wats the email address?? i cant download it..

  93. Thanks for sharing!

  94. thx so much

    i don’t like it …..

    but i love it…… hahahaha

    thx so much again

    hope ou have a good time!!!

  95. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    been waiting for these for a long time

    you makes my dream come though

    hope you have a good time forever

    with totally love


  96. twilight-mania Says:

    you fullfil my life!!!!!

    thx for sharing

    good time to u…….

  97. hi benj..
    i’ve download the twilight series, but i can’t open the breaking dawn file. it’s say CRC failed in the encrypted file 4 Breaking Dawn.lit (wrong password ?)
    what should i do? but i can open the other file..

  98. i can’t seem to download it please help if you can email at that would be great

  99. twilight-mania Says:

    thx you so muchhhhhh

    I can’t believe at first that it’s not the dream!!!!

    you fulfill my life !!!! MAN

    hope u have a good time forever !!!!

    thx so much again

    with totally love


  100. twilight-mania Says:

    thx you so muchhhhhh

    I can’t believe at first that it’s not the dream!!!!

    you fulfill my life !!!! MAN

    hope u have a good time forever !!!!

    thx so much again

    ….with totally love….


  101. Thanks for sharing!!

    But I got a problem with opening Twilight and Eclipse!! (Yet, I can open New Moon and Breaking down)

    Could you please help me??

  102. Mo, promotor ka talaga! Kasalanan mo kung bakit madaming Pilipino ang maaadik sa Twilight! Wahehehehe!!!
    Maraming Maraming salamat! Your post is truly a Godsend for us, especially since the entire twilight saga is not available in most bookstores here in Metro Manila this month. 🙂

  103. I am having trouble downloading it, what exactly are the steps I need to follow from going to the website all the way to putting it on my ipod??
    Thank you soo much for uploading this though!!!!!

  104. i was just wondering are the downloads from the exact books and if that is actually the amount of pages they originally have?

  105. hi,

    a belated thanks for sharing this on your blog. just want to ask if you’re certain about the authenticity of the last book. i found the typography different from the 1st 3 books and i noticed a change in the writing style of the author. not sure if it’s just me.


  106. I love i love i love! Thank you Benj!

    Downloaded it the first time you posted it but only began reading it after seeing the movie, didnt wanna be like those critics who didnt like the muvi coz they’d dissected and analyzed each section of the book! =)

  107. why you didnt answer my question about the book download thats not right. all i asked was if that was the exact pages in the book cause barnsandnobles doesnt say that many pages.

  108. Thank you!

  109. twilight fans Says:

    love the movie so so much so thought of like wana catch up on reading the book, but do u have it in pdf or words format ? I’m using my company laptop and it is stupid that we can’t simply download software. Could you please send it to my email, millions thanks… 🙂

  110. OMFG! thank you a lot! :]

  111. i cant dload it…huuuu…do u mind send it thru my email….if u can….plz….

  112. hello! could you send it to my mail? it led me to an error page D: . Would really appreciate ur kindness! thank you!

  113. thank you very much.. uhm….one more question to ask.. you have new moon?hehe.. thanks! be blessed!:)

  114. i cant download it.. what am i gonna do?

  115. hey, its great!!! don forget to put in the website for midnight sun once it release!!!! ur a savior! love it

  116. i can’t open the files. how can i open it? its zipped! HELPP!!!

  117. Kisty, it’s NOVEMBER 26, 2008 not NOVEMBER 20!

  118. This is great…except that when I try to extract the files, I get a message stating that they are password protected. What a horrible tease! Any chance I might get the password?

  119. never mind, I guess I just didn’t read carefully the first time. Sorry (hangs his head in shame). Thanks for the books, man, I even just got a nes pocket PC to read them on!!!

  120. Thank you sooo much! So I read every single page…
    Thanks, you guys!

  121. hey!! dont know how to open it..can somebody help me??thanx

  122. hi i was wondering how u would download this file. im kind of challenged when it comes to computers and when i download the zipped file, its empty. your help would be greatly appreciated!


  123. Can I put it on to my Sony Reader

  124. thank you a lot. It’s very kind of you.

  125. 2 Words “YOU ROCK!”

  126. i’ve been lookin’ for this e-book and i’m really more than happy to find your page!!^_^

    thank yOu so much!!! God bLesS yOu!! hApPy nEw yEar!!!


  127. Hey

    I really appreciate you guys are doing this. Twilight is a really GREAT and AWESOME book!

  128. magicrabbit Says:

    thank 4 sharing!!! ^^

  129. hey, I cannot download from the link… I get only 0kb downloaded!! How come? HELP!!

  130. Elllllllen Says:

    hey, ive read all four books before.
    but i am VERRRRRY addicted and obsessed, that i really want to read it again. i ordered the books from amazon, but they will not come for 4-7 weeks, and i of course CANNNNNOT wait that long (: hahahaa.
    but anyways the download is not working for me, its just saying “internet explorer cannot open this webpage” or something. help?

  131. where can i see it?:)

  132. Thx for sharing 🙂

  133. hey thanks, i’m a belgian fan but it seems the file is broken. It has a 0 octet size.

  134. Elllllllen Says:

    anyone help? its just saying “internet explorer cannot open this webpage” or something.

  135. Elllllllen Says:

    i got it! but i have a question, is this legal?

  136. i can;’t seem to get it to work for me? do you think you could email the file to me??

  137. Uhh

    Why does it not work for me?


  138. Help someone!!!!!

    It just says

    This webpage cannt be displayed

    Ellen how did you work it?

    Someone please help!!!

  139. […] the copies is very easy according to Good Times With Mo […]

  140. Hey, I live on Icelandand the “Twilight” book is the only one who has come out and I just CAN´T wait to read “New Moon” but I cant find it here! =(

  141. Thu Hien Pham Says:

    Thanks, I am looking for this book.

  142. okay, I’ve go it but when I opend it.. it was like this! =S

    ITOLITLS ( è Á
    v@Ó ‡‰ ø WT` ¸ ˜ x ˆ ˜ ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ * ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ CAOL P ITSF Ø# „ ñ þ †
    v@Ó ‡‰ ø WTĐ
    v@Ó ‡‰ ø WTIFCM ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ AOLLÍ
    (L ¢äög¿`Ó …@ ÀOXÃÏƐ
    v@Ó ‡‰ ø WT LZXC ¢äög¿`Ó …@ ÀOXÃÏƐ
    v@Ó ‡‰ ø WT ) ¥¥ LZXC ) ¥¥ M S W o r d u • ù ; ž À â Y  F — Ë õ ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿð \ 2Stephenie_Meyer_-_Twilight_02_-_New_Moon_v1.1_(BD)6Stephenie Meyer – Twilight 02 – New Moon v1.1 (BD).htm text/html
    image/jpeg image002 ~export~_files/image002.jpg
    image/jpeg ‚ 2‚ Ë‚ ­ƒ , º“ ü ¤
    § , Ç < œ§ L ½L \ jç l yh | ©î Œ 6_ œ ‘Ü ÑO ¼ ¢Ý Ì F\
    Ü ¢Ò
    ì –G
    ü pÓ


    , âZ
    < Ž•
    L yj¹óš™­ÆÉ›l@žPC&*ÎDêÜ.Ñè ( €
    Lp € $
    f; d ‰ ~• e b‹ ì¯ Bß V * Þm

    _Toc1737760074¡ chapter_8 ¢



    _Toc173776005\K chapter_6S¡


    _Toc173776003š— chapter_4ÜÙ
    _Toc173776024 P
    _Toc173776001`• chapter_2″
    _Toc173776018 M
    _Toc173776020Âh TOC»ƒ
    chapter_15 §
    chapter_13 §
    ÿØÿá æExif II* 1 J 2 f i‡ z ACD Systems Digital Imaging 2007:08:02 00:01:40  0220’ 843 X „ ¼ R98 0100 ÿÀ „ X ! ÿ

  143. I have the same problem as roshe. Whenever I download the zip file, it always completes at 0kb. I have WinRAR but it can’t extract a zip file that has nothing in it now can I? Any help would be appreciated.

  144. Oh, I was referring to Dinu’s comment. Not roshe. My bad.

  145. ei, I can’t download the ebook. can you send me an attechment to I really love to read it. many thanks..

  146. i heard a lot about the twilight series especially about the the 1st book-twilight saying that they are really good you-can’t-even-put-the-them-down books.

    i want to check whether these books are worth buying or not. and i found your blog which is awesome that you actually share the complete series!!

    thanks so much for sharing! ^^

  147. thank you very much! youre unbelievably nice for putting up these books online!…thank you thank you thank you…

  148. hey!.. thanks for this.. haha!.. actually,, i’m not really a fan of twilight but i want to read it just to compare it to the movie.. hehe… cheers to you!

  149. Thanks very muck 🙂 good job >:D<

  150. Stephanie Anne Mendoza Says:

    Do you already have a copy of Midnight Sun chapter one? I saw one but I don’t know where it went. Please e-mail me ASAP :]

  151. Stephanie Anne Mendoza Says:

    I was wondering. Do you already have an ebook of the first part of Midnight Sun? I saw one but I couldn’t find it again. Please email me ASAP. Thanks and God Bless :]

  152. Eula Matsumoto Says:

    I downloaded the files but they are password protected. Can you help me out please? Just sent me an email to the above. thank you!

  153. Yay! Thanks a gazillion! Recently hooked with twilight and now I’m so into reading the series. Can’t wait for the New Moon movie to come out by end of this year, for now I’ll kill my time reading with this wonderful e-book. Super, super thanks! God Bless!

  154. Goodtimes,

    thanx so much for uploading all these amazing ebooks..

    UR GREAT!!!

    😉 ANn

  155. umm… thanks for the link but… you have to log in… whats the email id and password?

  156. awesome!!

  157. heyaah
    where is the link to dwnload plz?

  158. i dnt understand ive dwnloaded the reader but hw do i read it plz tell me im desperate .

  159. awesome.. thanks.. ^^

  160. i can’t download the file…could you pls email the file for me……pls…

  161. everything worked great but for some reason i’m meassing the 2 to 4th bookam almost finish with the 1st one. What should i do!!!
    When I try to download agin it says: Internet exp. cannot display…
    HELP !


  163. thanx your great

  164. Hi,
    I also can´t download it. can u send me plz the file to my email? that would be great. Thanks!

  165. hey

    thanks a lot for this but i can’t seem to find a link to download the file from , could you possibly please mail it to me at thank you so much

  166. Thanks a lot. The e books are really nice. However, I wonder if I could print it out?

  167. elizabeth Says:

    I am unable to download the file is it possible for you to e-mail it to me at thank you.

  168. omg thanx so much! i love the series, and did end up buying it! twilight rules!!!

  169. twilligh movie is owesome
    wanna read the series

  170. btw do you have the 5th stephanie meyer’s novel?

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