Good Times with Mo (Sept. 15, 2008)

No. 5, 1948, photo courtesy of wikipedia

No. 5, 1948, photo courtesy of wikipedia

Nope, you’re not lost, I’ve just changed the theme of my blog…

Just to get some boring stuff out of the way, I’ve updated my blog with some changes including my About Me page because Mo and Grace have told me on-air that they don’t know who the author of this blog is…  Although I haven’t completely revealed my identity, I’ve added more information just to let you guys know a bit more about your humble author… I’ve also added a chat facility through Meebo where you can chat with me (if I’m online, that is) or leave me an offline message. Alternatively, you can also leave your comments and I do read ALL comments posted on my blog, so knock yourself out…

Now, on to the good stuff… The trio was incomplete today with Grace extending her Hong Kong stay till today but Miguel ably filled in for our favorite Korean DJ.  Mo, Mojo and Grace together with Andi9 were in Hong Kong over the weekend filming for the Hong Kong episode of Good Times on Studio 23… The good news is that Grace will be back tomorrow…

Manny Villar clarifies issue

Senate President Manny Villar sent a letter to clarify the issue that regular Good Times caller Bien phoned in early this week with regards to alleged statements made by Villar at a Senate hearing wherein our favorite show was labelled obscene or indecent (I forgot which)… Anyway, the issue pissed off a lot of Good Times’ listeners (including yours truly) but the good senator clarified that he never said those statements and that he supported freedom of speech and so on and so forth… I guess Mo forgave him and that means all is well between Manny Villar and the millions of Good Times listeners… 🙂

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (ABS-CBN bracket)

For today’s edition of Hottest Celebrity showdown for the ABS-CBN bracket… It’s 6th seeded Angelica Panganiban vs. 5th seed Betty La Fea (Bea Alonzo) duking it out for bragging rights for the most prestigious award in all of radio… Poor Bea, she got whitewashed in this one, as the combination of an awesome rack coupled with the angelic face of Ms. Panganiban successfully convinced the callers and our hosts that this was a virtual no contest… One caller went so far as to say that whilst Bea is pretty and all, she just does not inspire his libido… I’ll have to agree with him on this one… 🙂

Angelica sweeps Bea and moves on to the 2nd round…

Art anyone?

My man Mo then steered the conversation to the world’s ridiculously expensive paintings and their disproportionately pleasing aesthetics… I took a look at the top notcher No. 5, 1948 (see above), an abstract painting by artist Jackson Pollock, and I see the point… I mean, if you had the money, would you pay US$140,000,000.00 for that? Admittedly, my eyes are not trained to discern the beauty and whatever vision the artist sought to convey with his art. You can call me old fashioned but I like paintings where I can at least see the subject… 🙂

My readers are smart so I’d appreciate your take on this one…

Sexy drinks

From art to porn (I love this show) the topic moved to the subject of alcoholic drinks and as is his wont, my man Mo noticed that a majority of drinks are named suggestively (read sexy)… Some of the ones that I know of are:

  1. Blowjob
  2. Screaming Orgasm
  3. Sex on the Beach
  4. Wet Pussy
  5. Between the Sheets

and the list goes on… And before you ask, I’ve heard of them, but never tried them… Well, the drinks at least… 🙂 Mojo was of the opinion that the reason for the suggestive nature of the names was that it was some sort of gimmick intended to boost sales and it was hip to name drinks after sex…

My take on it is that bars are by nature seething with sexual energy and this is just a great way to further enhance that atmosphere… 🙂 Or make the girl so drunk that you’ll get laid…

Mo’s Lucky Me secret recipe

A caller chimed in with an opinion about the drinks and then steered the topic to Mo’s unique recipe for cooking Lucky Me instant pancit canton… Call me baduy but I love Lucky Me, it’s a staple diet and I never leave the grocery without at least 5 packs of Lucky Me… 🙂 In my opinion, Lucky Me is one of the greatest inventions of modern man, along with C2, hehe…

How to make Mo’s Lucky Me pancit canton:

  1. First you need to cook the noodles in the usual manner (i.e. boiling) but stop cooking once the noodles are slightly cooked through (sort of like al dente)… Take them out of the water and reserve…
  2. Next, mix the sauce powder, oil and liquid seasoning together and heat them separately (add a little more oil to the mixture)…
  3. Lastly, place a little oil in a non-stick pan and do a quick stir fry of the noodles before mixing in the sauce… Serve immediately…

I haven’t tried this way of cooking of Lucky Me but I’ll do it tonight and I’ll let you know the results… If you try this recipe, kindly chime in and let me know how it goes… 🙂

Hottest Celebrity Showdown (GMA bracket)

And to close the show, we had the GMA bracket of the contest that’s sweeping the nation, Good Times’ Hottest Celebrity Showdown, with 7th seeded Rhiann Ramos taking on the highly ranked, Heart Evangelista, seeded no. 2…

Mojo went with Heart, as did Miguel… The callers were divided but the majority chose Rhiann over Heart… One of the funnier reasons put forth by the all male callers was that Heart reminded them too much of Jericho! If you’re a true heterosexual male then that’s a true boner killer… I guess that’s why Mojo selected Heart, hehe…

Well, the gist of the arguments was that Rhiann was a fresh face and that Heart has been in the business for quite a long time… Mo cited Rhiann’s attitude and personality with Heart having the unfortunate reputation of being a snob… Mo votes for Rhiann on this one…

The final tally wasn’t even close and thus 7th seeded Rhiann scores an upset of epic proportions over the highly touted Heart Evangelista… She moves on to the 2nd round… Good luck, Rhiann! 🙂

Well, that’s the show in a nutshell… Hope you enjoy the read, please chime in with your comments, they’re always welcome… Although sometimes I may not respond to all your comments, rest assured that I read them all…

By the way, I added a link section, titled “Friends of Good Times”, wherein I put in the links of the readers who left a link on my comment section… If, for some reason you want the link removed, just drop me a line and I’ll zap it… Please link back to my blog if you enjoy reading it so that more people can check out my blog… 🙂

Till next time… I’m out of here…

Good times!

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35 Responses to “Good Times with Mo (Sept. 15, 2008)”

  1. What was the website again Mo was talking about this morning? Egostatic? Please, help me on this one.

    About the girl who somehow caught her husband cheating, girl I’ll give you my number let’s do some revenge. Haha!

    Just an idea, how about having a HOTTEST DJ COUNTDOWN? I know it’s no contest for our Miss Andy-9 but hey, I would love to know the other hottie djs. DYLAN!!!

    And that Lucky Me pancit canton recipe of Mo, will definitely try later upon returning home.

    As always, good times!

    Oh yeah one more thing, I know this is long due but has anyone seen the Boy Abunda ads? The ones on the bus stops? “Kaibigan, nagpabango ka na ba?” Haha! You’ll surely laugh your ass on that one. Hahahaha!

  2. hey, i would like to ask the website again…? i wasnt able to hear it correctly thanks…

  3. Hi Chi,

    The site is… Nice picture site for guys… *wink*

    Yeah, Magic 89.9 would probably win that hands down with Andi9 and Grace as their contestants…

    Haven’t seen the Boy Abunda ads yet… I’ll try to check them out when I drive home…

    Good times!


  4. Thanks for the immediate response man but unfortunately, the said site is blocked here in the office. Darn.

    Anyway, just a warning – DON’T CHECK THE BOY ABUNDA AD WHILE DRIVING. Seriously! Haha!

    And this goes for everyone who would try to check the Boy Abunda Ad, make sure you don’t have any heart diseases. The ad is deadly. Really. Hahahaha!

    As always, good times!

  5. Hey everyone, its Mo! What product is the Boy Abunda thing? I want to look for it, is it a tv or radio ad lang? just wanted to research it in case its topic worthy for tomorow. thanks.


  6. Hey Mo! The product is a perfume-line by Boy Abunda – Boy Abunda Senses for all sexes. Who would want to hear or say, “I’m wearing Boy Abunda on me.” Haha!

    Magic is in Paragon plaza right (well yeah, it is. Been there a couple of times already..)? Along EDSA near Paragon, you can see bus stops on both sides. The ads are there.

    Good times!

  7. Hi Chi,

    Well you can always try proxy sites like to bypass the internet filter…

    But if your IT department is strict you might be out of luck…
    Anyway, the pics on that site are huge and very visible so you’ve got to be aware who might be looking over your shoulders… 🙂

    Thanks for the warning about Boy Abunda, hehe…

  8. Hi Benj,

    The site ( is also blocked. Haha! Maybe later at home na lang.

    Sure thing man. I just don’t want you to get hurt or anything. I wouldn’t want Boy Abunda writing these blogs – “Kaibigan, ayon kay Mo… ” Haha! It’s just not right!

    As always, good times!

  9. Oh damn, I saw the billboard… Mo, please check out this site…

    It’s too funny, definitely topic worthy! I’ll post the pic as the cover pic for my blog tomorrow for the show if you talk about it, hahaha…

    Good Times!

  10. That’s not the one actually but same humor! Haha!

  11. Hey Benj, I saw the ad yesterday. There’s a couple near Robinsons’ Pioneer near my place. They are freaky! I agree with Chi on this one. Do not look at it while driving or the headline the next day may read… Motorist Death By Boy Abunda!

    😀 Marie

  12. Really? There’s more of that crap out there? You mean there’s a version 2.0 of that?

    Damn, I can’t wait to see that! Thanks Chi…

    Good times!

  13. Hi Marie,

    The one that I saw on the net had me in stitches already and Chi says that there are more where that came from…

    I’d love to meet the creative genius who thought this one up!

    Definitely a candidate for worst billboards on EDSA… This one actually makes the Ellen ads look good, if that’s possible… 🙂

    Good times!

  14. “There’s a couple near Robinsons’ Pioneer”

    – That’s the one! Freaky isn’t it?

    “Motorist Death By Boy Abunda”

    – Good one Marie!

  15. What are those Ellen ads by the way?

  16. Hi Chi,

    Re Ellen, check out this link…

    She makes Heath Ledger’s Joker look pristine… 🙂

  17. OMG! Haha!

    The battle is on! Boy Abunda vs Ellen!

    Good times!

  18. Hey! Thanks for the link. 🙂

    Loved the show this morning though I was half asleep. And I was kind of shocked on how Mo cooks his Pancit Canton. I cook it the exact same way. Except that I add a bit more Soy sauce and anything I find find in the kitchen (Shrimp, sometimes Hot Sauce. Yeah. Weird.). I agree with Pancit Canton being awesome. Whenever I would go home to Holland, I usually bring a ton of those. Fucked up Europe doesnt have Pancit Canton.

    On paintings; Well, they do cost too much for a canvas filled with ink. But what people usually pay for is the emotion and value poured into the artwork. And yes, the artist has something to do with it. Pollock is one famous painter and he did earn his way to get to that position with his very unique style in art. My favorite Pollock is Number 11, 1952. (I sound like I’m an art freak already)

    Ooh. Cocktails. :)) I’m great with Blowjobs. Mixing and drinking, that is. I always wished I knew how to make a Sex on the Beach. But I do have a very low tolerance for alcohol. So I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

    Great entry as usual. 🙂

  19. oh my!!! he looks like morpheus only morpheus is a whole lot better looking…

    thanks for sharing.. had one good laugh for the day again.. 🙂

  20. Hi Carolific,

    No problem… 🙂

    I do love art though, but I’m more a fan of Claude Monet, particularly the waterlilies series… That kind of art I appreciate…

    Ask and ye shall receive…

    Sex on the beach

    1 fluid ounce vodka
    1/2 fluid ounce melon liqueur
    1/2 fluid ounce raspberry flavored liqueur
    1 1/2 fluid ounces pineapple juice
    1 1/2 fluid ounces cranberry juice

    Good times!

  21. Ooh. A fellow Monet fan! 🙂 I have replicas of Water Lilies and Weeping Willow and Garden Path. Loved Van Gogh too, btw. Their styles seem to remind me of each other for some reason.

    Yeah, SoB! 🙂

  22. Hope Grace Lee will be back for tomorrow’s show!

  23. Just wanna ask who is in the front cover of the Manual Magazine where Grace Lee was in the magazine. Thanks!

  24. Hi Rap Rap,

    It’s the July 2008 issue with Alessandra de Rossi and Francine Prieto on the cover…


  25. hei mo got any news on PARAMORE having a concert here in our country??

    im so dying to see them play!!! and i mean full concert…not like opening acts…

    please do something!!!!! = D

  26. hey bud! can you post the boy abunda billboard here on the front page tonight, i want to talk about it tomorrow and give this site as the address to go to to look at it…so people can look at it tomorrow while we are talking about it on the show.



  27. Ey Mo, I think this topic will be interesting for your show… how about downloading the You Tube where a local gay group called Charing sang “BADAF Forever” on “Seeing Stars w/ JQ”? I have the song lyrics on the website

  28. Hey bud,

    Check out the front page… Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show!

    Great times!


  29. hey bud, thanks for the link. 😉 I was really surprised I saw my name and url on your sidebar. Really happy about that.

  30. btw, I can’t see the About You page.

  31. Oh my gawd! That Boy Abunda billboard….. it looks so….. i’m at a loss for words

  32. the billboard of boy abunda, many people will get accident just by looking at it.. ROFL 🙂

  33. Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush Says:

    About the abstract painting “No.5, 1948”, I believe that the power of Jackson Pollock and the other abstract expressionists is the break from order, powerful use of color as a emotion itself and their journey into the subconscious. Also the NYC and Greenwich,CT hedge fund money types that are big fans of Pollock have the cash to buy his stuff.

    But also, due to its simplicity and chaos, it can be an art that is just pure bullsh%t. I mean dripping various colors of paint into a canvass or fiberboard sheet? come on?? WTF!?!? Its a freakin’ scam…I once read this art exhibit in Paris–about 2002–on installation art and the centerpiece of the exhibition is garbage–literally a bunch of garbage cans filled with garbage. So one night the recently hired gallery janitor, being new at his job, actually took out the trash that is in the middle of the gallery (I mean who wouldn’t???). The next day the gallery director was hysterical and tracked down the “garbage installation” and attempted to recreate how the “artwork” looked like the previous day. After one month, a collector bought the “garbage installation” for $135,700. Some scam. That guy ought to visit Smokey Mountain and he might bid for it!

  34. Too bad KC Concepcion was eliminated in favor of Anne Curtis, should e-mail can only be counted =(

  35. hi guys.. im bryan and im from cebu im a regular listener to your morning show i usually quarrel with my mom about it becuase she doesnt want to hear u guys ur nerd daw hmmm ya actually u are but i like you guys… two thumbs up for ur show.. hmm i have a comment from the billboard of boy abunda it was a dumb garbage ….. hes the one hos making himself ridiculous…. f i was mr. abunda even f ill b offered thousandths of dollars ill not accept the things that they want me to do.. good day guys .. love you all…

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